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clearly missed the point.
the royal treatment? by all means. I expect 10, no 20 escorts to accompany my purchase of an apple watch. Then I expect to be escorted to a private jet via motorcade to my private island, along with all 20 escorts.
... not a shocker. look at all the hundreds if not thousands of thousand-year-old-plus Asian remedies that western medicine claimed as snake oil (and surprisingly continues to do so for some things). yet, a lot of them are still in use today........ then look at all of these Asian fruits. suddenly there's been more research on them and omg what do ya know, ridiculous cancer fighting properties.
there's always going to be that satisfaction of pulling off fatalities. easy fatalities should be limited to boring ones haha. this forces people to learn the good ones.
Brutal Street fighter? do want.
I wonder if this gives my computer better mpg
time to start subbin'. disturbing the peace? please. I'm keeping fires in check.
not going to hate on either, but league should seriously give back to the community more. I play both so it doesn't concern me much. but it does get annoying that league doesn't come with the full cast of Champions for free.
$1500 doesn't even include ethernet cables.
wasn't this rumored a while back? like, a year or two now?
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