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hey so my buddy got that but its a combo jack. His computer doesnt have a combo jack is there a splitter anyone knows of that can help. Thanks
ok i shold e back up by tm i was waiting on a part but ill throw a sub part in for now
no they will be x8 i believe
this is amazing... (L) im in love iwht it
well if you guys want i can temp this month on a 6970 but it wont be up till the first
my 210 from the competition
so my revo drive is failing so i cant fold atm ill try andbe up by the first
i love it man looks so nice, and who said anyone needed to sleeve there cables
ive been looking forward to another grand champion event as the one in T.O was so much fun. Ive also been needing an excuse to go accross the pond. Now may be a good time lol depends on teh dates tho gents
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