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Chinese market still uses pretty old stuff
Looks like steelseries partnered with Lenovo for this gaming setup release in China. The mouse itself looks like a small shape with the 3090 sensor (based on the 3500 DPI step and the look of the bottom lens). Can probably pick it up on Taobao if anyone was really interested. Looks almost like an EC2.Source: Lowyat (
Well on my 290 I get sub 60 when 3 smoke nades are placed. On lowest setting. I don't think a smoke texture warrants a 70 FPS decrease. There isn't even anything special about the smoke effect. Meanwhile streamers maintain upwards of 200 FPS. (same settings).
Wonder if it would help with performance. I can get pretty low if there's plenty of smoke grenades on screen, for no reason.
Probably same reason no WMO clones
No idea if steelseries' patent over the xai/sensei shape is still in effect, but it would be pretty funny if it was removed for that reason. Actually NVM Steelseries' patent still exists in North America. Not sure if it applies to other regions and jurisdictions. Newmen is safe, as is any other Chinese company.
Would absolutely love the G303 clicks on the ZA11. Would love the G303 clicks on every mouse. Wonder if there is any other company looking into doing something similar to mouse main buttons.
Is anyone here going to buy it? That thing is pretty expensive, even for an addict...
Roccat Kone XTD optical
Buy (test) on steam, get refund. Buy on cheap website. Same thing except instead of testing games from torrent sites, people test games on steam.
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