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I would say the viewpoint with less bezels. With portrait with small panels like 24, the amount of real estate moving horizontally is seriously eaten up by bezels. I'm not a fan of portrait setups unless you use 5 panels, but even then the amount of bezels is getting obnoxious. That's just my opinion though so to each their own. As for BF4, check you settings maybe? I'm running everything DP to prevent synch issues that develop from using dissimilar ports.
As far as your viewpoint in game, that can be adjusted by changing your FOV. And btw you're using portrait. It's just one big monitor then, it's not extra widescreen like landscape. Thus it would fill up your screen just like it would using a single panel.
Talking head!Have you seen his paid review of the corsair fans? Now that was a joke.
Hmm, current driver builds have tackled clock synch issues between DP and DVI, so technically you shouldn't have flickering. It looks like it could be hardware related, not sure at this point. I recommend you track/correlate which cable and which port on the card gets the flickering. Move the ports around and see what happens. It could be a bad cable or port.No idea on the weapon zoom. Haven't played BF3 in ages.Btw, what panels are u using? And for that matter list out...
Ports are a lil off. Move the DP to either side. Then set your center panel to the "Preferred Display" in Catalyst / AMD Eyefinity. By default it will set preferred to your center screen. Since you are using different ports, you should make the most of that and set preferred to the DVI since you have two panels on that. Move the DP to the side you will be least bothered by if it flickers are tears.Btw, go into Catalyst / desktop mgmt and check in properties that you have...
Hehe. You didn't stagger your panels so you don't need your bezels compensated. The left panel is using the adapter?
It's a 7950! They are very reliable cards and do a lot of work but don't get the much attention. It should be close to twice the speed of your 6950.
Worth it, mostly likely = hell yes. Looks at your rig, it looks fine to me.
Yes. You want to stagger you panels, hide the bezels of the side panels behind the bezel of the main one.Triangle... you use the arrows that you can click to move the split triangle left or right. Then you do the same to the other side panel.
I don't even need one but I'm almost tempted to get one just for rainy days.
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