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When did gaming become "regulated"? We don't have an oversaturation of godawful games now? People make careers out of reviewing awful games and they can't work enough hours a day to cover them. Not only that, but even the individual games are divided up piecemeal into little chunks, each their own little brand of terrible. We may only have three consoles, but how many digital platforms do we have trying to divide up the pie right now alongside those consoles? And then...
There is certainly nothing stopping you.
Yeah, but I don't really go for mimicking theatre sound projection. I don't watch a lot of movies, so it's not important for me to mimic the type of aural stage their audio is designed for. I like accurate recreation more than anything, the surround part of it is strictly for gaming, which doesn't benefit from the finer details of home theatre setup at all. Half of the games that claim quality surround sound design can't even keep 5 channels clear and distinguished. You...
You assume that the only act of selfishness is greed. Charity is an act of selfishness also.Read the part about desiring attention.#Ghandi
No, they couldn't afford one so they hired Bernie. Strontium is expensive.
I guess the topic wasn't as interesting as e-peen waggling then was it?But seriously though, it's kind of not news. Microsoft has been doing this even with their console exclusive titles for years now. There wasn't much to discuss.
I'm sorry, investing in a business is risk free? This is one of the risks. It's one of the risks of investing, it's a risk of doing business, and it's a risk of daily life. The naïve idea that everything can be guaranteed is just silly.AMD is guaranteed to succeed. Investors are guaranteed to earn dividends. Consumers are guaranteed the timely launch of a product....Come on, let's step outside and get some fresh air, eh? A little reality will do you some good.
I listed 3 primary motivations for modding, and I'm pretty sure they were not money, money and money.
Again, they're not the majority. They're just the largest minority. Catering to the majority has not been achieved yet, no matter how hard they've tried. PC gaming surpassed consoles years ago and took 51% of the market, mobile gaming is growing faster than PC gaming, and console gaming is doing nothing but shrinking. The idea that AAA games cater to the majority is about 5 years out of date.Applying polish to old standards is what video games have been doing for almost 40...
..... Sooo..... What happens when Bernie the intern trips over the extension cable?
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