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do want... but i'm going to ride out the wave of 4k until prices tank and flatten out. which shouldn't be much longer than 2016 i'd imagine.
buysonic has some in stock right now, 130. seems to be the next best price, and better than waiting an entire month for a pair lol.
7/10. I don't know any technical photography terms, but to me, it seems like the photo is too heavy on 1 side. If it was in portrait, and crop off the left side, I think it'll look a lot better. scratch that... I have no idea what it takes to get a good landscape photo as of yet Still learning how to take proper portraits.
Lol a 780, ubisoft smokin that good stuff.
mmm considering the mx100 can be often had at tiger for ~85, this deal is very lukewarm.
you might not get this reference, but they should have used the v8 instead
dee dee: "what does this button do?" dexter:"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
10/10. I love cows. Which camera body are you using? These shots look phenomenal. I feel like I'm learning just by seeing these photos lol.This past weekend.
I hope it does well. The main reason I don't buy laptops is because I know there's no real upgrade path as a pc would have. Honestly, the industry needs a standardized form factor(s) for the enthusiast mobile market.
9/10 because I love Andromeda. Off the grapevine
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