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guild? You mean guide?Just remove the LED so you have no clashing colors, easy to do and you keep the warranty.
That's looking at it from the wrong wayAble to afford =/= worth the price. I'm sure a lot of people here can afford the $700, doesn't mean they believe it's worth doing for the (potential) offering that Nvidia is coming up with.Would you buy a 1.25L 3-door eco-crap-box car from 2004 if the price was $30 000 when you have a 1.2L 3-door eco-crap-box from 2002? No. Just because you can afford to throw away the money doesn't mean it's worth doing so.
While I agree that GPUs will get more expensive, this shouldn't be more expensive than the 780 Ti because it's not exactly using anything new. 28nm is old, and refined. This price hike is 100% because they can, not because they must. If it was 14nm however, $700 would be easily justified. It should be ~$550 on 28nm, however.
Yeah probably gonna look into getting a DF 2 GT when that comes out
Just sold my wheel, but got gifted PCars... wanted to know how it was with a controller
"Yay new WU, maybe it won't be 9201 this time" lol jk
PCars? Wheel?
Eh, yeah I worded it badly. 25% = 1 core for a 4 core Basically I thought you were folding on 100% of your CPU.Gotta love winter, getting those same temps with the stock cooling lolAlthough I am at stock clocks
Don't bother folding on your CPU - the returns are very low and it requires a lot of CPU power to fold on a GPU.For example, it took 25% of my CPU to fold on my GTX680. 50% for my 690.My R9 295X2 seems to only use ~5-12% - so it's probably an Nvidia thing.Basically stop your CPU from folding because it might be bottlenecking your GPUs PPD, and the returns of CPU folding are very small now-a-days.
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