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Let's not involve supermats. Those are pretty legendary, akin to Allsop raindrop status.
After installing the 1.08 firmware from 1.04, now getting this:That does not look good. At all.Tested about 20 more times, and each time counts are either very erratic or PCS won't go higher than 3m/s. These firmware updates are strange.It's similar. The gladius doesn't have the right side top corner flare outward, it's instead slightly straight. Gladius shape also has a slightly higher hump. Left side grip has larger room for thumb. And of course, buttons are different...
It's meh. slightly erratic I think. Getting results for PCS showed a lot of outliers, but I don't feel that in game. No accel.Compared to a 502, cursor probably doesn't feel as good. But it's good enough for me considering the shape feels so very good.EDIT: ASUS latest firmware fixed the cursor jumping bug I experienced earlier in the thread.
The coating is very similar to the 3.0 mouse actually. It's just a tad short, but I hope to fix that soon.
That's strange. I ordered mine on the 12th of September. Courier picked it up in Taiwan on the 15th of September. I receive it in Australia on the 19th of September.You can ask them about your order by going here after logging in:You can message them in English. You can also ask them to cancel if the gladius has appeared in your local area.
Mine is completely black.
Cheers for that. Looks like it was released a few hours ago, and only on the US site.Software doesn't seem to save any of my settings though so far. It did come with a firmware update though, so will see if it fixed the issues.Alright, got the settings to stick, but enabling surface calibration seems to speed up the cursor and make it feel floaty. Will test abit more.
Maybe. But they haven't released software for it as far as I can see, and the deathadder doesn't have that problem (perhaps it did on release?).
Perfectly clean. It honestly looks really clean.
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