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Too bad we ain't an english-speaking clan, otherwise you'd have loads of fun on our Team speak!
I'd like to remind everyone that it would be best if the thread stayed friendly.
Any input on the Logitech G910? A friend wants to get and he is debating wether getting the G910 or the Ducky Shine 4 (MX Brown), he is kinda in love with the fact that you can connect your phone/tablet to display stats. Is the G910 any good? Can't seem to find much input about it here in Spain.
Welcome back!
Could be, I think this game still needs further optmizations to be done. It runs just like Battlefield 4, the difference is BF4 has 64 players, much bigger graphics, better graphics, and a lot more action through the map.
I've only had this card for a bit over a week, so I haven't really messed with any of the driver settings yet.
Ok here, playing at 2560x1440 on Ultra:Quick video I just did:Lowest I saw was 69fps, not sure if you want see it on the top left corner, since YouTube craps the original video quality quite a bit so it's a bit hard to read.Hope it helps.
I have a 1440p 60Hz monitor, so I tend to cap all my games to 60-62fps to not waste any useless power/heat/performance.I'll give it a try later or tomorrow with no FPS cap and everything maxed out and I'll let you know how it goes. Do you use ShadowPlay? Mine is enabled at all times.
It's a normal server located here in Madrid (Spain):
Interesting, I play with a 980 Ti as well, at 2560x1440, with everything maxed out and I've yet to suffer any stuttering or drops below 60.Is this happening on all maps?
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