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I think because HT has no potential beyond 2 threads on a single core.It's kind of an better way to distribute resources rather then splitting a core in two or more.
Makes perfect sense! Thanks! i'm gonna read up on it.
If you were to overclock a cpu from 3ghz @ 1.2v to say 3.5ghz @ 1.2v Will the power consumption be higher? And if so, why is this? and why does Ohm's law not apply then?
Ty all. i got settled and everything is working fine! cheers!
Looking good, didn't think about 5ghz, i'm guessing this is more future proof ?Ill go the the TP-Link cheers!
I renting a small room, and i need to get me a router to create my own network. The neighbor has a modem and will share the internet with me. It's just a small room, 6 by 5 meters. So placing the router in my room shouldn't be that strong i think. All i require, is that it's stable, has decent warranty and isn't to costly (im on a tight budget) I was looking into this one; TP-Link TL-WR841N, it only costs €17~ Will that suffice? And am i missing some critical points i...
Scaling is actually quite nice to be honest, Yes it's not worth the money. But if you want absolute overkill, it is a decent increase, even with a 4th card.As for the 290 overpowering the 290x is a mystery to me. It's clocked higher and should perform better, i think this goes down to software or another factor being an obvious bottleneck.I don't intend to use quad cards, i was merely curious.Nobody will buy 4 cards without having a monsterous resolution or other purpose...
Makes perfect sense, thanks!I do think that PCI lanes will be improved and/or get higher in quantitie, resolving that issue.PSU's can most likely be made to support even higher power draw, so that shouldn't be a problem for those with lots of money to spend.Physical space can be altered as well if you'd really want to.I just think it comes down to drivers and the whole concept not being worth the time, effort and money.Maybe when/if the whole board of a graphics card is...
Exactly what i was thinking> Why can't they differentiate data from other data and let people only send/receive X amount of packets per X time.
I know we are limited to a 4 way configuration of GPU's at this time. And i am also aware of the scaling that has diminishing returns. But if scaling get's resolved, would more then Quad SLI/Xfire configs be an option? Besides scaling, what is limiting more then Quad configs at the moment? Also, how is scaling in the high end cards these days on quad configs, 1 card being 100%, would 4 cards ever do 300% + ?
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