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Pretty sure that's not gonna happen...
That's what I thought it would be if it happened in other games too, but GTA V is the only one.. I can play other games like Battlefield 4 and Arma 3 (Multiplayer on both) for hours and no issues.Edit:Forgot to mention, if it were a PSU issue, the motherboard's Anti-Surge would kick in and warn me upon the next boot, but there are no warnings or any kind of crash message after the shut downs.
Thought I'd ask. After months of not playing, I decided to give it a go with some friends on Multiplayer. During the timelapse of 2 hours, my computer SHUT DOWN twice! No crashes, no BSOD's, it simply shut down as if electricity had cut off. First thing I did is check temperatures, CPU and CPU Core temperatures not going anywhere above 45-50ºC, and the GTX980Ti stays below 68ºC at all times. I remember a clan mate having a similar issue, and he never figured it out. Any...
Finally, grabbing the kit soon!
Can't wait, I really want to buy that kit.
Making this the OFFICIAL MGS V thread.
Few months ago I would have said to hold back, but right now the game runs great and it's very well polished, I still play it daily with another ~35k players on PC. As for Premium, I'd say it's very well worth it for the extra 20 maps! Some of them are crap, but many are fun, though not sure I'd buy it at 30€ at this point, I paid half that.
It boosts by default to 1366MHz. With no voltage increase I can go as high as 1490MHz, at least on games.
A bit more OC should help too.
Hey Joseph,I have a question for you. Is it normal for the 450D's window to be "sticky", meaning dust gets stuck into the window? I believe the plastic film protector that cames on the window may have left residue on it and all dust is actually sticking into the window, a bit annoying. Any product I could use to clean the window properly? I'm guessing it's plexiglass, so anything with alcohol would damage it.
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