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You're giving the impression that there is a 0.00001% chance. The 290s that unclocked to 290x, were actually 290x cores to begin with but just packaged to be a 290 due to shortages. The newer drivers are quick it looks like. Looking at the scores above, it's pretty close noting two things. I have the obvious lead in physics with cpu and fy is making good use of the Ivy/Hasw bias in firestrike. I bet that as soon as a heavier load bench was run like ext or ultra, the 290 would drop behind... well there's also the point that you lose the Ivy gscore bias when not running firestrike og.
^^30 euros extra for the X and a better cooler though. I would spring for the extra 30 bucks and not settle for a 290.
Lmao, you gonna derail this thread too?
You misunderstand me. I'm saying they will look at that and deny your warranty. They probably would not repair it either and basically make you pay msrp for a card off their rack. What card is it btw?
That's a bit naive. There will always be a 5-10% gap, always. No magic is going to break the laws of physics, the 290 will always be missing the extra shaders of the X card and therefore given equals circumstances will be up to 10% slower.
25w-35w? Says who? The resources to power the memory aspect of a gpu go as high as 30-35% of the total card power use and it will only go higher as memory size increases. 25w of 250w is only 10%. Where you getting this math from?
Club 3D is more well known in the EU than the US. They were the first to bring to market the MST 1.2 hubs.
Check out the Club 3D Royal Ace. It the next best cooler to a Lightning under load.
I feel I would be remiss if I didn't mention some things.With a small psu in your setup, you basically just live with it or replace it. Most ppl don't like replacing things that sitll work, in this case sorta still works. In living with it, keep your ocing to a minimum, live with the limit. Or you go about your business till it degrades and dies/blows up. That's basically it. It's too bad your thread got caught up in one individuals ego trip.
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