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All i can say is that capping the framrate 1 below the refresh rate of the monitor, with V-sync on, completely removes input lag for me while i enjoy a tearing free screen.So just use any frame limiting software ( i use rivatuner that comes with afterburner) and lock it at 59 for 60hz monitors, and you'll notice it.Again, it's a tip i've read about 2-3 years ago here on OCN and i've been using it ever since!
In my opinion, 1440P is a setback from 1080p. Performance/Quality.Stick with what you have. I don't see a need for 16GB ram yet unless you're running multiple programs at once.As for soundcard, that could be usefull if you really want that "high-end" sound. However, i'd only recommend this if you're listening to music 24/7 and have a good headset to go with it.
Yeah i second this. However, then the options become rather limited to either going for a Titan or the far cheaper 290X which would get my vote.Unless i am missing out on any other card that has more then 4GB of Vram aboard?
I can't answer that question because i have no experience with SLI and the recent improves in V-sync (g-sync). What i can tell you is that i read a little trick here about 2 years ago and i have been using it ever since. Whenever you turn on V-sync to eliminate screen tearing, i set my FPS limit to max -1 So in my case, with a monitor of 60hz, i set my FPS to 59 with Vsync enabled, this allows me to enjoy a screen tearing free display without input lag. Works...
I had the exact same issue with older games. I ended up installing an old system with win XP. Trust me, it saves you all the trouble.
18,5% yes, still not worth the huge investment in hardware / power consumption imo.let alone 6,1%.i am very satisfied with 1080p ips @ 60hz so far.120fps is great, but only when you're playing fast paced games, mainly FPS games.For pretty much any other game i would not feel the need for 120hz/fps.To each his own.
77% more pixels to fill and only 13% More pixel density at that screen size.Not worth it imo.As for 4K, i think it will be a lot sooner then 5 years. I'm willing to bet 2016 will be the year where a lot of people will start swapping over to 4K. This year should be a release of new GPU's, AMD's being around the corner. There will be lots of Single GPU solutions comming this year or next year.I'm looking at PC gaming, not consoles btw. That will be a completely different story.
24" on 1080p is standard yes, but that doesn't mean you have to get a 24" one. Instead, getting the smaller 21,5" one will give a better image overall.So your whole debate on PPI does not apply there.You mention fully immersive feel. As i explained, that immersive feel of a 27 inch monitor becomes nothing when you are really into whatever it is you are doing.When i play a game, i get so into it, it's like reading a book, i don't care if the pages are big, small, yellow,...
I elaborated on that point because people automatically assume that a higher resolution equals a sharper image, which isn't true.The benefit of it is, as i explained is the more workspace.
May be a bit late and i haven't exactly been reading all the comments. But i'm here to share my thoughts on 1080p vs 1440p as i also had to make this choice a while ago. 1080p pro's: -Cheaper display -Cheaper hardware to push the resolution -Cheaper when it comes to power consumption -Requires less space in your setup 1440p pro's: -Higher reso = more surface to work/game with. In some cases this can be beneficial. That's pretty much it. From what i have been studying,...
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