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The Sensei Raw is fantastic, I have the rubber version and I don't notice any acceleration even if it is there.
yeah I also had a great experience getting them to replace an old R.A.T. 7 last summer. The side scroll wheel was stuck, had a new mouse in like a week - a week and a half
Owned: R.A.T. 7 R.A.T. 9 Naos 5000 G500 G700 Mamba Mamba 2012 Razer Spectre Sidewinder x8 Naga Epic Orochi Currently Own: Steelseries Sensei RAW (Main) Deathadder 3.5G Plan on getting soon: Either a R.A.T. or the Ouroboros. Possibly a Corsair mouse. Or even the new Deathadder Bit of a peripheral fanatic Generally the same way with mechanical keyboards
MSRP is like 120... Those are priced so high because its not available anywhere
Does anyone know what is up with the Razer Ouroboros? It's unavailable everywhere. Has Razer temporarily pulled it to fix issues or something? Thanks.
I wish Madcatz would use an Avago sensor :/, I'd have a ton of R.A.T.s by now
Has anyone had the chance to test the refreshed R.A.T.s or any other mouse with the new Philips PLN 2033 sensor to see if they have fixed any problems from the PLN 2032 sensor?
Got 4x NF-F12s and one NF-P14 FLX. Will now be using Noctua's as my favorite fans. They replaced some gentle typhoons. Pics later after I reinstall my RMA H100 and fans and then gotta cable manage.
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