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Some people have a nice cup of coffee in the morning to get the day started.Some people strap an improvised bomb to their back.Why you gotta be so judgemental?
I wouldn't blame it on getting old, your tastes are just changing. I'm definitely not the teenager I was when I played Final Fantasy Tactics obsessively or poured my life into incredibly complex MUDS that had skill trees that would shame most modern games that're considered stat-heavy. Yet I still love spending hours poring over the skill tree in Path of Exile looking for fun things to do with a new character or digging into games like Rimworld, where a lot of the stuff...
This used to be me, until Centurylink decided they couldn't afford to repair their equipment and just cut off my service.
You know, it seems everyone I've heard similar ramblings from have turned out to not have any skeletons in their closet, figuratively speaking.They had actual skeletons. In actual closets....Larfs aside. It has nothing to do with hiding things or personal privacy, and everything to do with protecting civil rights. A lot of police and intelligence agencies have been deciding that judges shouldn't be the only ones interpreting laws in this area, and that doesn't end well for...
Towards the end of the second video he does appear to just accelerate straight up to 60-70ft without a care, so I would say yes.
This guy loves his job.
Please for the love of the internet hurry up Google.I had to switch to a mobile data plan for home use because all of the telecoms backed out of providing service for my street, and I live 5 miles from a fiber optic pipe.I hate you, but I immediately want to be your neighbor now so I can stop hating you.
Seems wasteful, to me. If the company is still highly profitable with all of that extra staff then that leaves a lot of room for potential growth if you just reorganize the staff into useful positions. With all of the drops in home computing numbers and rises in mobile platforms though... I guess they don't have a lot of room to grow without jumping into a new field of expertise. Which wouldn't be a bad thing, but apparently isn't something they want to do.
So when did "DX12 is going to be good for PC gaming" become "Microsoft is going to be good for PC gaming"?I mean really, who thought that last one up and where have they been for the last decade?Look at your avatar and tell me you don't know the answer again.
Or somebody will/does make a decent hotspot that takes SIM cards.I'll keep tinkering with it and if I find anything that works I'll make a post.
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