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I love news about graphene. Can't wait till it starts getting widespread adoption
I never got into mine craft, but it certainly isn't worth 2.5 billion dollars. What's the hell is ms smoking (so I can avoid it at all costs) I'm happy for the owner, he made a smart financial decision. He's a billionaire now, so here could care less about anyone else's opinion about him. If I was in his position, hell yeah I'd do the same.
iirc, the 660ti and 760ti started off in the $300-330 ~$350+ for the custom models (after increased demand and explosive vendor markup). It took a while before it to get back to msrp. I expect the trend to be similar for the 960ti.
If pricing is a trend, hoping this sticks around 330. More realistically 350 after vendor markup
honestly the kukri versions are crap quality, and has this annoying nagging sound profile (if you're used to the gentle whoosh from the GT's).
did you make sure you have your bios to auto detect pci-e? or have it set to pci-e for display driver by default?
well if you have a 7990, the only single card that'll please you is the 780ti, or wait for 980
dont worry. in soviet russia, ebay auctions you
970 500-550, 980 600-650, 980ti 750
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