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im trying guys my psu was actiny funny to but im trying to get it set up in a temp solution until parts arrive
so boot into bios and turn teh cpou settings to manual its a fairly easy but tedious process. start by raising or setting the voltage to a number you think is good around 1.35 should be enough for a start. then bump teh multi to 21 and the blk to the number you deam fit. and stress test it using ibt or prime 95 monitor the heat and fiddle with the multi blck and cpu voltage untill your satisfied
didnt know there was different versions there ya go thats the picture its got one male jack thats it
thats the one i need thanks a ton
no it has bad static pressure.... you would have to have negative pressure in your case (all other fans exhaust) even then you might aswell jsut have a hole in your case
hey so my buddy got that but its a combo jack. His computer doesnt have a combo jack is there a splitter anyone knows of that can help. Thanks
ok i shold e back up by tm i was waiting on a part but ill throw a sub part in for now
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