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Something like this?What the hello is DDR3L btw?
A much better product in build quality, speeds, longevity, or what brand is on the outer casing? I'm by no means trying to penny pinch, but if I could save a few ££ here and there to get the relatively same thing. Thats the way to go I think, especially, again putting it out there that it's on a budget. But if you insist one is better than the other and its a good idea to go for the the premium one then I'm all ears.
So, I'm looking at this , essentially the same one you recommended but less cap, I dont need 500GB. What the difference between that and this? from a budget aspect if its only say 5% difference, the savings would be sensible.
Thanks matey.So it begins! I'll keep you updated :-)
But what is it I'm supposed to be looking for? Any advice/recommendations?
That's what I meant! Spot on, I wasn't sure if there was much of a jump from the 2000 series to the newer models and thats not enough of a increase for someone who's not really looking for margins anymore. Not to mention the money.I genuinely can't get over how cheap SSD's are now! Thanks for the link, all of the components look fine. If I'm keeping my 2500K I'd like to update the mobo as, my P8Z68 is crackers, I've had an issue with it for a couple of years now and I'm...
I guess I could re-use the 2500K? Unless tech is miles ahead by now, like even the low end stuff. Um, I don't mind keeping the SSD as long as its not considered pre-historic, Idk? Umm...
I was thinking around £500-600, with the possibility of re-cycling a couple of things such as peripherals, fans, etc.
Right all, a LOT has changed since I was last here. Not sure if any of the old members still post here but hey, cutting to the chase. I've grown tiresome of my slowly becoming outdated computer (2500K build, log is in sig) and I've recently came into some money fortunes and would like to start a build from scratch. It's been so long since I've been on the computer scene I've lost track of the technology. The flagship GPU at the time was the GTX580, so you can see where...
After reading that thread, I went out and got some of these earlier. £29.99 in the sale. Thanks guys
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