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I'm of the opinion that a htpc is whatever you want it to be as long as it fulfills your needs in the home theatre. In my case my server serves at my htpc and its not low powered at all.
I've contemplated the silly large pads but realized I don't want a pad for a working surface. I do a lot of varied work on my desk from waterblocks to writing and a pad surface is not good for any of that.
I can't think of a more obvious example of cpu bottleneck.
I use an XFX Wapad. It's decently sized and I'm like. Wifey got it for me for xmas. Btw, I really appreciate the integrated arm rest.
The manufacturer suggested specs are just that suggested. The reality is that Cayman has no nanny imposed limits like Tahiti does in its asic. Thus as you raise voltage power draw rises accordingly. Personally I never got to test nor was it really a concern what power draw was like with a lot more voltage because in my case my loop/psu were overbuilt for that purpose. Even though I never measured it, I know first hand that pushing the overclocks on my old unlocked 6950...
lol, I fried a TPQ1200 in under 6 months with quad unlocked 6950s.
I would not buy anything new, instead just use what you already have. If that is not enough, grab some QDCs and buy an external Nova 1080 or bigger, but I like sticking to 120mm so I can use AP15s. Btw, invest in a set of QDCs for your gpu array. You can thank me later.
Works fine for me.
Reads like some ppl have never done a clock for clock comparison first hand. The 290 will always be slower, even in the best conditions for the 290. For ex. a super gold 290 (1340/1700mhz) will be at least 5% slower than a regular gold 290x (1300/1600mhz). At the same clocks the gap is closer to 10% obviously which is closer to the core % differences. In respect to single card setups, for the money spent the 290 is the clear budget winner. However when taken to the other...
Considering this is the second card to die the same way, its bad power or user error. But you let this xfx love fest go on and on. Gotcha.
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