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It sounds like it has either more traces or something to support a higher data rate. I bet this would fix my SLI issue with my overclocked X-Star. I run fine at 96Hz but at 120Hz I get distorted colors and a blurry image. Single card runs fine at 120Hz.
Sometimes, I actually believe that EA's really trying.
Nothing about MFAA in SLI either. Hopefully in the next drivers. Yeah, right. . .
I don't really have anything using Cryengine 3 right now. I could try patching up Mechwarrior Online, and I think I have a copy of Nexuiz on Steam that I never got to work right and see how they do. I'm pretty sure I was bouncing between 97-99% usage though when I was running Furmark and Valley. Nothing out of the ordinary from what my 760s did before so it never caught my eye.
I checked with EVGA on the dual BIOS, and according to them the first BIOS is the 0Db fan speed at idle BIOS, and BIOS 2 is the 40% at idle one. I'm a bit dissapointed, I hoped one was like the Classified cards with an Overclocking BIOS.
Other than your temps, that looks almost exactly what my 2 FTWs get. Mine run at 71c/65c with almost exactly the same clocks.
I can't get my two FTWs to hold a stable voltage or core clock. My core bounces between 1493 and 1519 every second or two. I tried tweaking the voltages in the BIOS, but it didn't seem to help anything. Even seemed to set me back, as my voltage was stuck at 1.05v so I went back to the stock BIOS.
Is no one playing around with an EVGA 970 FTW yet? I continually bounce between 1493Mhz and 1519Mzh no matter what tweaks I make in the BIOS nor can I get it to go any higher than +110 core +325 memory. I'm curious to find out if its the cards in general, or just my pair. Doubt it matters, but ASICs are 72.5 and 70.1 primary/secondary.
So, this is interesting. I tried using GPU-Z to pull the second BIOS off my cards. After shutting down, flipping the switch, and restarting, GPU-Z reports a different BIOS version, but when I have it pull the BIOS it pulls the first BIOS instead. I wanted to see what the voltage differences are between the two are because switching them doesn't seem to have an effect on anything. Anyone have an idea on how to pull a copy of that other BIOS off the card?
1.12v is the max I've seen in both OC Scanner and Firestrike. Every time I've seen it go that high, I've crashed though. Max I've seen without crashing is 1.09~v. Maybe I'm just not pushing it hard enough. I'll try Furmark, I know OC Scanner is based on it but has some protections built in to keep the card from overvolting too high, so maybe that's part of it.Thanks, it can't hurt to try. I'll give it a go when I get home this afternoon. Right now, no matter what settings...
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