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Nope. No no no no no. Why don't you look around at the experience Nvidia owners are having in TW3 without Tri-SLI Titan X's. Gameworks destroys Nvidia's performance too, but the shining jewel on top of it all is that Nvidia doesn't offer enough tweaks through GFE to allow people who own less than 3 mortgage payments in cards to work around the poor optimization without losing any significant visual quality.AMD owners stopped caring about the game's performance when we...
No, there isn't. You may hope there will be in the finished game, but that's just hope. Reality will reveal that this game will just follow standard modern video game design to accommodate the guidelines of mass appeal, it's gotten that big before it even released so they will naturally want to take it all the way down that path.Really hope you diehard fans are ready for mediocrity in every respect.
I just found the cure for everything wrong with AMD's marketing, and possibly a cure for cancer too. Their name is Laser Unicorn.
People are acting like AMD is advertising Fiji in the middle of Wal-mart, instead of advertising FirePro cards in the middle of an open forum where thousands of tech professionals visit every day...
Pretty sure most OpenGL programmers would like to explain to you just how "solid" they think it really is. I think your only hope for putting that to use is waiting until someone hacks in a VRAM RAMDisk....Edit: At E3 everyone and their mother is going to be announcing whether or not their games support DX12, so keep an eye out for articles on that, and Windows 10 is indeed the platform you have to use to have compatibility.
It's not DX12 related. We lack DX12 games to play on Windows 10.
And did we ever say that it was okay for Mantle to do the same, be used as a proprietary system in the same way, or cause just as many problems?Nope, I believe I've already shut you down on this point. Anybody who overlooked that Mantle was being played as a trump card in a variety of circles was just making themselves feel better. Both Mantle and Gameworks can burn in their own special little circle of hell.
Never said DX12 was suddenly sprung forth from Mantle, so don't start. Microsoft's own engineers said they were incorporating part of Mantle into DX12 though.Intel, last I checked, was not a significant player in the dGPU market, and I don't begrudge AMD holding a grudge about all of the crap intel has pulled on the processor side of things that were much slimier than simply saying "Nope."
Can't deny someone access when they never wanted access in the first place.AMD gave Nvidia the option to use it.Nvidia said no, they said it smells.AMD said suit yourself and gave it to everyone else instead, who asked for exclusivity. Yay for Microsoft and Khronos for getting free code and cutting Nvidia out of a slice of the pie.
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