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Century Link needs to disappear completely. They have been complete trash for at least the last decade.
You either get a buzz off a glass of (real) whiskey, or you're drinking it to feel normal, (or doing it wrong). There is the slight possibility that you've got Irish dock worker blood, as myself, but doubt it.I'm all for this!
Definitely. I enjoy my netflix. I really wish amazon prime would separate the shipping from the online stuff. I never use prime for anything but shipping.
If the h60 doesn't give you desirable temps I'd go for an h80. They are a little thicker but perform quite nicely. Otherwise, if you decide to go the straight air cooling route noctua makes some high quality hsf. The major drawback to these is that you have a massive block hanging off you motherboard.
I'd see how well the h60 performs once you overclock before buying a cooler that you may not need. If you do end up upgrading, I'd stick with an AIO cooler. They have a much cleaner look IMO.
The multiplayer needs files from the single player IIRC. You've got to download them both. It's too bad that the game takes up so much space. There's really no excuse for it.
I was in a similar situation as you when I built my current system. I went with the 3770k. The major downside is heat. My cpu does get quite toasty. By deliding you can cut the heat down a bit. In my opinion go with the 3770k. X4 would limit your 770s.
I'd just get another 670.
I've got one of these. Works really well, but the Samsung lettering started to come off after having it for less than a week.
Why is Knuckles so much bigger than everyone else?
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