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Ah I see. I periodically get crashes when transitioning via train, but so far only happened twice.I've actually experienced something else that brought my 'I never asked for this' run to a halt - when exploring some apartment the game just suddenly bottoms to 5 fps with a mini freeze every 2 seconds. Starting a new game fixed it.
Doesn't the train station scenario take place at the beginning of the game?
Well of course, since it's been out for a year. The pro will have an expected price around that launch figure. Would you expect the price of the pro to be around 65 given 1. US and Europe prices are 70 and 2. Pricing expectations to not account for the weak FX?
Maybe. Based on the initial price of the G303 here which was 99AUD plus shipping (~10AUD), Amazon's price incl. shipping comes to around $104AUD - cheaper than domestic. This isn't factoring in the variance in the domestic release schedule.
Amazon ships the G pro to Australia anyway.
So you think an ODM with no access to the backend srom can deliver acceptable performance? And it's not about categorizing people's taste into what the S1 is. It's a continuum that isn't exhaustive. I gave my reasons why I would want it. ODM mice typically have crap sidebuttons, scroll wheels and button feel. They sell what they're given/have access to. That's not a bad thing, but they don't have as much capital to reinvest into that line or potentially change. The market...
People who can analyze a product independent of the circumstances behind its release, who believe the side buttons on the DM1 and revel are subpar and take up too much space, dislike the sensei shape, or believe that logitech's shape is too small (assuming it's an mx300 shape).
The cramping is likely due to how high the buttons are. Explains why the elevated position from a wrist rest helps. Lighter buttons likely won't do much since you still have to use the same method pressing down, which is likely because the fingers are stuck in a tensed phase due to the high front of the mouse. Personally wish the mouse had a steeper slope.
What the.. 3366?
Well if it's for posterity, could just put:Tentative release schedule: July 10, 2016.And if they miss it:Tentative release schedule: July 10, 2016 Delayed.
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