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My list reveals why I don't spend much on video cards: Starcraft 1 & 2 Minecraft Diablo II UT 99 and 2004 Doom 1 & 2 (Brutal Doom makes them new and insane - YouTube)
After some time during the holidays to think about the project I opted to scrap the monitor arm and design a new one. The old one didn't leave me much room to fit in the secondary hinge behind the monitor allowing me to fine tune the viewing angle. There is a hidden catch behind the monitor to keep it in place when in the upright position. The new arm with top mounted hinge (a door hinge) and VESA mount installed. The whole thing is aluminum. And here it is attached...
I was actually just thinking of using a little as trim, cosmetic only as you mentioned weight is a primary concern.
It is very nice wood, luckily I have close to 100lbs of it. While the piece in the body will be hidden, there may yet be an external piece of it as I am redesigning the monitor attachment. Stay posted
Thanks, unfortunately none of it will end up visible in the end product this time but I will know it is there.At this point I estimate it will be somewhere around 7.5 Kg (16.5 Lbs), a few hundred grams heavier if I use the original 500W PSU. I will weigh it once completed to see how close I get.Work will resume New Year's day, until then Happy New Years OCN.
Next up was modding the monitor to be a better portable device, off came the back after a bit of finding all of the hidden clips holding it together. The VESA mount is part of the rear panel and the whole panel flexes like a noodle as seen here. So it needs some support, I made an aluminum bar that attaches to the VESA mount and stiffens up the rear panel of the monitor. The aluminum support bar is riveted to the inside of the monitors rear cover. No more...
No lip needed as all of the LEDs will be under the translucent white polycarbonate and the light will be even smoother and more even much like a photographers light table. The display can also be tilted to suit whatever working height and lighting situations I may come across. And thank you, glad you like the progress so far
Sub-a-dubbed I love tiny cases
Thanks man, although you kind of set me up for a "that's what she said" joke
That will he quite the beast, did you end up putting together a build log for it?One more thing: To those saying I didn't build this machine over on Reddit. You were wrong sincerely Speedy_greyhound.
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