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I wonder if this is why when I start my computer my DAC drivers tell me they are missing information. It still works but like a week ago I noticed when I booted it up for the first time in a while something had changed.
I remember setting up my ddr3 at 1333mhz 7-7-7-21 1t trying to get as tight timings as possible. This looks insane to me. xD
I ninjad tht xD The crimson driver lists the range as 35-144 but upon using it in game it will reset to the normal 30-90hz. I was just happy to play 144hz again the old drivers wouldnt even let me do that with crossfire.
Actually scratch my comments. I just got the crimson driver I could play at 144hz again.
I have the asus MG279Q as well. I use 144hz when I can because it feels better than the freesync (90hz) but it doesn't work when I use crossfire so for games that need the power I have to use the freesync. While this guide doesn't seem super complicated I'm much too lazy.
This. I would be inclined to play more if it was on steam.
I am very impressed as well the game looks beautiful outdoors. I enjoyed the gameplay as well (on the outdoor maps). I played on a 8GB 290X 1100/1410 on windows 7 with an old beta driver on my old HDD and it played well still. For some reason this setup would give me a black screen on the demo and I could only access the console. I'll try it again with win10 and the new drivers @1150/1500 when I get my second SSD to put it on since its filled.
I see so its really just the idea of the guarantee that you will never run into any issues especially on a keyboard that isn't necessarily designed with that in mind.
I know how it works. I still don't see any real world uses that require 4 alphas + 2 modifiers. >.> The most I ever use in gaming is 3 alpha + 2 modifiers and even that is rare. The only keyboards I have ever ran into issues with were 2KRO. Can you give an example of what requires you to press that many keys at the same time? I'm not trying to be rude or anything just really curious what people are doing. Gaming is the only reasonable thing I could think of to use that...
I honestly don't know how you guys can use more than 6 keys at the same time lol.
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