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I knew it. "Ultra" would just be marginally better than consoles. Hell, those examples, there's hardly any changes worth using ultra over high (besides the fact that you can if you have the gpu power). Seriously though, 6gb of vram for this? And the comparison between the ps4 and pc on high. The only major difference is the lighting and the chandelier. Did they even try?
You can have anything you want. Just because someone says it can't be done, doesn't mean it can't be done. It just means they didn't try. I just saw the nzxt s340, looks like they nailed it.
League of legends plays fine on one. But as they all suggested, there are far better options if you're going to be gaming.
Oh watercooling. Nvm lol
And from the looks of it, it takes extreme effort to kill an ssd with writes
I grabbed a nice Asus q501la for 450 a year ago for cs. Does the trick, and some. Beginning classes, laptop doesn't need to be godlike. Better to invest in a pc, which will last a 4 year upgrade cycle.
Tempered glass to show off the components. One piece body design. Removable motherboard tray. Last but not least, like the corsair sails, keeping it simple and elegant will be the key.
They should have named it Windows toilet. Toilet sounds real bad, but without it, it would be a real mess if you don't have one. Or use one.
Smaller studios can say stuff like this all day long. Either way, at least they're logic is sound.
Regarding the rumors : will believe it when I see it. Amd hype train won't work.
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