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Payment Sent.
Try Acronis, free and will do a clone of your drive. You may have to install drivers and boot into safemode on first boot
Sold to frederickv
I have 3x8GB DDR3-10600R registered ECC dimms. Fresh pull from server, vmware needed more memory. Asking $150 + free shipping VIA USPS. Would consider trade for a decent 2x8GB 1600+ DDR3 unbuffered memory set for my main rig.
Intel Pentium G850, fresh server pull from a system that needed to move to a Xeon. $40 + free shipping via USPS.
Selling my I5-3570k as I recently upgraded to a 3770k. $160 + free shipping via USPS.
Like the title says, contemplating trading my 3570K + some cash for a 3770k. PM me offers.
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