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Well, even if they aren't mandatory, I've requested the kit for my pair of GTX 1080 FTW's, better be safe than sorry.
To those running two 1080 cards in SLI that are NOT reference cards (Custom cards only), how are the temperatures on your top card? I had bad experiences in the past with two GTX980Ti Gaming G1 from Gigabyte, top card ran way too hot (Like 10-14ºC hotter than bottom one), and a friend is looking into buying two custom cooled cards (G1, Xtreme Gaming, FTW, Classified...), though I told him to stick to FE's for SLI due to heat issues on top cards when running custom cards.
Any source to confirm that monitors post April have a firmware with a fix?
Cheers. Also, Amazon Spain has had no stock of this monitor for almost a month now, I am wondering if they're waiting to recieve newer revisions with the fixed firmware regarding this G-Sync issue?
To those who use G-Sync on this monitor (I guess most people ), do you guys use it on Fullscreen only, or windowed as well? Does it make a difference considering I play in fullscreen? It looks like Acer has already released a firmware to solve these issues. When will be ASUS updating our PG279Q?
I am pretty sure it affects all units with G-Sync, but probably people don't notice because they don't switch between Fullscreen and Windowed (or minimize) too often.I think this issue wouldn't happen if G-Sync was also active on desktop.
Amazon Spain doesn't have my monitor anymore on stock, and I doubt it's because it's going to be discontinued, so I guess they are waiting for new fixed revisions of this monitor.
Yeah, it's a bit of a pain, but honestly it's not a big issue, you can solve it within seconds if it happens, it's well worth it having this awesome monitor. Plus it's not related to this model, but it seems to be rather with G-Sync, as it affects Acer monitors too.
Maybe about 50% of the times that I minimize or switch from gamemode to fullscreen and viceversa.It happens a lot, but luckily fixing it takes just a few seconds.
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