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She has nice hands. I'll bet she moisturizes daily.
actually nvm. Might be $99 considering Scream has to be remunerated too, with all the BS premium that confers to a mouse.
These vertical sides are a beautiful tribute to the WMO. If these are the adjustments steelseries have in mind, can't wait to see what they plan for a larger version. Not sure if it is related to my ownership of the PCbang edition, but very minute movements don't register properly. Also feels laggy. The rough plastic coating on the PCBang version is better than the other coatings though IMO.
They were being literal with the name I think...
What a troll video...
These shells are all over taobao
Given this guy likes the ec1 line of mice this one is likely to share a similar shape.
With a name like "Chaos Spectrum"? Nah they definitely wouldn't
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