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i wonder if 0-20 motor oil will work well?
total spent?
i guess it's cool. i wish we spent more funding on space research (as well as everything on earth as well).
Pretty sure this would have costed nearly a few billion in America.
That's revolting
On a laptop I'll gladly take the extra 5fps lol. Hell, if anything, it's even more beneficial to overclock a mobile gpu just because gaming under 60fps seriously sucks and doing anything possible to get close to there makes all of the difference.
Sup with all of this stuff "going back into the economy". The world doesn't work this way anymore... Everything is now globalized. But back on topic, this is what happens when ya want everything cheap... Manufacturing goes overseas and instances like these are bound to happen.
Yes! Now i can do creepy, stalker stuff from a safe distance!
Ah. I came in, hung up my hat, read the article, saw the price, grabbed my hat, pretended none of this ever happened.
this thread taught me something new and planted the wrong seeds into my mind.... WHY!!! Must... Resist.
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