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I wont deny that it looks good. i wish i could say more.
i think we can all bet that this will not hit the price point that we would all agree on.
Possible next gen console support?
focuscamera has the dt880's for 199 (600ohm)
oh god 980ti performance for much less power... count me in. that's why i got rid of the 980ti tbh. sorry, it's tooooo damn hot where i live. parents don't believe in a/c either.
I wanted to grab these when they were $70, last month they were $90 through BH.
Historically the x70 version actually costed less (at least msrp) at release, followed by what was usually a 10-15% price hike, remaining that way until next gen cards before a price cut (back to msrp - 10-15%).
so hype.
similar to something like this: but smaller? im going to guess i'd have to build one myself? TIA
I wish our bb still offered those 50$ gc's, they stopped doing it like a year and a half ago.
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