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Hi Eric, If the quality about your brand is to be believed, then please disprove the OP. Was his experience unusual/unique? What is being rectified about it if it is not? QC issues mentioned? Cheap supplier issues? Quality compared to competitors? Also, stating you have high-profile clients doesn't mean much. Eg, just because McLaren just got a contract for Toshiba printers company-wide doesn't mean that they're not utter trash and causing countless issues. What you...
There's Ebisu Minami course in AC???
But its so cheap?
Just bought it
Something something Ferrari don't want their cars to be given away for free something something.
Kaspersky doesn't stop most Cryptos. Best bet is probably Bitdefender at this point.
I think you'd know if you had cryptolocker on your machine haha. Just look for the recovery.txt in your C:\ drive. If it's not there, and no files you can see have the extension '.locky' then you're fine
So, how's the new season?
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