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Looks like DDR3-1333. Edit... 8GB Max apparently.
+1, DDU, install 15.7.1, profit.
+1You sir should not give advice on something you obviously have no knowledge of. I implore you to go take a programming class or two and then come back and repeat your statement.
Thanks shilka!. I believe I have a KM1 PSU as my model number is SS-750KM. Do you know if the KM1/KM3 PSU cables are cross compatible?
I would like to replace the cables of my Seasonic X750 with this kit: I have read on several sites that the Corsair PSU's are made by Seasonic and since the Office depot site says these are compatible with ax750, hoping they would work for my psu. Does anyone have any experience with these?. Advice?.. EDIT: NVM. I answered my own question which is no..
Looking at possibly moving to a Core X1 for my sig rig since my Arc Midi R2 is waaay to big for my mini-itx board. I have gone over the specs and it seems I would have to top mount one of my 240mm rads and one in the bottom. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this case?. You think there would be enough room with my photon d5 res as well?. I was also thinking of moving to a 360mm rad as well in place of one of my 240mm's. Input is appreciated.
Sure you can saturate, but what matters is sustained I/O. What does the traffic look like throughout the day in the environment.
There are a lot of factors in your environment that would go into choosing a configuration. Is this for home or businees?. If for business I suggest you talk to a partner distributor or to the SAN storage engineers from the company you are looking at.
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