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They aren't too bad. Reflex-o seems to be taking advantage or don't know how to ship properly. Shipping from Amazon is usually around $12, so the $66 shipping currently being offered really surprised and upset me.What's funny is that I bought an air purifier (fairly large) from Amazon last week and shipping cost $52. Apparently it's more difficult and costs more to ship a computer mouse.
haha guessing you didn't jump on the $66 shipping from Amazon either?
Intellimouse explorer 3.0. Feels very similar.
The shape is the best palm grip mouse IMO. Even better for paw grips.
Silly approach to reduce the size and increase the weight. I think it's scheduled for a February release according to some reviews from CES.
EC1A heavier by 2 grams, EC2A lighter by 6 grams, which doesn't make any sense since the EC2A is larger than previous mice.EDIT: Veto that, zowie's pictures seem to have the same weights now? I'm guessing they were errors in the first place. Didn't make sense to make it lighter while making it larger. Looks like the EC2-A length is the same 120mm as the eVo.source:
Mainly the ratio between mid:back.
[[SPOILER]] Is there a chance you could find a sample with a consistent width? The mice there seem to have thin mids and a wide back.
I get the feeling it might be lost Has BST replied to your emails?Then again there might be stock issues on his end. There hasn't been too much info lately.
I didn't get a notification.
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