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I think all we need is common sense and fair expectations? I don't think its expecting too much to get 4gb in vram, that operates exactly like the first 3.5gb portion is it? They however knew that wasn't possible and did not disclose that information. There are consumer protection laws against this sort of seediness.
I would suspect this is something the FEDs would get involved in because they set out to mislead and deceive consumers. Intel was able to recall and replace. I wonder how Nv will handle this.
Sold/pending to vaifanatic. Thanks for the interest all.
Wow you guys move fast.
Asus P8P67 WS Revolution B3 for 50 shipped. Been collecting dust for last couple of years.
Check to see if the sound is enabled in the sound applet in control panel.
I guess he is in love with reading his own wall of text.
Call me when its class action time. I want my money back.
Double PLX boards are slower and have high latency. They are not the choice for benching speed. As for your Firestrike runs, it should be known that Firestrike is very cpu speed dependant. I would look at whether you are providing enough cpu overclock and go from there. Wring out more performance by tuning for efficiency.
I've played different builds over the years. In crossfire it's a stutter fest, totally kills the fun. This is why I said I'm waiting till it goes gold.
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