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This game looks phenomenal.
That was a reply from the dude I quoted, but I know what bug he's talking about. It's when you have to transport the cannon to the lake. If you save inside where the cannon is at turn off the system before transporting the cannon, when you boot up the game and try to transport it midna says the guys is looking and can't transport it, even tho he's not. If you try to leave the area the guy will stop you and say you can't leave yet. So basically you're stuck and can't...
Yes in Twilight Princess.That was a tech demo and was not an actual game plus when they did show wind waker for the first time and you compare it to the final build, the final build looks beyond better.
Zelda and Xenoblade Chronicles X is all I want. 2015 is a good year for Wii U and the 2014 holiday lineup looks fantastic too with Smash and Bayonetta 2.
Dead Island was weak and got boring fast. Don't know about this one.
Azure Striker Gunvolt looks way better.
Battlefield Hardline
Still doesn't look as good as the E3 Demo of 2012.
The graphics look bad during the day but look decent during the night.
Well and example would be Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. From what I read the PS4 version is gonna run at 60fps while the X1 is at 30fps.
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