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Would it be like a slightly larger MX300??? EDIT: NVM saw your latest post. Interesting shape.
Thanks finalmouse you bricked my mouse. Update gets to command prompt, nothing happens for 5 minutes (no cmd prompts or window). Mouse doesn't respond now even after unplugging and replugging. EDIT: had to go to laptop and repeat process to update properly (original computer would loop the fail state). No idea what went wrong. Both running W10x64. Run as admin was selected on all trials.
Can someone just upload the flasher and instructions (or just the email contents) on this thread? Seems like a waste of time to email support.
Well I doubt anyone expected a mouse to be released that wouldn't register more than one button depressed into the market, so your plunge isn't that bad. The company is really only notorious for physical defects. Buttons working are kinda the minimum to be expected. Kinda funny they tried to pass it off as "it's just a minor issue".
Welp I guess next week it is then
Probably more so their sample was biased.
Ah well. A black S1 sounds interesting though. Would be very interested if they released an all matte plastic version like the deathadder or Ducky secret. Loved those surfaces.
So they're willing to ship the mouse internationally even though its not available internationally? Kinda curious since my S1 is starting to double click sometimes, or even lose click after holding it down.
You have a S1 in Germany?
Anyone have some extra information about the updated firmware, or acknowledgement of the new issues? Kinda thought an update was supposed to be released this week. I get the feeling these problems can't be fixed due to their current implementation of polling.
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