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IMO, Fan #1: pwm 140mm, Fan #2 pwm 140mm, and a 140mm rear exhaust. All connected to PWM mobo headers. No top fan, no side, imo. That's what I'm running on my Arc Midi at the moment, with all three case fans running under 800rpm and temps are fine. @doyll: nice fans =) I really like Thermalright's 140mms. If you ever get the itch for new ones, I highly recommend the TY-141. Much improved over the TY-140, imo, and the best of their 140mm lineup.
The P12s arent really the best from Noctua imo, but the vibration/noise issue still seems unusual for them. I wouldn't count out Noctua based on that experience. I'd try the S12, which isn't exactly a high SP fan but may still be capable enough to work through a filter. The F12 may be the obvious choice for static pressure but I've found they make poor case fans. Scythe Slipstreams (also comes in pwm, though tougher to find) in my experience are excellent for pulling air...
Testing with the same fans would have been nice, since it would more easily show potential for cooling:noise ratio, but you can glean some of that from the provided numbers. It's nice to know if a cooler is achieving a lower temp but at a much higher noise level, which imo says a lot about the product experience.
It contained almost none of the aspects of the Elder Scrolls franchise that appeal to me. I can't fault it for that, since it's an mmo, not a sandbox game, but if it's successful it will need to be on its own merits, rather than the qualities that attracted people to the franchise. imho. It may well do that, I dunno.
Ah, thank you; that's exactly what I was wondering. Much appreciated.
downloading this thing. hmm..looks like I just signed an NDA. So I guess there isn't going to be a lot of discussion about it, unless nobody takes public beta NDAs seriously. I've never beta tested anything before.
imo, Dark Rock Advanced, or Noctua U12S would top my list of options in that range. You could go cheaper and still push nicely past 4.0ghz, but those two coolers add a bit of quality and good acoustic performance.
The Megahelams is still a very nice, very capable cooler (I'd dare say it's still one of the top single-tower coolers around). imo not worth plunking down the cash for one of the newer big-dog towers, which may net a small benefit. Big-hunk-of-metal-with-a-fan-strapped-to-it technology hasn't advanced that much, aside from getting a little bigger. If you want that nice upgrade feeling, maybe buy a new fan for it.
So far as the Corsairs go, I'd go with the Quiet Edition SP pwm. You shouldn't even need to hit the 1400-ish top speed of those(which incidentally is anything but "quiet"), much less the silly-fast 2300rpm of the Performance version. If you don't mind the aesthetics, I'd get a single Noc NF-F12 and call it a day. just imho
Often you just have to settle for a case with the fewest amount of "what where they thinking?" designs to it, unless you want to spend like $300+. I have an Arc Midi (first gen) and those front fan clips have annoyed the heck out of me. Looking at the R2, though, it looks like they got rid of those clips and now have 120/140mm mounting holes for direct mount(?), but it only has two front bays so.. My case also has the issue of the floor fan mount not sealing entirely, and...
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