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Dude, you think they are trying to make money by buying minecraft at the blue light special price of 2.5B?
Going from a low to average sbe to a gold ivye will do the trick. But really, I think the fact that you had a poor clocking sbe is more the problem. huge difference right?ProcessorIntel Core i7-4960X - Intel Core i7-3930K ProcessorReported stock core clock3,600 MHz - 3,200 MHzMaximum turbo core clock4,934 MHz -5,110 MHzPhysics Score18294.0 - 18332.0Physics Test58.1 - 58.2 fps
Some something kill java...?
Ok cool.
Wire the hub so it's within easy reach. Will cost ya a few bucks for extensions or whatever, but it's worth it to not have to bend over and crawl around the back of the rig.
lol, he just writes and see what he want to.
I won't buy another Corsair led mechanical. On three K95 replacements and the LEDs still go out. What the hell Corsair? ANd then when u go thru rma, you get your new KB replaced with a refurb with a shortened warranty. Then ya ask yourself, what was the point???
Cannot imagine triple 4k with 256 bus lol.
It's not really a driver issue, but a DP issue. Wire the hub so it sits on your desktop. Ya then simply unplug the power cord when its not synching correctly. With the hub on yer desktop, it makes it easier to access. Power on/off forces it to resync. If you bought the evga hub, it has a resync button ftw. I have my evga hub behind my speakers, easy access.
You like bezels?
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