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Thank you for the well elaborated post! This is very helpful. i will be sure to try all these games, starting from the top!Very cool gameplay indeed!
For 1080p Keep the r9-290.When you go to a higher resolution monitor (1440 you mentioned) or higher frequency monitor, you can invest in a new card.By that time, you may even be able to pick up a second 290 for crossfire. Altho 1 card is usually better in terms of power consumption, frame timings etc, it may be a nice and cheap solution to running at higher resolutions or frequency's.If you were to go for a second 290 by that time, make sure it has enough V-Ram to cover...
Depending on what you want to do with this system. If you want to play games that require some horsepower, get a decent discrete graphics card. If you're content with medium settings then a mid-tier graphics card will suffice, saving you money from the purchase and power consumption. If you want high-ultra settings, you might have to go with a high end card, depending on the game, resolution and frequency you wish to play on ofcource. Often, u can look for a decent second...
Wait, how does 120hz suddenly eliminate screen tearing? Whenever you're dropping below 120fps, wouldn't it cause screen tearing (concidering V-Sync is off) ? As for G-Sync, I tought it was a technique that syncs the monitor at any frequency rather then 60/75/120/144hz monitor standards? And it should eliminate input lag that can come with Vsync With my 60hz screen, i run a frame limiter at 59fps and use V-sync. I never have tearing and input lag is almost...
I've played Dragon Age when it first came out. But it was just briefly, i never gave it a good chance, i might dive into this one also.Thanks for the suggestion!Sounds good as well. I will definitely take a look. Cheers!
Thanks! I will look into these. Both suggestions look promising
That's very close to what i'm looking for. I'd like the AI to actually be intelligent. So that they at least attack when i tell them to or when i get attacked.It's close, but just not there it seems.Did not know that! However, i've played lots of Skyrim, and after finishing the campaign and spending some hours doing side quests, i got quickly bored of it.I know it's an unpopular opinion, but Skyrim it quite repetitive to me.
Lol. that's a game with npc's haha.Not really what i meant tho. I'm a PES fan btw More in the genre of RPG I've been looking into Diablo 3, Gauntlet and Torchlight 1/2. But i can't find whether they allow you to play with AI companions..
Hey Fellow OCNers. I've finished most games i had installed and i'm looking around for new ones. I have this urge to play games that allow me to customize a bot/npc player that will fight with me. For reference, in Guild Wars, there was a hero system, in which you could gear up and customize skills on NPC's(heroes) that would go to battle with you. Does anyone know a game that allows me to do something like this? Thanks!
I've seriously spend 3 hours to sort this out, and you have all the answers! It worked!All i had to do, was add the game as a profile to radeonpro, now it uses global settings (the way i like it) and it shows all the overlay'sAlso, i noticed when adding a game, it opens up overdrive. so that just doesn't work on global.Lifesaver! thanks! ~bows
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