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Link rebate use code EMCYTZG778 for $20 off.
I hope they don't ruin this one. Then again, while the ending of ME3 was pretty controversial, I'm pretty sure Shephard will be endlessly cloned.
i got it for 175 when it came out damn good ssd.
Quartz has been known to be able to store massive amounts of data for quite some time now. And the best thing about quartz, is that it'll last.
Meh, graphics are a'ight. still looks better on PC
I can do that. Hold my beer.
quick question: does anyone on this forum trade their dota items? im trying to get that ursa swift claw
EG pulled off that enigma black hole/FV chronosphere combo... Best combo replay I've ever seen.
I thought once you go black you never go back? Who knew.
This is free press for Apple. Someone will misinterpret this and suddenly it'll be like "omg apple has a new security function built in monitored by the NSA! Wow guys, this thing is must be safe!"
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