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Saw this coming when EA borked SimCity and let Maxis take the heat.
DX12 and Vulkan will allow memory stacking, so just take the money you saved up for a Titan, buy two or three 390x's, and get better performance and more VRAM than you can use outside of a benchmark. First world problem: Solved.
He doesn't even have that much influence. Nor does any youtuber, really. A video about an indie game can blow up with millions of views in a day but when you go and check the steam statistics a day later you're lucky to find a few hundred people playing it. They don't influence the market to any noticeable degree. Good games sell themselves, YT just lets people know where to find the good games faster than they would usually surface.Rainbow Six is returning, thankfully....
Not everyone wants the AIB though, especially MATX and MITX builders.
Shame this didn't pop up during the 970 fiasco, I would've taken this over the Lightning.
It's not like it's something they can't allow to be easily disabled as a server setting also.
Lost in translation. I'd love to see Ubisoft burn to the ground in the middle of the night but what you're reading in that statement isn't what the speaker intended to communicate. He was trying to say that they have a long life planned for the franchise, but should've bit his tongue when he started on the "teasing" part. Obviously even he doesn't think that a 700 year timeline is enough to carry the franchise for two decades.
Meh, it's not that audacious, and it's pretty underwhelming for a historical timeline. It's nothing to create a detailed 30,000 year timeline complete with characters, locations, and resultant bifurcations for a D&D campaign. The latest half a millennia isn't even a good start.
You don't reveal new GPU's at a software convention for the same reason to don't reveal new car models at a gardening convention. No one is there to see it, their attention is on everything else.
I believe you just implied that PewDiePie may have some sort of influence or at least understanding of what the future of gaming will be. Why don't you go sit in the corner and think about this? When you're done, you can come back and apologize to the entire internet.The only people who're trying to mainstream it are the people who have no clue of how the technology is applied to existing game design, or what it would take to implement it well in mainstream games or what...
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