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I plan on going to BL2 after I give this most recent BL a go through. Hopefully the drivers fix my issues.
To each his own. I loved BL1. BL2 had terrible SLI performance for me and others that was never really fixed. The pre sequel has fixed all that, for the most part. I plan on giving BL2 another run through after I beat BLpre a few more times. My mine gripe is that there is only one male character by default. You have to pay for the extra male character. Not a huge deal or anything. Just seems odd to me. Absolutely love the game though.
GMG is a great company. If I can, I always buy my games from there. They actually appreciate your business.
Jeez. Looks like my Borderlands club has completely died out. Hopefully the pre sequel can bring people back.
I have been playing it. Absolutely love it! So much better than the god awful second release. Not quite as fun as the first, but the most fun game released in a long time imo. Always looking for new people to play with, so hit me up if anyone wants to play!
Mine's already dead. Didn't even last a month.
What I was thinking too. That last Halo game like this was trash.
Just picked up a 256gb version. Thanks for the heads up!!!
Sounds more like you're a student using money loaned to you. So no, you're not rich. Nice try.
At least you guys have medical marijuana though. And I'd happily trade our glorious trailer parks for your ice cream give away.
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