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Im thinking more 4 = $200, 6 = $280, 8 = $450
I just throw it in some tupperware with a little soap and shake it up. My DT770 were thrown up on once when some friends from work were over and that's what I did the next day to get all the crap off.
If AMD came out with a consumer CPU that was equivalent to sandy bridge clock for clock and 8 cores that was $400- I would buy it in a heartbeat.
I was very happy with Vortex doubleshot PBTs for the price but the injected plastic can stick out a bit. If you are one of those people who need everything to be perfect they might not be for you. The only other person I know IRL who bought them also noticed the same thing. The plastic that makes the font can sit slightly higher than the main part of the keycap. Its only noticeable on 1/15 of the caps or so and not that big of a deal IMO but I figured it would be worth a...
You have to have somewhere that sells mechanical keyboards? Even if its just a best buy or your equivalent I'm sure they would let you try it in the store. If they don't just walk in and carefully open a box (not to damage anything) on a different day with different employees.
I used to work at a store that sells mechanical keyboards so I go there and take em all out and play with them but I think it'd be weird if I started recording and stuff. Also I don't know about your Fry's electronics but the one I used to work at really don't mind customers taking stuff out and playing with it. Only the greedy sales people complain. If you have a Frys electronics by you go visit sometime. They have all the mainstream boards there and they used to have an...
Both of the keyboards I used were off the shelf. The browns were still stiff and not broken as were the oranges.
Yeah, its a rubberdome with ALPS compatible keycaps.
I compared the two side by side today so its still pretty fresh in my mind. I like MX browns more than the new orange kailh switches that razer is using. They feel kind of 'sticky' and the required force seems to change in strange places. The MX browns tactility is in the middle and more pronounced a bit. It just feels more smooth and defined to me. I actually like the kailh green switch better than MX blues though but I didn't like MX blues to start.
I like clears best of the cherry switches. So do my friends.
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