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Too bad OC3D could not include the Aorus Gaming 7 in their chart. +rep for the find and posting it here.
So what is the latest on 390 boards? When are they due?
Thanks to you both. +rep
Can't you publish something that does not require Flash? Flash is a security hole.
The NH-D15S was made for MB's that have graphics cards in the top slot. See my review in the other Overclockers for pics of how it is compatible.
[Corrected in brackets]Thank you, OrweII for telling us the VRM heatsinks can be tightened. This is not the case on my Z87X Gaming 7. Now I am looking forward to i7 8600K availability. Thanks to you and AlphaC I can see that I should stick with the Gaming 7. +rep for passing on the VRM screw trick.
As usual, lots of good stuff here. Now, how about Gaming 7 vs Gaming 5? Do these two MB's use the same VRM's?
Specific CPU speed. Specific VRM temps. Thanks. +rep
Very good. A specific board, a specific VRM temp and a specific overclock. +rep!
I liked the power and reset buttons, too. But users sent me two links: here and here.
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