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This still coming out? There's one week left of this month. You can only screw up release dates so many times...
Maybe Sony/Microsoft subsidise some of the server costs for connecting players to their own servers (PSN/XBL).
80 euros for a 3310 mouse?
Honestly, I wouldn't mind a signature if it at least looked good. The scream signature as it is looks almost as bad as comic sans.
I'm not sure I follow. Pre-ordering items isn't something new - Paying now is a facet of risk management that small stores have to acclimate to. Amazon doesn't charge straight away generally due to scale of demand and ease of fulfillment (their distribution side is top tier - attestable to the people who would rather wait and shop there than say the Logitech store).As compensation for buying now, you receive a discount. Furthermore, MightyApe began in NZ then opened a...
For the Aussies; now its our turn. MightyApe seem to have the wired G403 on sale (for some reason) on their site for $68. Release date is 17th October:
Or just unassign the buttons in game.
Amazon US now states stock in on the 18th of September (next week Monday).
Same thing happens to me on my AMD 290. Select DX12 in options --> Start game --> Instant crash. This is using the latest September Catalyst drivers.
But if you tilt it, the sensor is going to move because the perpendicular surface has moved/is different hasn't it?. If you want to minimize the deviation from the sensor during pick up or something, you'd have to move the sensor as close to the wrist (if you pivot up by bending your wrist up), or as close to the right side of your hand (if you pivot by rotating your wrist).
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