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Not sure on those specific models. I can however give you insight on TN vs IPS. IPS is simply more beautiful to look at. Better colors, deeper blacks. It's just more eye candy. TN is traditionally faster. I'm not sure which monitor allows overclocking and which does not. I'm also curious to know that and i wonder if it voids warranty.
7 vs 10 is both fine. Both have pros and cons. I use 10 and i'm fine with it. It almost boils down to taste. Dw about OS, your upgraded system will be flyin'!
an 8350k is bad value all the way unless you can pick it up dirt cheap. I'd go for a 8100 or if you budget allows it, 8400. Both are solid upgrades from what you have, the 8400 being an absolute beast, the 8100 a best bang for buck.
Not to be picky here, but that's a false statement.The best Gea Pea You for gaming is this new TitanV, assuming "best" refers to fastest.Obviously you meant price/performance, in which case the 1080Ti still isn't the best. But i understand what you're saying
How is that relevant to the discussion again?
That would be awesome! i'm really curious to see what monsterous calculative power that would produce and smear all dem frames on people's (whales') screens Best i can do is $100 for a 1050ti. One can dream!I'm gonna hold you to this! You might not be far off. Would be awesome!
You're* making it sound like Ryzen isn't worth buying, when in reality it has been best bang for buck since release up till' the 8100 and 8400 showed up which are trading blows with the ryzen products in price:performance ratio. Furthermore, as soon as you step above 1080p, that ratio favors ryzen and leaves intel's complete line-up in the dust. Heck, there was a point were the only cpu worth getting was a 7700k and a g4560, the rest was obsolete if you cared about bang...
What? I was totally unaware of this thing even being in the ovens, let alone ready for purchase right now. 3k for a GPU. This better smack 1080Ti This might be the first time a GPU is actually capable of running 4k decently.
I did; Save up for a worthwhile upgrade.
a 1090T pared with a 1070. Hell no.That's like getting a Ferrari to drive on a dirt road.
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