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I may have updated a little bit: Before After:
End of semester room cleaning: DONE.
I do not believe I spent more than $500 on everything you will see below.
Misread... >.
In hat case, you wouldn't be able to connect with a digital cable. My next (and only other) suggestions would be to update/reinstall your monitor's driver.
D-Sub is just another term for VGA. Is that the only input on the monitor?
That is most likely the problem. When I got a new monitor and linked it up with a VGA cable, it wouldn't let me use any wide screens. As soon as I got me a digital cable, all the choices returned to me and everything was peachy. If your monitor has a DVI input, a cable only costs like 2 bucks most places online, and I would highly recommend that.
As soon as you ignore the Aim Downsight control and don't use it (aiming is useless in the game), the controls are fine, but if you must be able to Aim on the mouse, you may have a little bit of an issue. However, the game itself is just so amazing that I was and still am able to look past any control issue to play it! Bioshock 2, they dumbed it down (only very very slightly, nothing too noticeable). The main issue with the second one is that it was too similar to the...
May I ask what sort of connection you use to connect your monitor?
Oh lookie here...
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