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Ya, and the other part of it is that they don't want to eat the cost of shelf space wasted. So you'll have items sitting near MSRP for years having not sold instead of just moving the product slightly above wholesale.
I don't know why anyone would praise Raja. He came in on basically equal footing in the Performance/W, Perf/mm^2 and basically took 4 years of haymakers until the fight was called.
That looks like a pretty good nas board to me.
You have to tear away at the PR speak to get to the truth. Once you break down the word salad. The digestibles there are not good for AMD. In that nothing stated denies the existence of rebates meant to obfuscate the performance/$. So while Jays2Cents is a hypocrite for not lambasting the 970 situation and comes off as a fanboy. He's still not wrong even after the statements made by AMD.
Why it's about the same as the 1700 msrp. 329 vs 399.
No, it's an annihilation. The 1080 is 2/3rds the size. Raja should be fired.
Because people have to make themselves the center of the story with their outrage.
Uninterrupted mouse usage. The physical limitation of drag and stiffness of wire pose a formidable threat to complete control.
The 1xxx series already should have been since Nvidia announced its lifespan was ridiculously short.
AMD in all likelihood could drop a full 32c Epyc into the x399 socket if they wanted to, but that would cannibalize a higher profit sector. The other aspect is a question of whether they need to in order to beat the 18c offering. If AMD can deliver a 16c Threadripper that can maintain 3.5/3.8 turbo. While an 18c skylakex can only hit 2.8/3.1turbo. That puts them well within reach of the IPC deficit.
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