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Seems like something i should really try out. Which i will.Do you know if i can run both PPTP and OpenVPN servers at once from the same DD-WRT router?Assuming i specify which protocol it should connect to, i could test it.Not sure if DD-WRT routers allow for two OpenVPN servers. And even if they did, how does that work wth DHCP, set each VPN server to it's own DHCP range?DD-WRT is my latest experience and i find it ubelievable. It just transformed my terrible router (cheap...
Strange. Seems to me that whenever you do a benchmark, it will hit it's max power draw almost constantly since it will try squeeze out as most FPS as possible. Maybe you're experiencing some bottlenecking by the CPU at some point in the other benchmarks that can cause the GPU to not fully utilize. That's just a guess tho. Also, i think power draw fluctuates a lot due to other laws of nature. And the differences in workloads that require different ways of calculations...
Bypass for blocked services such as steam.
PPTP. the locations im trying to connect from don't allow for anything else. Haven't tryed OpenVPN tho.I'll check out the firewall rule, because i am indeed running on windows.
I'm running it on a DD-WRT router. Works very well so far.
I have a small dilemma on my hands. Recently i set up a VPN network which works fine, however, i don't want people from outside the network (people that use my VPN from time to time) to acces my inside network systems and shared folders. Some of my computers have shared folders. Is there a way to restrict people with a certain IP range to not have acces to those folders? Or could i use something like a workgroup or a domain?
I have a lot of copper and aluminium laying around. I want to weld myself a few heat sinks to cool my Vram on my GPU. The only issue i run into is actually mounting them on there. So i thought maybe heat transferring glue would be a good idea. Does anyone have any experience with this? Or should i stick with dual sided thermal tape?
I'm unaware of the release date on Nvidia's new line up. But if it's gonna be 2016, i would either stick with 7950 or if you really feel the need to upgrade, go 390. Ask yourself this: "Do i really NEED this upgrade?" as in, are you irritated every single day by dropping frames? If so, get the 390 and sell it later on when Nvidia drops their new line. Waiting is always better if you want to shop efficiently. But time is a limiting factor for some people. If you need it...
Well, since you're running 3x1200P, i'd say you need a lot of Vram. the r9 390 offers 8GB for just under $400.Higher resolutions requires more Vram.For 1080p the 970 would probably be the better choice.
Any news on when those will arrive?I second this.Altho, 3 way Xfire looks bad-ass
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