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Toda i logged on to GTA 5 Online after a month or two since i last played. Back then the game was okay, but to the lack of content, i got bored of it, which is okay since some new patches had been coming out. However, it seems every single session i'm in (5 out of 5 today) has hackers in them. Not only do they have god mode enabled, insta kill you or teleport you to places where you get stuck. They can now spawn a crap load of AI characters on top of your head and kill...
Sharkoon WPM600 Bronze certified.Thanks!
The plan is so SLI/crossfire in the near future. With another PSU ofc
Thanks for the heads up, i already have another 600Watt bronze psu by Sharkoon, i hope that will suffice. I already made a topic about that as well. to be sure.
Are those benchmarks recent? as in, do they include the usage of the new crimson drivers?Thanks for your input, however, i really want an upgrade now
Im looking to buy either one of these. So far i'm leaning towards the 390x because: - Future proof due to 8GB vram for 4K in the near future - 50$ cheaper - Power consumption isn't an issue to me since i don't pay the electricity bill and won't for the coming few years. - It might be faster then the 980 since the new Crimson drivers (?) i Couldn't find any recent benchmarks. The reason i might go for the 980 would be that it might be faster, but again, i am not certain...
The CPU is air cooled390x is most likely gonna be sapphire (have to order it)GPU will not be overclocked1600mhz Ram wont be overclocked.1 SSD and 1 HDDNo water cooling plans6 x 120 mm fansNo other PCI/E cards.Mobo = MSI 970A=G43Thank you If you need any more information, by all means, let me know
Is a 600Watt Sharkoon Bronze effeciency enough for: AMD FX8350 @ 4.5ghz 390X 8gb 16 Gig ram (2 sticks)
Yes, im using SSH Proxy. It's actually working great, so far it's equal to a PPTP VPN i set up. But then the torrent issue came up. They just won't download at all.I've checked the Pi's Firewall, it's actually disabled completely.I'd love to try OpenVPN as well. But setting this up is hard to do. Even with guides i eventually got stuck. So i resorted to the Proxy.All in all, it's a learning experience and so far, that's turning out great I might try Squid Proxy and see...
Since it's been a while. Am i to understand that the FuryX was still voltage locked? And does this mean Overclocking those cards can finally start taking place? I'm really curious to what these cards can do when OCing the stacked memory. Especially considering they come watercooled stock.
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