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Not sure on what you mean, but i think you want a 27 Inch monitor. I would say no, unless it's a 1440p panel. With 1080p (fullHD) on 27 Inch, Pixels Per Inch will be low and thus the screen will not look sharp. I Own a Dell S2240L 21.5inch. And i am very content with it. I use it for gaming, watching movies and surfing the web etc. The only downside to is, is that it's "slow" in FPS games such as Quake Live. But i knew that to begin with, due to it being a IPS panel...
Thank you all very much for the replies. I came back here to put closure to this topic and i came here to share my results. Before rooting my phone and putting a custom rom on it, my phone was really getting slow. My keyboard input lagged, my apps took long to load, even shutting down apps took a long loading time. My ram usage was always 65-80% in use even with a factory wiped phone with just running 2-3 apps on it. After rooting the phone and putting on Cyanogenmod...
Awesome thank you!
Hi, I own a Galaxy S2 that i am still happy with. But, it's a bit slow. I've always been interested in custom roms but couldn't find any info on whether it's worth the trouble. I'm really looking for a rom that is as effecient as possible with the resources. Right now with the original rom with latest update, it's using 65% of it's ram at the least. Can anyone reccomend me a custom rom, and tell me if i am gonna notice a difference compared to the original one....
Understood thanks for the clear info!
We all know how to, but how to do it right? I know Fat32 is limited to files of 4gb in size. But supposedly exFat takes that problem away. I just got a 32gb Kingston Usb 3.0 stick. And i wanted to optimize it best i can. Basically, ExFat vs NTFS, any input on this topic? And what about clustersize? Also, what is actually the difference between selecting quick format or not. The speed yes, but does it go at a cost of something else?
Understood, thanks:)I'll get win 7 or 8 and tweak it to performance. cheers!
Would you recommend using win7/8 instead?"EOL" ?I know win XP is massivly being replaced because support stopped etc. But i still concider it a great OS.Win 7 and 8 are fine and equal performance wise from what i know.Could i configure win 8 to be in a win7 style? (i hate the tiles)And is there a win 7/8 stripped version around that is worth it performance wise?
I have a laptop i use for work, and i want it to be as fast and responsive as possible. Now i wonder if a stripped version of Win XP is worth the time to instal or will i notice no performance increase such as faster loading times on programs. Core 2 duo, 7200 rpm hdd, 2gb ram< not that it really matters
Wait, so AMD is gonna fabricate 20nm while Nvidia is sticking to 24nm?That's kinda cool
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