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They didn't get away with it...Their entire teams were expelled.
No they're not...I'm not sure where you're getting your information from, but China is not a first world country. Their current economy is at best equivalent to mid 20th century UK. Their GDP per capita is horrible. Their current growth rate is high but this is what happens when an economy is introduced to new technology at a low level steady state according to the Solow model. Their current law/political infrastructure does not create good incentives for local firms to...
It's more action oriented than L4D. Focus on killing every monster on the level to survive using explosives, flame thrower, traps, and the ability to self heal.
Allsop currently selling on Amazon is low friction in my experience. Probably one of the fastest. Titan is one of the slowest smooth pads available.
QPAD UC series, Everglide titan, Cougar control, Zowie G-RF, Artisan Hein. Has more pictures of it. Important pic of the underside and... gg
Like the g100s. It doesn't have the gyro.
There has to be something else here. The PCS of the G402 is upwards of 5m/s. I have a slightly lower sens than that and I can't get the G402 to malfunction. What happens when you get the g402 to malfunction?
You got the g402 to malfunction??
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