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It looks like oxidation, and if you see the GPU block, he's got it where there's no coolant contact, which is very weird.
Same thing happened to me back when I watercooled my Silverstone Raven RV02B-W. I did not put one of the compression fitting right with the tubing and it ended up spilling almost 1.5L of distilled water and red dye all over my room's wall and floor (Luckily it leaked from the rad which was at the bottom of the case). Surprisingly enough there was no damage at all, other than the messy room.
Yes. Apparently it's normal for the tubing when the coolant inside hits above 35ºC for a long period of time, which sucks, because hitting 35ºC on a loop is very easy, specially in summer.
That's awesome, but no chance I'm doing that.
You mean outside the house or the room? Because having them outside the case will make no positive difference for noise, in fact, it could be even louder as it has no restriction from the case.
Yeah, but my fans barely run over 900-1000 rpm.
I don't think itll make a difference, there's too much heat to dissipate in my loop, each 290 consumes around 218W, plus the 3930k at 4.5GHz must take a lot of wattage too. I think my issue is not enough radiators.
None, they're at stock, only OC at the moment is on the CPU. I think 420mm + 240mm is too tight for such wattage (I think it's like 800-900W at full load? Maybe a bit less), plus my room was at 30ºC at that time.
Just hit 58ºC on my R9 290's (under water), and 3930k @ 4.5GHz hitting 71ºC max, while playing Battlefield 4. Something tells me 420mm + 240mm is too tight for this rig, but I can't fit more rads.
The difference is probably less than 1ºC, if any. I had that configuration too, no point in adding a 2nd fan on that radiator, all it does is make your loop uglier.
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