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That is a very bad idea, there is a reason AMD put this limiter in-place - and it's not to just be draconian.- - - -Anyone have a rough idea of what undervolting does to this card? I want to undervolt it for summer, I can't stand gaming with this card for too long
30000 shadow distance or bust
Not gonna mod my BIOS in summer, especially with no-AC and ~35-40'c ambient temperatures. Might undervolt it though Plus I can achieve higher than that with +100mV... so no need. And I wouldn't go above +200mV anyway.
Yeah outside I am around ~40-50fps with the new AMD Crimson drivers, but near downtown I get a gloriously, cinematic 23-27fps. Not really that bothered, I remember playing Crysis 2 maxed out at 12fps average on my 5870 through-out the entire campaign I just wanted them graphics!
SC2 ladder anxiety is real compared to other games I somehow felt calmer at high diamond / low masters level in WoL compared to Plat/etc in HoTS.
Coming from someone who's used dual GPUs almost all my life. Go for a single GPU.Personally, although tempted, I wouldn't grab anything now. Pascal is looking to be something great. However, if you really want to upgrade - I'd go for the 980 Ti - or maybe even something like getting a Skylake CPU/Mobo/DDR4. Maybe that's because almost all the games I play only support 1 GPU... edit- [[SPOILER]]
"Confirmed" ?
I haven't had issues at home or work with OCN staying logged in, unless you guys log-out each time you're done browsing OCN?
The scroll wheel of the G502? Really?If I were to get the G502, I'd mod it with the G700S scroll wheel. I much prefer the G700S's finer scroll wheel... feels more premium. Luckily I have a dead G700S to do that with
I hope you download the MP4-13 and 787B andrews
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