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Hey there are 4 things you need to know: Data Extraction Retention Policy Personally, you can't have "enough protection".
True!But what I can't get past is the incentive of them doing so. There is no incentive.They could, for example, release Ampere...wait to see what Navi is. If Navi dominates then release a gaming version of Volta and write down Ampere if it is a refresh. Then take performance crown or come close to it.I've always perceived Nvidia waiting on what AMD is doing 1st before acting. Another reason why I don't think it will be a Volta like gpu. Which is why so many, even...
Your reply is off on a strawman's tangent to what I infered by the video. Here's why:Per the video it was implied that sales were great for pascal. And nothing was discussed regarding future sales. Not because it has anything to do with it being Volta or Ampere. But they don't want to hamper current sales. This is a common knowledge.My reasoning for why Ampere could be a Pascal refresh is because of how well Pascal did for them financially. There is, IMO, no reason...
I don't recall opinions regarding rumors needing vetting based on outward bias on an individual. Regardless of how you feel of said individual it does create discussion what Ampere maybe. On one side it maybe a pascal refresh based on the evidence provided in the video. On the other hand it maybe based on Volta. We don't know yet. And as with any rumor speculation requires a pinch of salt. Something that shouldn't need to said in such threads
This is why I think Ampere maybe a die shrunk Pascal. Start at 10:30min end at 11:00min
And this be the game where frame rates are so good! Even a FuryX is beating a 1070 @1440p.
Unless you are already using Power Limit at stock voltage @1100MHz you should be able to use -12 Core Voltage using MSI Afterburner. That should bump up frame rates a bit at 1100MHz.If that doesn't work try increasing Power Limit to 5%. it. Read it Good. CNN has now picked up on this. Stay on target... staaaayy on target!
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