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Wow, okay guys. I'm pretty much just gaming and occasional video encoding. Nothing too major at all. Would a 980x make gaming better for me though?
Hey guys, I currently have a i7 920 and I have been hearing a lot of good things about the 980x. Is it worth me upgrading to it now? Really, what are the major differences between the two? Thanks!
Oh okay, I feel much better now. Thanks guys!! +Rep to all.
Hey guys, I currently have a TX650W Corsair psu and I plan on adding another gtx 460 1gb (SLI) to my setup but my psu only has 2 6 pin power cables... So I will have to use the adapters until I upgrade my PSU.. Am I okay to use them? Will I guess bad performance or something? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by GanjaSMK I would suggest using Afterburner to set your clocks/profile, then close it out completely and try playing again. That may remove the stuttering. So your telling me to play the game without my overclock? Quote: Originally Posted by Rangerscott From your post is just sounds like the fps are just dropping. That's normal. V-sync on or off? Now if you're talking about the game...
Yes, I am using Afterburner for my OC.
Hey guys, I'm having a bit of a problem here. I just installed Arkham Asylum and for some reason I am getting weird fps drops.. It stays at 62 and then a lot of times it drops down to like 50 in certain areas It's VERY annoying. I play with Physx set to normal, 1680x1050 and everything else max. (AA 4x) I have defragged my drive and everything... I am using the beta 260 drivers. Any idea why this is happening?? Thanks!
Yes, I am using MSI Afterburner and Evga OC Scanner to stress test the card. My card is not the EE edition, is that much of a difference? UPDATE: Hmmmm, I downloaded and installed the new 260 beta drivers and that seemed to have fixed my little Bsod problem.. My clocks seem stable so far at 850mhz 1.037v at 72c max. I will try to see if I can lower my voltage a little.
So your saying that the bsod error I am getting is driver related and not because of my overclock??
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