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Looking good
Thanks everyone, been kind of lazy mod wise lately and am just using the components in an ATX case right now. Work will resume on the project early in June as I have some holiday time coming up
The GA-P55M-UD4 is a stellar little board, I have been running an i7 860 at 4.2 Ghz for the last five years on one.
I have found Furmark is usually a good indicator, artifacts or overheating issues show up really fast. I have a Radeon 5770 that had artifacting issues, after a BGA repair I ran Furmark for 24 hours. Two years of use in my HTPC later it is still okay.
My next build does have space and power for something like a GTX 980, and will have an external display hookup for devices like a VR headset or TV.You may check out the build log here.
Thanks! The screen will keep its stock casing and will be mounted to the case and will fold flat like a laptop when in transport. There will be a pair of hinges similar to what Acer has on their R7 notebooks below to allow multiple viewing angles. Similar idea but I will be making mine much heavier duty as a 24" desktop LCD is quite a different beast than a 15" Notebook LCD.And in other news I scored a hardware upgrade for this rig, adios i3 4330 now I have an Intel i7...
Building the case part three: Monitor mountThis is the part of the project that really makes this a portable machine, and the biggest design challenge of the project. I want the monitor to fold flat and stay where positioned like a notebook, and to have an extra axis of adjustment for fine tuning the viewing angle. So I went to my parts bin and went through all of my notebook hinge spares, none were even close to being strong enough to handle the weight of a 24", so I...
Cool idea, subbed
Building the case part one: Layout and Aluminum Skeleton Figuring out where everything will end up is always the most challenging part of making a case from scratch, this project adds even more to the equation as I also have to make sure it is rugged and mobile and that the monitor is kept safe and the ports clean when in transit. Fitting everything into a 13 Liter space should not be too much a challenge, I have made smaller machine and seen some on here that are super...
Z87 is still awesome, very little changed with the Z97 release.
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