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Which was a mod that only enjoyed a tiny, tiny fraction of Vanilla quake's population.Never liked it. Quake's mechanics just didn't work well with it. Played the crap out of TFC, and absolutely despised QTF.
I'd tell you to buy it now and just mod the crap out of it because you'd end up with a better game today instead of a buggy one tomorrow, but Bethesda took the Legendary Edition off of all of the e-tailers, so buying Skyrim + the DLC is now a $60 purchase.Might as well wait until Skyrim Remastered goes on sale now, you aren't missing anything story or gameplay wise I promise.
Don't know if you've noticed but the entirety of E3 has become this.I can't tell if the publishers think we're all just so stupid that we won't notice the lack of gameplay or if there are marketing analysts hyper-managing the productions, but all of the E3 demonstrations so far are offering less factual information about games than last year, which had less information than the year before, etc....
Unless there's official confirmation of this this game is DOA.
Only pleased to see this because it means there will be a very healthy community making cracks for both Rift and Vive exclusive games to make them work on other/all headsets. Really hate how these companies are dividing the market. It's facepunch worthy.
Meh. You add hero classes and unique abilities and it immediately stops being an arena shooter. This feels a lot to me like some execs at Bethesda caught wind of the Overwatch hype and told the peons they want their own right now or heads will roll, and just cram it on an easily recognizable IP for marketing. Doom was taken or it could have suffered the same fate.
I know a lot of people whose sole excuse for playing an XB1 over a PC is Madden.I shall be grinning like a cheshire cat whenever I mention this even though I hate football.
You know, I thought you may be sneaking a point on me but I started looking and I can't find a single japanese game from the last year that can't be forced up to 4k using either .cfg settings or driver settings.Gimme that list.
That's what driver scaling, forcing options and shader injectors are for.Can't stop PC players, we gets what we wants.
I'm in. Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag were my jam, I haven't played one since simply because I switched to PC and never bought a console again, but it's my favorite fighting series. The flow just fits my style of play so much better over Street Fighter, which has a jerky, clunky feel to it for most of the characters.
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