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had to read your comment twice
They didn't think about how the mouse cord will collide with that connector at all?
I agree to an extent. The problem is these trailer footage is actually still being used in advertisements. My local JB-hi fi had a witcher CDPR advertisement that solely uses the trailer footage, constantly playing on the front display of the store.
This is a standalone expansion which costs $20. It's not going to be longer. It's around 8 hours according to the developers.
Looks like zowie are now officially supporting 0.6mm mouse feet for the EC series:
The height does sound quite interesting. The shorter length might give some freedom on the bottom of the palm/wrist. Very interested since I like the shorter shape of the g302.
Whoa that's shorter than the FK2.
I'm not from Europe but even I know that maxfps is a highly reputable store.
Same issues I had when I used to own it on release. Looks like things don't get fixed with that abomination. An added negative was that the palm rest used to stab my palm due to the sharp pointed edges on the side.
Had it for a week now, dust stuck in the area of the mousepad I use. Very noticeable difference in glide between area that is never used (texture is more coarse, slightly faster), as soon as I mouse over the area I use frequently, it's slightly slower. Seriously hate using these pads with the anxiety of it degrading each time I swipe the mouse around. I give up on this brand. This is after wiping it down with a microfiber cloth (I've been wiping it down constantly). I have...
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