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That guy was way too good.
I just have my clock app on the apps edge screen. Makes it easy as hell and cleans up my home screen
Based on my experience from note 4, 5, then 7... camera, is objectively better in every way.
I bought 6 cases for $7 total... One of which includes the spigen leather(ette) wallet case (currently using). I also ordered a 3d tempered glass screen protector for $8 (curves and wraps around the entire screen). I hate that it costed more than all my cases combined. But that has yet to come in, I'll let you know about the quality when it arrives. The spigen wallet case is awesome, I don't have to worry about having a screen protector just yet thanks to it covering the...
We all know what's going to happen next: J2H walks into the courtroom with a harem of booth babes and starts to make it rain. The entire panel is Ooh's and ahh's, the judge doesn't seem to impressed, however. J2H walks up to the judge and plays with his hammer while slowly and se sensually removing his trademark leather coat. The judge is in love real quick. And just like that, case dismissed.
Watch when we get consumer versions... They'll secretly be Broadwell chips in disguise.
Using this phone right now. To me, it doesn't feel like much of an upgrade from the note 4. The iris scanner is a great gimmick though. To my surprise, it comes with a preinstalled screen protector. Was it worth the upgrade? Yeah. That note 4 was ready to retire lol. That, and the size of the note 7 feels better than the 4.
There is such a thing as being practical but ugly as sin. Not everything needs fans and case lights, a lian li case is my idea of simple, practical, and still looks good. This Playstation was designed by a toddler and a few rounded megablocks.
Wow I'm impressed. They actually could make it worse.
2 reasons: 1: too lazy 2: I give credit where credit is due. I didn't find the deal, the OP on the SD thread did.
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