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Id recommend not doing this. THis pcb is a terrible design for vrm cooling. There is no way to mount/screw a cold plate onto the vrms. And then if you glued a sink onto them, you still have to aircool them a great deal. Gah, you bought it already eek, don't know what to say but good luck. Try below:
True that. It's not a performance issue, its aesthetics.
Nah go nickel. It's more better (lol grammar police) for using CLU. Copper gets stained by CLU over time. Nickel is much more resistant to the CLU. Also, brass tax time, nickel plating is for looks on the outside of the block. These blocks are not plated to fight internal corrosion so really get that idea out of your minds. They are plated for the chrome bling on the outside. I would use CLU on everything if I could...
Dying Light is a multi platform game, ie. it's a port. But what's really astonishing is they managed to make such a craptastic port when it sprung from the AMD consoles which was made with multi-threading in mind. How'd they do that? lol
Icksnay on the couch potato'ing huh?
Nah, it can happen just like it did with the ek nickel fiasco. It's been a long long time since the massive uber ek fiasco thread so I am regurgitating this from memory. The ek issue was somewhat of a comedy of errors. Essentially or in a nutshell ek had continuing QA issues with cleaning blocks/prep before plating (or at least this was what they admitted to iirc). This left the nickel plating porous. At the same time silver killcoil and distilled had somehow become the...
You think I'm pissed off?
?????Everything corrodes! Sorry but I don't have to be sorry because I don't give a crap if its silver, nickel, copper, whatever, it's gonna corrode. I've used all brands and they all corrode because we're dealing with science here. Pssh, you know...COPPER CORRODES TOO! Omg, look an Aquagrafx block in pure copper, and it's corroded! Did I ever make a thread about it? No. Why? Because I've been doing this long enough to not blow a gasket over it.Totally blowing a gasket...
What the hell, where'd you come up with that from? Go read a freaking film history book or article.
I got a 35ft bluerigger cable from amazon for this reason too. It worked but was really pushing it and was problematic with handshake issues amongst other problems.
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