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That actually made me chuckle i get what you're saying, i just want to remain anonymous.All answers so far have been clear, thanks so far!I'm already using a VPN that i set up at home, works like a charm. However, i'm curious to whether my data is readable in the public network or not?Far as i know, the VPN will router my laptop to the vpn, but it has to go over the internet connection im connected with, so they may be able to read it.
Good point. i guess that pretty much sums up that it's not possible.Any other way to protect myself? i'd like some anonymity while using the internet
Hi OCN, I have reason to believe that valuable information of mine isn't safe from outsiders when connected to a public network. Recently i've been using a tor browser, but it is my understanding that even when using a tor browser over a wifi network, those in control of routers and other network peripherals are still able to view my network traffic, because i'm using their routers as a gateway to the tor servers, correct me if i'm wrong. My question is, can i use some...
What about the budget cpu's, celerons, pentiums and i3's. will they be significantly less power hungry then the previous ones?I've not seen any new on those.
Hang on, i've been led to believe that using a dedicated soundcard bypasses the noise that the integraded sound card in the motherboard can suffer from because it is in the motherboard.Are you saying that a dedicated soundcard therefor will be lesser?I own a SoundBlaster Z myself, and i'm happy with it. in my case, the mic and sound sound way better then the one on my Mobo.
"Is this a good idea?" No, absolutely not. Unless your hands and feet are literally freezing off. If you want heat, get a space heater, far more efficient, and they can be timed as well. Also, i didn't really understand the reason why you want it heated up, just to get out of bed and walk over to the bathroom? Personally, i'd go for a space heater, heat the room to a decent temperature and do some pushups, squats and sit-ups in the morning to get your body temperature up.
You come on quite harsh there, implying that i "fail to read/understand what is written"If i'm not mistaken, i used the words "rumor section" and "supposedly" indicating that i am not saying this is gonna happen, but asking whether anyone has some more information on the topic itself.Which you seem to have covered as well. Thanks for clearing that up. 1050ti it is.
The next step up, is a ~180 euro 470RX, it runs 103% faster then the 660 and is below the 200euro mark.The only issue may be the fitting, assuming it's a small form factor case. Also, might wanna check on power consumption and the PSU rated wattage/efficiency. But i think the 470RX won't use much more power then the 660, if it does at all!
I've been doing lots of research on the 1050/1050TI's and i can conclude that the 1050ti is about 25% faster then the 660.Not a giant leap. When you take power consumption into the equation, things look a lot different.
A while ago i read a topic in the rumor section about AMD supposedly releasing lower wattage versions of the 460/470 cards to compete with the newly released 1050/ti. Now supposedly these would come out in October 2016. Is there any information about this? Also, will they have a different name? i read that it would be 480Rx instead of just "x". Thanks!
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