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Wonder if this mouse will have the hair-light force requirement for their switches just like the 8K and other versions. Way too easy to misclick.
Unless you're paying someone to give their endorsement, then it's an advertisement.
This software is a mess. Doesn't save anything. Supports the theory that this was a rush job mouse.
Mouse middle click is extremely easy to click in. Mouse scroll wheel has horrible feedback. According to my grip, that extra side button on the rear right side of the mouse is easy to miss click, especially when lifting the mouse (I tend to lift by using the base of my pinky). Mouse buttons 1 and 2 have wobble - plunger is not firmly in position to actuate the switch. Next mouse please. Mice released for the Christmas season have so far been trash. Rushed jobs to cash in...
Oh I meant 800DPi is being extrapolated from 400DPI. Edited to make sense.
Depends on what Roccat is doing though. Maybe their turbo DPI thing is kicking in prematurely.Also:@500DPI@450DPI@250DPIVery strange. 400 and maybe 450DPI are the only usable steps as far as I can see. If the 250DPI step exhibits this really bad staircasing behavior (the worst out of all those tests) it may not be due to the turbo DPI feature. Or it might be :shrug:
Guessing 800DPI is being extrapolated from 400DPI or the 400DPI level is being double counted or something. It feels so bad lol. 400DPI seems to be fine though.
I would concur with the above paint test. It doesn't feel great. Not to mention the scroll wheel feels very loose. It wobbles abit. Shape is okay. Alright updated the mouse and it's worse. Tons of staircasing and it feels laggy now. lol Roccat @800DPI
I did. Bought the Kova too. $50 is pretty cheap nowadays for a mouse.
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