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I'd up the mV. My card needs +150mV for this overclock: BF3 ~3 hours of gameplay logged:
BF3 and BF4 servers still down.
If it's a ref. 290, it's going to run hot period. nbd. This is my Tri-X after playing BF3 for ~3 hours (overclocked):
That's what I'm waiting on too! (goty)
First blood for Metro LL w/ dlc for $6.79!
Coret Facility and Facing Worlds stole many hours from my youth!
spinejam: 2700k@4.8 / 290 Tri-X @1200core 1600memory / P14667
Thanks for the info.!
Lumia 520 here -- great little phone for $60 from walmart!
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