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excellent heh. ima walk in after and be like its 10 bucks cheaper on amazon.
Extremely nice price! link to SD
Walmart employees ARE NOT paid enough to care! I have 3 friends working at the one next to my house that will gladly tell you that
DO NOT hesitate! link MicroSD versions also available! 16gb $13, 32 gb $19, 64gb $35 link
that's hot.
That's because jackie chan movies are 22% better than other movies, specifically supercop. See, if they used bruce lee movies it would have been something like 115%, and don't get me started with chuck norris movies (just don't use way of the dragon).
yup, i never get them though, because there's usually a slicker deal on something better lol. I got the MX100's for 80 bucks when they were released, at the same time I could have gotten the Ultra II for 5 bucks cheaper, but opted for the new tech. That being said, I usually see it hitting the $85 mark on a bi-monthly basis.
going to go to walmart right now and ask them to price match their website and im in california
heheh noted. I could use a 50 dollah steam card.
240GB Sandisk Ultra II SSD 92.99 can usually be found wayyyy cheaper. often in the 80 range.
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