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Yeah I went ahead and grabbed the pack. Now I need a wheel, might as well buy a Logitech G27.
As much as I loved watercooling, it took away too much time and money. I think I'll stay on air for a good while.
Time to post an update. I sold the i7 3930k + Rampage IV Extreme and moved onto an i7 4790k and an ASUS Maximus VII Hero, plus I ditched the water loop and went air again for easier management of upgrades, or moving to lan parties this summer. Next move will most likely be a pair of R9 390X's whenever they're released.
Thought I'd come by and say hello. This was my first Folding team, how is everyone doing?
Because I feel like 4.4Ghz is already great for my needs. Undervolting it that much (Motherboard gave it 1.250v by default for 4.4GHz turbo...) was a huge win for me.
Been testing my voltage and a few days now, it looks stable. 4.4GHz with 1.140v and max temperatures of around 65ºC on the improved version of x264, never hits above 62ºC while playing demanding games (Until summer temps arrive ). Is it a good chip? average? bad? Not much into Devil's Canyon so I don't know how it compares to other 4790k's.
Renamed thread's title to make it cleaner.
Arma games are all about Multiplayer, specially with mods. Though, if you really want to have fun, I'd find a group of players to play with, playing alone is not that fun.
That noise is called coil whine.It's common on GPU's and other computer parts, it's mainly due to the capacitors on the GPU "squeeling", not dangerous for the card, but could be annoying if you are ear sensitive, deppending on the card, it could have NO coil whine at all, or could have a lot.
Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but first thing I'd do is disable Origin's in-game overlay, that tends to cause trouble with recording and monitoring software. BF4 works fine here with MSI AB's overlay (Which is Riva Tuner Statistics Server). Make sure that you have set Application detection level to Low and also Stealth Mode has been enabled. Do that on Global or add the BF4.exe manually, I use those settings for all games.
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