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Is no one playing around with an EVGA 970 FTW yet? I continually bounce between 1493Mhz and 1519Mzh no matter what tweaks I make in the BIOS nor can I get it to go any higher than +110 core +325 memory. I'm curious to find out if its the cards in general, or just my pair. Doubt it matters, but ASICs are 72.5 and 70.1 primary/secondary.
So, this is interesting. I tried using GPU-Z to pull the second BIOS off my cards. After shutting down, flipping the switch, and restarting, GPU-Z reports a different BIOS version, but when I have it pull the BIOS it pulls the first BIOS instead. I wanted to see what the voltage differences are between the two are because switching them doesn't seem to have an effect on anything. Anyone have an idea on how to pull a copy of that other BIOS off the card?
1.12v is the max I've seen in both OC Scanner and Firestrike. Every time I've seen it go that high, I've crashed though. Max I've seen without crashing is 1.09~v. Maybe I'm just not pushing it hard enough. I'll try Furmark, I know OC Scanner is based on it but has some protections built in to keep the card from overvolting too high, so maybe that's part of it.Thanks, it can't hurt to try. I'll give it a go when I get home this afternoon. Right now, no matter what settings...
I dunno, I I've tried raising the Power Target from 187w to 225w and 250w, made sure the rails all were adding up to that total wattage, and maxed the Voltage Table, but still GPU-Z lists my max VDDC at 1.08v and the PerfCap says Pwr. Maybe I'm just missing something, but to me that says I'm not drawing enough power.
  I've been playing with the BIOS on my EVGA 970 FTWs, and I can't seem to make any impact on performance with any of the adjustments. Perhaps someone else will have better luck with it.
Anyone played around with a 970 FTW yet? I just got two 970 FTWs on Friday and haven't had a lot of time to play with them myself yet. I probably won't until Monday, I'll put up my OC and benchmark results when I have them.
If you look over on the EVGA forums, there are people having problems that weren't there in the older version of precision. Wouldn't a copy/paste job function just like the original? Not to mention reverse engineering is perfectly legal. EA and Accolade did it to Sega, Phoenix did it to IBM's BIOS, and AMD did it with Intel processors. Seems perfectly legit that EVGA could reverse engineer Rivatuner functionality.
I say set it to 90c just to remove it as a possible bottleneck. It looks like his max temp was 82c, so with the target at 80c, he saw some throttling at one point. Technically he could probably have set it at 83c and had no issues at all. I keep mine at 95, but I usually sit at the low to mid 70's in games regardless.
Looks like he has the Temp Target set to 82c, no wonder it was throttling. Set that up to 90c or higher, and you'd see a higher boost.
My only complaint is I like a heavy mouse, and at 128g, it'll feel like a feather compared to my G500 at 182g with weights. Still, it's got everything I want in a new mouse, and I like the shape. I may give it a go.
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