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Thanks, been working on a few little changes lately.Will do, I have been using it almost every day but my wife dislikes the size of it. Soon, just need some time off work to wrap it up and get a bunch of nice shots of it completed.It is very power friendly. I used my Kill-a-watt meter and can happily report that it under full load it peaks at just 160w, that includes the screen, speakers and LED lights all on.
So after many delays and unscheduled interruptions over the last month or two, work finally resumed this morning. The first step was to figure out just where the heck I left off, much like coming back to an RPG after six months away I had no memory of where I left off or what needs doing. Add to that a project bin full of project parts, some are final versions while others were close but not quite right. I took yesterday to sort everything out and put together an action...
WORK HAS RESUMED!!! It's on the work bench, the components have been pulled from their ATX case. Let's get this completed!
Soon, just need to get home from all of this business travelling. School year is wrapped up and the summer is ahead to get things completed
It is alive, work to resume in the next few days
I have had a few requests for this, I do plan on re-posting the images now that OCN can host them unlike back in 2010. Once work calms down I should get a chance to do so, cheers.
Yes, just as soon as my workshop is no longer sub zero as I live way up north in Canada.
My list reveals why I don't spend much on video cards: Starcraft 1 & 2 Minecraft Diablo II UT 99 and 2004 Doom 1 & 2 (Brutal Doom makes them new and insane - YouTube)
After some time during the holidays to think about the project I opted to scrap the monitor arm and design a new one. The old one didn't leave me much room to fit in the secondary hinge behind the monitor allowing me to fine tune the viewing angle. There is a hidden catch behind the monitor to keep it in place when in the upright position. The new arm with top mounted hinge (a door hinge) and VESA mount installed. The whole thing is aluminum. And here it is attached...
I was actually just thinking of using a little as trim, cosmetic only as you mentioned weight is a primary concern.
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