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7/10Some icons are mismatched, but like the date/time and wallpaper4/10Like the wallpaper and taskbar, very much dislike the HDD icons / icons in general (too rounded / glossy with some being very aliased compared to the flat taskbar + wallpaper)Also please rate the above picture before posting
I find that the airflow is kinda restricted even with the bottom + rear intake, but them both being filtered means that I have VERY little dust in my case. And all the hot air is exhausted out the top If I could I'd like to upgrade to a case with some front intakes, or more bottom intakes.
Nice loop. Gonna be redoing my loop soon to.As a fellow 800D user, I highly suggest you invert the rear-exhaust to a rear-intake + put a fan-filter on it. This case has really bad airflow
What about the 8-core version of the S4? I guess because those were 2x4 core chips that worked independently.It'll be interesting to see what people have to say about it on the 4th of Sep.
"A little bit faster" yeah I don't think my browser is the bottle neck in my internet speeds.
There is a video of a guy scrubbing down his Gigabtye X58 UD9 board.
Personally I would go for an mATX board do to the added features and possibly reliability/overclockability that an mATX board offers over a mITX board. I am sure it is do-able, even with all that watercooling
Which makes me really wonder why Nvidia said that the GTX690 doesn't need a backplate for additional VRM cooling Not only would the backplate looked WAY cooler, but it would have helped the VRMs stay cooler... I dunno man, I feel like it's not much to ask for on a $1000 GPU.
Yeah thanks, I think I am gonna do that.Although IIRC faster pump =/= lower temps.Faster pumps are only for overcoming restrictions, correct?
Yeah, I was thinking I could use that. But it would be a pain to run that every time I'd like something to set up and forget about it. Hence why I wanted to set it to ~40% in the BIOS or something.edit- I wouldn't mind running something like that, I already have speedfan and it seems simple enough to follow
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