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Easy fix: stay off the grid if you're a criminal. If you're not a criminal, hope you had an attorney fund stashed away.
Won't be buying. Even if this is my top 5 of all time. I'd rather enjoy the memory of ffvii in original trim. Kinda like: Honda CRX -> CRZ. Everyone asked for it. Nobody wanted to touch it with a 10 foot pole when they found out it was a bust on all aspects (outside of aethetics). You don't take a Ferrari 250 gt spider convertible (in concours de elegance condition), rip out the motor, then swap in a LS engine into it just because. It should be a criminal offense, hell,...
I'll carry around an adblocker everywhere I go. Someone should patent this.
Ip7 is a good choice for Apple fans. In the Android community, nothing is comparable to the n7.
PSA: vzn customers, check your statements for upgrade elibility and bill credits! I haven't returned mine, $ credited back, and have upgrade elibility ☺
Sucks because every other phone sucks in comparison. Oh well, I made out like a bandit with all the promos.
900 for a g-phone... does it come with a few strippers? I need to justify this somehow. OOS already. Oh well.
Can I get that at a 99% price reduction?
What's there to defend? The Note 7 is an amazing phone. Except when it blows up. Even then, it'll still blow your mind.
Hell, I'd have sued and settled. I'm sure several businesses are doing the same.
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