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Yes please. Someone make this happen.
Damn i love what inwin has done to turn their image around. Simple, clean. Other manufacturers, take note.
I doubt we'll see this in any application other than the rich and privileged. The poor will remain paralyzed and crippled.
Aren't assumptions gut feelings anyways?
Exactly, we don't know, that's why it's just an assumption
Someone's selling a msi 4g for 300 locally. Zip 93313, anyone interested I'll send you the Craigslist
Pc recommended requirements : ps4 or xb1 for performance settings
None. It's just my assumption. Prices don't fix themselves. Dram factory burning? Excuse. Thailand flooding, excuse. I understand it's a business. Companies will set whatever price they want. It's the lack of competitive prices (as we've seen before).
Yeahh i know. They have availability dates listed tho.
Yes, companies are colluding, with the exception of Samsung. Samsung will be the ones to put them in their places.
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