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Amazon Spain doesn't have my monitor anymore on stock, and I doubt it's because it's going to be discontinued, so I guess they are waiting for new fixed revisions of this monitor.
Yeah, it's a bit of a pain, but honestly it's not a big issue, you can solve it within seconds if it happens, it's well worth it having this awesome monitor. Plus it's not related to this model, but it seems to be rather with G-Sync, as it affects Acer monitors too.
Maybe about 50% of the times that I minimize or switch from gamemode to fullscreen and viceversa.It happens a lot, but luckily fixing it takes just a few seconds.
Basically to alt-tab/minimize, I own a Battlefield 4 server, so I tend to minimize a lot to check the Admin panel, or simply to browse a bit when I get killed. Yeah, it seems to happen with G-Sync only, happened on my previous GTX980Ti SLI as well, so not GTX1080/Pascal related. Any idea if newer PG279Q batches are shipped with this issue fixed already? Or not yet?
I know, it doesn't worry me since it has a very easy fix (like switching windowed to full screen on a game, or turning it off and on), it's just a bit annoying.
Hi guys, I noticed on my PG279Q that while using G-Sync and switching on games between windowed or full screen, sometimes I get a vertical line as if the screen was mis-aligned. I believe it is the very same issue as the one reported here: I am wondering if this is a known issue and if there is any fix for it such as a firmware update, or I'd have to RMA? It's not a...
Haven't seen you playing on a good while.
Thread cleaned, sorry you guys had to deal with that.
They're doing great, I expected them to be noisier and hotter, but they're great. I am in love with this case, huge attention to detail, I was amazed at the cable management options behind the motherboard tray, it's amazing.
Awesome, I added a 120mm the, and just purchased a 2nd 120mm phanteks fan so I have two, I want the lower GPU to get some more air too.
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