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Afraid not it was sent to iceman a while back
Nice, I may swing by the OCN servers if it isn't pitch black during the times I play Entered for ArmA II: PMC Thanks
Maybe try adding another diode?My H100 was making noise at the stock 2200RPM.I added a 1N4002 which dropped it to 2020RPM and it was still making some noise.With 2 diodes in series, it is now silent at just under 1900RPM.
Good luck!
Is that the Pulse Modding Purple Braid from Specialtech? It looks a lot deeper and un-pink from how I thought it would be. Nice work
Looks like the Ascension to me. If you go in the Ascension replacement front panels you can see one that has the 9 fan hole + drive bay layout.
Similar kind of thing happened to me a few years back. This site has a lot of information and tools for fake flash drives: The refund route is what I would recommend though as I wouldn't trust any fake drive with important data.
Hrm... Interesting offer. I had the DGM L-2442WD PVA panel that OCUK was selling a few years back. It was a good deal at the time and worked fine for a few years until it eventually developed a fault (the panel took a long time to turn on and I could hear some capacitor whine). Luckily for me it was still under warranty so I got a fixed one sent back to me. The RMA was handled pretty quickly by repairtech. Apparently they also handle viewsonic, hannsg, benq and some...
Very nice work Strangely enough, I was planning on picking up an Arc and some plexi and doing the exact same thing.Any tips on the process?Looks like you used the magnetic tape method for the window.How is your psu cover held in place? I was planning on using velcro.Also: I think there is supposed to be an allen key provided by Fractal for removing those mounts for the extra hard drive bay that you have removed. Would make it look even cleaner imho
If you don't mind turning down the graphics settings then you may want to try one of the graphics configs. This site will help you make cfg file with chris' or m0re configs. Note: Your game will look pretty bad afterwards but it might mean not having to fork out for new hardware.
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