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I'm getting a new case but I've just been torn between choosing the HAF X or the Antec 1200.. Which would you guys recommend?
Damn... Would I see performance decrease now that it's 4x? It's really stupid of Asus to put the 2nd PCIE 16x slot RIGHT next to the 1st one...I don't want my cards sandwiched together..
Hey guys, Well, I just switched one of my 460's over to another slot to help with temps. I have the Asus P6t mobo and it should have 3 PCI Express x16 slots... Now for some reason every program I use (gpu z, everest) is stating that it is in 4x mode... Am I missing something?? Thanks!
Hey guys, I'm trying to enable the MSI Afterburners on screen display for just my GPU.. But It's not working no matter what I do. I tried assigning the hotkeys but when I press them during my game it doesn't show up at all... Is there a step by step tutorial or something on how to do this? Thanks!
Update: Now the stranger part is it doesn't happen when I'm actually playing the game lol... Just in the menus and intro...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kal777 yea, most likely your power supply. your pushing it a bit with the current set up running on 650watts. all it is is the choke coils vibrating at high frequency, this normally happens when the PSU is getting high up in its draw. nothing really to worry about, even though it is annoying. Really? It happens when I'm on the menu, lol. I'm not even pushing anything at that time... Wierd... Also, I play crysis maxed...
Hey guys, It's not really a problem but I'm getting this high pitched whine noise coming from either my Graphics card or my PSU... It doesn't happen with my other games only Witcher... Any idea what this is? I just installed the game today.
Wow, okay guys. I'm pretty much just gaming and occasional video encoding. Nothing too major at all. Would a 980x make gaming better for me though?
Hey guys, I currently have a i7 920 and I have been hearing a lot of good things about the 980x. Is it worth me upgrading to it now? Really, what are the major differences between the two? Thanks!
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