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Source.A lot of good information at the source.Been seeing a lot of people go to bat for G2A on this forum recently, which I find kind of absurd. The community here has always held some esteem for me and to see people here defending a shady company that facilitates theft and scamming simply because they like to buy cheap games is no bueno. G2A and other sites like it need to disappear overnight, it's hurting legitimate resalers and devs alike and that ultimately poisons...
WHY ARE THERE PENGUINS?! WHY ARE THE PENGUINS TIES SPINNING?! I'm out. My caffeine hasn't kicked in yet, i can't handle this.
The people who work with the engine are responsible for those games, not the engine. The engine has been archaic and in need of replacement since Oblivion, and there have been plenty of good alternatives to it going all the way back to that point.
The Swiss actually have a long history of being really, really good at this. They made most of the automated machinery that has been used to dig most of the world's longest tunnels going back to the late 1800's, so I'm not surprised by this. It's sort of become a national hobby by now.That ceremony though.... That's..... New....
Gamebryo engine is utter trash. It's over a decade's worth of spaghetti code that's broken beyond repair, poorly optimized and most of the "features" are poorly implemented which left no room for those features to grow without causing even more problems.Shoving bits of the creation kit into it was the last hurrah for that engine. It literally can't take any more.And yeah, pretty much any engine can be used to replace it. Stuff like handling quests and background NPC...
MY FAVORITE PART!How'd you guess?!
100% true. Worked for Sega and Konami, this is a solid tactic.
Modding is the only one out of that list that counts for me. Elder scrolls and Fallout as franchises are dead to me. Bethesda sucked their corpses dry and smeared them with dung long ago.Haven't finished a Bethesda open world game in about 8 years. I just buy them, play with the mods, and ditch them halfway finished.
I know people who've played Elite: Dangerous for several thousand hours using a headset, starting with a DK1 rift.No eye cancer reported. Carry on.
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