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Has anyone had any experience with the Office R.A.T.? Specifically this one: I saw there was also a R.A.T. M office but couldn't find much out about the one above. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Hello, I've been considering upgrading my CPU and motherboard for a while now just because me and my motherboard have never really gotten along, it's just always given me issues. I was wondering if you guys think upgrading to a Skylake i7 or 5820K would be worth it. I currently have an i7-2600k running at a stable 4.5GHz which I think is still pretty decent, but lack some of the improvements with new generations such as PCI-E 3.0. I use the system mostly for gaming. Any...
Okay I took your word for it and bought the Razer edition. Should have it by Friday so I'll post when I get it all put together! Thanks a lot! May have to paint that glossy black plastic at some point though
How is the Razer version of this case? I'm looking into downsizing from my 800D to one of these and was wondering how the quality of the Razer version compares to the quality of the regular version... I really like the matte black paint on the Razer version but it looks more prone to scratching to me than the paint on the normal versions, specifically the white version. Can anyone help me out in making my decision? Thanks! Also, would it be easy to paint the glossy black...
The Sensei Raw is fantastic, I have the rubber version and I don't notice any acceleration even if it is there.
yeah I also had a great experience getting them to replace an old R.A.T. 7 last summer. The side scroll wheel was stuck, had a new mouse in like a week - a week and a half
Owned: R.A.T. 7 R.A.T. 9 Naos 5000 G500 G700 Mamba Mamba 2012 Razer Spectre Sidewinder x8 Naga Epic Orochi Currently Own: Steelseries Sensei RAW (Main) Deathadder 3.5G Plan on getting soon: Either a R.A.T. or the Ouroboros. Possibly a Corsair mouse. Or even the new Deathadder Bit of a peripheral fanatic Generally the same way with mechanical keyboards
MSRP is like 120... Those are priced so high because its not available anywhere
Does anyone know what is up with the Razer Ouroboros? It's unavailable everywhere. Has Razer temporarily pulled it to fix issues or something? Thanks.
I wish Madcatz would use an Avago sensor :/, I'd have a ton of R.A.T.s by now
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