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Mine is completely black.
Cheers for that. Looks like it was released a few hours ago, and only on the US site.Software doesn't seem to save any of my settings though so far. It did come with a firmware update though, so will see if it fixed the issues.Alright, got the settings to stick, but enabling surface calibration seems to speed up the cursor and make it feel floaty. Will test abit more.
Maybe. But they haven't released software for it as far as I can see, and the deathadder doesn't have that problem (perhaps it did on release?).
Perfectly clean. It honestly looks really clean.
PSA: my cursor flicks in a random direction every now and again. This effect is similar to the phenomenon where a mouse loses tracking (goes beyond perfect tracking speed). I can't put a frequency on it, but in the past 2 hours, it's happened twice on regular desktop usage. I can't find software for the mouse yet (good job asus) so awaiting a possible firmware fix before I chalk it up to incompetence. EDIT: the random flick direction isn't so random. It flicks downward...
Yes, you can.
It's in Taiwan Dollars hahaIt's equivalent to around 19.5 Australian dollars which is around 18.8 USD?
I'll make a quick one. Use Chrome with translate Go to this link after logging in at the top using your username and password. Scroll all the way down Press "Add new Delivery address"
They do. I've bought from them for 3 years now shipping into Australia. I ordered the gladius yesterday. I think I made an image tutorial of how to order from them some time last year, not sure if I can find it now.
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