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That's not even an amd gpu. A few posts back someone else posted a pic of their nicked gpu die. That should tell you what? Metal chips and flakes off right?
Wow, all the nv diehards are getting up in arms. It's like a warzone.
Do I choose to be taxed and locked into a proprietary standard or do I choose the open standard? Hmm tough choice... right? Is this a trick, red or blue pill? C'mon now.
It's hilarious that while I didn't put a name to it, you sure were quick to reply.
To me it looks like you are on a smear campaign and have been for the whole year lol.
Sitting here at triple 144hz, and not quite seeing what all the fuss is about.
CLU and Indigo are both metal based liquid TIMs. However they both go about it much differently. CLU is easy to apply and wipe off. Indigo is hard like a solder, that you have to reflow, ie. melt and spread. It's really a pita to use and to remove.
Dude, seriously. Why do you think it's called the die? Die = uncovered, ie. no heatspreader. If there was a heatspreader that would be nickel plated.
It's not confused as it's reading is correct. Between the two gpus is a PEX 8747 PLX chip, giving a maximum of pcie 3 between the two gpus.
I'm also tempted with all those sata ports. 18 plus 12 from my raid card = for the lulz. The asus blue theme is very overplayed these days.
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