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Yeah, I heard you can die a lot. The Guardians kill you in one shot since you start off with only 3 hearts. If I see one roaming the fields, I'm just gonna try to avoid it.
I found Mordor very boring, not gonna bother with this one.
Hopefully? Switch games already look way beyond better than all those games in that video.
If you lose your 3ds or it's stolen you can still get your games back. You just need the serial number of your old 3ds and have to call Nintendo's customer service. You just need to buy a new 3DS and also give them the new serial for that 3ds and your Nintendo Network ID so they can transfer your games to the new 3ds.
I didn't pre order Zelda yet. Nintendo announced a Master edition and special edition, I'm gonna wait and see if Best Buy gets this.
Pre-orders are up at Best Buy. I just pre-odered mine.
The new Zelda Trailer with English vo. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Trailer
No More Heroes Switch- Yes please. Xenoblade 2- Oh god YES! Mario Odyssey- About time we get a 3D Mario sandbox game. Zelda- Faints.
The last time Nintendo had a conference like this was at E3 2012.
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