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74'c is basically throttle temps, so monitor core clock to see if it's throttling.
With the exception of the few generations of i3s and Pentiums with HT. You're right on the desktop side.Mobile is all over the place, my friend is like "But it has an i7 CPU!" when commenting on a laptop "That must mean it's got 8 threads, right?"Well no... it actually had 2 threads and HT with a low core-clock.Just pure marketing really, people want the "i7" because "it's the best", regardless of the fact that it's really just a mobile i3 with HT.
Mobile CPUs too, a lot don't have HT.
What? That's not how that works
I really do find the lighting system for AC pathetic, GT4 did a better job.
My GPU isnt even listed edit - forgot it's listed as the "200 series"
In PCars I pretty much only race at night and in the rain.
Looks way better...Native, VSR doesn't work with this game for me (Wanted to play at 3200x1800)Everything is set to maximum...These are my settings: [[SPOILER]] Might try disable Crossfire
Still have to alt+tab in/out to solve that. And I think that's where the AA goes off too.
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