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Still looking!
Lol yeah. Me and all my friends quit because of some bad glitches that ruined the game as well as the performance. They've been saying they'll do the dx12 update every month since August. Every month I check back with the updates to see if it ever happens. If they updated to DX12 (or even added SLI/Crossfire support) I'd play again in a heartbeat. It's a great game just a poor performing game right now.
As an avid quake player ( I owe my childhood to him) I'm not arguing against you but I do believe he promised 4k rage texture packs which I'm not sure if they ever saw the light of day (correct me if im wrong) which may be what he was talking about.
Just give me the 240hz! 1440p or 4k I don't really mind.
Now they just need to play catch up with my current rig for 1440p/144hz before I would consider their console.
Really any 790i motherboard. I really wanted one when they were brand new but settled for a asus P5NSLI back in the day. Looking to build a period correct dream build from back then.I would!
Agreed. I want to be getting 144 frames minimum at 2560x1440. A second round of the same stuff from AMD and the same stale cards from nvidia. The Fury has been the only thing interesteng and its been underwhelming.
I'm looking to buy a working evga 790i ultra motherboard for $60 shipped via paypal.
Yeah I kind of think it really just shows that even a cheap low end chip can put up good performance with overclocking.
I wonder if this is why when I start my computer my DAC drivers tell me they are missing information. It still works but like a week ago I noticed when I booted it up for the first time in a while something had changed.
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