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Yea meant ch6... Been a long night lol... Yep i just did another swap 2 days ago from a old intel core duo system that had 10 to my fx to get it up and going again cause i needed the ssd out of the intel system and i said heck lets see if it will boot to save time and yep booted right up and running fine:DIt even activated automatic i guess cause it remembers it had it:)
Lol but it worked and been running sense i upgraded to ryzen over a month ago:) Didint feel like going threw the clean install and make everything how i had it before lol..Had nothing to loose sense i had a image backup.@hurricane28 if i can remember you got the ch7 right? I went from the asus saber kitty right too ryzen with the gigabyte k7 so you might not even get a blue screen at the start. Just had to deleted a dll that popped up on the blue screen and it...
It can work. It worked for me from my fx build and everything been running fine ever sense:) I did have to delete a dll file threw cmd or i would get a blue screen every time. But after that it booted right up and i installed the drivers. forgot the name tho..Windows 10 is pretty forgiving doing that most of the time.
Yea i remember my 5870 blower that thing sounded like a jet engine at 100% lol.... I was worried the same happening when i got this card cause i did buy it used so i couldn't return it.But im happy with it and also happy cause everything runs cooler now compare to the the aftermarket fans cooling the gpu but all the heat spews all around the case lol..
Good too know:) Yea i also notice even at 100% its alot quieter than other blowers smoother too.
here's mine at 3.85 3200 cas 16 1080 fe. At the moment running 3.95 didint try testing it with that yet.
Another question how durable is the fe blower fan? Why i ask i mostly keep it at 80 to 100% cause it runs so cold at that %. That and i also do mine with it too while gaming too when i do. I had a amd 5870 blower style and while it did last a good bit i think it lasted like 3 to 4 years? But one day it started to make a clunking noise which it still spin but seems like the bearings went out on it. But was able to replace it from another card a 4890 i had. I looked on...
Yea it can be expensive which why i am a small miner and probably be like that lol... And failed parts yea im worrying about that right now with the 390 lol... The 1080 not so much that things runs cold doing anything for some reason lol can also game too..Electric can be a big problem for alot from what i seen . But i figured it out and it will cost around 27 to 32$ a month for me so not bad.
Hehe:) Maybe if i hit in some big money than sure! I can dream right:
well you have to think about consumers they are trying mining out this time also lol.. Im one of them but a small one lol..
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