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I'm in!. My son has reached the age where he wants a computer to play games on instead of just a tablet. Would make an excellent start for him!.
Deal is back again!
Have you tried checking for BSOD's?. I prefer Nirsoft Bluescreenview (linked below). I had similiar behaviour on a different laptop and it turned out that my bluetooth mouse was causing it.
In case anyone is looking into getting one of these in a similiar config.... This coming monday you can pick one up for $699.99. I was able to pick one up earlier this week at this price, same config as below. Should be getting it next week.
Looks like DDR3-1333. Edit... 8GB Max apparently.
+1, DDU, install 15.7.1, profit.
+1You sir should not give advice on something you obviously have no knowledge of. I implore you to go take a programming class or two and then come back and repeat your statement.
Thanks shilka!. I believe I have a KM1 PSU as my model number is SS-750KM. Do you know if the KM1/KM3 PSU cables are cross compatible?
I would like to replace the cables of my Seasonic X750 with this kit: I have read on several sites that the Corsair PSU's are made by Seasonic and since the Office depot site says these are compatible with ax750, hoping they would work for my psu. Does anyone have any experience with these?. Advice?.. EDIT: NVM. I answered my own question which is no..
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