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No it's the quality aspect. You know when you buy an Apple product it is going to be of high quality. A lower price means the product could be of lower quality, and if so, that will only harm the brand
Yea I try and use Ubuntu but I just don't like it anymore. I always experience crashes and such, far more than I do on windows. Web browsers freeze up on video and the OS hangs at times, I just don't see the reason to use it other than for programming assignments And this is not because of outdated hardware/software, this is running 11.04-12.04 on my sig laptop, the issues don't go away
This Combo gets you a little nicer HDD and an optical drive, and it is a dollar cheaper than your current HDD+optical choice EMCNENJ34 for free shipping on that
Apple can do no wrong currently it seems. If this is true, it may push them up near the top in sales. Though I think it would do more harm to Apple than good, but what do I know
Your PSU has 1 6-pin power connector, the 460 needs 2 while the 6850 needs one, therefore I voted 6850
The chip gets hotter, but it produces less heat. Sandy just does a much better job of dissipating the heat to the heat sink.I would go with ivy because it will heat up your room less due to decreased heat production
I personally love the G500 though I don't think there is a left handed version
Uh most laptops I have seen need the battery replaced at around the 3-4 year mark to get any reasonable battery life. Anyway, Ivy Bridge laptops are just starting to roll out, mobile sandy->ivy bridge is a bigger performance increase than desktop sandy->ivy
Definitely, that is worth a couple hundred
I have had that psu running an i3 at 4.2GHz and an overclocked GTX460 for almost 2 years now with no issuesI think it is a bit ridiculous to get a $220 motherboard on a budget build. It would be a much much better idea to get a cheap intel board with an i5, but thats your call. I spent $110 on my board and I regret it, I wish I would have gotten a cheaper one and used the difference to get a 1GB GTX460 instead of my 768MB card.The 550ti is not a good buy at $133 after...
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