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This kind of confused me too, I was trying to figure out when DRM got added...
This is how you leave loopholes in the paperwork to give you the option to weed out possible cheaters or teams.I'd take the 50k in cash, negotiate with the land bureau that owns the island to get the price down to 40k and buy it anyways (if it was worth having, which is not likely).
Mine too, but I've seen some of the paychecks that come out of it, it'd be worth moving for.
This is true, but modern mics also sound like crap compared to the old school studio mics everyone uses. A lot of these people either live alone or soundproof their streaming rooms.The mic and camera aren't that big of a deal for me, and I'm a bachelor, but no one would want to watch most of the games I like to play, and streaming games I'm not interested in sounds a whole lot like work, which I already have plenty of.
Don't look at me, it was him over there!
That chart only breaks the causal relation if you have no idea what you're looking at, but thanks.
The kind of moron that likes to hug his enemies.
That's a shame, sounds like you played the silicon lottery and got kicked in the sack and mugged outside the door before you could even scratch your ticket.
Where the hell did you find that hot mess of a chart that doesn't cover 99% of what's relevant?And that is still just a minor, insignificant scope of the variables that go into balancing the effects of CO2 on global temps with other conditions such as the amount of ice, atmospheric makeup, the amount of natural scrubbers, fauna, amount and type of volcanic activity, tectonic activity, ocean chemistry, solar activity, asteroid impacts, how the chemistry of the CO2 cycle...
That's..... Amazing....And a faulty cooler, should've RMA'd that. My card is running flat out 24/7 with +200/40% power settings on the chip and +36mv on the VRAM, burning 450w in the process, and maintains 65c with high ambient temps in a case with bad airflow.
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