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Come on... Try to get a grasp on the game before you go making ridiculous claims like that....Flying a ship twice the size of yours, he's just going to ram you out of the sky on sight before anything like that ever happens.
Credit goes to this guy here. This is just.... Internet chat support moments like this will never get old.
Getting the feeling that everyone who is okay with the battle system being changed hasn't played nor seen any of the recent FF battle systems. It's okay for them to drastically overhaul the combat. It's not okay for them to screw it up. Right now the only thing Squeenix is capable of is screwing it up.
So I guess Skylake-E is going to look like a miniature motherboard on the bottom?
Looks like they just cut a chunk out of my lower back..........What? Why're you lookin' at me like that?
Just another point of conflict for the warlords, and if they can't control it they'll destroy it.
And so FFXIII combat comes to FFVII, when FFVII had the better combat. And you guys thought I was kidding when I said Squeenix can't be trusted not to pervert a remake of FFVII. All of you little nerds out there jumping for joy at the announcement.... You should've been tearing your hair out and blowing up their twitter telling them to keep their filthy mitts off of it. Repost.
You don't need to save thousands of positions, once the geometry is calculated you've got an open environment that you can move around in as you please. This process actually saves on storage size, you're taking 100, 1,000 10,000 or however many pictures and creating one 3d environment. Overlapping imagery is culled.
Are you me?
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