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Like the title says, contemplating trading my 3570K + some cash for a 3770k. PM me offers.
Looks good.
No, a wireless bridge would not solve your problem if the wireless router is at fault. All a wireless bridge would do is transfer data from any devices connected to the bridge via cable, over the wireless back to your wireless router. So if you have crappy wireless signal/transfer rates, a bridge will not help.
Your particular wifi router only operates on the 2.4ghz frequency. Chances are, your 10-15 neighbors are also operating on the same frequency as well. The trick here is that there are multiple channels available to communicate on. A program like inssider can show you the traffic on your current channel, as well as traffic on other channels as well. It may be prudent to change the channel your wifi router is operating on in the devices config to one that is less utilized....
+1, CD-drive required
Enjoy your 10GB caps and overage charges.
Subbed!. Mods like this are very inspiring. It is always awesome to see what can really be done without a ton of money. I patiently await the awesome progress. Keep up the good work!.
Still nothing eh?.
At 1920x1080 resolution I wouldn't recommend anything bigger than 24 inches unless you are going to be sitting quite a ways away from your monitor.
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