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They don't use that much power, lil more than current Nvidia cards sure. However this whole low power thing is fabricated in a way. Nvidia advertised stupid low tdp, but that is for reference cards which one they didn't release for 970s, and two no one actually wants a low power card. They like to brag about low tdp but they don't actually want to run a low tdp card. Low tdp = slow. There are numerous nvidia threads about raising power limits. That's like the first thing...
You have a 1000w psu judging by your sig? You will be fine, good to go.
If you had more gpus, that declining crossfire scale will get worse as you add more gpus to the amd setup.
Careful with the Panny 4k. The last gen had manufacturing defects that were not fixable. We don't know if this next gen has similar defects. The defects manifested in 4 or so vertical lines that appeared in the background, it was in panel itself so no amount of messing could fix it.
That's not a great price or drive when you can get the mx100 for 5 bucks more.
Man, why so much heartache over your board? Just do it.
When you see a high score with stock clocks, it means the bench did not capture the clock speeds when the gpus were clocked up. You can make it show clocks more by running high power mode in control panel power options. I probably didn't have it enabled, and usually don't care tbh. Here's my card under sub ambient cooling below. My actual run was iirc 1380/1880. The run below is with a modded bios where I tightened the memory latencies a lot. At 1700mhz, it is equivalent...
You should hide the side monitors' bezels behind the center monitor. And maybe angle the sides in a lil bit. The overlapping of the bezels hides one set of bezels on each side, making them slimmer. Angling the side panels adds to the immersion because it makes it easier to see them thru your peripheral vision and it maintains peripheral aspect ratio better.
Yea, pretty old one. No need to re-run on omega imo. Though I did send my xfx 7970 to norway where ranger ran it at subambient. It gained a few hundred points to 10400. It's not much of a gain over my plain old water tbh.
Physics, lower than a previous run? For kicks.
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