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Easiest and probably the best way to get air into the case, since otherwise it would be choked to hell with all the rad spots used up, is to replace the window with mesh. I bought some modder mesh and replaced the window with it.
Rapelay.I don't care if its different nor do I care what you think nor the line you think that matters so much. It's all about what you think obviously and I could give two cents about it tbh.
You're in the wrong country for that game, but it's already been made. It's laughable that you keep having to change the points, get increasingly personal to make a point lol.
It's only a few grand? Nothing like proper posture for an F1 racer right?
You can use this thread. Btw, you have a black brown pcb and not a blue pcb right? Or this process which is how I personally flash, it's old school. Maybe its a habit that I unlock the rom first...
Yep and to add to that, they obviously are not real people. It's not real you know? Why project empathy for cgi images?
Hmm, there's a couple things working against you. One you have a lower asic% which means your gpu core uses mores voltage and thus you will have to feed it even more volts to reach the target you so desire. You probably won't be able to achieve that with AB. The other thing is that the boost bios has a 1.25v limit, period. Hence my recommendation to switch to another bios. I would try the dual x non boost...
I'm gonna play it!
Couple things. In your AB config, your card is not a msi specific card but you have it set to extended MSI and you need to check your asic percentage. Run gpuz and click the top left corner and an option panel opens allowing you to check the asic. What is the result? Now what bios are you running. stock or other? The screen shows a default clock of 1000/1450 which means you have a boost card. That explains things. Flash the non-boost bios on your...
You been busy huh?
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