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You're saying the game runs 15 FPS on your sig rig? What is the CPU clocked at because a 9550, although old, should be fine if you OC it. The fact that you're also running a 580 makes me think you should have better frame times than that. Also makes me concerned about my rig being able to run it.
All I know is that I was given the boot for having old hardware. Just came back to check on the fellas and this is what I find.
I don't think PC version is out yet.
So it died eh? Too bad...
Oh hi guys! Figured I'd drop by to make a visit. I'm loving my new job for sure. Long name (Cloud and Managed Services System Engineer) but I'm learning lots of cool new stuff and making more $$$ than before. My goal is to have a sweet folding rig that DP needs to borrow every once in a while How's it going around here? Saw that you guys won the TC the month after I left (I knew that would happen). Hope DP is still going strong and congrats on the win fellas. Cheers!
This.Also, aside from more case fans you should look into a good CPU cooler if you plan on overclocking.
Does it boot and fail at random times or is there a pattern?
Good afternoon gentlemen. Sorry I couldn't get over here earlier (or be around more often for that matter) but here goes. The TC is changing and my old Quad has been deemed obsolete, and is in comparison to the numbers the 460/560 nvidias are putting up in my category. So this is my retirement from the TC being made official. Thanks for the fun guys even though we never quite got that win. I'm sure a good Fermi card in my category can help put you over the top though. In...
For whatever reason my wife turned my rig off last night. I caught it early in the morning so it only put me down about 6 hours but I think my shot at keeping pace for first is gone.
What a dick.
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