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anyone know if i can copy the folder over to another drive? My raid 0 screw up so i had to redo it and now for some reason forza wont install to it keeps saying a error.... So i had to install it on my slow backup Samsung drive which so far downloading... But i was wondering if copying the folder over to the other drive would work? edit never mind didn't know there was a app move option lol..
Get a caterham with a drag tune thats rated at 4 or more stars that's at s1 900 and keep trying, you get a head start against other faster cars. Each try i got a few secs ahead and these caterhams take off really fast won on the 3rd try cause other caterhams beated me lol
Hmm i just bought the mercury and won the first try but i wasn't awarded the car?wait i can ony win it if im using a extreme track toy car?Yep must be tired... guess i buy the caterham now lol..edit 3rd time the charm won the car:) and on top of that got a spin for a horizon car!
Works for me and have no gold.tho i have a question... The players are real players right? and whats up with the head start crap... i cant win one race because of it did like 10 races in a row...Also i think i ran into 2 cheaters when i was in front of everyone i ony saw one car in back of me but i was winning than after i hit the finish line it says i came in 3rd... Or maybe they was lagging? hard to say.
hmm not sure why im not seeing a good boost.. was hopeing when i saw Improved thread layout changes for 8 cores this would be the patch finally... Looking at the % in hwin on avg the 0 core is at 80% while others are in the 30s and 40s... And on maxed it uses them all on 100%.. Pretty much the same as before the patch.. and the rims menu didn't change still the same slowness..
hmm what is your fps at the start of the races and the rest of the races? Pretty much mine has always been 30 28 being the lowest but it seems after the patch it stays at 30 or a little over, Than the rest of the race it varys like mid 30s and 40s.
Do you have the issue at the start of races that the fps drop?Mostly free roam is fine for me even when the game first game out festivals are around 40s, it just these dam races were you first start out mainly when the cars are in front of you..
so far very little improvement with my system with new patch:( still drops down in the low 30s in races... not sure what they did when they say they improve 8 core cpus... unless they mean intels... but with a locked 30fps that seems more stable.
just got the car:) Even tho im all about muscle but a free car is a free car lol
were are these challenges located in the game?
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