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It's perfectly normal. One part of it has been exposed to air while the other hasn't. Copper loses its sheen in contact with air over time.
Smooth like butter in a freezer.
For both....You can't be good at one and bad at the other really.I have no intakes bar the 140mm rear fan. Guess what? That's awful for temperatures. Can I mount a front-intake? Not stock I can't.This thing really needed the option to lose the front 5 bays and the front I/O and turn that into a 240mm intake. I'm thinking of doing that myself actually.
I very much dislike my 800Ds complete lack of airflow. It's very crippling. My sidepanel is never, ever on.
But for what result? You wanna know what system he's running?
I've heard that 3/8 ID 1/2 OD tubing is generally the best for preventing kinking.Otherwise you could always just try to use 45 / 90 fittings to reduce kinking, or even hard-line acrylic tubing.Or just use less tubing in the bottom there?
Why dxdiag?
No, they totally didn't just make Far Cry 3.1 FC4 is honestly just a new map, characters and items. It's an elaborate DLC.
Hey, being that guy in the middle of Africa. I'd love a non-government owned ISP that doesn't price gauge and give horrible latency. Gotta love my $130/pm for 4/1 internet that is actually 2/0.3 and with more than 200ms to anywhere with intermittent connections. Complaining aside, our government has the same mentality of "But why do you want more than 4mbps?". All the while our slow internet is crippling even businesses. Competition to just the providers (not the...
I own both, and the 595 was no comparison really. The highs were more pounced and more 'there'. But other than that the HD650s are better in every aspect other than comfort. Just my thoughts on using both at the same time.
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