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take a 970 @ 1080p but make that a 21,5inch screen. This way you will equal 1440p @ 27inch in pixel density diminishing the only advantage a 1440p has over 1080p. -Far Lower cost to buy both gpu and monitor -Lower power consumption -Higher FPS -Same image quality on a lower screen. Once you get immersed into your game, the bigger screen isn't even gonna give you a better experience. Think of it as gaming on a tablet/phone. Once you're focussed, you're not even thinking...
I might be missing something, but i only see a 5fps decrease in the two screenshots. While the GPU is hitting 97% load, which can very well mean max.a 5 fps is within margin given the fact that the camera angle was different on the second image. Now if that is 10 fps, i'd say that's odd.
Sounds like it's throttling down because of temperature. But you mention you checked them. I'm not sure, but maybe the VRM or Vram temps are to much? Altho i'm not sure if that makes it throttle down. Otherwise i'd think drivers indeed.
The longer you end up waiting, the more bang for buck you'll receive.Example: Getting a Haswell chip now could give you 150% increase, waiting for Skylake could be 160% increase, for about the same price.Patience is golden
Depending on what it is you aim to do, it can make a major difference.Some games for example are heavily relying on single core performance of a CPU, in which case an upgrade to today's could be quite a big difference.State what it is you're trying to achieve and the information can be given more precise
Sounds great! I'll be sure to try win10 out and see how that goes.
I have Windows 7 on my system currently, but it is time to have a clean install once again. With the release of windows 10, it made me curious to know what would be best? I have always prefered win7 over win8 because i simply dislike the interface of 8 and it showed no advantage in performance over win7. How does windows 10 fit into this? Will it perform better for gaming? And some say windows 10 is free to download, how does that work exactly?
Yes, the GTX960 is his brothers' and he could use it for at least a year because his brother won another 960 in a contest or something. This was rather lucky since he doesn't have a lot to spend. But then his brother became an *ss because he wanted to SLI them, even tho he plays on a 1280x720 resolution.So, back to basics and he needs a new GPU as well. So my thoughts went to the HD7770, being great bang for buck on $40 used.I agree, but twice the price at least. he's on a...
This, and a 7950 is still quite expensive, even second hand. a 7770 goes for half the price and might be worth it if it can run the listed games on medium/high.
Good to know people, thank you very much. If i may, without having to open a new topic. What do you think a HD7770 will do on the games listed? Will medium-high run at 60fps 1080p? I think it should be fine since that's a very nice card, i can pick one up for $40 (my friend just informed me his 960 has to go back to his older brother) < very unfortunate.
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