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Thanks Sounds interesting, you should post a build log here as I am sure a lot of modders would like to see your build I am not sure how but your timing is impeccable with that question as I am currently at my workstation prepping images for version 2.0's build log. I will be posting that here later today!!!
I just received my Brown switch K70 RGB yesterday, a great unit and setting up lighting effects is much easier than many users and reviews report It is a unit with the new gaming logo, to be honest the logo looks a lot like the Zerg Gaurdian from the first Starcraft games:
A decent reference site for relative speed comparisons of various units is PassMark:
By then we will all be talking about the GTX 1060
Looks like the three are gone, enjoy!
I have three copies of Insurgency to give away via the fine folks at The Humble Bundle, you just have to activate the game on Steam before Tuesday next week. Link: Enjoy OCN!
As usual very nice work Snef!
Welcome to the club DreadManD, nice work man!
I don't usually pay full pop for games but this would be an exception. Shut up and take my money already if it happens. Signed
68K was used for the LC line up until around 1994-95 when PowerPC started to appear into low end Quadras.My first overclock was with my beige G3 tower, the voltage regulator was on a separate daughter card once that got replaced you could use the jumper block to set the CPU speed. I got my 300Mhz G3 up to 433Mhz. Man OS 9 flew on that thing
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