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Hey, I bought my HD650s for $600 and I think they were worth it, right? right?!
Well so far she has installed the new CPU+Motherboard and everything appears to be okay
Yeah SuperFlower isn't that well known, but often very high-quality PSU manuf. Along the levels of good SeaSonic / CWT units.For motherboards, something that can support 7990 + 7970 is a requirement - was thinking Z97-A...
She is currently running the EVGA PSU.
M40x are a MASSIVE downgrade from the M50. Do not get them.
Yeah I have literally no idea why you're leaving, that just seems to be most peoples reasoning
Meh, I'm not stopping you from leaving. But I have never felt a reason to leave a forum because of some members, I just tend to ignore them But good luck to you anyway.
Love your OCN title
I wonder how the u2715H's input latency is like
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