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After reading that thread, I went out and got some of these earlier. £29.99 in the sale. Thanks guys
Most definitely in for AC: BF!! Thanks for the generous giveaway, Lampen.
Completely forgot about Call of Duty until I seen this thread. Last CoD I brought was WaW, that was a GOOD GAME! never paid attention to the franchise after that.
Looks absolutely outstanding! Some really expensive kit there, Great pics too.
GTX 580 Palit Reference 1.5GB EK FC580 Acetal/Copper block /w EK FC580 Backplate No sign of wear, no damage. Really well looked after card. Overclocks to 939mhz, never ran 24/7 only when benching etc. Only bad thing I can say about it, is that the backplate and block are a pain in the rear to disassemble, however the block is clean so theres no need to break the warranty sticker and clean it. Any other questions just PM me, Rowey EDIT: Due to a few question...
Anyone got any suggestions? Not really my area of expertise. Cheers
Gentle Typhoons are now gone!
Does annoy me that 9/10 times the market is much bigger in the US. If it wasn't so expensive to send I wouldn't mind sending them out to you guys at all
Got a few bits to sell guys: Alphacool ST30 120 Rad - £15 - SOLD RS360 Rad - £30 - SOLD XSPC Pump/Res combo - £25 - SOLD XSPC Rasa Waterblock - £20 - SOLD (Unused) 6x Black chrome plated nickel 1/2" barbs - £5 (Unused) 6x Nickel 1/2" barbs - £5 x6 Gentle Typhoon 1850rpm - £7 Each - SOLD x6 Orange Xigmatek fans 120mm - £22 (For all 6)
Looking to offload my entire collection unfortunately. I want some new wheels lol. My system in all its glory^^ Wanting to know if any kind users could help me appraise my bits and pieces? i5 2500K Asus P8Z68-V GTX 580/w. Waterblock & Backplate 16GB 4x4 Corsair Vengeance 1600 1TB Samsung F3 120GB Corsair FS3 SSD Corsair TX750w NZXT Phantom (Original, Black) 8x 1850rpm Gentle Typhoons 6x Orange blade white LED Xigmatek fans XSPC Rasa CPU Block XSPC RS360...
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