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The shell actually meets the switch actuation point lower on m2 compared to m1, which is why m2 is lighter (and also the reason D2F01f/D2f-f37 isn't compatible).
S1 LOD is very high to begin with, doubt it would cause tracking problems.
I think they're referring to the Kone Pure = 69.99.
Damn so close.
The quick switch swap feature is a 1g piece of plastic that negates the need for soldering. It's the best thing about these mice.
So has every other company.
I hold the deathadder precisely the same way heh. Makes me think my hand is too large for the mouse, but I feel I have great aim with it.
Would it be like a slightly larger MX300??? EDIT: NVM saw your latest post. Interesting shape.
Thanks finalmouse you bricked my mouse. Update gets to command prompt, nothing happens for 5 minutes (no cmd prompts or window). Mouse doesn't respond now even after unplugging and replugging. EDIT: had to go to laptop and repeat process to update properly (original computer would loop the fail state). No idea what went wrong. Both running W10x64. Run as admin was selected on all trials.
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