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Codies games are specifically coded to capitalize on AMD's compute capability. Can only relate to my own experience, but even my trifire 7970s could average 120fps in Grid AS maxed out (8x16) and obviously with advanced lighting and global illum on at a res of 5900x1080.
I found these clocked pretty well for the density. I bought three cards off the shelf and overclocked them all to 1300 and over on water no less. single triple Note, these runs are ancient and the triple is still in the top 10 lol.
The polling apps won't poll forever. After a while the gpu will go back to idle if no load is present. I think you only notice this because generally there are not many ways to present a 3D load or to poll the gpu while idling on the desktop. Although some game launchers can trigger a 3D powerstate like the guild wars 2 launcher. Imo it's a coincidence more or less. If your 2nd gpu won't wake when you start a game then that's a separate issue.
That's not how ULPS works. ULPS is either on or off. There is no flipping a switch while in the OS.What you are experiencing is ULPS on. With ULPS on the slave gpus go into sleep mode when idle. You can wake them up by polling them with any software with that capability. Apps such as hwinfo and gpuz can wake slave gpus that are asleep from ULPS. Then when the load is removed, the gpu goes back to idle and soon after go to sleep again.
You mean the add2psu module? That is just a relay for the OCD. For the rest of us, you only need a 2 pins to jump a psu. Hmm, someone thinks we lose 20-30% just by using multi psu? How is that even possible to make that statement?
Maybe in aesthetics, they did copy the fan blade style/general visual design and when they came out everyone was like hey a new GT replacement.
Those numbers are don't make any sense to me. My vrm temps max out at 45c. A 28c delta on top of water temp? Say what?
Yea, you're in the ballpark power wise. Is that the serial/parallel bridge? Your setup is very shiny!
I ran ek on my 290x also. I prefer their vrm channel design over the other designs. They've been good to me for benching. I also run them on my 7970s. Those are still kicking some butt too. If you look on the FS 4x gpu. The only 7970/280x in there are mine. They're actually 7970s just flashed to 280x for some reason... my friend that modded the memory timings had a hankering for 280x. A year old now but they're still top 10. At one point they were leading...
PPL always say they will overclock but really how much are you going to oc?Anyways do the math, 300w x 1.5% (+50% PT) = 450w. 450w x 4 = 1800w just for the gpus theoretical maximums. Add in the cpu and loop and other supporting systems... There is no magic. That said, I doubt 99% of you are going to push the gpus to its maximum. Outside of a handful of guys like 4, I have not seen anyone else run 3-4 290x at 1300mhz core or higher.
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