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Actually, with the stock boost of the Gigabyte G1 (1366MHz on my card) it already beats the 2x R9 290X I had, at least in the two games I've tried (Battlefield 4 and GTA V), so far it's not a downgrade, but an upgrade. I won't be going back to LGA 2011, I really like the 4790k.
Time for an update, got rid of the 2x R9 290X and moved to a Gigabyte GTX980Ti Gaming G1.
Maybe, any link to download the latest driver? I have the one that I got through Windows Updates.
I'm not playing any games until the 980Ti arrives, but using the DVI (dual link cable) I can't get it to go above 1920x1080.
Quick question, sold my 2x 290X and until 980Ti arrives in a day or two I have to run the integrated GPU. Can it run 2560x1440? At the moment I can only go as high as 1920x1080.
I wouldn't go for a GTX970 SLI for 1440p mainly because of the VRAM issues, you'd be topping it very often over 3.5GB and it would be a problem. I'd personally extend the budget for a 980Ti, if you can't, then I'd grab the Gigabyte GTX980 Gaming G1, probably the best model out there, runs cool, quiet, and performs great. Personally I grabbed the GTX980Ti Gaming G1, I'll let you know how it performs as I also play at 2560x1440.
Well I am back to Nvidia. Just got rid of my 2x R9 290X and I am ordering a Gigabyte GTX980Ti Gaming G1 sometime during this weekend, should get it on tuesday.
Can't wait to see what the prices are for a Fury X here in Spain. If they're decent, might as well sell my 2x R9 290X and grab one Fury X and for once live through a generation with just one GPU. Right now my 2x 290X are overkill to me at 1440p.
Man this game really needs a new map pack or something to revive it... Player base has dropped so bad (At least here in Spain) in the last 3 months... My server has gone from being full over 18 hours a day, to maybe being full for 10h if lucky. Not to mention all the players I used to play with (Including clan mates) have quit the game, only 2-3 clan mates play it now.
Ohh I thought they were 290X and 295x2, who's 295x2 was that on Twitter? Nice CrossfireX, I have the same model cooler but 290X on one of them, the other is sadly a reference card.
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