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He probably thought he was getting away with it. King Kong ain't got nothing on me moment... then the SS knocked down his door.
If you have to ask that means you don't know, which is peculiar to say the least.
what else could he have been referring to?
It is courageous to use your own identity and cards when committing fraud or that's what I've read in this thread.
Ah think I missed all the fun. How does one own a 2011 cpu and not know the socket is 2011? Peculiar...
Registry man. It's so basic, same folder as ULPS. Though I suppose if some always use an app to disable ULPS, it might look daunting. Catalyst reads all that info from the main cards folder btw.
What's your point in asking that? Are you trying to glorify his criminal enterprise which is what I think you're trying to do here by getting ppl to admit they are not courageous enough to continue doing something this stupid and wind up in custody of the secret service?What's your point?
You used the word courage. You are putting that descriptor out there. Some might say STUPID is a more apt description.
And you can do other things like...
Are you asking if he was STUPID enough to keep committing the same crime over and over? Isn't that what makes a criminal a criminal? Is this a trick question? Grifter much anyone?
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