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I messaged EVGA Jacob and he estimates Amazon will get stock in next week.
buying this now
Horn? Damn I thought that was shrapnel.
Why don't you try their Facebook?
I would like a fallout 4 but their current engines for RPG/OW games are horrendous for the FPS nature of their fallout version. Hopefully they also mix up the colour palette this time since over the course of both fallout 3 and NV, I am SICK of brown.
It's been said on some CES videos that they plan to release it March/April
Just clean off the gunk with the alcohol swab that the replacement feet provides and it should be fine. Or if you have any isopropyl alcohol swabs of your own you can clean it off now.
It should be extremely easy. If you're not currently using the mouse, rip off the current mouse skates and that sponge material (not sure what that sponge material is doing there. Haven't see that before), then post a picture to show you've done enough. All that should be remaining is some sticky residue and the plastic underside of the mouse. The hardest thing about applying the new mouse feet is making sure that you stick them in exactly within the allotted area denoted...
That's probably going to be a personal decision. IMO, if there's nothing wrong with the cord, I won't buy a replacement in case something does happen. I'll buy it if it the cord does break and I'm still using the mouse (then again I change mice every 2 months or even more frequently). Besides, they're usually free shipping.There is no successor to the G9x in terms of its combination of weight, shape and shell swappability. The G502 has a better practical sensor, but the...
Well you could glue it back on if you really wanted to. What you have to watch out for is consistently applying the same layer of glue throughout the entire mouse skate to ensure that one side doesn't flip or it will start to scratch against the mousepad. If the glue is not strong enough, the mouse feet can come off quite easily. Depending on what glue you use, it may increase the height of the mouse feet, leading to reduced tracking of the sensor. New mouse feet have...
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