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Hence why I made it b/w - it doesn't look as bad lol.It's a 2013 Death Adder, Cherry MX Blue. A very good number of keys are like this on my keyboard. This is definitely not the first keyboard I have had with this though. All my previous Razer BWs had it. This just has a lot.
Quality Don't hate on my HTC One's camera quality pls
Most likely using ~500mb+ in aero, browser, etc. It's very easy to do.
Some people just don't read, overreact and jump on the band-wagon.
All my friends who play it have massive stutter issues, even people with 3GB 7970s. So, I dunno, it's a crap game and optimized like a joke.(Yes, everyone I know runs it on minimum details)
CoD:AW will use any amount of VRAM you give it heh
If you run the Nai benchmark you should get the same result as all the other people with 970s. Whether or not that actually impacts gaming performance is yet to be determined.
I know this may seem dumb, or random, but is the front covers on the 750D/900D plastic with aluminum covering? Like the 5.25" bays on my 800D? I honestly thought it was a solid piece of aluminum... It's like one of the few features I like about my 800D
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