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I couldn't even find a 980 on the website for my store. I kind of wanted to buy one to play with for a while and give to my brother.
The only MSI board I had was amazing. Asrock has been good to me at a ridiculously low price. I've only had the chance to OC on a Crosshair in a friends PC and I know they have a good reputation but I wasn't a fan of the interface and I felt like I should have been getting better clocks but it could have been CPU limited. I had a low end ASUS mobo that was completely terrible back in 2008. Just go for what you want and if it doesn't meet your expectations return it or...
Cool to think of such neat stuff being made right around the corner. I know a lot of people who have worked for intel there. Excited to hear great news.
Its all subjective you really have to try things to decide what you like. My favorite sub $200 headphones are the beyer DT770. They just do everything pretty well and are very energetic. A few of my friends have ended up with them as well and one chose to go with DT880s.
I experienced some issues through a couple drivers when I did freesync testing on a few supported games too. Never anything beyond that though. That must suck even on videos.
This. Just looking towards vega/volta for hope because there's nothing else on the market that is even remotely interesting to me moving on to.
Going from a 2500k@4.4 to a 5820k@4.4 helped me quite a lot in GTA5. Probably 15-20fps gain all around.
Windows 10 definitely has some compatibility issues. They may just not be seen often or will only be seen by people doing specific things.
I'm on 16.11.4 maybe I'll try upgrading to 11.5. I had problems with all the new drivers too.
I'm enjoying it a lot too. It's unfortunate game release cycles kill games so quickly because I'd like to play this one as long as I played 1942.
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