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Going exclusively by what I have seen on every CSGO/Quake Live/Dota2 stream and forum for mouse discussion (such as ESEA, OCN and ESR) I would say that larger is the norm. Given those sources of mousepad references (such as those streams and forums) use large, consumers looking for mousepad information will also likely use those mousepads. But apparently Steelseries have the stats. I would wager that they will release a DeX+.Do you believe everyone has precise knowledge...
I'm familiar with the marketing behind it. But this 'pro' endorsement carries no credibility when the norm is a large mousepad. And no, often times size is not subjective. Outside of people who have tiny desks, more is better as a rational consumer would be lead to believe.
It's been tested by pro gamers. But that blurb is pretty vague in it of itself. But if they're going to generalize, the product can then be applied to other fields outside of thinking solely about MOBA games. What's funny is that professionals in DotA teams use the large QcK size.EDIT: Also, it's 39 euros...
Makes a competitive FPS mousepad tested by pro gamers. Makes it 320mm wide.
It's been out in south east Asia and Australia for a while now.
I recently bought some pads too during their sale on the 25th of July. They shipped it on the 2nd of August. I think they're trying to get through a large backlog of orders, probably waiting in on their warehouse supply overseas then sending it out.
Use D2f-01. So much better.
Getting stuck in geometry like roots and between mushrooms wasn't exactly fair
Alright we get it mousef...Wait a minute...
Agreed. People seem to think customization and software is bad.
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