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^ Had to code 87 of them by himself. ^ Most of them are revisions of Solitaire.
Those giant amphipods are creeping me out. They look like gargantuan albino fleas and it's making my skin crawl imagining them as a nocturnal beast that crawls around under my bed at night.... I hate you....
Every once in a while I have to reinstall mine, otherwise I might have forgotten too. Once you have it set in the sweet spot you don't have to touch it again.
Oh look, I can still buy Windows 7 at Newegg. Anyone want to guess how many copies I'll be picking up for future builds if leaks confirm Windows 10 is a subscription model?
Problem is the default settings are typically Dolby, DTS, or some bastardization thereof. I had to turn a few things off and do some tweaking on my D1 to get a true clean signal passed out of the SPDIF.
A quick question to all of you who have binned more kits of DDR4 than I will ever see. Is there anything undesirable about these kits other than the obscenely unnecessary heatsinks? I'm thinking I'd mostly be interested in tightening up the timings at 3ghz. Optimal choice, or am I setting myself up for failure?
Every new concept always involves a lot of engineering. That doesn't mean that it was engineered with practical applications in mind. A proof of concept doesn't need to be anything more than that. Proof that it works.A low viscosity lubricant is what the name describes it as, a low viscosity lubricant. It creates minimal friction and heat. And no, motor oil doesn't qualify as a low viscosity lubricant, so stop comparing the two.I never said anything about metal-to-metal...
You own a car, right?Your car relies on dozens of such seals to operate on a daily basis. Compression Seal rings come in hundreds of types for tens of thousands of applications, and have been in common use for centuries.
.... Fan and motor use a Fluid Dynamic bearing, but no one thought to use a low viscosity oil as a TIM between the heatsink and fan.... The high speed of agitation would guarantee that conductivity remained higher than a micron of air, and the required seal would remove any doubts of damage due to dust or deflection.... This is just a proof of concept without any practical application engineering being practiced.
Last year Nintendo was outright offended that people thought Smash Bros. was a competitive gaming title, going so far as to ban streaming of the tournaments. This year? Nintendo hosts it's own tournament.Last year Nintendo decided it'd be a good idea to copyright claim every youtube video with content from their games, taking the ad revenue. This year? All of their major announcements are on YT and livestreams, and they have an active partnership program with LPers and...
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