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I enjoy the overlay since it allows me to avoid entering AMD Radeon Settings. The overlay is fantastic since I no longer have to alt/tab or close the game to change settings.My RX Vega 64 LC @ 50% Power Limit HBM @ 1105Mhz, completely max settings with HBCC enabled and Freesync. I mentioned before that is an overclocked RX Vega 64 with the HBM set to 1035Mhz with a power target set to 50%The GTX 1080 Ti is...
Flick the bios switch on the back of the card and use the Vega 56 bios. Cross your fingers.
I don't get why you don't understand it's comparing a stock GTX 1080 Ti vs a RX Vega 64. An overclocked GTX 1080 Ti can hit 2ghz on the core clock and 6000Mhz on the memory. That patch increased performance "up to 22%" on 4k resolution Lower resolutions barely got a boost. I'll post a video of my results with my heavily overclocked RX Vega 64 LC when I get home today.
The video you provided is from the same exact date as I posted. The only difference is that the RX Vega 64 is overclocked in the video you provided.
My RX Vega 64 performs exactly the same with 17.12.1 using the latest Wolfenstein 2 update. Instead of claiming 1 month old data is outdated how about you provide proof?
It destroys the 1080 in Wolfenstein 2. Vega 64 is faster than a 1080 and that's what it competes with. The 1080 Ti is in its own class. If you mention an overclocked Vega card, don't forget how easy it is to overclock a GTX 1080 Ti. I have no complaints about the RX Vega 64. It delivers performance above the 1080 and looks nice. The new driver overlay is fantastic.
Actual proof please? Never seen a Vega card out match a GTX 1080 Ti. Mine runs at 1720/1140 and I still don't touch the GTX 1080 Tis performance.Edit: Meant to clock Edit but quoted myself.
Sure, I'm a nVidia fan boy just because I look at data. Keep rocking the nVidia fan boy created Signatures.
I am a RX Vega 64 LC user, bought it first day at release for $700 because it's the best looking card on the market. I am not biased and compare actual gaming performance benchmarks. All the games you named the GTX 1080 Ti is faster. I just wanted a card that could play 1440p perfectly which the RX Vega 64 does. nVidia has the better product, performance shows it. Their stock even reflects it.Wolfenstein 2:...
I know how to read, I even quoted you saying Forza 3. nVidia released a driver to fix the performance of Forza 7 with driver 387.92. You get the performance you pay for. That's why the GTX 1080 Ti is priced in a league of it's own.Shows your time stamp when you edited your post.
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