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Running bubbles through the pump isn't really a good idea, but it should be fine. Just at least have the end tank at the bottom so it can't take in air while it's running.
I really like EVGA's I/O cover shield.But full covers? They all seem to be crap right now, bar Asus.
Then I have been lied to Link pls?
To add to this, most or all of the SpaceX rockets are basically 1960/70s NASA rocket designs - just refined. The sheer amount of research and development shoved into NASA at that time was impressive.
The ECS 1337 GANK DRONE / KILLSTEAL / AGGRO motherboard series still has the worst name for any product.
Ark: Survival
The guy needs a gate and comp on his audio lol. Also does he mention the speeds each fan was at for each test? As well as the dozens of other variables such as load, ambient temps, ambient noise, distance from fan is consistent, etc. etc. Martin was good at this consistency at least
Sound like it's some software issue and/or instable clocks. Seeing as how it should be running stock, it shouldn't be instable. I don't see how flashing the BIOS should fix anything to be honest.Do the driver crashes happen in game / during a benchmark?The latest drivers are always the best.
Try run driver sweeper in safe mode to remove any previous AMD/Nvidia drivers before and then use CCleaner to clear registry file mishaps before installing new drivers.
One will be the master BIOS and one will be the slave BIOS. Master goes on GPU0 - slave goes on GPU1 (GENERALLY). I don't have my 690 anymore so I cannot check. But if these are to be believed, then the .13 is for the first GPU. (First GPU selection in GPU-Z) and .14 is for the 2nd GPU.Note that it says g1 at the end of the BIOS - indicating it's for the first GPU, and g2 for 2nd. [[SPOILER]] tl;drUse .13 for first GPU, .14 for 2nd GPU. Any 690 BIOS will be fine - they're...
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