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They're SUPER, SUPER soft. Basically like lead.
The VRMs? Try a benchmark or demanding game and then see... without the heatsinks I remember touching them once and it honestly felt like 100'c+Out of interest, my idle GPU core temps are 29/28 right now. Watching a 1080p 10bit movie they go to 36/57. Playing War Thunder they go to 83/86.
Running 100% stock, also haven't changed the TIM on the GPUs because I can't remove the screws (yes tried all methods). The actual GPU temps are fine though, stock hit low 80s in games. Overclocked they hit high 90s though
Really? Odd... even with something like Valley running?I mean heck, just idling (GPU0+1 are below 30'c) the VRMs are warm to the touch (so guessing ~35-38'c). And when watching a movie they get much hotter (I'd guess upper 60s).Chances are I just got a bad roll-of-the-die on my GPU, I can't even overclock my memory by ~30mhz without it crashing
Had them laying around spare, and even with them on the VRMs - I can't touch them after gaming they're that hot.
Got a new CPU block
Shake it, tap it lightly and try removing/replacing the cup (if you can).It happens on my HD650s sometimes.
>DHs are finally not useless>DHs get nerfed againI CAN SEE THIS HAPPENING.I remember when monks, wizards, barbs got this HUGE buff. Like massive dmg increase on everything.>DH>Grenades do like 10% more dmg.OH GREAT.That useless spell that no one uses, got slightly better.THANKS BLIZZARD.
You roughly want a 1:10 ratio for CHC:CHD.Obviously at the higher-ends it tapers off, ~55-60% CHC is more than enough - once you have that focus on CHD rather.Your CHD is really low, you need to get 450%+
Amount of the main stat is really kinda meaningless.You can have 12k of your main stat, but still have low as heck DPS because you sacrificed CHD/CHC/etc. for that "main" stat.A guide-line would be 9-10k really. I have bounced between 9-11k on my DH and Wiz. But my DPS has gone up.
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