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Since they're plastic, you can use nearly anything. Krylon for Plastics is a pretty common and readily available choice. I personally like Rustoleum products. Just prep the surface hit it with some 400-800 grit sandpaper to take the gloss finish off, then clean it thoroughly with a lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol. Then paint... There are tons of guides for this in the Modding Manual:
Since there's suddenly muzzle flash, additional physics required, smoke from the gun, sudden lighting changes, etc, etc... yes. This is normal. The game is doing more things, so the fps will drop. That's why benchmarks include a "minimum fps" column.
If you install a program that lets you "print" to a PDF file (if you don't already have one), then go to print and set the "Page Scaling" to multiple pages per sheet, and print it to a new PDF.Seems funny to print a PDF of your PDF, but it works.
After finding this image of @BKinn 's build. I am definitely planning on getting the Phanteks PH-TC14PE based on what's the max that will fit. I then turned up this review that puts it at the 4th best air cooler on the market. Being $50 cheaper than the quietest and most powerful, and not ugly as crap are suitable justification to go with 4th place in this instance. I also found this review that compares it with only complete air coolers and its dang-near the top...
Those 750's are quite pretty, but a bit more than I was hoping for. I'd like the GPU to be $100 or less. Updated OP with price targets.
Hey guys, my build Density is getting round 2 of upgrades soon and I need help choosing the last few parts. It's primarily a file server, but doubles as my HTPC. Case: {PURCHASED} Fractal Node 804. Not the quietest case ever made but I needed a lot of hard drives in a small case. Fans: currently 3x 120mm Fractal R2's, but I'll probably need to add more fans if I go for the passive GPU. Graphics card: Undecided Heat Sink: Undecided Things I need input on: 1) What fans are...
Do you have a link to the exact model card? Can you post a pic of the heatsink that has a shroud? Because that's the one I'd be interested in. Does it still have the needed hardware to mount this back on?
Cooler master 212 evo. It's the best, cheap heat sink.
Hey guys; Here's the deal: --It's going into a Fractal Node 804 on an mATX build, I just need something better than the onboard video, since it doesn't play well with my receiver. --I'm looking for a GPU capable of smooth playback of 1080p uncompressed video. --Passively cooled GPU only. --Performance requirements are somewhere between a GT640 and a 750Ti (I prefer NVIDIA, but ATI equivalent wouldn't be a deal breaker). --I'd prefer if it did not take a dedicated power...
What I was saying was that it affects USB/PS2 keyboards, but only PS2 mice. USB mice are the only thing that would work reliably if that reg key gets corrupted. Glad you fixed it though, because I was having crap-luck trying to find that disk with all my old Geek Squad utilities on it.
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