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I'm on the same boat... My headphone 3.5mm and phones's aux jacks were both destroyed while deadlifting. I left it in my pocket knowing better. Never again lol. Living a highly active lifestyle means you're stuck with Bluetooth haha. Or at least until WiDi/miracast headphones exist.
this is true. i regret selling mine!
just bring back MHL :cry:
While I won't argue that phones getting too thin is a bad thing, the note 7 had a very good feel to it compared to other notes. I stand by everything I've said in the past: note 7 was perfect in every way - with the only exception being the battery issues.
Amazon had this down for a while now. They prep up shipping as soon as you start looking at things that you're "likely" to buy. Cool beans.
Probably good to use for insurance fraud. Granted, you still have to pay your phones deductible...
Dr: how may I help you today? Customer: uhh, hey can I get uh heart transplant special, bacon wrapped, hold the sauce. Dr: will that complete your order sir? Customer: hmm... Yeah that'll work. Thanks Dr: we'll have your total at the window.
Something always happens. Factories spontaneously combusting, aquaman summoning tsunamis, gohan defeating cell, you know... stuff like that. I'd hike my prices too.
Another glorious win for the lawyers, on both sides!
At this price, it had better come with an entire harem of strippers.... wait a second... you know what, they can just keep the laptop.
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