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wow an edumacational games! I wish more games required brainpower..
Google probably knew this day was 100% certain before hand. good thing they're getting into the Internet business (maybe).
Link absolutely stunning. this is just the keycap set btw.
it's actually a nice deal... saw it on md when it first dropped, but I needed a full-size kb.
too bad this stuff ain't taught in schoo. the only thing I've ever learned in school was to be blindly patriotic and obey the government. damn why does the majority have to be so easily manipulated.
that's expensive. if it was all copper with gentle typhoons, I'd probably pay no more than 150.
the conversations they'll get from me would make porn directors want to nominate me their crown prince.
set everything to default in bios and report back. anyways, timing can be changed under DRAM timing config, or something similar. Make sure you set the OC settings to Manual. set the DRAM frequency to 1600 (if supported) Under the timing config, change timings to factory specs, don't even bother tightening them even further yet. change Vdimm to match DRAM profile, and +1 notch after that, just to be safe.
it'd be nice to get custom colors. it'd be nice if once of the oems decided to let you customize your board's colors, kinda like how rayban does it with glasses, granted sunglasses don't take much to make. but I mean, hot hard is it to ask for a black pcb and 5-10 colors to choose from
how is there such variance? does Tom's just suck at everything? I mean, I know it's hot as hell in Bakersfield. maybe that's could be it. yeah.
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