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Youre all wrong. CSS is superior to everything in every way.
That was my impression of 99% of this board
Add me to the whitelist please Full_Tilt
If you dont like my poll you can GET OUT
Thank you.They dont get that Im talking about versatility here. Ive havent done much telephoto stuff in general, Id like to get into nature photography in particular, but the same skill set can be applied to photographing people, like at sporting events.I think the whole "not wanting to be seen" thing is what is bothering everybody.I guess they dont understand what its like being a photographer and having people constantly bothering you about what youre doing photographing...
So there has been a lot of speculation abotu Bulldozer and Ivy bridge, but what about the CPUs that will replace those. With the recent technology in smaller and smaller die architecture and trend towards further multi-threading in software, where will it take us, and who will come out on top?
Thanks for all the help!
No its a 2.5, its an older manual focus lensSo with my 2:1 teleconverter Im not losing too much light I guess.My pentax k100d doesnt have a super high max ISO but its a lot better about the noise than my Canon XT is, so maybe I could get away with using it.
I do a lot of portraiture, mostly just environmental portraits of people acting natural. Not studio type stuff. Besides that its just a mix of things, mostly experimental photography playing with light and long exposures.Thats interesting, Ive never seen such a thing. I bet that creates quite a bit of cover when in the foliage.
Well since I already have a 200mm @2.5 could I use a teleconverter or a tube to get the effect of those more expensive lenses? Do you know how much effect it has on the effective aperature. Would it be possible to use something like that in low light? or am I looking at getting some high end glass?
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