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Count me in! Thanks
Asking $50 Shipped A couple things: It is an unlocked PNY GTX 465 Has a Zalman VF3000 cooler Overclocks pretty well and stays cool and quite with VF3000 I have the stock cooler still, and the box for the VF3000 if you really want it. (preferably not) Any questions, please feel free to ask.
For me yes, for everything to come without having to think took a couple daysThe ctrl button mainly. ctrl+commands felt weird, same for shift+ctrl+commands.The arrow keys and home buttons, but its just fine now.Its the most comfortable keyboard I've used, my fingers get fatigue because it takes a little more pressure to press a key compared to the filco.I'm typing at 100-120wpm, code a bit slower.
I've got a hhkb pro 2, the layout took a day or two to get use to. I was worried when i placed the order as well. But i just pulled the trigger and figured I'd make myself like it either way. Only problem now is having to type on any other keyboard with a normal layout. for backspace and ctrl. It definitely feels more natural with hhkb layout. I used a Filco Majestouch 2 with cherry blues for a couple years, and I now prefer topre switches. But i do miss the tactile...
Hello, I need an appraisal on most of my sig rig. Selling it to a friend of mine but im looking for a good price. If possible, I would like the normal appraisal and i'll add the buddy discount in myself I would like it if it could be appraised by parts, as well as whole if its different then the sum of the parts. Most of the components were purchased 2 - 2.5 years ago. CPU is overclocked right around 4GHz and the GPU is overlocked as well. AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Corsair...
i7 950 - Never been overclocked, pulled from workstation. Prices are shipped/obo. Listing is for cpu only, no heatsink. I only accept paypal. Thanks.
Pm sent.
Everything sold. Will be making a new listing for my ddr3 sticks soon. Thanks all!
Yes. The 955 will ship in its original box too. But I might have a buyer for it.Replied. I will be adding a pair of ddr3 gskill sticks tomorrow. I can't remember the speed/ capacity specs right now.
Thanks but it seems he isn't interested in trades. Replied. edit: 925 sold!
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