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"In a presentation to financial analysts today in Tokyo, Nintendo Co., Ltd. president Tatsumi Kimishima announced that major details regarding the company’s new Nintendo Switch home gaming system will be shared at the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017. This will be an event for invited media, financial analysts and trade partners in Tokyo that will be globally livestreamed on Jan. 12, U.S. time. The presentation will include the launch date and pricing for Nintendo Switch,...
Very interesting but I have my concerns, like the battery life. And since the tablet is the console and say you take it outside somewhere and someone steals it, there's goes your $300 console.
Nintendo will most likely disappoint in the specs but I'm definitely excited what they have up their sleeve.
I'm really liking the design of that spider with a bubble in it's head. I hope it's good.
The Demo came out today and it looks like hackers were able to find the full pokedex in the demo. [[SPOILER]]
Everything was great until like 2 days ago and started spawning with no guns and some other equipment.
LG is releasing a curved 27" 21.9 2560X1080 144Hz IPS 1MS with Freesync. Check it out in the video below.
I currently have the X34 in my Amazon cart, not sure if I should give in already or wait for the X34P. The X34P comes out in December but I want it for BF1 and that comes out in October. I dunno maybe I should wait since the X34P will have a different IPS panel and it will have a more curve than the original.
Pretty good deal if you ask me, and it's a nice piece of hardware for those collectors.
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