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I for one love my 40/2 connection and understand that it is more than sufficient for my family.
compared to other smart watches the battery life is similar. not an apple fan (or smart watches for that matter), but I'd rather see apple enter the market now and stir up competition.
not preordering because its more satisfying to buy the full version free of bugs and 19874 needed dlc to get the game to play normally- all for $5 years later.
still one of the better memes, and there's truth to it as well haha
my mom could make that case in 10 minutes. someone get me a baby calf.
that's the problem when you make something to good. it makes it hard to convince people to get the new version haha. its kinda like an old muscle car that's in pristine condition. simple to use but it has its well known and well documented flaws. now the dealer wants you to trade it in for the latest generation of that said car, no questions asked. some may bite but purists probably love their ride too much to trade it in.
i have one, it works, you can have it for free, just pay for the shipping. i gotta look for it first tho
so much this... china has MORE than enough smart people and general laborers to figure this out. And also, US can say whatever they want, in the end, if China decides to ask for it's money owed, US will either shut up, or start a war lol.
2015 will be the monitor year. I'll wait till 2017 when all the bugs are worked out
now I can tell people to chupo mi huevos without fear of repercussion.
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