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Oh, it's LN2 now? Question, who is using LN2??
Not sure I would go with 970s. Read the [H] review. For the price, I would look at just sli 780ti's or 980s if budget allows. I'm just not sure 970's have enough muscle and three way on Nvidia is not a guaranteed winner.
Oh, just scroll down. I can't show you atm because I'm not running tahiti gpu anywhere in the house oddly enough.
Omg. With that much cash in reserve, they could afford to end or put a serious dent into world hunger or other human strife. Man, I feel like a hippy now lol.
I use a heavy gauge extension for my 2nd psu. Off the top of my head, with serious volts which you'd need if you want to break 1300 and lay the smack down, you'll be in the ludicrous speed wattage area. Yea, so two circuits for sure. Get a heavy gauge extension.
Hmm, trixx 4.04 was modded by a user to allow access to the memory volts. That user however is quite inactive. You could try tracking him down and ask for a modded newer version.Get you an image... you need to download it? If so, bottom of 2nd post here. I also link thru to the user in question.
1310 core highest ever, lmao. I know what type I am dealing with here now. No need to continue further.
Ok, had a decent time this morning. Got my 290x back into the hof in some benches. I should run some singles but haven't gotten to that yet. Testing this new lightning. First one I bought. She went right to 1300 and change. Not bad lol.fsu you really going to feed volts to it? If you are, I'm not sure that's enough rad space.
Bolded part is wrong. The modded version is modded for memory voltage control.Regarding the voltage control, that is an issue with Sapphire and their propensity to change the reference design for whatever fail reason. And in many cases they break voltage control, and so they have to add it back in with updated trixx versions.
Nice work geggeg.The data you've tested pretty much falls in line with my expectations. I use a Monsta in my loop too, but only part time for benching with a set of big GT's on it. Boy are they loud. Will wait your P/P results. I really dig the new HWL rads.
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