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I'm not aware of any other groups really, have you used any others successfully?
Also pretty sure the thermal limits for dual GPU cards have been the same as their single-GPU counterparts - except for 295x2. I know this is a fact for the 4870X2, 5970, 590, 690, 7990 and Titan-Z.
Lets compare it to the other dual-pump OEM AIO graphics cards!Oh. Wait. There are none.Yeah AMD clearly put the 75'c limit on there for lolz. You gotta raise the limit to 900'c and stick it to the man! You show AMD.Also nice sources on pump temperature limits. Oh. Wait. There are none.
Wait, is that one guy still believing that the R9 295X2 is limited to 75'c for lolz and not for a real reason?
I edited my post to include this:Yeah I don't think the definition on whether stealing is legal or illegal has really changed in the past thousand years or so.I don't think this has changed in the past thousand years or so neither.
See edit for clarity. And, so?
Not entirely sure what you mean, I don't watch streamed anime. Even if I did - CR and Funimation are officially licensed distributors.Any anime I'd get would be officially licensed, and then if I enjoyed the TV versions enough I'd purchase the BDs.You could compare this to enjoying a demo of a game and then purchasing it - however many games these days don't have demos anymore.
Oh nice. I hope this leads to them stopping all-together already
Full glossy. Colours are very important in games.
Yeah, my entire continent isn't listed as one of the territories
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