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6.7gb patch though some consoles just redownloaded the entire thing (haha)
welps... sucks that i have vz. then again, im not dumb enough to have important conversations near any mobile devices or anything on the internet. hell most of it aint even on paper
link to sd
link to SD
Yeah that 98$ sale was something esle
Welps guess its dead.
hmm id buy it if it were liam neeson
Not sure why it's so cheap, but I got off the phone with the Vz rep and he said I could actually upgrade one of my lines to the droid turbo for $2 more a month on my line. He said there's a promo going on for it. I don't see it listed on the site, but it's a pretty solid deal for anyone that was looking for this.
link to BB link to Amazon extremely good deal! very giftworthy.
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