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Finally getting my mouse back from RMA tomorrow. Guess I better start updating.
What software did you use? And some discs copy to drive better as .bins than iso's. Trial and error or someone else's previous experience are the only way to know for sure.I don't own X-wing Alliance myself, but I know people who say this installer has been working since Vista X64 til this day. viruses, I already downloaded and checked. The instructions are on the first...
Copy the Iso's to your hard drive and use some mounting software, it's faster if you have to do more than a couple installations.Code:AllHealthBars = yesAlternateMouseSetup = noAmbientVolume = 81AnimationLOD = UltraHighAudioLOD = LowBrightness = 50DecalLOD = OffEffectsLOD = UltraHighFixedStaticGameLOD = UltraHighFlashTutorial = 0GameSpyIPAddress = = yesHeatEffects = yesIdealStaticGameLOD = LowIsThreadedLoad = yesModelLOD = UltraHighMovieVolume...
A passing thought. It left again.
I'd like to know which games you have that won't work with 7. The vast majority of them have been modded in some way to fix problems with windows 7. Those games that you've already listed work great in 7, if you know how to set them up.
Ubisoft keeps dumping tons of money into it hoping that'll make it popular. They've had 100k grand prize tournaments for that game that only had 1000ish people watching the livestream. It'd be sad if it wasn't Ubisoft, but given who it is it's just a standard business practice.
Armor effect customizations too. I once made a suit of glass that I could jump over mountains with.
At a quick glance I noticed that the Gigabyte Windforce 7970 is the same price as one of the better 7950's, so if you hop over to this forum that covers AMD cards and drop a thread to make sure that the Windforce is still a good card and they haven't changed anything ( I haven't been paying attention the last few months, sorry) you could pick up a 7970 for pretty much the same price as one of the more reliable 7950's.
It became relevant again because I believe there was a content update or something and a few youtubers covered it.
Just overclock that 7950 as much as you can and it'll be close enough to a 7970 of the same clock rate I doubt you'd notice a difference beyond benchmarks.
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