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QPAD UC series, Everglide titan, Cougar control, Zowie G-RF, Artisan Hein. Has more pictures of it. Important pic of the underside and... gg
Like the g100s. It doesn't have the gyro.
There has to be something else here. The PCS of the G402 is upwards of 5m/s. I have a slightly lower sens than that and I can't get the G402 to malfunction. What happens when you get the g402 to malfunction?
You got the g402 to malfunction??
What are you basing that on?Also I find that my ring finger wraps around the front of the right side perfectly. Absolutely beautiful for people who maneuver the mouse with their ring finger, and the fact that it has tremendous space, as well as being completely vertical makes it the best implementation of a right side shell I've felt so far.
Yeh seems like the weight looks about right for something with those dimensions, so not really sure what design decisions were made to specifically cater to a lower weight. Maybe they restrained themselves with the sniper buttons to keep to a lower weight The shape intrigues me though. Might check it out.
Also on their official website, the dimensions: Weight 100g Mouse Feet Extra Large PTFE CUE Software Enabled Cable 1.8m Braided Fiber Game Type FPS Dimensions 124mm x 80mm x 38mm This is for the laser version, but both should be identical size wise.
Use a hair dryer on the rubber back while keeping it flat with the other hand/weight?
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