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Use D2f-01. So much better.
Getting stuck in geometry like roots and between mushrooms wasn't exactly fair
Alright we get it mousef...Wait a minute...
Agreed. People seem to think customization and software is bad.
Gotta appreciate that when Zowie announces a product, it'll be in stores soon, not several months down the line.
I think it's a typo. Might be patch.dat
Same issue with me. They seem to have gone the ostentatious route and sacrificed usability for flare.You can disable the popup run request by following these instructions:
Not entirely sure if I noticed anything was fixed in this latest patch. Driving *may* be slightly smoother (placebo?) but aiming still has positive and negative acceleration. Haven't tried to fix my corrupted save file yet but will try later in the day.
Didn't they say early June? Should at least be very soon otherwise once they break that promise it probably won't happen for another month.
Wut? They scrapped patriots (a game that looked more like vegas) and rebuilt the game to look more like the classic, tension-based, meticulous R6.
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