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Sooo guys. i was wondering do anyone have the romero hearse online? that car from what i read is very rare to spawn on its own unless someone in the same server has one and it starts to spawn again. would like to have it in my car collection lol Spawns on sp everytime tho
So i have a dv7-6b57nr with the A6-3400M in it which is still a decent machine, And was wondering is it possible to upgrade the cpu? If so is the a10 possible ? Thanks:)
I see so it doesn't show challenge in the playlist anymore? Edit just herd they removed that cause it had issues.Also doing a race on your own doesn't count for any upgrades for your cars right? Cause i just did 3 of them on the sports class with my armored car and i didn't unlock any upgrades.
Does the pc version have challenges on online ? Or did they remove it? Because its not under playlists
Hmm is anyone having trouble not getting any rp when shooting people and loosing the cops after awhile? I posted about this before but it started to work. Was fine for couple hours than just now the rp bar doesn't show up after a cop chase and it doesn't give me any rp.
Does anyone have any problems with the rp bar not showing up anymore when killing or loosing the cops?? I tried a new char and still has the problem. edit K found out im not getting any rp from either one... i found out how to show it by pushing z but it doesn't give any rp at all.. Never mind for some reason after i logged off the site and restarted the pc it now works...
if you running windows 8-8.1 put compatibility mode on windows 7 should fix that:)
Like to join the club:) msi 290x lightning stock cooler. 1200/1600
With the new 1.5 patch my system in my sig runs it great now:) While running it maxed out and with 2560x1440 im getting avg 50-90fps While before i was getting 30s to 60s avg. Now i do get 30s sometimes but very rarely. Great game tho really enjoying it and enjoying it more with higher performance!!
Does this fit a msi 290x lightning? And if so will a h50 cool it better than the stock heat sink? Even tho the lightning is one of the best 290x coolers available and does cool it good. But when clocked at 1200/1600 it does get a bit toasty at 79-83c.
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