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What a shame that these fans are no longer easily available. I have been collecting them up from ebay over the last few months. People always comment on how quiet my rig is, and I want it to stay that way.   Given the cult-like following these fans have, I am also surprised no one else has attempted to step into the breach. As discussed earlier in the thread, it's not just the shape that these fans have. They are extremely rigid, so will not deform when running at speed....
100% agree, the transfer over to the new site has killed my interest dead.  When opening the main page I am presented with the scrolling banner for various OCN events I have no interest in, and my private messages on the right which I also have no interest in.   Attempts to quickly get to me favorite forums are met with a struggle and when I do click on a thread the delay between the click at it appearing is no better than it was on the old software.   I could go on but...
I use shift-delete to "cut" all the time in preference to ctrl-x. It's also worth noting that shift-insert performs a "paste" operation . Those key combinations are much easier for my feeblely coordinated fingers to perform than ctrl-x etc
I concur. My two SSDs are stacked in one drive bay slot, velcroed on to each other so they stick together. I had a third SSD velcroed behind the mothboard tray a while back but that (60GB Vertex 2) was offloaded to a family member.
The Vertex 2 uses the SF-1500 controller so the above is not pursuant to this case. I'm not aware of any significant issues with the SF-1500 controlled drives, so the original poster should go ahead and RMA the drive with OCZ.
Indeed, it's not a big issue, as we discussed in a thread earlier this year.
If they have any 285s lying around you'll just get one back, if not I would expect a GTX 470 since they are approximately similar performance.
Yes this is a great tool, I've been using it for data backup for a long while now. You can mirror directories over local and network drives. Combined with a good drive imaging program such as Macrium Reflect free you can cover all the backup bases.With freefilesync I have two main batches, one which copies data around on my local drives, then a second one which copies to my file server. You could also easily add one for an external drive.
Congrats on the sticky, awesome to have a current and maintained guide up there. Now you're on full view for all to see perhaps you'd like to edit the title to remove the errant apostrophes? This is a highly pedantic point and for that I apologise but the plural os SSD is SSDs. The plural of HDD is HDDs. No apostrophes in sight. If you use an apostrophe the meaning is different. When you are talking about many of a thing and adding an 's' to the end of the word to...
Rockstar North is based in Scotland. In Scotland you would write 24/05 so no you are not right. I wouldn't go so far as to say it is a real hint but your reason for discounting it is not valid.
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