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I wish I could afford this. I wonder if i wish hard and long enough...
I'm not saying it was terrorist. But it was terrorists. (Giorgio Tsoukalos)
Imagine if they made a dark souls: PC master race edition. Ground up rebuild of the game just for pc.
Ain't nothing like an experimental plane.
7/10 reminds me of taking passport photos. Nikon 5300 nikkor 55mm f1.4
We need Marshawn Lynch to make it rain some confetti skittles.
That's a lot of work. Thank God I'm waiting till this is $5. Not because I want to but because I'm a broke student and by the time i get my PhD it'll be cheap haha.
Realistically, wouldn't be easy to lower the pump speed by adding a resistor?
Heart nearly skipped a beat. Kojima!
Microsoft should have used a Miata. Miata is always the answer
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