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That is relatively old hardware, i wouldn't have payed half the amount u payed for that. Hell no.
Yes, after taking a closer look, it was indeed 8pin +6pin.And the board supports Xfire/SLI.That has to be it. thanks for clearing this up It's a very nice feature i assume for OCing gpu's.
this was my initial thought. However, it's a single CPU mobo: MSI 890FXA-GD65.I can grasp the idea of a 6pin compared to a 4pin to provide more power.But two 6 pins on a single socket mobo? i've never seen any before and i'm wondering why Cheers!
I'm aware that a single 4pin on the motherboard is there to provide power to the CPU and maybe other components. But what is the use of a 6-pin, more power? I just saw a motherboard with Two 6pin on the mobo near the CPU. Why?
I've done some testing in the past. Every video is different. I've tried two different 4k videos, one dropped no frames, the other dropped lots! As for the video u linked, i can not set it to 1440p@60. The max i can set is 1080p@60. With that i get no dropped frames. 3570k 8g ram 7950
Beastly rig, Might wanna OC that CPU tho. It might bottleneck. Not sure, but it might.
Thank you all for the informative replies. I must say, it's getting harder and harder after looking at it. I've made some new comparisons between a list of phones around the $275-310 mark with your advice included. And it's so hard to decide right now. I've got the following lined up that have pretty much everything equal: -Asus Zenfone 2 This one has 4gb ram which is an amazing thing at this price on paper and Dualsim might be handy (work) ($310) -Sony Xperia Z2 This...
This is very helpful information! thanks for the feedback. I'm leaning towards the G4 now.
I was talking 2015 tho, not sure if that's a whole lot of difference.The point is, my wife's f3 keeps crashing and draining it's battery like crazy.I removed all bloatware and it has almost no apps installed.
Would that be faster then the S2 and S3?I've also looked into the Galaxy s5 neo and the LG G4.These might be an even better option for slightly more money.
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