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Final day to play Zelda
Sorry to break it for you but Nintendo confirmed no NX info at E3 and Zelda Wii U will be the only playable game at E3.
Not bad but Best Buy Gamers Club is still better. You get 20% off also plus points for money certificates and Best Buy also delivers games on release day.
So people have been waiting for 8 years for this? Looks boring to be honest.
It's not exclusive to PS4. It gets it first but then it will be available for X1 and maybe PC.
I'm not really digging the fantasy life set in a modern world. It just doesn't look and feel right. And I wonder how the load times will be like. But I'm still interested.
You sure those numbers are right? Because out of curiosity Xenoblade X is 400 square km and I looked up a converter and it states that 80 square km is 30.888 square miles.
Yeah but who knows if their new console will support it if they decide to go with a new architecture.
Exclusives is what makes a console worth owning and it's what makes it different than the other consoles. Nobody buys a Nintendo console to play 3rd party anyways. That's why you have a PC for that.
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