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Haven't owned a TV in a decade. Not really sure why people still bother.
Anyone who can spend enough time learning Dota or LoL to get out of the scrublands has my respect. I respectfully declined to devote my gaming career to them after about 60 hours of Dota, which is just enough to learn how much you don't know about the game.
Show me someone who can play Dota on a phone and I'll agree.I enjoy RTS and Civ, but I don't have the time to learn all of the mechanics in Dota to the extent that I can be satisfied with my skill in it. While some of the newer MOBA's are pretty dumbed down and utterly jank, Dota and LoL aren't even in the same zip code as them.
$18 million a month is stupefyingly impressive for a game that is essentially 100% free except for cosmetics and tack.
Never gave them my information. They haven't had anything I wanted in over a decade.
Ordering some Indigo Xtreme and a few cheap TEC's to wire up to my Aquaero today. These temps are comin' down one way or the other.
Even if they bring it to PC I'm waiting until someone mods some decent character models into it. Was watching a stream of the PS4 version last night and they look like throwbacks from the PS3 from 5 years ago. Clashes with the rest of the game pretty bad since they put plenty of detail into the environment, makes it look like someone took art assets from one game and imported them into another from an entirely different company.
Anyone else bothered by the idea that if Microsoft doesn't see the kind of adoption rates they want they could try to push it out as an automatic critical update? Imagine coming home from work to find the "You must restart your PC to finish updating" dialog box, and you reboot straight into a Welcome to Windows 10 splash screen.....
Sounds like Ubisoft is just narrowing their opportunity for failure. I haven't seen anything to indicate that that game is so drop-dead gorgeous that it can't run on a 7950.I'd mail them a dictionary with the word Optimization highlighted and sticky noted, but I don't think it's worth the postage.
You kidding me? A Uplay account is required to even log in to get to the form. You can bet that half of this beta is going to be testing compatibility with Uplay too. I wasn't kidding when I said I had a login error just trying to sign up for the beta.
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