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I think you should read up why NOx and SOx are bad before spouting ignorance.
Use med/hard semis instead of soft?
Windows 7 doesnt pull through display drivers like Windows 10 does. It would have been something in the update that messed with probably a dependancy in the nvidia driver. Or an update to the generic display driver which in turn caused the same. I would try do a driversweeper clear of any nvidia drivers, and perform a clean install of the latest driver for it seperatly to doing Windows updates when you are back up and running with the laptop. If it's working without...
Mine do fine with my 295X2's amount of heat in my single rad AIO that came with it at around 400-700rpm?
Then go for it It's a great PSU. What is your system btw?
Damn I would personally go for the G3 if you cannot wait - and use the hybrid fan mode. If you can - I think EVGA were supposed to release a new PSU line-up this year?
If you can, they're not available everywhere. And I think the USA has problems stocking them.What is your system btw? Because the 750w Leadex II PSU for me was nearly 40% cheaper than the 750W G3 - and they're the same internals. Just different casing, fan, cables, etc.
Almost every single decent modern PSU will have active PFC. The G2/G3 are no exception;,32995.html Also, personally, the fan profile doesnt annoy me - because when I am gaming I will have lots of sounds louder than the PSU fan anyway. The most important for me is the fan turning off when idle. If you have already bought the G2, don't worry - it's an...
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