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$70 for 25 here. The next tier is $199 for 35. My mobile is more reliable and faster. Smh.
Won't solve anything. It's way to easy to use a fake/burner #. Advanced biometrics is the next step.
Bose knows.
Smart. Nintendo knows that a majority of people that wanted one bought one. I'm sure they've learned their lessons with trends with their past few consoles.
I'd invest in a VPN but remembered that all I use the Internet for is porn, online games, and research papers.
mind blown so many times during that article.I think the man was speaking in tongue... someone better check and see if he's having a stroke.
Ill give it a month before its dominated by bots.
Economic impact of automation is interesting and complex beyond reason.
Has the hype train derailed yet? Is it safe to come out now? I didn't even grab the 7700k for under $300 with recent deals. Looks like this 2500k will just have to keep chuggin'
CIA is nonchalantly enjoying dinner with me right on. I think we're on good terms. I press a button to change the channel and they actually oblige! And I don't have to spend a lot of money on our relationship either, last year, probably only $14 tops. I feel blessed.
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