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Any update?
Is Windows 10 lighter than Windows 7? I'm not sure if I should install it on an old tablet (Acer Iconia W501, AMD C-50 APU, 2GB RAM (1.5GB usable)) which is purely used for media playback. I will if its lighter in any performance way.
So basically, it will show you the currently used Windows license key - which you can re-use if you want to re-install?
I'm pretty sure they're just delayed, I'm in no rush to update this month anyway. Don't like getting OSs when they just release, waiting a month or so is best IMO.
Haven't got a key from 3 devices that I upgraded either.
I'm actually using the stock BIOS and just leaving Sapphire Trixx permanently open for a 24/7 OC of 1050/1500 + stock voltage.For the benchmark's OC I used these simple settings, and it seemed way, way more stable than MSI AB:I've basically given up on the BIOS thing, although I'd love a ~1050/1500 + stock voltage + UEFI BIOS
Doesn't really matter, you'll be looking at ~3'c increase on the VRMs if it went from GPU->VRMS. And probably less than that for VRMs->GPU.I get roughly 3'c difference at worst between my 2 GPUs with the stock AIO cooling, closer to 1-2'c.And for custom loops, loop order doesn't matter - only that you put the reservoir before the pump. ie; the temperatures will even out over the whole loop over time under load.
Was testing how memory clocks affect performance, some early results: Does anyone know the safe voltage limit for these cards? Sapphire Trixx lets you pretty much go crazy. I am at 1080mV for a stable 1200/1500 - seems safe, right?
It should be ~75'c for the same reason as the 295X2 - the AIO pump simply should not go above 75'c to ensure that it doesn't fail. And what you stated of the liquid being a higher temperature than the GPU itself makes no sense - I have never seen that in watercooling, nor does it make sense from a heat transfer or thermal standpoint.
That review site messed something up with GTA V, the 295X2 is listed barely faster than a single 290X at 4k/1080p - and slower at 1440p. I can assure you that a single 290X will not get ~83FPS with GTA V fully maxed out at 1440p. My R9 295X2 sits around 65-70FPS.
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