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If it were true, it would be more related to McLaren Applied Technologies. MAL/MRL/MMC/GT/etc. wouldn't be related to this.
I bet most don't even know where it comes from...
An external DAC.
Nor am I - but with the Unified drivers the Xonar DX is seriously good value for money considering its quality. I haven't had a single issue with Unified drivers in over 3 years.Creative drivers are generally utter trash too - and any soundcard geared towards 'gaming' is going to be trash if we're honest here.
This.Xonar DX, DGX or any other vario of it.
Are there any decently cheap DAC with built-in EQs? I've never had luck with any OS-wide 3rd party EQ software (always seems to royally mess up Windows) apart from my Xonar's software EQ. If I ever did upgrade from my Xonar I'd probably have to try find a software OS-wide EQ, because I actually haven't found a cheap one / DAC integrated one / etc.
I think there were different specs for US, EU and Asia? It might be that - I would have the Asian spec.
I have an LG G4 H815 510.
I've never had this issue with my LG G4 - and I've had it since it got released
Hows the fitment with that case an the AIO? Is it 280 or 240mm? Fitment with AIOs was the biggest reason for me not getting that Phantek case.
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