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use code: EMCYTZT59227 includes free game offer: NVIDIA $150 In-Game for Warface, Path of Exile, and Heroes of Newerth
math is OP.
someone really hates chinese. LOL
dear nzxt, make unpainted carbon fiber cases. we can take over from there, thanks.
i don't care what people think about the price reflecting exclusivity. whoever pays a premium for this are suckers or have money to burn, or both. then again, it is their money! even if amd sent a few classy escorts with the gpu, they'll still have todo better than that.
BB usually only PM if there's a staples located with in 50 miles of your city. in my case, there is not.
very interesting and informative! at least now i know who to blame for 16:9
whoever invented 16:9 deserves capital punishment for crimes against humanity.
nice that they price matched, too bad they tax californians
i cringe at the thought of how much gpu power will be needed to max out 1600p/2160p.
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