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H320 > this.
False alarm for me guys running good now. The sata power cable for the splitter was partially broken on its end and I didn't realize that it was plugged in upside down. Flipped the adapter and now she churns up to 3000 rim and cools like a dream.
Just installed my H320. Pump seems to stay at ~1200RPM (VIA SPEEDFAN/BIOS). Ran intel burn test and immediately up to 85c and lockup. Any ideas? I am going to take my pc apart again and verify the 4 pin from the pump is on the right header from the swiftech splitter. also going to switch the power cable running to the splitter. (3 swiftech fans spinning just fine from the swiftech splitter) pump sounds quiet, all be it at 1200 RPM Bryan!! LOL
You have to say something because if the next person gets it and says something, they will come to you lol
Yep I've got one in an isolation stand + boom + pop filter and I am in love with it
4k 120hz
You really feel like Corsair can make money off of these George?
I had these and returned them within 3 weeks of use. Felt cheap, The microphone was always very low volume and when I cranked up the volume the speakers would just distorted badly. I went back to my separate headphone/mic setup and never looked back
Shut this whole thread down if we can't talk politics.
Holy.....Very very very nice job man. Kudos. The custom label plates, the white Geforce LED logo and the custom cable passthrough plate and custom lighting mods in general are my favorite parts.
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