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Get this to power your headphones, way more than 4 watts.
Uliana's set dungeon is awful.
Turns out I slightly indented my HD650 metal covers from trying to push the generic pads in. Best way to push them back out? It's not even visible, and hard to feel. But still want to fix it.
Moving to Canada sometime soon however
Sadly I'm not in the US
I really want to try out some HiFiman HE500s
The x64 client is perfectly fine for me on minimum settings (bar resolution). Apparently there are some nicer features it has, haven't even noticed when turning all the settings up though.
Touche. WAY more emphasis needs to be put on the random small file transfer speeds and such.
This "SSDs are fragile" meme needs to die. I thought we got over it in 2011. Apparently not.
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