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I'm in.
I'm in!
In for today!
I'm in !
Just make sure they're not literally broken, a small mark shouldn't matter, I've RMA'd a motherboard that had missing screws (In the heatsinks) and they never noticed.
As long as you keep the cooler, thermal pads and the screws in good condition, no one will ever notice that you watercooled them if you ever need to RMA your card. I RMA'd Sapphire cards before which have been watercooled and they never gave me an issue with the warranty.
Enough said! Clean plexi all the way, even if it doesn't cover the whole PCB, it still looks better to me than the CSQ or the black ones.
Middle one for sure, with the clean plexi top, it's the one I have one my pair of R9 290's too!
Day 14
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