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I plan on going to BL2 after I give this most recent BL a go through. Hopefully the drivers fix my issues.
Level 9 Jack, actually. Waiting on another player to join right now. feel free to hop on.
I have a 36 Wilhelm. Just started a 5 ish jack. Looking to play here in a bit if anyone's down.
To each his own. I loved BL1. BL2 had terrible SLI performance for me and others that was never really fixed. The pre sequel has fixed all that, for the most part. I plan on giving BL2 another run through after I beat BLpre a few more times. My mine gripe is that there is only one male character by default. You have to pay for the extra male character. Not a huge deal or anything. Just seems odd to me. Absolutely love the game though.
OCN: BORDERLANDS PRE-SEQUEL GROUP ArabianIGoggles bigkahuna360 Sleazy_E Post your STEAM ID if you want to be added to the member list. Or you can just add yourself to the I play at strange hours so just send me a message through Steam and I'll try to get a game going!
GMG is a great company. If I can, I always buy my games from there. They actually appreciate your business.
Jeez. Looks like my Borderlands club has completely died out. Hopefully the pre sequel can bring people back.
I have been playing it. Absolutely love it! So much better than the god awful second release. Not quite as fun as the first, but the most fun game released in a long time imo. Always looking for new people to play with, so hit me up if anyone wants to play!
Mine's already dead. Didn't even last a month.
What I was thinking too. That last Halo game like this was trash.
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