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Had it for a week now, dust stuck in the area of the mousepad I use. Very noticeable difference in glide between area that is never used (texture is more coarse, slightly faster), as soon as I mouse over the area I use frequently, it's slightly slower. Seriously hate using these pads with the anxiety of it degrading each time I swipe the mouse around. I give up on this brand. This is after wiping it down with a microfiber cloth (I've been wiping it down constantly). I have...
Because there's minimum order qty for only 1 type. I get the feeling it'll be difficult reaching 1000.
static electricity wouldn't be a problem in humid environments. Dry environments and you get static electricity.
Wait what the..
Google search results are personalized
Opposite with mine then. Put in D2F-01F inside and it's now the lightest mouse I own.
I messaged EVGA Jacob and he estimates Amazon will get stock in next week.
buying this now
Horn? Damn I thought that was shrapnel.
Why don't you try their Facebook?
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