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WCCF is a very reliable souce, especially when it comes to leaks. We can definitely trust everything they say without a question of a doubt.
Have you tried cleaning it out, just incase its overheating on the core/vrm/vram?
TLC vs MLCMore NAND chips, faster overall speeds in every area (some much less than others) and I believe a longer warranty.
I mean, if you plan on keeping your drive for 80 years instead of 78 years - sure go for it.
I have ambients often over 110'F here and it's been fine.
This heatsink meme needs to die. The 960 does not need a heatsink.
Maybe you should read the first half of my post before trying to be /meme/.
Radiation doesn't spill into water very well at all (hence why they store radioactive waste in water - it doesn't go very far). The amount raised within even something like 50km of the area is so negligible already, let alone the rest going further out. The only high-ish area is the bay directly next to the plant. A very often misquoted image is this one; This doesn't depict radiation at all or any other aspect of the Fukushima disaster. It was a plot created by the...
Every time I see overly sensationalist articles about Fukushima nuclear plant, it makes me very sad how uneducated the general public is with regards to nuclear power - but insist on pushing their ignorant opinions on others regardless.
I've been using pagefile on my SSDs (RAID0 Corsair Neutron GTXs) since 2012. I have been using pagefile on my P4 SSD in my tablet since 2009. Both are at 98% health. The RAID0 array only has like 6TB of writes.I set 512MB of pagefile on my C: SSDs and then 8GB on my Samsung 850 1TB.
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