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I am having no DSR SLI issues.
It's supposed to look like that. A very thin coat is applied to the fins as to not detract from the cooling potential of them.
Just slap the foam back on, and they won't notice. I did this with my 555's, it's SUPER easy It really isn't worth the extra 50$, unless you have to have the color scheme of the 598s
7/10Two things that could massively improve the look would be:Sleeved cablesBlack SATA cableAlso it's too much carbon fibre for my liking
Please ignore the cloth, it's to stop the LED shining in my face.
I cannot say it will or will not.I can say that it does not work on my GTX690 however. While GTX680s can get it to work.I think it might be because of SLI
It's the 800D
100% stock, never modified this card.If there is gonna be an official DSR driver for lower-end cards, I wouldn't mind waiting however
Hi this is not reporting installing on a GTX690.Any ideas?To expand: post will help out.Went through that process, rebooted, and still cannot install the driver Anyone else have an idea?
Yeah, it was a driver issue LPD drivers are for unix-based systems to print.
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