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I do. And it's very cut-throat business that either pays faily nicely, or absolutely awfully. And I can imagine it's even worse for the video game segment.I just think Mr lombardsoup is outraged that someone whom earns more than him by hour feels like they don't earn enough for what they do.Taking into account the average earnings per month/year would make WAY more sense - but hey this is the OCN news section. A place when common sense is a rarity.Oh I forget the gem of...
Porsche pack soon
So many people comparing their hourly wage as if they work 40-45 hours a week like most normal jobs.
Vardars are best bought directly through EKs website - but yes they are pricey. If price is a concern, look at eLoops or Phantek fans - which IMO are above the Cougar fans. Also I do believe fans that work well on radiators work well as intakes, I have no issues with mine as such. But I suppose it depends on what you're looking for in a fan - I was looking for absolute silence and maximum control. Hence why I went with the Vardars.
Ohhhh I didn't read that you had an Asus router... Yeah, I got rid of my Asus router because it didn't open ports no matter what I tried. Switched to a TP-Link one now and the ports are open just fine.
I have both Cougars and Vardars in my rig. The Vardars are quieter at every rpm while providing more airflow to the touch. And proven more airflow too (see: Martinsliquidlab). Cougars are some of the best normal sleeve fans, but GTs and Vardars are on another level. The comparison between Cougars and Vardars for silence really isn't fair considering the EK Vardars are more than happy to sit at very low RPMs generating no noise at all.
Like I said, rating on fan boxes are never to be believed. this directly compares the Gentle Typhoon AP15 and Cougar fan.And I can promote this review's accuracy as I own both of these fans. And at the same speed, the GT/EKs are quieter. But if you can make the GT/EKs go lower than 800rpm.... then it's no competition for...
No need to mirror SSDs. Their reliability is underrated. Get a 256gb Evo 850, have the WD Green for backups and a WD Blue for data/etc. Stay away from WD Blacks purely because it's not cost effective and they're loud and hot.
Specs on fan boxes either lie, or are taken from extremely unrealistic scenarios.I own a bunch of EK Vardar fans now. And I promise you, nothing is quieter than they are (very similar to GTs - so assume the same for GTs). The Cougars don't even come close.Look up Martin Liquid Labs review/explanation on fan box statistics.If I were you I'd grab some 120/140 EK Vardar Extended range black fans. My 140s go from 60rpm to 2200rpm. 120s are 60rpm to 2000rpm.
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