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All of this baseless speculation. You guys are way off.... FPS/adventure games don't make money anymore.....THE TRUTH.
So sad that I haven't been able to find any good deals on Amazon now that they've got tax for my state. Means that all I'll get out of this is the equivalent of a good Newegg sale, but I'm still going to be all over it.
Why? It makes it sounds like I've got a forced air intake/supercharger. It's the next best thing to putting cards in the wheels.
Glue being an issue isn't odd really. Hell, even the alternator on my truck has coil whine because the wrapping isn't glued properly.
Would you rather they used Beeswax? A lot of small electric motor manufacturers do.
You guys gotta remember this was the early 90's. Console add-ons were all the rage. See both the Genesis and the SNES. Nintendo Next was likely an add-on planned to plug into the cartridge slot like the 32x. There were some crazy add-ons for the SNES that never made it out of Japan. Anyone hot and bothered about getting their hands on a satellite receiver box for your SNES, bundled with a subscription fee for exclusive games and music streaming? It...
Pretty sure it would have been registered eons ago if they had anything they were ready to announce at Gamescon.
Was more interested in the talk about the Hololens. It's perfect for Tabletop RPG's, one of my passions. If Wizards doesn't have a release day version of D&D to go with it they have failed as a company.
I have a feeling this is going to sell at auction for more than my house is worth... I need a basement full of old junk to rummage through.
Thanks for updating me.
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