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EDIT: NVM you meant manufacturer, not brand retailer.
Why don't you try them? There is no such thing as a fixed lift off distance for every infinite combinations of mouse mats out there.
Did you deduct VAT?
Ah, from what I can see in pictures, less curvy and less restrictions put on where fingers must go? It looks like they removed the right side outward curve.
If there is a sensor problem that cannot be fixed by blowing into the sensor hole, RMA it. Or have you tried putting it into a different USB slot?
Can you comment on the shape? The other user 'Fuzzylogic' commented that the mamba TE's highest point has been pushed towards the front of the mouse. Would you say that is accurate? How would you compare the shape of the TE with the deathadder/mamba. More comfortable? The same? Does the shape feel better, worse or the same?
Yep. I wonder if the shell surface and sensor are the only differences.
First thing I did when I got the mouse was take them out.
First impressions: -Extremely rear heavy -feels heavy. That 110g was not a joke. -cursor feels... strange. Not in a good way. Need to investigate this further. Might not open it up because I might want to return this. Sides are slightly angled. Scroll wheel feels really good. Tactile but fast at the same time. M1 and M2 feel slightly mushy and require more force than conventional omron fitted mice. Apex is towards the rear. The WMO is apex centered. Not a WMO...
I personally think FF10 had the best combat system. Everything felt fair. No penalization for selecting things in the menu and battles don't have the element of randomness unless the enemy uses a skill that delays you.
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