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I believe this will be my last entry for today .
I'd love to have a awesome graphics card.
I would like to win.
What brand is your router? Does the browser have an option for qos somewhere in the
I have the 920 and an H50. I run 196 x 21 which is 4.116ghz. I also have HT on. During idle the cores are 40C during 5 minutes or so of Prime95 the temps are around 80C
The 56U is the same as the R16, but has dual band which is pointless. All you get for $30 more is a shiny router with the additional 5ghz band that won't use aftermarket firmware. I bought it and it broke on me within a week so I got the R16 instead.
Get the ASUS RT-N16, I have it and love it. It doesn't have dual band, but I don't think it's all that great anyway. It has been a staple in the networking industry and it can do both dd-wrt or tomato if you have the need or want to install an aftermarket firmware. The signal is great since it actually has external antennas, has two USB ports if f you want to use it a a DLNA server or even add a network...
It doesn't, I have one that I'm looking at now.With your logic your saying that a 60 inch tv looks terrible at 1080..It doesn't look terrible, can i notice the difference from a 23inch, yes.
What resolution would you want? 1080X1920 is fine.OP, just to make sure you know that since you are getting a 27inch monitor the dot pitch will be bigger and won't look as good as a monitor with the same specs, but only 24 inches etc.
Why did you choose the HyperX over another SSD? I'm not a video editor by any means, but is 8GB enough? Maybe spend a little more and get a better certified PSU? Just a thought though. If you get windows 8 get start8 if you hate not having a start button.
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