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Why not use speedfan? It's what I use for controlling all my fan speeds. I've set up temperature-based curves on them too, it's basic but useful.
Huh, 107-120g is too heavy? I think my G700S is like 150g without the cable. And because of the awful cable design (thick rubber cable, lots of friction and tendancy to get caught) it feels way more when plugged in. It's probably the case of the user reading several posts on another forum that were all circle-jerking around one opinion - and it stuck in their mind that that is what everyone should/does think.
Someone needs to have the aluminium and copper talk with you
Fastboot can pause/hibernate drivers to make the booting process faster --- there might be something not properly starting up / shutting down with the AMD driver in that process.
Try disable fast boot and see if that has any affect? I haven't had any issues with my 295X2 and Windows 10. You might also want to try a fresh driver install and see if that does anything. (Driver sweeper -> latest beta drivers).
Anyone else have an issue where the tubing underneath the VRM fan would expand out ever-so-slightly to start hitting the VRM fan and make an awfully annoying clicking/thudding noise? It seems like I need to push the tubing back almost daily now...
I should get this game.... I'm a huge fan of WW2 stuff. Especially tanks/warships of that era.... but I have been telling myself to wait out for War Thunder's variant of warship gaming. But it might not be worth it at this point
Oh people are getting their keyboards? That's cool.
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