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[[SPOILER]] The mouse wheel is very loose on mine (first edition). It's because they use a very flimsy plastic to hold the wheel in place on both sides (it has a very high degree of flex).
I seriously can't wait, I have a mouse addiction. So this will be a perfect fuel to my collection.
Selling a 1-week used Siege m04 mouse. Will ship in original box and contents. Price includes shipping (free), but only accept either paypal or direct bank transfer.
Sounds like he could fix it so easily lol.
There could be a problem where your neck isn't properly aligned with your spine while sleeping due to the low height of your pillow. This can cause strain from the neck, to the local area connected to the neck (large part is shoulders).
I thought the separate button pieces looked like an interesting idea though. I mean, if they kept everything the same (sans the sensor), we'd have the DM1 pro S or Niexus Revel (i.e no point releasing). The revised rival300 also seemed shorter and wider, more in line with the dimensions or ratio of the Rival700, which IMO is a better shape. The sensei prism idea looked like a larger rival100, which would more closely approximate the WMO shape if that were the case (the...
I would be surprised if they released this mouse earlier than the alleged sensei/rival300 leaked some time ago. Isn't the rival100 slightly 'new' (circa end of 2015)? Unless they release all at the same time?
Do you sleep on your side?
ADNS-9800 sensor in the M303.
The shape is actually really really good - it has a fairly shallow gradient on the rear slope, and because of the length, makes it comfortable to relax the length of the hand on the mouse. It's alittle narrow in the middle I guess, but it still remains very comfortable for me. The rear side button has a high degree of pre-travel though, while the front side button is perfect. Scroll wheel feels perfect - tactile notches without being hard to scroll, and fair mouse button...
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