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I blame the Eco-Terrorists.
Website is already crashing. Calm down folks, you've got an hour before you can buy anything.
Even after I took the firewall protocol out I have a spotty internet connection that can sometimes be down for days. The software has never given me a problem during these periods, or when I simply don't have the machine hooked up to the network. Should work like a charm.Edit: If you have bought something recently from Razer you might also see about using the 20STORECREDIT coupon on top of this for an extra 20 bucks off.
Yeah, wish they were blacks but I'm not seeing a single Das board that uses black switches. Such a shame.Nice thing about the one on sale is that it's one of the quiet versions. Go to their website and they have playback loops of the volumes of the different keyboards.Now might be the time to swap out your old board if you're looking to keep the peace.
Starts at 6 P.M. Pacific and in order to keep their site from crashing they'll be dropping the codes one by one through their newsletter. It's still going to break their site as everyone tries to buy the one item until it's sold out. Limit 1 item per customer. Pretty disappointing and I've already set up extra accounts.
These 50% off sales are the only time I buy anything from them, and then I stock up.But you can download it, activate the products, and then block the software in your firewall if it communicating with the servers is an issue. Once it's installed it does not require an internet connection. I used to do this when I had a data limit, worked fine.
Why not, seems like I'm hoarding mechanical keyboards lately.
Best $5 keyboard I've ever owned. I noticed the paint on the keycaps is a bit messed up in places so I assume that's why the extreme discount was in place. I gave one to one of my assistants in the office for the specific purpose of driving her coworker insane with the mechanical clicky noises. Mission accomplished. With gusto. My workday is now much more entertaining.
40gb of HDD space... Thinking that means a 30gb install, probably 25gb download..... My money is on murderous texture file sizes...
If they came out with a silent case tomorrow with this kind of radiator mounting options I'd throw my H630 in the dumpster and order one immediately despite having spent 20 hours modding it already. I just want a solid case with no windows and plenty of rad space, if I don't have to commit national atrocities to force air through it like I'm having to do with this H630 all the better. That's all you have to do Phanteks.
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