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Is the 25% off still available? When i go there it shows the full price ony.
Yea i know it seems way to high for it mainly sense im running push and pull with the 120mm tycoon fans... I remounted this h100 about 5 times in this month each time its the same.. And this uses the stock amd mounting so cant put o rings on it..I ran my 1100t at 1.6v trying to get 4.2stable again on it before i got this cpu and the max temps that got to is 58-62. It could be because this h100 is about 4 years old which i run my computers 24/7 so it could be worn..I...
Yea hopefully the water cooling system im going to build will keep it in the 50s or lower. Pretty much going to use my rasa block and res and 240mm rad over but add another 240mm into it.Yea these chips can really heat up.. I thought my 1100t was bad at 58 to 62max load at 4.1ghzs 1.6volts when i was testing it lol Anything over 1.4volts on these fx chips temps can go crazy:\Everything is stable at 4.8ghzs 1.47v even tho the temps can get into the 60s. At the moment...
Will it do anything to the cpu just to test it for 10 passes when its in the 70s and 80s? Also is it true with cooler temps the cpu can run at a lower vcore? Cause polroger that had this chip before ran this chip at 4.8ghzs at 1.39v which i need 1.47v. And he had it at 1.45v at 4.95 which i need 1.5+. His load temps was in the 30s and mid 40s.
Hi guys:) Im a long way from being 5ghzs 24/7 stable, I know the cpu can do it but the h100 push and pull just isn't up to the task with over 1.47volts lol But i wanted to ask you guys questions cause you guys know what you guys doing. i can boot even up to 5.150 Probably more but i didin't try higher because i don't want to kill my windows till i back up lol.. But here's the question i wanted to ask. when i run intel burn in it will run up to 3 to 4 runs and...
5.152ghz:) Will try higher when i backup my windows install just incase lol..
I didn't say discount??Couple days ago it was ony showing the 9$ for preorder for the free game which is 15% than they will take the rest when it releases. But now it shows the full price at check out cause if you check out in Paypal it shows 59$Well how i said it it might of confuse peaple. But what i really meant why they charging full price instead of the 15% up front for preorder?
Hmm did rockstarwarehouse change the price for preorder? It says they will take out 15% which is 9$ in checkout couple days ago. But if you add it to your cart now it shows full price??? Even tho it still says 15% before check out???
Nice! They are great fans i have 4 on my h100 and they are pretty quiet and blow a good amount of air. They really well known for their static pressure on rads:) Wish i got them for that cheap lol i paid about 21$ each 3 years ago But was well worth it.
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