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Id like it more when it gets cheaper
The only way these deals are good is if you use 25 off 100 coupons. Samsung 55in 4k tv for 899 aint bad. Use 15 off 100 and boa 10% cashback. So 794 is a sweet deal. 784 if u use 10$ off.
Oh no good deals for 3 years in a row? I suspect next year will be the same.
I dont understand why theyd want to break them up. All google does is provide several different services. Its not like theyre they only player in town, buying everyone up and stifling progress (att). European politics is why everything there is in its current state, there's no one to blame except crappy politicians.
yeah don't get the on ear's unless you enjoy pain. they're REALLY tight, especially for people with big heads like me.
this is a really good deal. i wonder how good it is vs my sharp sb60. Blah I want 5.1 lol.
that infinity keyboard for 99 was so much better of a deal... i don't think it'll be that price ever again
blah ive already got the roku 3. I have no idea what i'd do with a ftv stick
link to slickdeals link to product not bad or a spare TV. confirmed the price myself. $115. Good thing walmart is like 10 steps away from me.
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