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Windows 10 definitely has some compatibility issues. They may just not be seen often or will only be seen by people doing specific things.
I'm on 16.11.4 maybe I'll try upgrading to 11.5. I had problems with all the new drivers too.
I'm enjoying it a lot too. It's unfortunate game release cycles kill games so quickly because I'd like to play this one as long as I played 1942.
I have no plans of upgrading but I'm getting excited now.
You're probably being limited by your CPU. I have heard people suggesting to turn down post processing and static mesh. My Tri-X seem to work better in DX12 oddly.
This is all I want as well.
I'll probably be getting me an EVGA VEGA as long as it ties the 1080.
I have a very similar grip. I've always found logitechs mice to fit my hand very well. The G5, MX518, G500 and G400/s all felt really nice to me. You should take a look at some more of their mice and see if you have any interest. That G102 looks pretty good.
I have a rig around with an Asrock P67 extreme6. It was good to me over the years and pushed my 2500k to 4.5GHz (Limited by heat). Never had any boot problems or flashing or anything of the sort. There's a cheaper extreme4 too. I'm sure you can get one somewhere used for $60 by now it was a little over $100 new.
You all are making me want to try Noctuas paste. I used MX4 and many reseats and was'nt happy with my temps. Gonna have to do it now.
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