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The fact that Battlefield 4 has like 10k more playerson peak times than Hardline proves this game should have been called something else, or added as a DLC for BF4 instead of as a standalone game. It seems to be atracting a lot of people in consoles, but PC player stats prove that Battlefield 4 is still preferred over Hardline.
Let's keep the discussion on the other thread:
14.12 Omega. Pretty sure it's the card, I took it out and swapped it for the other 290X I have (Reference Gigabyte 290X) and no issues at all.Getting it replaced. We'll see if I can get another reference (As I plan on watercooling them both).
Same issue, I can't do anything now, as soon as Windows kicks in, it crashed and loses signal, and goes into crazy mode with 100% fan speed.I am returning it to get a replacement, I think this may have been a returned card like yours.
Woke up to find GPU's were at 100% fan speed and no signal on the monitor. I had to shut down and then it worked again. So it looks like the card is not stable with 290X BIOS? Weird, I played a few hours of Battlefield 4 last night.
Flashed to the ASUS.rom BIOS on the first page, and booted without a problem, now it looks like a 290X: I guess I need to stress it on games to make sure it's stable. Weird that it had a 290 BIOS, it's labeled as a 290X on the PCB, maybe someone put a 290 BIOS on it by accident in the past.
I got it from a friend, it has a green label with "AMD Radeon R9 290X" in the back.And P/N: 102C6710101 000001Should I try to flash it to a 290X?
Adapter #2 is a 290X. Adapter #1 is supposed tobe a 290X as well, but I believe it's a 290 as it sits at 947MHz Clock by default and has 160 TMUs. Is it unlockable?
Hi guys, I'm looking into adding some more watercooling into my rig (Currently just the CPU) and I wanted to know if the Switch 810 would fit two 240mm radiators (thin, 30mm) on the bottom and front, by removing both HDD cages, or it would just fit the one in the bottom. I'm asking because I don't know wether to go ahead and purchase 2x 240mm or 1x 240mm 1x 120mm (for the rear exhaust fan) and call it a day.
I'll try that, I run MSI AB's overlay.
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