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I could test with my RX360 and turning all my fans off if people really care. And if an RX360 can't cool a mediumly overclocked 2500k, then there will be no hope for Ivy/Non-refresh Haswell.edit- I think this would actually depends A LOT on whether there is any movement of air in and out of the case from the external environment and ambient temps (intended or not). Even then, really slow fans (~200rpm) would be a no-brainer.
My only fans that spin when not gaming are my rear 140mm Cougar fan (~200-220rpm) and my 3 top 120mm Cougar 120mm fans (~167-170rpm), my HX850s fan (inaudible even when my ear is against the PSU) and of course the GTX690's middle fan at the lowest speed possible, also inaudible. I can faintly hear the fans, but it really is possible to run passive (bar the GPU/PSU fan) because of the size of my rad - at least while doing nothing intensive... however I would have to get a...
doesn't mean you didn't post terrible quality ones in the first place
Don't forget that 5xx was fully unlocked Fermi while the 6xx are gimped Keplar.
What's your budget?
EVGAs response is awful
Does anyone know if the down-sampling on the Xonar is bad? I don't have the option to set it to 88.2Khz, so I am leaving it at 24-bit 44.1khz for now.
Sounds more in-line with previous i7 clocks.
I wonder if we're gonna see a ~$600 8 core in the future. I don't really want to spend ~$1000 on an 8 core now.
Probably the same, but the first one looks better.
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