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Well, I have only this problem: you think it is worth reformatting? Considering ATTO + AS SSD benchmarks are normal - but the HD Tune one isnt?
Could it be because my SSDs are in RAID0?Do I have to un-raid them before starting this?
I cannot boot past "Loading CUPS server" in parted magic?
I have no idea how to do that tbh.A link to a guide would be awesome,
Just reformatted and installed W7 64bit, why on earth is it doing this? Imminent RAID0 failure ? I used the simple-format of the Windows installer btw. Corsair Neutron GTX 120gb RAID0 on Asus P8P67 Pro. Both in SATA3 ports I cannot seem to enable TRIM via Corsair's SSD toolbox / update the firmware because it doesn't recognize it as a Corsair SSD because of the RAID0 configuration.
I'd just say that my HD650s are by far my favourite headphones I have ever used. They are a bit bass-light tbh, but that can be rectified with a very simple EQ change. After the HD650 I wouldn't really spend more on headphones, I'd just start buying monitors then
So tempted to buy a pair of 8030A's for $700... but then I'd struggle to find a good sub :/
Got this wallpaper from his website:
chrome / firefox start-menu-thingy theme
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