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The cramping is likely due to how high the buttons are. Explains why the elevated position from a wrist rest helps. Lighter buttons likely won't do much since you still have to use the same method pressing down, which is likely because the fingers are stuck in a tensed phase due to the high front of the mouse. Personally wish the mouse had a steeper slope.
What the.. 3366?
Well if it's for posterity, could just put:Tentative release schedule: July 10, 2016.And if they miss it:Tentative release schedule: July 10, 2016 Delayed.
Finalmouse scream is meant to come out July 10th 2016 for consumers:
Nvm, thought you were replying to me. Forget my previous post.
I was mainly referring to the modular sensor. A housing for the switches is just some plastic that weighs 1-2grams.
Interesting. Shape is really good, but this modularity is only going to add weight to an already kinda heavy mouse. Also their switches didn't feel great on the Zora (not much feedback, too hard). Not to mention the Morpha costs $109AUD here; can only imagine what the Morph is going to cost.
Dammit this mouse makes me sad. It has so much potential, and has everything going for it, but these issues..
No, the 85% is indefinite. The offer until 10th June is for the 10% discount to new purchases.
Mainly internet cafes: lets them buy lots of mice in bulk for cheap.
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