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Fair enough, thanks.
I'm going to have to do a clean Windows 8.1 install soon as I am changing my motherboard and CPU. Should I first do the Performance Restoration? Or just a secure erase will do the same job?
Good to know, thank you.
Oh noes, might as well just go for 240mm then, I'm not a handy guy, I'm cappable of destroying the case in the process of trying to drill some holes lol! Wondering if it'll make a big difference to cool an i7 4790k or future CPU's.Was thinking of the Corsair H100i GTX, it wouldn't be a problem for 240mm rads would it? or it still has the same spacing "issue" like the 280mm holes?
Hey, Does anyone know if the Corsair H110i GT fits in the Switch 810 with the first (old) revision of top panel? I remember @IT Diva mentioning that in the past to me, I have a Hardware Labs Black Ice SR1 420mm right now and the spacing is good between each fan, wondering if the H110i GT would be fine as well?
Can't wait to see the Spring patch released!
Thread moved.
The fact that Battlefield 4 has like 10k more playerson peak times than Hardline proves this game should have been called something else, or added as a DLC for BF4 instead of as a standalone game. It seems to be atracting a lot of people in consoles, but PC player stats prove that Battlefield 4 is still preferred over Hardline.
Let's keep the discussion on the other thread:
14.12 Omega. Pretty sure it's the card, I took it out and swapped it for the other 290X I have (Reference Gigabyte 290X) and no issues at all.Getting it replaced. We'll see if I can get another reference (As I plan on watercooling them both).
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