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Like to join the club:) msi 290x lightning stock cooler. 1200/1600
With the new 1.5 patch my system in my sig runs it great now:) While running it maxed out and with 2560x1440 im getting avg 50-90fps While before i was getting 30s to 60s avg. Now i do get 30s sometimes but very rarely. Great game tho really enjoying it and enjoying it more with higher performance!!
Does this fit a msi 290x lightning? And if so will a h50 cool it better than the stock heat sink? Even tho the lightning is one of the best 290x coolers available and does cool it good. But when clocked at 1200/1600 it does get a bit toasty at 79-83c.
thanks:) going to come out to 72$ with the ocn code not bad:) Hopefully i can get my goal of 5ghz stable on this cpu lol... It can do it but the high temps hold it back with this h100... Rep+
thanks will do the drain valve:) I think i will need to get different size hose for that right? Cause i cant find any drain valves that says it fits 7/16 id ony see ones that says 1/4 and 13mm 1/2 Or are those compatible together? This is the kit i have
Thanks guys will order everything i need from performance:) What i like is they have everything i need what i listed and cost about the same as frozen. I have another question. If i want to upgrade my loop down the road like add another rad which i would like to do i would need couple Compression Fittings right? Or would i need quick disconnects?
So Sense frozencpu went down which is a shame because that's were i bought my xpc kit back in 2010. Pretty much im not sure were to get the parts i need to get that kit back up and running.. What i need is the mounting amd kit for the rasa block Tubing 7/16"ID 5/8" OD with 3/32" than new clamps and Coolant Additive im going to use distilled water. I had all this on frozencpu cart like a month ago but herd frozen cpu went under... i just want to get rid of this...
if you running windows 8 did you run it on windows 7 mode?Just made that mistake now and forgot it has to be done for it to pass lol.. and had to edit this post out ..Was going crazy was even failing at stock lol..
Has anyone tried oblivion or any other older games on these cards??? I went to play it again today after years not doing so. And i was looking for super smooth fps even with mods. But im getting 30s and sometimes 20s in some areas... I notice the clocks in msi afterburner going down to 600-800 and gpu load is between 1% to max 40%... I have my lightning clocked to 1200/1650 and ony games that will use that is newer high demanding games... I have tried everything...
I say around 5 to 10c better depends on the fan settings and ambient temp. Before with custom profile 100% side fans at 75c and middle fan at 70% temps can reach mid 80s which they climb pretty fast.But after the new applied paste max temps even with 50% middle fan it gets to 77 and will climb to 78 but will go back down to 77c, Than when the heat goes off in the house it will go down in the low 70s which the temps barely budge even during that before.I just tried...
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