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They're owned by Wikia (like OCN), ergo they have to use Huddler. That is what the change is.
If things like this ever do get into place, the amount of backlash will be so immense that no ISP can realistically do it. I would sooner sit on 56k than be limited to an Internet/ISP of this nature.
Sounds very related to the normal user on a Windows 10 machine.etc.And you can find many Unix-based OSs with more vulnerabilities than Windows 10 there.And seeing as how people think Windows 7 is safer/more private than Windows 10, here: (amount and severity) threats.
3840x2160 = 8294400 7680x4320 = 33177600 33177600 / 8294400 = 4 Ergo 8k is 400% of 4k.
Such as?
Please read the thread before posting suggestions that have already been proposed or troubleshooted...
Health is based off of the current amount of writes vs total plausible for the drive.
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