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So tempted to buy a pair of 8030A's for $700... but then I'd struggle to find a good sub :/
Got this wallpaper from his website:
chrome / firefox start-menu-thingy theme
How could it be my ear?Happened with my HD555. It goes away when I bang it lightly / blow sharply into the earcup.
Anyone ever have like a slight rattle in one ear-cup from their headphones? I'm guessing it's just some debris inside, but it's ALWAYS the left-ear-cup. Could this be something wrong with my HD650s? I have taken both sides apart like 10-15 times to see if I could find anything loose at all - nothing.
my pts just sold for 0.009 instead of 0.02?! (on bter) why did it do that edit- It just undid itself
What do you guys think about blackcoin?
Thanks for the link, cant seem to get it here though. I'll keep something like that in-mind when I change to an external DAC
EQApo thing just plainly didn't work for me on Win8.1. It would intermittently work, which ended up with very strange sounds. I wonder if it would work on W7 now though.Also I meant something more along the lines of digital, ie; before it reaches the DAC.So;Source-> USB out to EQ -> USB out to DAC -> amp -> headphones.OR if there were good DACs with EQs.
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