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If they're going for the remake, I wouldn't mind seeing more city hubs or areas with more population.
Definition of mushy switches, at least the ones I tried. No crispness. Lack of rebound.
Except price. Why do you think other companies have different models of mice? Take Cougar gaming for example. Several categories of mice with differentiating price points to attract different consumer segments. Its a practice of price discrimination to attract consumers with differing spending power to your brand.
Try playing with analogue movement in counter strike. Strafing in any FPS is far easier, more accurate and predictable. So are micromovements.
So was the original mamba. Didnt stop them from releasing the deathadder 2013 or chroma. New mamba is priced too high for mainstream consumer market, there will probably be a new deathadder, unless they stick to the chroma.
They're just new Texture is just due to fabrication process. Friction erodes this layer to smoothen it. Think rock formations eroded by water to smooth finishes.
LOL. Sig worthy quote
without122.46×70.42×40.16 mm / 4.82×2.77×1.58 inNetto (w/o cable): 93.8 grNetto (cable incl.): 141.5 gr
says right there next to product dimensions, 3.2 ounces = 90grams.
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