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I'm sure we'll be seeing advanced biometrics during our lifetime.
This is cool and all but I really want a new street fighter game on SNES. And Megaman while they're at it.
Which carrier you going through?
Last time? I got 2 free watches, 2 free $200 visa gift cards, 2 free 256gb memory sticks, 2 free $50 "we're sorry" visa gift cards from Samsung, 2 free $25 Verizon billing credits. I won't be waiting lol.Edit: forgot to add the 2 extra bill credits for whatever I paid for the phones.
Loved the n7. Went back to n5 after, and for a great deal on the lg g5. G5 camera was way too fun. N8's implementation seems similar enough. I might get it afterall, especially since it's 50% off with trade in for former n7 owners. I know Verizon is doing 50% off with n5 trade ins.
I don't forsee CF or SLi going any further unless Sony/Xbox picks up on multi gpu support. And yeah, CF/SLi sucks.
My goodness I need a wad of cash to blow asap.
Bundle options are lame. Now if you were allowed to choose any mobo, monitor, and ryzen cpu... That would have made sense. This 6950 won't be going anywhere anytime soon it seems.
Can't wait for Bioware to make a Facebook Effect trilogy (hopefully with a better ending). Not looking forward to DLC's though.
It matches the color of my dog's eyes. Day one buy for me.
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