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yup. buy them. you'll be so glad.
seeing how all the recent promos went down... i figured as much. 390x for 289 couldn't be beat.
ya'll know its the same price at best buy. best buy deal potentially epic if you have the visa checkout $20 off 20 coupon. small edit: these suck compared to other blues.. They're much stiffer it seems. Could just be this unit though. I'll refund it.
Link in store and online I redeemed my 20 off 20 coupon from visa checkout... paid 11.86 including tax and 2 year geek squad
Anyone that could engineer and herbicide with the purpose of killing and creating long lasting genetic defects which is still effecting my people till this day... Yall are saying I should trust these folks?!
Good question. We should ask Matthew McConaughey
Time to start a gravity farm and dispensary...
I've seen them but it would negate the savings also look up manufacturer rebates on the MSI, GB, and Asus models. I know They're offering about $20 on a bunch, just gotta find the proper rebate form. so: $20 rebate, 1.5% debit card discount, ~$7 remove return shipping option = ~240-260
They're about 260 after 20% off on I hate how they aren't hdmi 2.0
Sticker upgrade option - $1.6billion. Denali Ultimate Gravity™ upgrade option - $6.4 billion
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