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Internal pics here: No extra weight inside.
meh, I personally think the mouse is one of the best available: shape works really well for me (21*10cm hands), scroll wheel is the best, M1 and M2 have perfect force requirement and the lowest travel distance, cord is nice, weight is kinda pushing it. Out of the 100+ mice I've used, this is the longest I've been on the mouse without prying it open to change something.
I'm gonna have to say, the next batch will have to work on these build quality issues. I understand that this is a budget mouse, but the pre-travel (and increasing the force required by quite alot) and wobbly scroll wheel (that also seems to have bad scrolling steps when scrolled up) are things we use constantly on a mouse. These aren't even easy fixes considering the screws required are very specific, and the affixing of tape to the scroll wheel shaft is highly finicky...
White switch with blue shell is the best. 20m life with greater tactility but slightly harder.
He said he would do one if the Venator was successful.
BST might update the aurora on his kickstarter.
Easily Comes to about $42USD after code. They don't deduct from shipping though sadly. But shipping is still pretty good (my mousepad took about 7 days to get to Australia from the date it was posted).
Heads up, the venator is available at maxgaming (European retailer but ships internationally for fair price): Another heads up, ends today, but you can get 15% off your order if you use LAUNCHPARTY15 at checkout. Works on the Venator.
This pad is really fast, surprisingly. Very low initial friction, but different glides on X/Y axis (Y-axis very slightly slower than X). Stitching is okay but it does rise above the actual surface of the pad (for reference, the Razer gigantus' stitched edges are almost flush with the surface). I really like this one.
Seems a beta patch was just released to fix the damage and health bug at 60fps.
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