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$650... Might be worth it if the panel can hang with the ip7 or note7
The only logical course of action from here on out is global depopulation. Time to bring out the suicide booths.
There's 3 types of people that'll buy this: 1. True fans that'll donate their kidneys for anything apple 2. People that will justify it based on being so expensive, it must be good 3. People that will wait for a $5 Chinese knockoff
For starters, sams club had $150 gift card with the purchase of a note 7. At the time, they didn't require you to return the gift card. That being said, I got $450 in gift cards from them due to this serendipitous debacle ☺
Got 1 replacement yesterday... Going to wait for Sam's club's annual black Friday sale now ☺
"that's not a hiss. That's the iPhone 7's turbo spooling up"
Note7 display is subjectively better. Both look great but I'll take oled over the ips. I don't miss ips displays at all.
Just wanted to put I my opinion on the matter of people wanting to get intentionally harmed from a burn... Don't be stupid. No amount of money in the world will "heal" a 3rd degree burn. At least not yet (or near future for that matter). Also, you won't be getting much money either way. They'll stretch the case out so long you'll be forced to settle. If you don't, your fees will be absurd. But hey, just my 2 cents.
I'm on the same boat. Luckily I still have the note 4 and 5. It's not worth taking a loaner phone... The time needed to get it, then return it, then get ANOTHER note 7 will probably take my local Sam's Club at least half a day! But for some without a spare phone, that may be their only option... A $25 inconvenience credit is less than min wage in California (when thinking about how long it'll take... Imo 3+ hours). Hell it took me 1 hour to get the note 7, and another hour...
Note 7 has been the best value for a phone and has treated me very well: Got to keep my free gift (gear fit 2) and 2x $150 Sam's Club gift cards, $40 Samsung pay credit, $50 Samsung "inconvenience" gift card. I'll wait til black Friday for Sam's Club to do another $0.97 special for the note 7, fingers crossed for another free gift!
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