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denver cores are nice. what we really need are beast mode seattle cores with marshawn lynch stepping, and pete carroll running it.
Balancing 1 million Pokémon? Nintendo, you're going to have a good time.
subjective styling. that being said, this has a slick and elegant look to it- as opposed to all of these "high performance" raced-out looking boards as of the past several years. even though the board has its flaws, I like where Asus is heading with the idea.
i love these skyrim mods
yes. buy this asap. if only i had the need right now...
this is the best way to off high priority targets.
85 is a solid deal.i have 2 pairs... and no.
oo... this is better than GT. it's a GT-R
kinda excited. hopefully they have a super cheap upgrade (like from xp to 7 was only $10). i'll buy it, DL it, then wait till drivers mature heh.
honestly that gpu should come with no less than 16 free games -_-
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