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Yes please, 2 of them.My 290x draws 450w, I'd have no problem with a Lightning Fury X if it scaled as well as my 290x Lightning, which is to say superbly.
I think you're underestimating the cost of a black market console in china, where iphones can go for $1400-2400.
I've really got to scratch my head about why they were doing overclocking tests on a 4 year old game, and only one of them, but whatever.
Welp, that's disappointing, but not wholly unexpected. I'd like to see more samples. With a power increase of almost 200w that chip leaks like a sieve. It'll be interesting to see what the average variance is.
So China figured out that they couldn't tax smuggled games and consoles. Big surprise. I doubt it hurt console sales figures in the least. Weren't pretty much all of the major titles on console still being localized in Chinese? Yeah...
And get rid of all of that reflective surfacing? Just whose side are you on anyways?
As someone who watches the fire and brimstone rain down within the driver update threads among people who do know about proper maintenance, I fear for those who will never see this coming.
She's been around since the kickstarter campaign. So what happened "before"? There are posts from her before that, and she was aknowledged in several videos during the campaign. I'm just too lazy to scroll that far down.
And you've proven just how successful that marketing has been. You can't even recognize it's happening, and thus don't perceive it as a solicitation. Thank you.
Because everyone who has switched to 10 has no reason to go back to 8 or 7 to test it, and 15.7 was released shortly before the RTM version was locked in, so there are no new people downloading 10 right now.Why do you want to see a comparison anyways?Yeah, except Microsoft seems to be fine with accepting iterations within the same WHQL build automatically. 15.2 versions were getting updated automatically at a crazy rate until 15.7
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