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THAT is a great point. I should probably dedicate that Outlet to the A/C unit and pray my PC is not on the same circuit.
34 Inches Wide by 39.5 inches high. I will also need to buy aluminum frame and bug net to make a new screen the goes around the AC unit and fit the window.
So I moved last winter and I always complained that my room was hot because my roommates GF kept leaving the heat on(our house only has one mode Full Blast Heat). Now its summer and the heat hasn't been turned on. My room is hotter than ever. Turns out it was my computer the whole time. So now I am looking into cooling my room. No A/C, two Windows, with 100 Sq ft of space to cool. it was 100 Degrees the other day an my two Dual Window fans(intake/Exhaust) didn't make a...
I look at it like this. Frontier is NOT their GTX 1070/1080/1080TI Competitor. It can trade blows with a 1070 and a 1080 depending on the benchmark. AKA their Gaming Competitor is going to do really well.
Raid 5 is Taboo where I work and its rubbed off. Raid 6 has better throughput and Raid 10 has better redundancy.You have to consider backups too. Backup to a NAS is just backing up to another Raid that can fail(Plus its not offsite). Same can be said for a ShadowCopy/Replication. I rule out Cloud because I don't upload personal stuff online. Tape is too expensive.Which leaves external. You don't want your array to be bigger than your external drive.I figure a 6TB Array is...
Does it have the NVME Speed/boot issues with High Speed Ram?I know many of the Gen1 X99 Boards had an issue where you couldn't get the full 32GBps on the NVME drive if your RAM was clocked higher than 2800/3000mhz. Some would even give boot issues on NVME if your Ram was Clocked higher than 2800/3000mhz.
Upgrading to 4K is quite the investment for a Console. I would need a 4K TV, 4K Capable Home Theater Receiver, 4K ChromeCast, PS4 Pro and Xbox X/S. Thus I haven't done it yet. I will Stick to my Regular WiiU, PS4 and Xbox One as they work with my existing TV, Home Theater Receiver and Chromecast. As a PC gamer its much cheaper I just upgrade the monitor (Waiting for ROG Swift PG27UQ 4K; 144hz; HDR; GSYNC; Quantum DOT) and eventually I will get the 1180Ti next year.
I am thinking of upgrading to the Fatal1ty X99 Professional Gaming i7 motherboard along with the Darkbase Pro 900 Case. Are there any quirks with this motherboard I should know about? Reason: Want to do a Raid 10 for my Anime for use with PLEX. Figure this is better than doing a separate NAS.Plus I get 4 More DIMMS and an additional Ultra M.2 Slot.
Disable SMB 1.0 and update SCEP/Windows Defender and you will be fine. These latest Ransomware attack are exploiting SMB 1.0 since its vulnerable. EDIT: As always apply Security Updates that Windows Update offers.
They are doing Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 leaked via Job Postings
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