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bump! budzos
Finally picked up a Stacker STC-T01 locally for $30.00 in almost perfect shape but I am in need of the power supply bracket with the 2 80mm fan cut outs. Does anybody have one laying around or know where I can get one? In the picture it is installed in the lower power supply postion. Thanks in advance, budzos
These are the articles I found Take them for what there worth. budzos
That was the Kingston SSDnow V300 I think.budzos
Bad news for all. Antec is no longer selling b-stock cases.I tried to order a 900 today and the b-stock page no longer exists. I don't know why they stopped but I am kinda bummed about it. budzos
You must of got a dud.Mine runs like a raped ape. Did you get the XLR8 or the Optima?budzos
Its still available!
Title says it all, I picked one of theses up last time they were on sale. Not a bad price budzos
I actually ordered a couple of the blue Sickleflows for a Antec 900 with a few fans that are on there way out. I have ordered the multipacks in the past for generic replacements just because they are cheap. You are right though they don't move a ton of air but they are quiet. budzos
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