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Have you tried the Stalker series? Its a good mix of FPS/RPG/horror with a nice story imo. Takes place in chernobyl where a second nuclear accident happens changing the surround area into a place called "The Zone" where loot, anomalies, mutants and many other things await you! They're are 3 games in the series with a good amount of mods to spice up the game for you.
This is dumb. The mob is dumb and is overrated. Rockstar should just hire some mercenaries and wipe these scum of the earth.
I hate TWC so much. I can't wait for google. TWC always says they their speeds are at maximum and always make us pay more for less. When some competition comes around the block, they scream "Oh I found some extra free speeds guys"
So much ignorance in this post. The only thing worst is the car in his avatar.
Hey Google, you should bring some of that fiber down to South Carolina from North Carolina. Would be nice, and I'm sure the friendly North Carolinians wouldn't mind.
This is really bad. I'm already forced to use TWC because its the only provider in the area, and now I'll be a comcast customer. TWC is bad but at least they don't have any data caps at the moment, but that is going to change with comast. Google please come to South Carolina, you already have office/server buildings here!
If I buy something with my money its mine. End of story. If Valve wanted to they could shut down their steam services, and none of us could play our games that we paid our hard earned money for. Its like you people love too be ripped off.
Another reason why I hate steam so much. Valve owns my games, not I.
Yeah if only our government was like that. Face reality man, the government wants to know everything. Love your country not your government.
Yeah it was a group effort from keeping the Germans out of Paris. The mutiny of the French army in 1917, the British inability to gain much from any offensive action (such as the somme river) and the withdrawal of the russians mean't that Germany could have held a lot longer if fresh doughboys from America didn't arrive. We saved you from a lot more destruction from WW1 than you think.And WW2... Well if Japan didn't attack us and Hitler stayed out of Russia, England...
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