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Ty for the heads up, however, i doubt that the atom will run 720p @60fps. don't you think?
Hi OCN, he time has come for my older system to be replaced. Right now i run a home theather PC that barely makes 1080p videos: Althon x2 4000+ 2gb ram ddr2-800 onboard ATI x1150 i would really love to build a mini ITX system as cheap as possible. It will be used for surfing the web, playing some very casual games like plants vs zombies or bejeweled. The heaviest application and requirement by far will be Youtube videos at 720p 60fps, and here lies the problem Can i...
Good points. I guess it's something you only NEED when you go 4k at this point.I agree with you. And i'm not going to go for Xfire anytime soon again:) or SLI for that matterVery elaborate post, thanks!Curious tho, do u or anyone happen to know if these 2 issues; artifacts and microstuttering can be found on dual GPU cards like the 295x?Maybe to a lesser extent?
I have experience with crossfire. years ago i had two HD1950X's in crossfire and later on HD3850's. Both experiences were the same, they performed fine, but some games had major issues such as artifacts (older games i must add) Nowadays' i read a lot of great things about multiple cards, especially AMD since the scaling on the R7 series is supposed to be fantastic. What i'm really wondering about is the downsides to a multiple card setup today? Besides increased power...
My guess is. Yes, that will work.However, do keep in mind that VRAM becomes more important with these higher resolutions, and crossfire mirror's VRAM.So go for a 290x with lots of VRAM, i'd say 4gb+ so you will not run into issues on that department.As for the CPU, i'd personally go with a "K" version since you can easily overclock those if you have a decent cooler to keep the temps down.That will make sure that the cards can perform closer to their full potential.
4k@120hz gaming isn't here yet. The monitors aren't developed yet, and only display port 1.3 can handle this kind of bandwith if i recall correctly.And if there were 4k@120hz panels out there, you'd need put down a 4 digit number in $ to push that kind of resolution at that speed for games.I'm talking tri/quad sli/xfire of the flag ship cards.
I understand that the experience could have been a nightmare, But keep in mind that a 48xx series compared to a 78xx series is a whole lot different.In my opinion, back when the 48xx series came out, Xfire was in it's infant shoes.It's developed and improved a lot since then. I hear a lot of good things about the 7xxx series in general, from mid to high end.So this is why i'm curious to why OP has experienced it to be a nightmare while it may be a problem related to...
Thanks, this comforts me greatly!
Hi, my 7950 has been running hot lately, gpu itself hits 65C max, which i consider fine, VRM temp shows 77C Max. Should i be worried? Also, can i check the temprature on my VRAM?
Could you elaborate why it was a nightmare, i'm curious.
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