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I give up. I found plenty of places that listed 3584 cores but nothing with a good source. Fury core count is still up for speculation but I'll eat my boots if it's 4096. In stock. It's at a $30 premium ($679.99) but it's in stock.
Give me a minute while I find it. Next to impossible since googling for it just returns all of the crap about the Fury X.
I've been watching that too. If voltage gets unlocked and the card does well as a result I can still be swayed. Whatever I buy is going into my custom loop anyways so I'll have to find a use for 2 120mm CLC's if it comes to that.I wonder just how well that CLC can be modded to fit on other cards, are there any detailed pictures of it's contact area?Edit: Found one.'t look like AMD's standard...
It's a shame that the Fury is going to be a cut die. If it were full Fiji with Air cooling and $50-75 less AMD would be back in the game.
You were that kid.....That kid who, when he was out playing with his friends and saw a hornet's nest hanging in the lower branches.....You always threw the stick at it and ran didn't you?
Guess we'll have to teach more of them. Nobody waited for a certain number of people to graduate from college with Masters' in x86/x64 programming before that architecture was released. Many college students pick their courses based upon what they see is hot in the job market. There will never be more FPGA programmers until there are job opportunities for said programmers.
My mouse cursor is hovering over the submit button, just say the word.
Valve doesn't pay the devs/publishers immediately upon receipt of a purchase, they're paid in lump sums at the end of the week. So in other words if you sell 1000 games that week and 100 of them get refunded, you will be paid for 900 games -30% of the value of 100 games. Assuming that Valve is keeping their cut, and I highly doubt they wouldn't.
Microsoft is making money. They can wander around lost all they want as long as they keep tripping over gold nuggets. AMD is just alone in the woods getting mugged and sodomized at every turn.
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