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I wonder if "High performance cores" means the same thing to AMD that it does to us. They also just confirmed that they're still investing in API's. Interesting.
If there are 3 pedestrians on the sidewalk the sidewalk is not an escape route. A human would be held liable if they ran into 3 pedestrians to avoid getting hit themselves, so the vehicle shouldn't even be considering that as an option if it isn't an option for a Human driver.That is to say if a person deliberately chooses to drive into pedestrians to avoid an accident, they are liable. If they react without realizing there are pedestrians they're putting in danger, they...
Anyone mind if I shoot the messenger in this circumstance?Anyone at all?
The in demand is the important part, and in high demand is the correction he needs there. And since I know drivers who make upwards of 200k a year, it doesn't matter if it's skilled or non-skilled labor, it pays well compared to either.
"Good" controller and KB/M support is probably being defined as arcade style controls....
So much truth it hurts...
One of the first things I do on a fresh install is put WMC in the corner and tell it not to touch anything. I won't be missing it.
If I wasn't already spending too much money on flight sticks n' stuff for my Space sims I'd already be playing this.
So why not buy a wheel and pedals and get all of the racing sims?
Problem with this scenario is that it bottoms out quickly because there is only so much shipping and transportation needed, and the shortage is in no way of equal to the amount of people currently employed as drivers
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