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If you don't mind me asking, what are the benefits to using VPN? From my understanding you can be more private, but how does it affect your internet speed? If you're downloading something through the VPN, and want it on your own system. your still relying on your own internet speed aren't you?
Never thought of this. I don't mind hearing others, being completely blocked from the outside world can be a downside.I also don't mind if others hear what i'm hearing. Could you tell me how it would compare to my Siberia V2? I can't really tell if it's an open or closed system. And the website i'm looking at doesn't provide that info.
So you're recommending the 990 over the 770?And if you don't mind me asking, what exactly is sound leakage? how will that potentially bother me? others hearing what i'm hearing?Maybe you can find a good price on Mr Speakers Mad Dog (Mod TR50P)[/quote]Hmm will check it out! ty!
Thanks for your amazing feedback, +rep for sure.I will be able to make my decision Thanks!!
So you're recommending a different kind of headset? Care to elaborate why "planear magnetic" is superior to you? I really want best bang for buck
I come from a Siberia V2, which are quite full of Bass. I also like Bass would you recommend me to go for the 770 based on this?
Hello, About half a year ago i asked for a recommendation for a headset/phone and/or soundcard. I got recommended a Creative Sound Blaster Z in combination with a Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro. Back then i had a financial setback and i decided that i'm going to get myself this combination for my upcoming B-day and Christmas. However, i just noticed that Beyerdynamic also has a 770 Pro which is exactly the same price as the 990PRO (€138,-) Is there any significant difference...
Ty for the heads up, however, i doubt that the atom will run 720p @60fps. don't you think?
Hi OCN, he time has come for my older system to be replaced. Right now i run a home theather PC that barely makes 1080p videos: Althon x2 4000+ 2gb ram ddr2-800 onboard ATI x1150 i would really love to build a mini ITX system as cheap as possible. It will be used for surfing the web, playing some very casual games like plants vs zombies or bejeweled. The heaviest application and requirement by far will be Youtube videos at 720p 60fps, and here lies the problem Can i...
Good points. I guess it's something you only NEED when you go 4k at this point.I agree with you. And i'm not going to go for Xfire anytime soon again:) or SLI for that matterVery elaborate post, thanks!Curious tho, do u or anyone happen to know if these 2 issues; artifacts and microstuttering can be found on dual GPU cards like the 295x?Maybe to a lesser extent?
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