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That would actually cost more than stainless steel.
I can't, I'm fatally addicted to real bacon and I hear you guys hang anyone caught smuggling it in for treason.
Doom 4 releases an 11 second teaser after a decade of radio silence, the internet ejaculates in spontaneous waves of applause. AMD copies their marketing with an 8 second teaser, the internet vomits on their name, shoots them in the head and tosses their corpse into a pile of fish offal to be processed into pet food.You guys are great. Trick of the shadows, other pictures have already shown that it is a true 2 slot that can be narrowed down to a single slot with a full...
Keep thinking like that you're going to miss out on a lot of good games. Like I said, the replacements for these companies are already here and they're doing great.
Stainless steel shroud. Manliest GPU ever. That's all I have to say.
You're right, it's been going on for 30 years and PC gaming is stronger than ever. Any day now we can expect all of the PC publishers to just say that it isn't worth their time, close their doors, and abandon us en masse.Or... Things will keep going as they are for another 30 years, until we get cortex implants.
The batteries in question are NiMh. You won't see the Li-ion/Li-poly batteries for another 5 years.Li-ion is already recycled en masse. I don't know why you think it isn't easy. Li-poly is just as easy, as long as you know the batteries you're receiving at the plant are one or the other. know what... Here, have fun, go gangbusters, eat your heart...
Try dogfighting in Elite: Dangerous in an asteroid field while dodging the police, or if you absolutely must thermal lock your GPU, Star Citizen at 4k.All of the niche grand strategy titles will max out most CPU's in many scenarios.There are plenty of developers making demanding titles, if it was actually a concern of mine, I'd take the time to make a good list. I'm not concerned.
Nah. Not even close.CDPR and other companies are on their way out the door on PC, meanwhile for every major company that turns their back on the market there are 3 waiting to fill their shoes.No loss, just better things to look forward to.
That.... Looks like even more Stainless Steel than the teaser shots we've had so far. I can dig it.
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