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I would like to win.
What brand is your router? Does the browser have an option for qos somewhere in the
I have the 920 and an H50. I run 196 x 21 which is 4.116ghz. I also have HT on. During idle the cores are 40C during 5 minutes or so of Prime95 the temps are around 80C
The 56U is the same as the R16, but has dual band which is pointless. All you get for $30 more is a shiny router with the additional 5ghz band that won't use aftermarket firmware. I bought it and it broke on me within a week so I got the R16 instead.
Get the ASUS RT-N16, I have it and love it. It doesn't have dual band, but I don't think it's all that great anyway. It has been a staple in the networking industry and it can do both dd-wrt or tomato if you have the need or want to install an aftermarket firmware. The signal is great since it actually has external antennas, has two USB ports if f you want to use it a a DLNA server or even add a network...
It doesn't, I have one that I'm looking at now.With your logic your saying that a 60 inch tv looks terrible at 1080..It doesn't look terrible, can i notice the difference from a 23inch, yes.
What resolution would you want? 1080X1920 is fine.OP, just to make sure you know that since you are getting a 27inch monitor the dot pitch will be bigger and won't look as good as a monitor with the same specs, but only 24 inches etc.
Why did you choose the HyperX over another SSD? I'm not a video editor by any means, but is 8GB enough? Maybe spend a little more and get a better certified PSU? Just a thought though. If you get windows 8 get start8 if you hate not having a start button.
Awesome! I have a sad 4000 series since my 5770 randomly broke and won't run
I got an Asus 56U and it was garbage. The LAN port did not work so every time I booted my system up I had to unplug it from my computer or my wall or from the router..anywhere where the line was going to in order to temporally disconnect the line and connect it back. Windows kept saying that a Ethernet cable was unplugged, but it wasn't and when I plugged it back it worked..every time. Then, within 2 weeks I tried to upgrade the firmware and it stopped in the middle and...
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