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Count me in, thanks!
I'm in, thanks!
I'm in!. My son has reached the age where he wants a computer to play games on instead of just a tablet. Would make an excellent start for him!.
Deal is back again!
Have you tried checking for BSOD's?. I prefer Nirsoft Bluescreenview (linked below). I had similiar behaviour on a different laptop and it turned out that my bluetooth mouse was causing it.
In case anyone is looking into getting one of these in a similiar config.... This coming monday you can pick one up for $699.99. I was able to pick one up earlier this week at this price, same config as below. Should be getting it next week.
Looks like DDR3-1333. Edit... 8GB Max apparently.
+1, DDU, install 15.7.1, profit.
+1You sir should not give advice on something you obviously have no knowledge of. I implore you to go take a programming class or two and then come back and repeat your statement.
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