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Heatsinks only spread out heat, no power current runt thru them. So slightly touching another part won't be an issue.
Which you can only find if you have you're FPS unlocked, right?
I'm here just to share my own experience.About 6 months ago i had the exact same question and i ended up getting myself a SoundBlaster Z and a new headphone: Beyerdynamic dt770pro 250ohm.I have used countless onboard sound cards due to using countless motherboards in the past. And i have to say that the difference is huge in my opinion. I installed the SBz and put my headphones on and i immediately heard every instrument and vocal coming out way better. It's like you're...
You thought wrong. And i didn't even notice your avatar yet. You simply said: "..." and i replied.Are you one of the unfortunate Titan X owners by any chance?
I understand that when we are talking price/peformance ratio on 980TI SLI vs FuryX Crossfire, the latter is the winner, hands down.
The FuryX can only be overclocked marginal due to restrictions so far.Stock 980TI SLI vs Stock FuryX Crossfire, the FuryX wins. Not to mention the thing is water cooled and runs far cooler, which is most likely gonna lead to higher potential when overclocking in the near future.No matter how you put it, from a Price/Performance perspective at higher resolutions (which is what you buy these monster cards for), this is AMD's win over Nvidia's flagship when using multiple GPU...
Why should it be compared to the 980ti SLI?The 980TI is slightly outperformed by the TitanX, and seeing how the FuryX Crossfire overtakes the TitanX's by a small margin, i don't see why we shouldn't compare it to the TitanX's.
A lot of debate going on here about Crossfire vs SLI.And i'm just gonna throw this out here. In the past, there were times that AMD had to play catch-up when it came to drivers specifically towards optimizing Crossfire. Therefor they sometimes lacked behind SLI when it came to performance and/or stability, but this was not always the case. Mostly, the companies have been trading blows.But what really matters it the cards that are being discussed in this topic, which is the...
It's true that currently, the FuryX has a hard time catching up to the 980ti and TitanX.But there is room for improvement on that part.As for the crossfire configurations It simply blows away the competition.Nobody who spends money on two High-end GPU's is gonna worry about increased power consumption. It boils down to raw performance.And on that front, the FuryX simply wipes the TitanX's. Slightly better performance, $800 less. What more could you possibly want?
Any news on whether the Mobile CPU's will also be presented? I'm looking forward to replacing my 9 year old laptop with a model that has the i3-6100u on board. But i'm not aware of any release dates.
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