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My guesses: HD -> R GT/GTX -> GT-R Ti -> V-SPEC TITAN -> OLYMPIAN
I wonder if planet x/nibiru is responsible for earth's geomagnetic reversals... that would be interesting.
o.O Sony didn't learn from those $10k SD cards.
imminent tax increase to fund FCC expansion to handle complaints. Increase breakdown as follows: Administration: $180,875,662 Everything else: $0.52
I'll agree that the 840 had problems. But right now, AMD has more problems. In my opinion, I think that samsung can provide good enough quality to help amd with the performance on an immediate basis, and worry about the problems later.
finally, something that won't fail (hopefully!)
ah new title... metalloid cog aqueous
I love reading the comments in these types of threads. Some comments are mind numbing, but entertaining nonetheless
I better still be able to get Ultima weapon, a gold chocobo, and Knights of the round in disc 1. Graphics look pathetic for what you'd expect in today's games. I am already disappointed thinking how it will look on ps4 (and inevitably pc).
Wow that's pathetic after all that hype and wait. I'll wait till GOTY edition.
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