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I almost forgot, take a look at for some more cool stuff. They have some vinyls, veneers, etc, that you can do some very cool stuff with too. Just depends on the exact look you're going for. Personally, doing an all-black vinyl would be boring - carbon fiber print, a real dark wood-veneer, or something else would look much cooler in my opinion.
Apple Care is usually very good at taking care of people. I worked Geek Squad for a few years and have friends that work there to this day. A lot of the guys I trained in Geek Squad went on to work for Apple, and I hang out with them regularly - I have a lot of first-hand experience with them. There's a reason they are #2 for customer satisfaction (ASUS is #1).It's not the battery, I said the charging circuit (the physical thing the changer is magnet-ing to). They are the...
Honestly, Thunderbolt storage is great in theory, but it's too niche to have reasonably-priced good things - they're all either crazy expensive, or kind of shoddy. If you genuinely want "the best" pick up the Arc-8050, jam 8 4TB RE4 drives into it in a RAID 6 and laugh at everybody while you have 24TB of double-redundant storage clocking something like 850MB/s read/write speed. (note: cost is somewhere around $3500 but it's freaking sweet) Or the far more reasonable...
1) How close are you to an Apple store? Make the drive if it's even reasonably close - you are just outside of warranty and if you're a genuinely nice person to the Genius who helps you, ask if an exception can be made to fix it. Offer to ask his Manager for him if he is initially hesitant. Seriously though - be friendly about it. If you get mad or upset they can (and usually will) stone-wall you. Be an awesome person and they generally will help you out if they can. 2)...
1) The disk/USB drive they give you has all the bloat on it as well and the key is imaged into it. 2) You'll have to contact Lenovo, because the install media is tied directly to the laptop model and motherboard. It's not "just" a copy of Win 8.1 3) Can't help on this one. I usually just stick with the actual install media, then use "jv16 PowerTools" to strip out all the crap.
If it's being sold through Amazon, Amazon generally will make sure that even if it is a scam, that you aren't the one who loses out on it.
Do you know what RAID controller your NAS enclosure runs off of?
Anti-freeze is the usual solution. Check out the Specialized cooling section for everything you've ever wanted to know:
VGA is good to about 100', so 50' is no problem. I was running it to a 1080p projector aimed at a 100-odd inch screen. No signal issues at all, ever, for 3 years.Certified HDMI cables means that it still meets the standard for signal quality, at that length. Hence getting HDMI over DVI - DVI doesn't have that kind of standardized rating, and VGA doesn't really need it.
You're looking for either blank car vinyl wrap, or self-adhesive backed vinyl. Places like sign shops ( or Automotive shops are your best bet.
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