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Everything was great until like 2 days ago and started spawning with no guns and some other equipment.
LG is releasing a curved 27" 21.9 2560X1080 144Hz IPS 1MS with Freesync. Check it out in the video below.
I currently have the X34 in my Amazon cart, not sure if I should give in already or wait for the X34P. The X34P comes out in December but I want it for BF1 and that comes out in October. I dunno maybe I should wait since the X34P will have a different IPS panel and it will have a more curve than the original.
Pretty good deal if you ask me, and it's a nice piece of hardware for those collectors.
Final day to play Zelda
Sorry to break it for you but Nintendo confirmed no NX info at E3 and Zelda Wii U will be the only playable game at E3.
Not bad but Best Buy Gamers Club is still better. You get 20% off also plus points for money certificates and Best Buy also delivers games on release day.
So people have been waiting for 8 years for this? Looks boring to be honest.
It's not exclusive to PS4. It gets it first but then it will be available for X1 and maybe PC.
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