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Just like the original 295s actually...
Nvidia never has been good at dual GPU cards.Their "best" one (the 690) is really crap.7950GX2 was overpriced and got rekt by 8800 in a few months (and super hot IIRC?)GTX 295 was really loud, hot, and slow. Didn't OC well until single PCB hit IIRC.590 was on fire more than it was in your rig690 lolwatisvram/bandwidth/noise/heat/stahp goobyTitan Z. What?
That seems normal to me? The 980s aren't miles faster than the 780s / 290X.
I'll tell you when I use 0 pagefile on my 16GB RAM. Currently sitting at 4GB/32GB pagefile used. I have seen it go up to 22GB.Some games require pagefile or they wont work, plus no pagefile = crash once you exceed RAM in applications.I mean, if you can't afford ~8GB of space on your HDD and would rather just have errors, sure go ahead.
When is the Titan X coming out?
Oh yeah definitely. If the Titan X comes out before the R9 390X (probably will) then it will be ~$1000-1250 UNTIL the R9 390X drops.I cannot wait for the butthurt when the price drops from all the people that will buy the Titan X at ~$1000-1250
Having no pagefile is dumb.
So long as there are people willing to defend Nvidia for pricing a non-professional GPU at $1000 and purchase it, when it should be ~$600-700 - they will keep making them.
When I get home I'll record my bandwidth usage at 1440p. I promise you it's not good enough for this year. 200gb/s at 1440p works, but its not enough to last. IMO Nvidia knows this, but just expects everyone who purchased 980s to jump to their next flagship anyway... So they won't rally notice
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