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Hmm was thinking about a 2nd 570. I guess i see in a month or 2 when i decide:) most likely a 7970:) Also i have one more question for the memory i always herd its best to use 2 sticks for overclocking? So should i get 2x8gb sticks vs 4x4gb?
I run 1080p, Sometimes i do run 2560 doing Nvidia down sampling on some games.
Hmm didint know they had higher per clock performance... ok will get the board and ram and use the rest for a gpu Is the 7970 still a good card? seem like they going for pretty cheap on ebay, What would be the difference i see over the 570gtx? or even the 2x crossfire cards i have in my profile? Im currently using the 570 right now tho.
So do you think its still worth it getting the saber tooth and ram and just clocking the 1100t to 4.2ghzs or 4.3 if it can? Would be around 310$ total than save up for a 290 or 970.
Yep that's the board i have.So in your first point you saying a phenom 2 x6 is faster? Cause you said you need a fx chip at 4.5ghzs to get the same performance as a phenom ll x6@4ghzs. Or do you mean the other way around?But yea i think i will just get the saber mb and ram for now and see what the 1100t and if its still the same clocks will try my 1090t again.I would save up for intel but than again if i change to them i want the i7 and all that lol... And would like...
I have the h100 push and pull with the tycoon fans. And yep i got the north bridge at 2800. 1.35v I had it at 3000 and one time at 3100 but both of thoes needed 1.4-1.42v which is a bit high and warm so i backed it down to 2.8.
don't have a micro center near me:(
The thing with this 1100t it will ony do 4ghzs with out getting unstable. It will post at 4.2ghz but will just fall on its face if i load anything on it. That was the same with my 1090t. I tried everything to get these stable at higher than 4ghz clock. Right now the volts are at 1.5v to be stable at 4ghzs. Tried 1.55 even tried 1.6 just to test and see if it will be stable at that, Even tho if it was i would never run these cpus long term at that voltage. Its not...
Hmm just looked at it again and you are right it does have 2 pcie slots, Tho one is 4x while the other is 6x. Will that effect performance? I know my current board is 6x and 4x but really dont know if i was loosing performance or not.And will the overclocking be the same as the saber?
wow that's a great price for that build p4inkill3r but like dixon said i might run 2 cards in the future. So i might just get the saber tooth looks like a great board. And for the need of 16gb of ram i run alot of stuff while on top of gaming and i also run a program called cloud.mql5 which makes a couple bucks a month and also another one called compuware peer which is around 10 to 15$ a month ... Yea im pretty low on money this year so every but helps lol.. But it...
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