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new drivers are fantastic. Very happy with Far Cry 3, seems playable now!
haha fantastic. Thanks!
Sent PM
I'd happily pay the installation fee to get that speed up here. $100/ month gets us 100gb/s down and 5mb/s up
I've had some nasty firmware issues with my Vertex 3 ... I had one drive die on me, new drive was pretty terrible (SMART failure, not recognized in bios until rebooted a few times, windows wanting to run scandisc _all_ the time) until I got the newest firmware. It's been behaving since.
Fantastic build man. Top notch
well, damn. I was really looking forward to this title!
Can someone please explain to me exactly what cloud gaming entails? And why?
Amazing build. I am very impressed at the workmanship and photography
I enjoy my case. Here's a cell phone pic after I installed my GPUs
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