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I played my buddy's ps4 last weekend for the first time, the 30fps really killed it for me.
How dare they even mention Bruce Lee.
So basically everyone that got a 970 at launch got the best bang for the buck, and is still the card to get to prevent buyer's remorse. Then when pascal cones out, sell it for nearly the same price they paid, and easy upgrade.
7.50/gb is pretty standard for that speed.Now, if it were 6.50/gb, then we're getting somewhere.
link enjoy
wouldnt they need said modder's permission first? otherwise he really could sue, since he did in fact make it first.
ah ok thanks guy. im just seeing what the market value is...
perfect condition, literally used for web browsing for entire life. hasn't been overclocked whatsoever. virgin.
Time to start saving up for 6700k/pascal. That should probably last me another 4-5 years
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