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And kittens, and virgin catholic nuns, and the red-striped tree frogs of the amazon.
What? No, don't be so absurd....Nvidia would never do something so lame as that... It feeds off of the vaporous souls of dead stars as they rip through the aether to be reborn in another cosmos.
Just AMD? I thought we were all having fun with this.
Was just about to jump on one myself but these cards seem to have a high rate of failure. Not so sure if I should risk it.
Why would I be embarrassed about not owning or caring about one of the dozens of open world zombie games? Simple fact. I read the "feature list" and the feature list said Ubisoft. If anyone needs to be embarrassed it's Ubisoft for becoming so patently generic they have become their own genre and then any game developer that falls into their category.It's just a sad fact that the only thing that makes this game stand out from the rest is that it's finished and feature...
I honestly had to look it up to find out it wasn't an Ubisoft game because it fits their profile perfectly.Great White Male Hero here to save the day? Check.Open world smeared with Diarrheatic MMO-style fetch/find/kill/collect quests and pointless scavenging? CheckAtrocious "crafting" system? Check.Towers? Check.Post-release patches that make the performance worse? Check.I mean.... The only thing that isn't Ubisoft about this game is the name of the developer....
You're right, and I have no idea why I was thinking that. Guess that shows just how much interest yet another zombie game can possibly draw from me.
Or... You could just not buy the game, and move on with your life without having to blow the price of a used car on a graphics card.I just... I don't... Why do people even bother looking twice at a game from Ubisoft nowadays?
This is a 2D discussion, please censor that monstrosity.
Anyone know of a full collection of the Sapphire girls tucked away on the internet anywhere?True nerd porn there, I need it in my life.
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