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The limit of control will decide if I will buy a server or not. I have a feeling I won't be getting one but we'll see. No rcon is disappointing enough already to put me more towards not.
There's some decent gains from overclocking the north bridge on whatever board you choose. My old 955 did a blistering 53 gflops in IBT. I believe a good oc is 4 or 4.1 and from what I remember I only ever got it to 3.7 though and my nb was 2.6. Used a xigmatek dark knight and msi 790fxgd70 mobo. Thats ddr3 and am3 though.
That's terrible business practice. I know it's not uncommon but it's really dirty. It seems kind of silly to do that too for computer items since you replace them so frequently. Obviously after getting shafted like that you would never go back to them and never recommend them to anyone else. EVGA used to be really good about that stuff and sapphire has been good to my friends sending them newer units when something like that happens too.
I was trying to wait it out too but since it doesnt seem like it will be around until the middle of the first quarter at the earliest I started looking around for X99 parts. I found a $200 gigabyte SOC champ so I decided the wait was over and choose that.I went from my 2500k@4.5 to 5820k@4.4 too and I feel the same way.
The best keyboards I have ever owned would be a tie between my '88 Focus with blue ALPS and my poker with treble case, vortex PBT, and ergoclears. Its a first generation because I prefer PCB mount.
We need 144 frames now.
Looking to buy a Gigabyte SOC Champion working in good condition for $200 + shipping (US). I have verified paypal for payment.
The switch razer is advertising looks very similar to a normal scissor switch. I'd like to see the actual internal mechanism if there is anything interesting inside.
I passed it up for $250 or so once when it was on sale. But after looking around at other motherboards even after the new releases I didn't find anything else that interested me more. I'm still considering waiting to see how Zen turns out too but this what I'm currently thinking of doing. There's a few 5930k on craigslist for $375 and I was hoping I might be able to get the SOC champ used or something for a good price and make a cheap successor to my 2500k. I figured I'm...
Toward the end of the year I will be looking to purchase a new motherboard for a 5930k possibly. I was looking at the gigabyte X99 SOC champion for cosmetics but I want to see if anyone has any recommendations that are better. The main feature I want is overclocking capability and ability to run pci 3.0 x16 on two slots. I will probably spend $250-350.
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