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I don't really fault people for wanting to stick to a color theme, but there are much better options for neutral colored fans than the P14 and S12B. Neither of those are very good, imo.
Seriously. I don't understand why they resurrected old models (rather poor ones at that, imo) for this when they have an excellent current lineup. The IndustrialPPC models look really nice, price aside, but I don't see any reason someone would buy the Redux.
they're intended to be. from the specs I would expect better balance and smoothness, especially at higher speeds. That's me putting some faith in Noc, though. I'll probably pick up a single NF-F12IPPC to try out. May be pricey, but I view my cooler fan as a significant component so $30 isn't unreasonable.Would like to see reviews as well, but that could be a while.
For those just skimming: The Redux fans are a re-release (hence the name) of the Noctua NF-P14 (with a new square frame option), NF-S12B, NF-B9 and NF-R8 in a different color minus some accessories, with PWM versions. The IndustrialPPC are current Noc designs with higher quality plastic and beefier guts (beefed up motor, coated PCB), better dust/water resistance, but fewer cables and no silicone mounting pins.
I wish they would have at least come out with a version that was the same as their regular line, but black like the IndustrialPPC line. Keep in mind the street price is gonna be $2-$3 less than MSRP, so the Redux should be around $15-ish. My take on it: Redux Line: These are not just Noctua fans minus the accessories. Or rather, they aren't the current Noc designs: no metal bearing shell, no stepped inlet, no AAO frame, no inner surface microstructures...these are...
I like the low profile a lot, but the wonder ram never really stood out for me, performance wise. It clocked well but so has other memory.
IMO, Fan #1: pwm 140mm, Fan #2 pwm 140mm, and a 140mm rear exhaust. All connected to PWM mobo headers. No top fan, no side, imo. That's what I'm running on my Arc Midi at the moment, with all three case fans running under 800rpm and temps are fine. @doyll: nice fans =) I really like Thermalright's 140mms. If you ever get the itch for new ones, I highly recommend the TY-141. Much improved over the TY-140, imo, and the best of their 140mm lineup.
The P12s arent really the best from Noctua imo, but the vibration/noise issue still seems unusual for them. I wouldn't count out Noctua based on that experience. I'd try the S12, which isn't exactly a high SP fan but may still be capable enough to work through a filter. The F12 may be the obvious choice for static pressure but I've found they make poor case fans. Scythe Slipstreams (also comes in pwm, though tougher to find) in my experience are excellent for pulling air...
Testing with the same fans would have been nice, since it would more easily show potential for cooling:noise ratio, but you can glean some of that from the provided numbers. It's nice to know if a cooler is achieving a lower temp but at a much higher noise level, which imo says a lot about the product experience.
It contained almost none of the aspects of the Elder Scrolls franchise that appeal to me. I can't fault it for that, since it's an mmo, not a sandbox game, but if it's successful it will need to be on its own merits, rather than the qualities that attracted people to the franchise. imho. It may well do that, I dunno.
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