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In that case, 3x980 SLI. And an insane high clocked CPU should do the trick
Not sure if there are benchmarks out yet for Far Cry 4, On battlefield you will get an answer for sure.I'm thinking either a flag chip card like the 295x you mentioned, or a SLI/X-fire configuration. Maybe two 280's or two 770's will suffice. im uncertain since i don't play battlefield
Not really the same thing. Dirt can attract nasty insects and lure diseases in your home accordingly.I get the comparison, but it's not quite there I work purely practical when it comes to my system. The time i need to organize the backplate completely is not worth it for me.Whether the cables are hanging loose or are strictly and perfectly organized in the back, has 0 influence on how my system performs and looks, since i can't see the backplate.
It's all a personal preference i guess. I'm with you tho, i don't care about the back since that always has the side panel on it.To each his own. I'd rather invest time elsewhere, since to me it's useless to make the back look neat.
This ^As fore mentioned, there are 27inch 1080p screens, which are terrible, as i explained.1440p is going to drag even a some high end cards down to their feet, so i do not recommend this.Furthermore, 1440p is actually equal to 1080p@21,5 in pixel density, which is the only advantage a 1440p has over a 1080p panel.Get the 1080p@21.5inch and be done with it
If you game on a 1440x900 panel now, assuming it's your standard 19 inch. You will be better of getting a 24 or lower inch monitor.Here's why.Amongst all the specifications of contrast, brightness, angle's and other important functions, there is Resolution.When you game on a 1440x900 resolution in a 19 inch screen, u will get 89.37 PPI (Pixels Per Inch)The higher the pixel density, the sharper and more detailed things will look.If you raise the screen size, while...
Depends on what you mean by "handle". If you mean, can it run 1080p. Then the answer is, of course!However, if you wish to play games, it will highly depend on the game, the settings within the game and of course other hardware components in game.To make a better suggestion, give us info on what you wish to do with the monitor and the computer in general.
Thank you for the well elaborated post! This is very helpful. i will be sure to try all these games, starting from the top!Very cool gameplay indeed!
For 1080p Keep the r9-290.When you go to a higher resolution monitor (1440 you mentioned) or higher frequency monitor, you can invest in a new card.By that time, you may even be able to pick up a second 290 for crossfire. Altho 1 card is usually better in terms of power consumption, frame timings etc, it may be a nice and cheap solution to running at higher resolutions or frequency's.If you were to go for a second 290 by that time, make sure it has enough V-Ram to cover...
Depending on what you want to do with this system. If you want to play games that require some horsepower, get a decent discrete graphics card. If you're content with medium settings then a mid-tier graphics card will suffice, saving you money from the purchase and power consumption. If you want high-ultra settings, you might have to go with a high end card, depending on the game, resolution and frequency you wish to play on ofcource. Often, u can look for a decent second...
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