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In July 2014, after attending a Lan Party (Euskal Encounter) here in Spain, I changed Mayhems Pastel Ice White for new one as it was turning a bit blue due to too many drains and refills and adding more water, and probably crap inside the loop. Cleaned everything and replaced it, now it's all good looking again. Also changed tubing to white, as the clear tubing (No matter what brand) will end up going yellowish anyways due to temperature. I have also removed the white...
Go for the SR1 480mm, great choice.
I'd definitely go with bigger radiator, at least 360mm. By the way, those NB e-Loop fans don't work well in pull configuration, as the blades are too close and they actually hit the radiator, or at least that's what I read few months back, not sure if they ever solved that, so if you go for those fans, you may need to go just PUSH.
Awesome!Where were you at, Ramstein? Kaiserslautern? I lived in Ramstein's air base 3 years.
Game is still far from where it should be, but its slowly getting there. Sadly, I think at such slow rate, the game will be dead within a few months. It's rare to see over 30k players online (PC) during the weekend, few months back we usually had +80k.
Primochill Advanced LRT. Yellowish colour will always appear on the tubing no matter what brand it is, but at least the Advanced LRT is plasticizer-free.
Looking good! By the way, the pump/top mount should be face up, not face down as it is right now. Although I don't think it really matters. Also, get rid of Masterkleer, grab some Primochill Primoflex Advanced LRT, do yourself a favor, unless you want your blocks micro channels full of crap in a month or two again.
It would probably be Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light because of the amazing "underworld" campaign and because I like war themed games, specially if it's related to nuclear and monster stuff.
Get rid of Alphacool fittings, specially rotary ones, they're CRAP. I bought a few of them last year and ALL of them leaked at some point, replaced them with EK and Bitspower, all good. Also, the way you're using those ports on the radiator at minute 1:25 of your video, you're not really dissipating any heat as water is not travelling through the whole radiator, it will enter from one port and exit the other one straight without going through the channels. You HAVE to use...
Yeah, quite a dumb video, he doesn't even show how he uses, just reads the instructions and gets some views LOL.
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