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Well now you know you shouldn't rage destroy stuff
X99 is slightly slower than Z170 with m.2 speeds.
Really excited for a 512GB Pro
You do realize they send out the thermal pad fix to you for free? Even if they didn't, the firmware is free (just ramps up fan speeds, nothing you cant do yourself) and at the worst - a thermal pad enough to cover the area required is not expensive.
To follow-up, why do people even care about HDR in monitors? It generally looks crap in photos/videos. Or is it some marketing adopted jargon for 10bit 444 color accurate displays? Of which has been around for ages and no one cared because what sells TVs isnt color accuracy but rather SATURATION and high CONTRAST memes. Not that there is much 10bit 4:4:4 content anyway...
Has anyone shipped from Schiit to non-USA countries?
I went HD650 from modded 595s, huge leap forward in every respect but comfort. But the price wont be $200 on those. Maybe you can grab some DT880 80ohm at that price?
Does anyone know a OS-wide EQ that isn't completely crap? I am thinking about replacing my Xonar DX - but can't do without the system-wide EQ it has
Why are you never driving in your screenshots?
God, not this BackBlaze meme again.
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