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I did just that! I think $57 was cheaper than I paid for my H50 when it was new. No probs with the refurb so far.
In! My son is wanting this game. Awesome freebie by the way!
I'm in!
extremely generous gesture! My son could use it in his rig as he's still using my old 8800gt!
I believe it is the card revision. I have 2 of the same card, one has a longer pcb than the other, the longer pcb unocks shaders and voltage. If your pcb is shorter (which the linked picture shows) than the cooling shroud more than likely it won't unlock shaders or voltage. I believe the serial # has a date code and from what I can gather my card with the longer pcb is dated July while the shorter pcb card is dated Sept.
I ordered one, hoping it matches the one I got that unlocks (longer pcb), pics show it to be longer pcb. Compare the Geeks pic to the NCIX or newegg and you should see the longer pcb on Geeks and shorter pcb on the Egg and NCIX. I have one of each and the shorter pcb doesn't unlock shaders or voltage control, while the longer pcb unlocks both.
my post is in reference to model AX69502GBD5-2DH. Judging by the serial number (which I believe includes a date code) the longer pcb card that unlocks is dated July and the unlockable, shorter pcb card dates to September. All else (box, model # sku#)is identical.
FYI, I recently purchased 2 of the Powercolor AX6950 2gb and there are 2 different PCB's one longer than the other. They both have dual bios, but only the longer PCB card will unlock shaders and voltage. These cards have different bioses as well as I tried using the same bios (bios form the longer card) to unlock both cards and it bricked the card with the shorter PCB.
worked for me, Thanks!
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