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So DH is pretty crap this season? Ugh.
One of those "looks good from a far" things
Just you.
Subvendor 1002 has always been ATI - so GPU-Z just probably keeps it as reading like that rather than AMD.
Well time to block some updates. MS you so silly. One day I need to setup a private WSUS server and hardware firewall for all of MS's crap.
Here is my stock XFX Bios:   Also there is this (same ID as my BIOS it seems): It really doesn't make a difference what 295X2 BIOS you use, this one doesn't even show that it's XFX.
You seem to be very dismiss of a player who (IMO) is very skilled and knows a crap-ton about this game.I might be reading your attitude wrong, but it seems kind of rude to me.You play Terran? Interesting I used to play Protoss at high diamond, and Zerg at mid diamond level. And my Terran.... well... that was barely gold level That was WoL though
Yeah I have a huge feeling it has got to do with my APU, AMD C-50. It's not fully supported in Windows 10 it seems. Some videos work with Enhanced Video Renderer, and some don't. On my main desktop I use MadVR with Windows 7 anyway.It's probably because Windows 10 is auto-downloading Windows 8.1 drivers for my tablet, and that's not fully compatible.
Aw yea, it'd be amazing to get! My amp is dying
I'll have to try the win8.1 15.7.1 because there is no win10 for my tablet.
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