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The shape is actually really really good - it has a fairly shallow gradient on the rear slope, and because of the length, makes it comfortable to relax the length of the hand on the mouse. It's alittle narrow in the middle I guess, but it still remains very comfortable for me. The rear side button has a high degree of pre-travel though, while the front side button is perfect. Scroll wheel feels perfect - tactile notches without being hard to scroll, and fair mouse button...
You can, it just required following a couple more steps to use the firmware updater since I believe it didn't have easy access to ISP mode.
My manually firmware updated version 1 goes into ISP mode on DPI-button boot. This does not necessarily mean that they are merely updated version 1s though, as factory updated 1.2.1s may only be second editions. The colour would be the easiest to determine, but would have to be careful about lighting and all that.
Apparently enough time to write up that arduous post earlier, wasting my and everyone else's time reading through. I'm concerned about facts - facts which you have tried to undermine. I already have a finalmouse (had the very first batch ever released from Amazon), and had problems with the ghost clicking. That event had a justifiable outcry. So far, still nothing you have positively contributed to determining whether or not these are first editions. If you don't have...
So far you have given zero evidence to suggest the mouse is in fact a version one. On the contrary, you have determined that it already has version 1.2.1 installed - stated that this is the qualifier for version two. If you want to further confirm whether or not it is a first version, you will have to see if the aforementioned switches or scroll wheel are any different, or compare colour, but so far you've spouted histrionics about absurdities instead of clarifying...
You didn't even try to clarify anything, and instead go off on a diatribe. Can you keep off the histrionics? Did you get a first edition or not?
Pccasegear explicitly says second edition. And because it's the only version we received, there's no opportunity for version 1 to be swapped or mixed in from returns.
I don't even keep up to date on this driver/thread (don't use these mice), yet I was up enough to look through the most 2 recent pages and found it. Heck, multiple posts within those pages were asking for the links, yet the link was literally a few posts above. If people can't be bothered reading through recent pages, they shouldn't delve into trying to implement these driver workarounds.
Isn't this the most updated driver? A couple of pages back? Why are people saying the driver isn't accessible?
First batch.
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