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Someone actually 3D printed the new Ubisoft logo haha!
Cox 300 down.
Hello all, I am trying to export files from a data dump and I am in dire need of some assistance. All of the files that I am trying to export are in pdf, doc, xlsx, jpg, and png format. Due to how the data dump was assembled, the files were renamed to f0.pdf, f0.doc, etc., In addition, the files are found in different subfolders (ex: Data\000\004\0000001212). Furthermore, within a subfolder, if there is a file in there it is accompanied by a m.xml file (for reference...
How are the left and right click buttons. Are they sticky or loose? Thanks!
The G403 that I got from Newegg on Black Friday rattles really bad. Time to RMA
Does anyone here play Stardew Valley? Is it any good?
This. I would also periodically check event viewer for WHEA-Logger's. They are indication of an unstable overclock.
Has anyone here been able to access the Hazmat suit in The Division? I was able to redeem the code through PSN however I don't see it in the rewards trader in game. I also logged into Uplay Club and it was supposed to give me the Broker outfit however I can't access it in game as well.
My two and a half year old 840 EVO suddenly died. The BIOS cannot detect it nor can Parted Magic. Tested on three different computers. The last time I checked I had written ~4TB worth of data to the drive. Is there a chance that the firmware bug caused my drive to die all of a sudden?
So Bethesda just rolled out a new beta patch today. Have any of you guys installed it yet? If so, does the game run a lot smoother?
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