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I had 2 iPhone 3s's that the battery went into sudden superheated mode and would have given any idiot a third degree burn. fortunately I'm a bit smarter (just a Lil)
next week : 4gb 970's. for real this time!
yeah I realize that too. but I'm sure advertising can fill in the rest of the profit.
let's assume 9% of the human population and the subscription fee is a basically free $12/year. well, that's a lot of money.
as a FF fan, the last thing SE needs is more hype. cuz we all remeber how that went to past few titles
I think any 970 owner would know. if you ever attempt to breach 3.5gb vram on shadow of mordor, you Will get choppy and stuttering game play. but anything before 3.5gb and the game runs like a freaking champ. do you really need the extra 0.5gb? maybe, maybe not. I agree nvidia certainly did misdirect 970 owners but the fact of the matter is that it indeed has 4gb vram. if this has taught us anything, it's to be more vigilant consumers. mega corporations love pulling...
wells all that hype weeks ago and and unsurprising FCC as usual.
robots! hurry up and make me a robowife. custom programmable wife with 100% less nagging. oh the possibilities!
s6 will probably have mods well before it's released to the public. thank God for xda
can someone make a highlight video of that 40 minute beast... and truncate it to 4?
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