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Meh, already said it was a PR stunt from the beginning.
Pretty sure someone mentioned it by now, but Dota has TONS of prize money tournaments a year...
Wayyyyyy too many things to list, starting with prize pool... Dota's compendium gave back a HUGE portion to the winners (and losers), and the community! With riot, you still shell out an additional 30+$ to buy the winning team's skins... And I get it, a tiny portion goes to the team. Pfft, this is one of the reasonwwhy every pro team that defected from Dota is coming back. But seriously, you make that much money off the players, at least give back a little more. /rant
Sweet cheese and rice...
I've already known about riot... It's a shame they don't give back to the community as much as Dota 2. That's the reason why I stopped playing.
My sympathies, it will be amazing if this becomes a mainstream cost effective procedure. Hopefully people don't have to transfer their body into some alien avatar and kill a ton of natives to get it tho.
Pretty sure history is indicator enough to show that this is overly optimistic. Heh, even avatar (bless James Cameron), shares the same view. Treatments will exist, but only for the elite few. I'll trade in my kilt for trousers when this becomes "affordable".
Yup, someone sponsor me and ill break the record. If Sony or Nintendo gives me money I'll even play psp/game boy on by way down. Else I'll do it with my hands tied.
The specs did suck.
Goddamn skylake won't be arriving until for a while if this is the case... I hope it's not. This 2500k needs to retire the way of the warrior, instead of some senile old cripple.
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