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Haven't touched Call of Duty since BlackOps.
I dropped my netflix steaming account because I didn't see anything worth watching.
Call of Duty 4. Last game, I know of, that offer FREE DLC.
This has happen to me before. It was bad drivers. Driver sweeper didn't work. I had to do a clean install of windows, I couldn't get it work by uninstalling GPUs drivers.
Supply and Demand...
I'm a full time Frozen Food Clerk for Harris Teeter, (a grocery store). I want to go back to school, so I can get a better job.
PC!! I have a 360. PS3, and the Wii. I don't play either of them. I recently got the Retron 3, console that plays Sega, Nintendo and Super Nintendo games. Brings back my childhood days.
..Do want, but I don't spent that much money on a "single" player game.
Cool. I want to try out this game.
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