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^^Read tests by Martin, he does a section on mounting and rates the blocks on ease and consistency.Serial > Parallel. Then it comes to the haves and have nots in terms of head pressure. Those w/o enough pump must resort to parallel. I'd rather add another pump and double up on redundancy than throw in the towel and go parallel any day.
You can look at the crossover 44k 40in 4k monitor or the Panasonic 65in 4k (only tv with dp).
There's no such adapter product that converts dp to hdmi 2.0, because it doesn't exist yet. And it's only been recently that the conversion chips were released. In fact it's counter use an adapter anyways since you can run 4k@30hz with hdmi 1.4. And yea, your card is not hdmi 2.0, and for that matter no AMD card out right now supports hdmi 2.0."I spoke with Steve Venuti, president of HDMI Licensing, the organization that licenses the HDMI spec to manufacturers. He told me...
I wanted to avoid enlarging the existing threads which is what you will want to do with a stock cooler I would think. Drilling the screw out was out of the question for me. Thus I used a reversing bit. You can get extraction kits cheap, comes with a bunch of different bits. For ex.
That waterblock review is full of horse poop. Btw, the ek backplate already comes with pads and is in fact designed to sandwich the vrms and gpu die. Look at the numbers, only the AC block looks good (fishy?). Then you look at the numbers, 72c over delta and other gibberish lol. When I ran triple ek blocked reference 290x, they were the fastest on the HoF for firestrike like 2 months from release. On stock pads, my vrms never went past 65c and that was at +300mv at...
You can use up to 120hz if your AB is setup for that and still get low idle clocks. At 144hz it forces 3D memory clocks.
Yea too close you get cross eyed lol.
Who was asking for a 4k phone? 4k in yore pocket, for reals?
And this is surprising?
This. Look at the hands on that pchop, right...
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