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Cool idea, subbed
Building the case part one: Layout and Aluminum Skeleton Figuring out where everything will end up is always the most challenging part of making a case from scratch, this project adds even more to the equation as I also have to make sure it is rugged and mobile and that the monitor is kept safe and the ports clean when in transit. Fitting everything into a 13 Liter space should not be too much a challenge, I have made smaller machine and seen some on here that are super...
Z87 is still awesome, very little changed with the Z97 release.
I write them in a book that I keep in the same place all the time. It is really just for odd-ball stuff I can't remember and do not want stored digitally for security reasons.
Borrow away man, MacBane is the most referenced G4 build out there and I would love to see your take on a G4 mod The standoffs are easier to remove with a pair of vice grip pliers, just grab hold and wiggle them till they pop off.
Thanks and I am glad you like the idea. I picked up the monitor for $100 Canadian a few months ago, that is about $90 US but came without a stand and a few minor cosmetic flaws. Thanks man, this is already turning out better than LANDO
Glad you like my work, subbed
ROVER Improvements 1 The weight factor, no mom jokes LANDO at 24lbs was a lot of computer to carry around, so a major weight loss program needed to be implemented throughout the design process. No clunky toolbox or starter case, only a purpose built lightweight enclosure made from strong low weight materials. 2 Feeling a little slow The Sandy Bridge Core i3 2100 that I used in Lando is still a reasonably capable CPU for most tasks but the GTX 460 in there could use...
Hello I know it has been a really long time since my last worklog and recently I have had a few people ask if I have anything on the go PC project wise. As of this morning I am happy to say “hell yes!”, I am starting my most ambitious build yet. Project ROVER I will stick a logo here later If you have followed any of my past build logs you will know I like try new things and build some very different machines in the process. I don't do normal, and I...
Thanks Sounds interesting, you should post a build log here as I am sure a lot of modders would like to see your build I am not sure how but your timing is impeccable with that question as I am currently at my workstation prepping images for version 2.0's build log. I will be posting that here later today!!!
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