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Hey OCN - been away for a while, but I've got a jewel that just fell into my lap - a Tesla C2050. Originally purchased new in 2011 for a simulation server, the company pulled the box offline not long after and it sat. My boss scooped it up when they were going to throw it out, and it's continued to sit. If you're interested, let me know - I realizes this is an unusual part to sell, but it's going to sell to somebody, may as well keep it within the OCN family. **Pics of...
Yes. That's a dead board... Probably time for an upgrade.
Glad this worked for you - that's why step 7b is in the list.
Which would be a problem with the motherboard.If it's bad enough to be throwing an FF error code, odds are you won't be able to flash that BIOS.Monitor plugged in? Is there a power cable to the GPU (assuming it's a dedicated card)? Also, just try a different GPU. No video without a POST code or beeps is usually your graphics card.
This is exactly like sharing a folder on a server, because that's what you want to do. Just make sure all the computers are in the same Workgroup (and network discovery is on, which it should be), disable all the homegroup BS, then share the folders just like if it was a server - there's literally nothing that makes a server inherently different than what you can do with a normal desktop.
Not to be a jerk, but the answer is literally the 4th result when you search "Network shared drive" on google: (not a direct link)
SMART being ok means practically nothing. And Windows won't recognize Mac boot partitions, since they don't know the drive's HFS formatting. Put the SSD back into your Mac. Download a HDD diagnostic (Drive Fitness Test or SeaTools are both good) and burn it to a disk. Boot said disk on your Mac and run the long test. If it passes, you should be in good shape. If it fails, then yeah, your drive is borked.
I'm voting they'll die on you... but then again I'm surprised they haven't already. I've never trusted Dell PSUs (FAR too many bad times) and a 6950 + i5-2400 will put you at the upper limit of those PSUs - rough estimate for a 6950 system will be in the 250-275W range under full load. I know the 7870 and 6950 are both pretty comparable power consumption to your current 5770, but I'm betting the 6970 will be a little higher. I'd be on the safe side and upgrade the PSU...
That's a heck of a deal for WD Blue. Good find.
Just use traditional network shared drives. I never had any luck with HomeGroups either - sometimes the old ways are the best ways. If you don't know how to share drives/folders over a network, or how to map a network drive, a little searching on Google will go a long way.
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