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Holy.....Very very very nice job man. Kudos. The custom label plates, the white Geforce LED logo and the custom cable passthrough plate and custom lighting mods in general are my favorite parts.
wait for affordable IPS 4k. That is my plan.
so without 10Gigabit Ethernet how do i take full advantage of this without being robbed by overhead??
Aluminum or Plastic, or both? what pieces are plastic?
Hon had about 120k players online the other day. Not exactly dead. I prefer it's faster pace over Dota 2. Still there have been better bundles in the past this is just mediocre.
you probably have lan running at 100mbps and your wireless N can run at 130mbps+ time to upgrade your router/cable/nic card to support 1000mbps lan
I need to buy SPECIFICALLY the Corsair AX1200. PM me if you have one available.
Good to see you back man, my wife and I are closing on a house in the next subdivision over from you lol. You can buy my rig if you want
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