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Looks fun, you can tell it has some TF2 inspired stuff like the engineer and the transporter. Have they said if it's going to be subscription based? If it is then I won't be playing it.
There's going to be specific bigger maps for 8 players.
No, it has a Kingdom Hearts combat style. It does look great though.
meh, I'm more interested in Revelations 2.
not a remake just a port. Not sure where he got that it's a remake.
The last physical game I bought for PC was Dead Space back in 2008.
Just like Crysis.
I remember when Far Cry 2 had amazing graphics for it's time and the game turned out to be crap.
My TV does have a game mode but it's still noticeable, especially with CoD or Street Fighter.
Well for one the input lag on TV's. When playing online input lag can mess you up.
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