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Pretty much i was told its safe too use distilled water and antifreeze, Been toping mine off with it. I also ran antifreeze and water that sat out for 24hours in my xspc rasa kit which i was using before the Rajintek for like 3 months and everything was fine.My pc also runs 24/7.
Same name as on here:) Gordesky1. Sorry it took a bit long to reply back had some stuff going on lol
So far its been great for me:) Running 24/7 with my cpu at 5ghz. I have 2 of them running all in one 2 block/pumps one is siting on the floor of my x9 for more flow for the 2x240mm rads. Will get a pic when i clean the inside of my x9 up its a bit of a snake pit mess lol
How do i join the ocn crew? Im also a clean player so you guys know and pretty much try to report any one that cheats. Edit just sent a request:)
Yep the 360 controllers work:)
Yep it has copper and alloy rads. Good thing i didn't hit the buy button last night lol So will just use auto coolant with it.Thanks:)
Hmm now this is weird.. I saw that windows update has the 15.7 as download for windows 10 and it already updated to it... at first i was wondering how it updated because i have the driver which was the 15.2 on update blocked. I figured why not so i pop up gta and played 30min and so far no stuttering or a freeze when i exit the game.. I wonder if all the updates they rule in for 10 this week fixed the problem? or they fixed something in the drivers. Not complaining...
Well its not about saving a buck lol mostly trying to avoid getting it shipped cause lately when i do order stuff it usely gets shipped from usps which been very bad lately for me which takes like 2 weeks or more cause they lost it or took a wrong turn around the world lol I called home depot for Zep Root Kill and they said they wouldn't trust the other stuff that's in it for water cooling for computers. Than i called a pet store and they also said they have stuff with...
Hmm from what the site says they do have that in my area. So that would be good to put in a loop? I asked the guy did he have anything with copper sulfate and he said no.... lol
Thanks:) So pretty much i can go to a pet store and get something that has copper sulfate in it?Yea i herd silver kill coil is good and alot of people use it, Not sure if that is sold local, well i know you can use anything that is pure silver but probably would cost alot local lol
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