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Dreamcast lost to Sony.
my guess is that they are, since they directly link you to their rebate.
damn and here I thought people smoked because it looked cool.
the fostex t20rp mk3 can be had for $63 after rebate on musiciansfriend in case yall was looking for planar magnetic
i don't smoke, but if i did it'd be to trip the hell out and have visions like those shamans and what not. that seems a little more practical than smoking just to die faster.
is it the asus swift that you have? my ah-ips mx239 isn't that great of a panel for photo editing... maybe i'll consider the s2716 if that's the case then
I will say that this monitor was going for around 250 not too long ago (refub through dell). I was going to jump on it but decided to wait for something with IPS for around the same price range hehe.
LINKthese are making me so hot right now...
NO! just no!!! Fitbit CANNOT accurately give HR data during very/ultra high intensity activity don't get me wrong, I don't know anything about this case, but fitbit simply cannot accurately track HR for these instances.
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