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Thanks for that. Maxgaming has such cheap shipping!
Where did you get it from? Can't seem to find it anywhere. Also, any mouse pads you can compare it to in terms of friction and whether the glide is same on X/Y-axis?
Reminds me of the EC1/2 with the screws beneath the buttons. Honestly loved it because I could fit a wide variety of switches to it.
this one's an interesting factor for me. Lots of pre-travel means d2f-f37's might be compatible.
Oh not doubting the wobbliness between clicks. Encoders and shafts are so picky, and I get the feeling that wheel might need extra care for it to prevent the wobbliness. Kinda similar case with the Finalmouse S1, which really benefits from an extra layer of paper between the wheel holder and the middle mouse button switch.
funnily enough, that mouse wheel is highly compatible with an alps encoder.
If anyone was curious about the internals, watchmono has some on his blog:
At 122grams without cable, it's still not great:
Protein after a shake ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Thanks. Saved me $120 $140. The logitech g pro never had that thin right side due to limiting the surface area of the right mouse button to just the top (same with the ZA, FK). Razer going back to this style doesn't make sense. Why thin it out and who does that cater to?
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