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Man I really hate the incorrect using of the phrase stacking vram.
Click bait for sure.
I think one is less harmful to your card than the other though.... you know past history and all.
lol wut? Where did you explain that in a simple manner? What is this force and full vram gibberish? Again there is no drawing lines odd or even lol. The whole screen is drawn in AFR and in SFR the screen is divided by the number of gpus.
That's not how SFR works. There's no drawing lines. In both cases of AFR and SFR whole screens are drawn. The difference between AFR and SFR is that in SFR the whole screen is split in proportionate halves between the available gpus. See Civ:BE for an example of SFR. And SFR btw is intended for tight frametimes and high minimum fps over high FPS so not all games will lend themselves to SFR.
That's not accurate. Apparently only the recently released 980ti comes equipped with the proper sil chip for hdmi 2.0. The rest of the lineup is fraud, it's fake labeling as hdmi 2.0. Apparently amd could not swing those sil chips in time so they went w/o. I suppose that's better then mislabeling and greasing the settings in drivers.
That's not real 4k, it's heavily reduced settings. And on the 970/960 whatever, they used the same reduced setting and called that hdmi 2.0, which is basically fraud. Only the 980ti has the sil chip for full featured 4k@60hz.'s Fury will not have a sil chip, but at least they do not...
Man that is really foul. That basically is tantamount to fraud. I'm not surprised though... it's not like this is something new for Nvidia.
Yea. And it's the first AIO that really does it right with copper block vrm liquid cooling. It's not one of those designs that leaves me feeling like I have to fix something first.
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