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Quick change that could make your loop look a lot cleaner. Change the outlet of the gpu, so both tubings are on the upper part, that way no tubing goes down and up again, it should look at lot cleaner.
Nice "modding" on your waterblock. Good luck with it, hopefully it'll last long!
Damn, that sucks. I hope the shipping had insurance... Were you able to make the PCB straight again? Or still bad?
If they re-make BF3 maps for BF4, I'd be VERY mad at DICE for not bringing Seine Crossing AND Grand Bazaar. Those two are a MUST if they're planning on bringing more BF3 maps! Probably Strike at Karkand too, but that's a BF2 map, not sure they'd do that, but it would be AWESOME, best 3 maps ever.
I know it's not EK's fault here, but with some nickel plating already off the block, pretty sure it will keep growing and growing and more nickel plating will get off the copper, making it a lot worse. Once that process starts, don't think you can stop it.
To be honest, go with whatever is cheaper, they seem to perform pretty much identical in most cases.
Well he better find a way, or return it to the seller, because the block has already dropped some of it's nickel, pretty sure that will become worse after some time.
As good as it may look now, you really need to RMA that block, the nickel will keep flaking and it might screw up with other components in your loop like the pump...
Pretty sure EK would still honor the warranty as long as you did not do any physical damage to it.
If it's still under Warranty (Which it should, as those blocks came out around 8-9 months ago) I'd ask EK or the retailer you bought it from for a replacement.
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