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Didn't see it asked but I see you are using windows 7 x64. Are you fully up to date with updates including SP1?
I'm in!.
Payment Sent.
I would be suspect of BOTH PSU's. If you have anyone with a nice system, try borrowing a QUALITY 450W+ PSU. You are starving your GPU on the 12v rail. Did you try the CX430 WITH the 5670?. Also, how old is the 430?. I would suggest something like the Rosewill Capstone 450W as a starter for the 6850.
Agreed if an assumption is made that the PSU is quality .
I would be worried about using a 750W PSU for dual video cards. is highly inaccurate. I would never recommend anyone to use that site. That being said, I just upgraded from a gtx 770 4gb classified to a 290x pcs+ and the difference is amazing for 1440p. Glad I made the jump while prices are so low. 11k Firestrike scores at a playable overclock, yes please.
I just took the jump myself from 23" 1080p display to a 27" 1440p. The real estate gained is amazing as well as games played at this resolution. You won't be disappointed
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