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Yeah the developer getting 75% cut is a bit ridiculous... In car speak, that's like paying the manufacturer 75% of what you sold your car for.
Now he can use his expertise to start up a business coaching players up to professional level.
wonder if it stacks with 10 off 100...
Interesting tidbit. The way I see it, adblock accounts for a tiny fraction of worldwide use. Hell, look at the users that actually have adblock installed... Most are Linux users. That should imply a lot.
Carbon fiber reduces weight thus making it faster. I think that's how it works.
Paid mods could be good. Even if they're not supported in future updates. Sure some people do things for free but that's not always the case. Although that's pretty much what's been keeping pc gaming afloat all these years.
So much want. Priced to keep peasants like me away.
It's got vtec, bro.
Xbox? Never heard of it.
Im good with my 640k. Though this would be an insane upgrade...
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