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My 2500k pulls ~250w easily. Especially at 1.525v + 5Ghz That + dying HX850 explains why my computer keeps shutting down (GTX 690).Speaking of which, this is my 690s last day with me Gonna have to run on a 8600 GT for a few weeks
Liking W10 so far, still doesn't feel like "home" however. Yes I am still running Rocket Dock, and IMO it doesn't look gaudy. I just haven't got any where near the normal icons i have on it actually
Wow the 2500k pulls 300w That explains a lot How old is your PSU?Have you tried using the other physical modular connectors on the PSU itself?
4770k OC like that would be pulling ~230-250w.The SeaSonic 850w uses a single rail and will be sharing that with the GPU - therefore you're left with about 600w for the GPU (assuming no other 12v devices). That's barely enough for stock boost.I would recommend a ~1200w unit for overclocking an i7 and 295X2. You're looking at about 900-1000w pull.No reason to keep pushing the limit of your 850w and making it cry, it's much better to upgrade to a 1200w unit if you plan on...
CoD:AW at 1080p will use 12GB of VRAM Just because it USES the 12GB doesn't mean it NEEDS it. Some games just fill as much VRAM space as you give them.
A+ makes out ESD to be the Devil. In reality ESD has an extremely, extremely small chance of killing anything. If you avoid a dry environment (AC tends to make things dry) and avoid higher altitudes, then you should be 99.99999999% okay.
You're right lolThere will be no performance loss, if that it will be negligible
That's not isolating the GPU.You still have other factors like case temps, ambient temps, software doing something to the cards, etc.You need to test the card outside the case on the motherboard box or something. Ambient temps right outside and see if the fan is spinning up beyond lowest % for just idle.Also make sure the OS install is a fresh install + drivers are fresh - just to be safe.If you can't do that, then driver sweeper / remover + CCleaner + new fresh driver...
Working on new OP. It looks pretty damn good so far if I do say so myself
Never need it on GDDR5 with this gen at least It's like saying a 4GB 5870 is relevant - sure 4GB VRAM is the sweet-spot right now - but the 5870 is not able to use it
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