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For me yes, for everything to come without having to think took a couple daysThe ctrl button mainly. ctrl+commands felt weird, same for shift+ctrl+commands.The arrow keys and home buttons, but its just fine now.Its the most comfortable keyboard I've used, my fingers get fatigue because it takes a little more pressure to press a key compared to the filco.I'm typing at 100-120wpm, code a bit slower.
I've got a hhkb pro 2, the layout took a day or two to get use to. I was worried when i placed the order as well. But i just pulled the trigger and figured I'd make myself like it either way. Only problem now is having to type on any other keyboard with a normal layout. for backspace and ctrl. It definitely feels more natural with hhkb layout. I used a Filco Majestouch 2 with cherry blues for a couple years, and I now prefer topre switches. But i do miss the tactile...
Hello, I need an appraisal on most of my sig rig. Selling it to a friend of mine but im looking for a good price. If possible, I would like the normal appraisal and i'll add the buddy discount in myself I would like it if it could be appraised by parts, as well as whole if its different then the sum of the parts. Most of the components were purchased 2 - 2.5 years ago. CPU is overclocked right around 4GHz and the GPU is overlocked as well. AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Corsair...
i7 950 - Never been overclocked, pulled from workstation. Prices are shipped/obo. Listing is for cpu only, no heatsink. I only accept paypal. Thanks.
Pm sent.
Everything sold. Will be making a new listing for my ddr3 sticks soon. Thanks all!
Yes. The 955 will ship in its original box too. But I might have a buyer for it.Replied. I will be adding a pair of ddr3 gskill sticks tomorrow. I can't remember the speed/ capacity specs right now.
Thanks but it seems he isn't interested in trades. Replied. edit: 925 sold!
Motherboard sold! I'll be adding a Gigabyte 790fx board in a few days. Looking to trade for a video card!
Yup. I was very young when I assembled that rig, it was my first oc! I was even younger when I had the compaq. I only used it to play asteroids after all.
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