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Low hanging fruit... Must resist urge to say that's not what she said...!
The funny thing is that car safety only became an issue BECAUSE the auto industry decided that a dead customer wasn't good for business. Thus, the safety revolution began.
So he dodges the question. Not surprised. I have a feeling they've made several drafts of hl3 and none of them met his expectations so it's currently in purgatory. For all we know, it might end up being like Avatar, sitting there until the proper tech brings it to acceptable levels.
I'll have to side with Facebook on this. Hopefully Carmack did indeed write new code. The last thing I want to see is having this tech stagnate in the wrong hands.
Hey guys, we got hats, more hats, different colored hats, floral hats, hats inside of hats, you name it! we added +1000% more hats!
Hopefully see awesome deals for Intel cpu's sooner than later. TIA AMD!
I guess their security was razer thin.
hmm... maybe 3.5/10 stars. dialogue could be better.
okay sweet, this might work for me, i still play on 1080p.
Not that I could have afforded one anyways, but sad day nonetheless.
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