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I like clears best of the cherry switches. So do my friends.
ALPS is best. Specifically blues and pink/oranges =P
TG3 bl82 is a great keyboard. Only negative is the odd key sizes.
The trigger has a lot more case flex and all together doesn't feel as solid as the quickfire rapid to me.
Oh wow. I'm so jealous. The Zero is seriously the only keyboard I want nowadays but they're so hard to find. How did you get a hold of yours?
I tried the trigger and I didn't like it. I thought it had too much case flex and I didn't like the way the keycaps made the switches feel. It was on sale at frys electronics for $90 at that time but I still don't think that it is worth it.
Keytronics are quite tactile and rather clunky. I kind of like it but I wouldn't say it feels anywhere as nice as a Topre or most mechanical switches.
Its a simplified ALPS switch.
You could look at the matias tactile pro and the new quiet one too if you haven't already made a definitive choice.
I have always wanted to get a Zenith with linear ALPS. I see them sell dirt cheap pretty often. Are they really nice?
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