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It runs hot in any slot. I had considered it but I only bought it at the end of the last year to hold me over until the 490X. A single 290X just doesn't cut 1440p 144hz. I'm just going to give my 290s to my little brother who will run them stock anyways so I'm not going to bother. It doesn't pass 90c either way it's just dissapointing that it runs warm and doesn't OC at all compared to my other
One of my 290x is fine at +86mv 1150/1475 in the low 70s the other can only OC core to 1100/1450 and runs in the low 80s even on stock clocks. It's depressing. Edit: These are both Sapphire TriX. The first one worked so well it made me get a second which was the more dissapointing one.
=S That silly stuff better be able to be disabled.
It's about the design. AMD could easily just beat intel or NVIDIAs offerings on either front out of the blue. It's just not likely.
I was just wondering where the hell this is going after refreshing.
What happened to the rumors of a WW1 setting? or was that something else? I don't remember. I was all excited for nothing..
Yep I was getting solid 60fps at 1440p with my slightly OC 290x.
Is there strafing? I couldn't get anything going. It also seems to be locked to 60 frames which better be fixed by release or it's a no go for me.
I have an 2500k and Asrock P67 also since they were new. Took me 1.355v and LLC2 in order to get 4.5GHz and getting temps in the mid 70s after a night and day of P95. These are my 24/7 settings with no power savings at all.
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