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I've never had any problems with their products, but have had issues with their customer service the one time I had to call them. It was probably just his time of the month though. Hopefully that Jacob dude sees this. He's usually helpful.
Another uplay is garbage vote right here.
Yes, it does. And no, Microsoft will be fine in six years.
Link You might have to scroll down to see the item. It should be near the bottom of the page. I've owned two pair of these and have no complaints. The mic is nice to have.
A game you would hate.
Windows isn't perfect but what you speak is hogwash.
Switch the second monitor to the 7950 and report back. There are a number of things that could be behind this.
You could throw anything rack mountable inside. Nice case BTW.
Give it a try with your secondary monitor hooked to the GPU. I'm wondering if having the second monitor running off the onboard video may be causing this. Report back.
Century Link needs to disappear completely. They have been complete trash for at least the last decade.
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