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The GA-P55M-UD4 is a stellar little board, I have been running an i7 860 at 4.2 Ghz for the last five years on one.
I have found Furmark is usually a good indicator, artifacts or overheating issues show up really fast. I have a Radeon 5770 that had artifacting issues, after a BGA repair I ran Furmark for 24 hours. Two years of use in my HTPC later it is still okay.
My next build does have space and power for something like a GTX 980, and will have an external display hookup for devices like a VR headset or TV.You may check out the build log here.
Thanks! The screen will keep its stock casing and will be mounted to the case and will fold flat like a laptop when in transport. There will be a pair of hinges similar to what Acer has on their R7 notebooks below to allow multiple viewing angles. Similar idea but I will be making mine much heavier duty as a 24" desktop LCD is quite a different beast than a 15" Notebook LCD.And in other news I scored a hardware upgrade for this rig, adios i3 4330 now I have an Intel i7...
Building the case part three: Monitor mountThis is the part of the project that really makes this a portable machine, and the biggest design challenge of the project. I want the monitor to fold flat and stay where positioned like a notebook, and to have an extra axis of adjustment for fine tuning the viewing angle. So I went to my parts bin and went through all of my notebook hinge spares, none were even close to being strong enough to handle the weight of a 24", so I...
Cool idea, subbed
Building the case part one: Layout and Aluminum Skeleton Figuring out where everything will end up is always the most challenging part of making a case from scratch, this project adds even more to the equation as I also have to make sure it is rugged and mobile and that the monitor is kept safe and the ports clean when in transit. Fitting everything into a 13 Liter space should not be too much a challenge, I have made smaller machine and seen some on here that are super...
Z87 is still awesome, very little changed with the Z97 release.
I write them in a book that I keep in the same place all the time. It is really just for odd-ball stuff I can't remember and do not want stored digitally for security reasons.
Borrow away man, MacBane is the most referenced G4 build out there and I would love to see your take on a G4 mod The standoffs are easier to remove with a pair of vice grip pliers, just grab hold and wiggle them till they pop off.
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