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Roflmao, spits coffee out loling.
Whomever recommended an Asus AMD gpu to you, I wouldn't go back to them lol.
This first time... it's a revelation every time.
Black borders is a scanning issue, either over or under scan. You can adjust it either in the tv or thru catalyst.
Win 10 is a preview, you agree to allow MS to monitor and update, do whatever they want to the OS whenever they want to do it. Sensationalist?? Read the agreement.
I wonder what wall you've hit? And yea as someone mentioned, W10 is not good for normal use. MS can take over your rig at anytime and run crap in the background.
Why so surprised? The cables can feed a bit more power than the "specification" lists because the specification is not a wire/power rating, ya know?
Obviously 750w is a CYA recommendation. For any single 290x to hit the 750w max draw after conversion, you'd have to be sporting a ton of voltage and clocks, probably some dice or ln2 and be using a lightning lol. Thus it's a common denominator baseline, a just in case end of the world number.Anyways, that boot screen looks like a bug perhaps a mb bios compatibilty with gpu bios, ie. option roms in upper memory. Have you updated the mb bios in a while?
Haha, I would not run my vrms at 120c.
Just use it however you're going to use it, though keep clocks minimal and btw you can actually edit the gpu bios' easily and lower voltage too. If it starts shutting down at some point, there you go, time for a bigger psu.Nothing else matters as afar as the psu is concerned. Everything else goes to the total power available from the socket itself, not the psu.
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