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I am just relaying information that TheBlademaster01 gave me, and I trust his knowledge so yeah.
Higher ASIC = better for overclocking on air*Lower ASIC = better overclocking on water.That higher ASIC doesn't really mean much other than it's more stable at higher temps, lower ASIC is generally better for a good air cooler (ie; not the stock 290X PoS), AIO coolers and water.There is also a reason I'm being so general, because ASIC values are far from an absolute truth and should be taken as a rough guide only.
GTA V at minimum on a 460 looks better than watchdogs at high on a 690. Holding strong at 55-65FPS.
Lower ASIC means higher overclocking, generally. So you will find the 295X2's 290X cores will have lower ASICs in general compared to 290Xs.
That's pretty much maxed out, you can squeeze maybe a few more Mhz out of it with water - but mainly you will see a massive decrease in noise and potentially longer lifespan.
IMO it's just easier to stick to 1 reading type for all the temperatures. Almost every single in-door thermometer will come with 'C or 'F toggle anyways and this:
It's just so much easier - Kelvin really needs to become the standard... but that's for another time in the future.
People reading their ambient in 'F and computer temps in 'C Just use 'C for both
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Tried to see how much Tiberian I could get
Mustard and Ketchup
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