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PNY GTX1080TI Founders Edition - Unopened - $670 - Shipping included.
I am using the original Swiftech H320 with my i5 2500k. Even at stock clocks the idle temps are in the high 30s or low 40s with loads reaching 70+. At load with a very low overclock of 4.2Ghz @1.33v my load temps spike to over 95 within 5 seconds forcing me to shut off testing. What could be the issue? I've tried: Adding distilled water to the cooler Forcing the pump to run at 100% by unplugging PWM Re seating the block with new thermal paste Verifying there was little to...
Yes, two at 60hz will be my work setup. Still waiting on the other to show up. As soon as i can get the xps15 unboxed ill be testing it.
I have an xps 15 9560 with the gtx 1050 and usb c dock coming to me late tomorrow. Dell premier rep said it will do two 4k screens at 60hz or one at 120hz. I'll see what it gives me.
Nothing beats getting this bad boy from Dell for free
$2,974.99 with Our Dell Premier discount
Not vaporware. From our corporate rep. we are interested in buying a few for our company. Good Afternoon -redacted- I just spoke to a product specialist and was informed that the new UP3017Q is expected to arrive no later than May. I setup a calendar invite to remind me of the launch date of the monitor so stay tuned, but let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, -redacted- -redacted- Dell | Preferred Corporate Accounts
This has been working since 7.
That 21:9 LG 34um95 monitor for $809 is nice.
lol @ thinking the NSA has "limits"
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