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Hi guys, I'm looking into adding some more watercooling into my rig (Currently just the CPU) and I wanted to know if the Switch 810 would fit two 240mm radiators (thin, 30mm) on the bottom and front, by removing both HDD cages, or it would just fit the one in the bottom. I'm asking because I don't know wether to go ahead and purchase 2x 240mm or 1x 240mm 1x 120mm (for the rear exhaust fan) and call it a day.
I'll try that, I run MSI AB's overlay.
Yes, to both, but I've been running like that for months.
I've been getting a lot of crashes lately... Game was stable for months, no crashes at all, but I have a few crashes a day now. Anyone else?
Please spoiler the pictures you are quoting, except for one. Quoting a bunch of repeated pictures will cause trouble to those with mobile Internet and annoy those who already seen them.
Fair enough, though the normal thing on laptops is to run on the limit already at stock. I don't see my self overclocking my laptop.
To be fair, I understand Nvidia's side. If they allowed overclocking on a laptop, there would be hundreds of dead laptops because people with no knowledge would overheat and burn them.
Deleted some posts as they were disrespectful towards other countries, and posts quoting that one.
360 + 240 rad space will be very tight for that configuration. It will work, but don't expect amazing temperatures.
One last question. The PowerColor R9 290X TurboDuo comes with a backplate. Is it compatible with the EK waterblock? Would save me a good amount of money instead of buying 2 backplates from EK.
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