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Few months ago I would have said to hold back, but right now the game runs great and it's very well polished, I still play it daily with another ~35k players on PC. As for Premium, I'd say it's very well worth it for the extra 20 maps! Some of them are crap, but many are fun, though not sure I'd buy it at 30€ at this point, I paid half that.
It boosts by default to 1366MHz. With no voltage increase I can go as high as 1490MHz, at least on games.
A bit more OC should help too.
Hey Joseph,I have a question for you. Is it normal for the 450D's window to be "sticky", meaning dust gets stuck into the window? I believe the plastic film protector that cames on the window may have left residue on it and all dust is actually sticking into the window, a bit annoying. Any product I could use to clean the window properly? I'm guessing it's plexiglass, so anything with alcohol would damage it.
Well damn, 550k PPD on the 980Ti alone, I don't remember seeing anywhere near that with my old 3930k + 2x GTX680 back in the day, love it. Currently a P10486 for a nice credit of ~120k points, long time since I folded.
That worked, thanks!
Thanks for jumping by the club!
I'm in!
Recently decided to come back to Folding (though not anywhere close to 24/7), but I am getting the following error when trying to add my 980Ti in the GPU slot (Windows 10 PRO): Any idea why im getting that error?
You can already purchase the kit contacting them via email ( for $50 + shipping ($20 shipping to Spain via DHL).
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