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Windows can now do the same, with buttons. Inside of the classic power settings, one can set the buttons to either goto sleep, hibernate, shutdown, or power off the display.Either way, I just went with HDMI and all of my problems have been resolved. DP is just a mess. 3 monitors, 5 GPUs, 3 desktops. None of them have ever worked right with DP. By worked right, I mean worked at least as well as HDMI.
I know this is a late reply, but as you probably already found out, no. Need at least one Gold account per console.
Which is why we are waiting on the inevitable FT (Fortress) version of this case. All metal, none of this plastic fairing.
Don't buy them, then. Just wait till the price goes down. By then, the issues would of likely been fixed. Unless if it's an annual MP game. I was tempted to buy Watch Dogs, then I remembered it was Ubisoft. I can wait.
I like mine. It has a DPI-switch which makes it easier to switch between sensitivities for gaming, photoshop, and the UEFI (which is strangely tuned). But there are likely non-gaming mice that have such a mode switch, admittedly.
Yeah, current consoles are a sizable disappointment. This BS with microsoft and sony thinking they will win the "media" crowd, forgets almost any bluray player on the market, along with a whole slew of modern TVs, already do all of the "media" people want to do. Even if the "media" focus was just a lie to cover up serious consumer gouging, it doesn't explain away how previous gen consoles could already do the same thing (well, at least one was an all-rounder, the other...
... I'm in California. We have curfews for teenagers at night. I'd imagine most cities do, too.
I have a similar PWM modded GT-AP. Does yours have a slight motor buzzing noise? It's getting to be a bit annoying to me (my desktop placement probably makes the noise worse).It's much noisier than my GTAP-13 and 15 fans. If it wasn't for a GTAP-13 failing on my earlier today, I would of never bothered with installing the high speed GT-AP in there.I'm considering getting a Noctua S12A (PWM) for the top exhaust, and either a F12A or P12A for the middle intake (where my PWM...
Someone to chauffeur me to work (where else am I going to find time to play the Vita outside of home? At home, I can just play on a real Playstation with a proper controller). BTW, did you know MW2 got, "pretty good reviews," too?I didn't remember having to needlessly fiddle with the touchscreen (remove dirt by rubbing it away on the touchscreen) to do what would of been basic, one button tasks on the PS3. Or the silly "aim the camera at the bright light" nonsense, which...
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