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I'm not really digging the fantasy life set in a modern world. It just doesn't look and feel right. And I wonder how the load times will be like. But I'm still interested.
You sure those numbers are right? Because out of curiosity Xenoblade X is 400 square km and I looked up a converter and it states that 80 square km is 30.888 square miles.
Yeah but who knows if their new console will support it if they decide to go with a new architecture.
Exclusives is what makes a console worth owning and it's what makes it different than the other consoles. Nobody buys a Nintendo console to play 3rd party anyways. That's why you have a PC for that.
And that was just the tip of the iceberg. We still don't know anything about the game and still have dungeons and towns and items.
Flop in sales, yes but there's no denying the good amount of games they released in 2014 both Wii U and 3DS and that's the reason they won.
Because they don't want to delay the game and the holidays is coming up and with that the games will sell systems and whatnot. This is why I like Nintendo, they don't rush their games and they delay a game if it's necessary, it's sucks but at least they won't ship a broken game.
Looks fun, you can tell it has some TF2 inspired stuff like the engineer and the transporter. Have they said if it's going to be subscription based? If it is then I won't be playing it.
There's going to be specific bigger maps for 8 players.
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