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Dammit this mouse makes me sad. It has so much potential, and has everything going for it, but these issues..
No, the 85% is indefinite. The offer until 10th June is for the 10% discount to new purchases.
Mainly internet cafes: lets them buy lots of mice in bulk for cheap.
Yeh hopefully its up soon. Can't seem to find it on taobao either.
If anyone's interested, a Chinese company is producing a zowie rip of the IO 1.1, which sounds pretty good. Essentially a larger zowie AM with omrons:
yes. People report click issues with new firmware.
Not that easy unfortunately. OP can feel 1.2ms of lag.
Wouldn't be surprised honestly. I like the pad, but it still curls on the sides even after a month of use. Moved on to other, flatter pads.
How did you get it flat?
That date is irrelevant. It releases to the public on 10th July.
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