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If you can get into the BIOS, then it's POSTing. And a power supply failing can take nothing with it, or be the source of the most issues you've ever seen. I've seen a power supply blow, and take out a DVD drive, but not the hard drive - and they were plugged in to the same power cable. Failing PSUs can do the weirdest crap.
well played. I couldn't think of any off-hand, simply because I'm not a follower of most things ITX
No problem.
I literally googled words from your post to get the MFG's product page as the first result, and here's the answer to one of your questions...From Fractal Site:From Prolimatech Site:Google really is your friend when you're building computers - I promise I'm not trying to be a jerk, but you have no idea how many times I have selected words in somebody's post, right-clicked and hit "search in google" and the first result contained the answer to their question. It will save...
Here's what google says Short answer - no. It was supposed to be kick starter'd 18 months ago, but never was. Looks like an ITX version of a 1.5U or 2U rack case. Honestly if you REALLY want something like that, pick up a 2U rack and cut it up, add an acrylic front panel and make your own.
You're using the correct slot. As a general rule, start from the top PCI-x16 slot, then move down the board using all the PCI-x16 slots of the same color as it. Realistically it doesn't have a significant effect on real-world performance. The difference between a GPU in an x16 and an x4 slot is only a couple of percent.
If you were running multiple 2560 screens then 6GB would be called for. 3GB is plenty for 3440x1440. I'm actually running 5760x1080 on a 3GB 7970 and have never had issues with memory running various games (BF3BC2 and BF4, steam games, WoW, etc). As a side-note: I've always been a fan of the theory "spend more for a single-card now, add a second of that card later cheaply when you need to upgrade" rather than save money now and have to buy all new cards again down the road.
You have Female in the title and Male in your post. Which one are you looking for, and why? Because you can just buy a 36" male-male SATA cable, and then you can probably just pick up a SATA coupler if 36" isn't long enough. Most cables have a Male on both ends. That's a standard cable. You can pick up an extension that has a Male on one end and a Female on the other. I don't think anybody makes a cable that is Female on both ends.
Unless I'm miss reading that post he's saying each IR3550 will be handling 25Amps. By that graph that means each one is losing 2W of power across it (to heat). 8 of those becomes 16W of heat. And since server-class GPUs produce 23W of power, with a heatsink on them, and require external power for cooling - I'm not entirely sure where he's getting that info. Is that like saying the chipsets on 1150 don't need heatsinks and airflow when you OC the heck out of them? Or am I...
I was mostly curious for the background on why you weren't going the usual route of using the airflow generated by one of your radiators to be the air cooling for the motherboard/RAM. If you're wanting to do it sealed, and put a heavy OC on the CPU, I would definitely watercool the motherboard. The VRM will definitely need to be cooled, the northbridge/southbridge wouldn't be a bad idea if you're also planning to OC your graphics cards. Snag a full-cover block and you...
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