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I still have it installed, and still don't really like it. MS Office doesn't cost all that much for a student and the decrease in frustration is worth that priceWell the main issue is it isn't fully compatible with MS Office and when I get a document from a professor I always have trouble reading them. I am currently running the trial of MS Office 2010 and am really on the fence deciding whether to wait for this new Office or just buy the current one as my trial expires soon
My phone gets dropped all the time. It has an otterbox on it so I am not really concerned about dropping it and I have never broken a phone. Most of my drops are in the 3ft range
I previously thought the same thing until I used it exclusively for about a year. It is a pain to get things to look how you want them to. I would rather use LaTEX then LibreOffice at this point. MS Word is so much easier to format and it keeps your formatting, unlike Libre which for some strange reason just loves to change things
In no way should SATA III vs SATA II effect day to day use in a dramatic way. It will have a noticeable difference in big reads/writes but day to day stuff it isn't a big deal.
A lot of phones you have to hold power and down volume to get into recovery. I would think that there is some button to hold at the same time as power on your machine that would get you into the menu
I don't understand why people think companies are obligated to create jobs for them. Make your own living like many people have, if not, then you have to do what the guy giving you the money says. And I find it easy to believe Blizzard was overstaffed, I have worked at an overstaffed business and thought it was ridiculous.
I was waiting for this. Played for a few minutes, it sucks Why is it that sometimes the plane reacts instantly to my inputs and other times it ignores them? This is after turning off the 2 flight assists. I crashed into the water because up elevator was not doing anything, so I went down at a 5 degree angle
Why read when you can comment?
I'd say that price is a tad high. I payed 575+tax for my T420 with i5-2410, upgraded screen, 2gb ram, webcam, 320gb hdd. I bought 8GB of ram on newegg for $30 and then a 120gb hyperx ssd for 120 and now i have a very capable machine for only about 750 Thinkpads are on Slickdeals all the time, I say watch there until you can grab one at a lesser price, unless you really want it now
In school working on a Computer Engineering degree, slowing my computer upgrades
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