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I haven't tried but my two 290x at 1150 core did 130-140 frames in black ops 3. Hope my 1080ti can get 140 solid. I hope a run and gun slightly older style weapons makes it more fun.
I'm interested in the CPU. Are you still interested in taking the mobo?
I'd say the redblock is a pretty well known engine or even their whiteblock i5. I see them or the cars they're in featured on car channels on youtube all the time. Car throttle, Auto Autopsy, Petrolicious, etc. I guess it just depends on the variety of car knowledge or maybe even a world position but I'd still say they are plenty well known.
Why not? The game runs like a joke anyways just like ark dayz h1z1. What happened to gaming? It's all alphas and betas forever running like crap.
What is wrong with it? geekhack and deskthority are good keyboard forums. There's also here.
I miss my 790FX. It was really awesome. The best motherboard I've ever owned.
This is my first post into a hype fest. It's obviously going to be somewhere between 1080-1080ti soon after release but the price is what matters most. My 290Xs served me amazingly well and have been passed down. I need a successor if vega can come anywhere near a 1080ti it will be an instant buy as long as its $600-. Part of me thinks were in for a high price and some great performance. If not I'll wait it out a little while before it comes down to the price/perf king...
WOW really annoying. I had the BF1 issue and just gave away my second 290X to a family member last week because of it. Hardly played BF1 at all because of it then finally gave up.
Interesting that's the same kit I'm using. They're not new though I've been using them for probably 7 months. I think my neighbors build has DDR4 I might borrow a stick from him to try.
Ugg. PCs throwing error 60. Tried lots of different RAM configurations with nothing but the bare minimum plugged in. I saw someone mention in the thread about theirs being a dead CPU. Anyone got any suggestions of what to else to try before getting a new CPU to test?
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