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Here's a couple of benches I did the other day when I recieved my SLI: This is using an EVGA Pro V2 SLI bridge. It will be interesting to see if the new HB SLI bridges offer better performance.
That problem is easily solved with software like MSI Afterburner by simply setting a manual fan curve profile. I use a 1ºC=1% profile after 50ºC and it's all good.
Joining the club, with a pair of EVGA GTX 1080 Founder Edition. Currently using an EVGA Pro V2 SLI Bridge, has anyone heard any news about the Nvidia HB SLI bridge? A bit weird that no store or website says anything about it.
It worries me because I have 2x EVGA GTX 1080 on the way (should get them friday or monday) but no news of the HB SLI bridge... Will I be able to run SLI on a standard bridge included with my motherboard?
Speaking about that bridge, has anyone seen it on stores yet? No where to be found here in Spain, which is worrying.I wonder if that HB SLI bridge is just marketing and performs as good as a normal bridge.
Could anyone do a summary of that video? I cannot watch it at the moment, phone data is almost on the limit.
Has there been any official word on what the difference is between the normal 1080 and the founders edition?
Oh well, looks like both my 980Ti's are going on sale in a moment.
Would the Corsair AX860i in my rig system be ok for 2x 980Ti? Currently running one, but I have a 2nd one arriving tomorrow. No GPU overclock is intended, and CPU is only slightly overclocked to 4.4GHz.
I actually like the fact that I can connect the LED to the motherboard (VIII Hero) and control both the LED strip and the case integrated LED with the ASUS software to match my motherboard colors! Though, at minute 19:35 he mentions I'd need an adapter to do that. What kind of adapter? Where can I buy it?Edit:Found it, looks like I'll have to buy that in the UK at Overclockers UK, nowhere to be found here in Spain.
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