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I'd be dying if AMD named a flagship "iceberg" (as long as they could back up that claim lol)
I'll take all the croissants and baguettes please.
Cut off one head and more will grow back in its place.
I always thought 3 fans were effective in lowering the overall noise.
The bottom line is always the almighty $. In app purchases helps speed up the process of leveling up. But for the casual gamer that has access to frequent pokestops, they'll probably never need to buy any in app items (think: league of legends).As far as additional features, they're going to update it with a trading feature sometime in the near future. I'm sure a more complex battle mode is to come later.
There's no real battle mechanism - the game was designed to get people to literally go outside. And it's working. I don't think they wanted people to stand around outside battling Pokémon for minutes at a time lol.
Not yet, but you can battle gyms,which are other players' Pokémon
There's like no eevee's whatsoever in my area... I've only caught 4 so far. But there's a technique I came up with to practically always land your pokeball and it'll certainly help with capturing Pokémon, I still use regular pokeballs until I run out for virtually every Pokémon CP I've come across, the results are really, really good. Okay, enough up selling myself:Put your pointer finger directly over the ball and use your middle finger as a guide on the outer edge of...
After reading everyone's arguments here, from an outsiders perspective - I am more along the lines that valve knew about this but never did anything because they indirectly benefitted one way or another. The only reason they decided to do anything was simply do to being called out. That being said, it's no different from Nissan GTR's launch control debacle or more recently VW's emission cheats.
User error. Nuff said
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