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the core holes are in the same locations so i dont see any issues with it fitting
the 750d with the raised stand-offs like going to try and get my front panel mods done 1st and then work from there
wouldn't the paint affect the balancing of the fans i may get round to doing my rig at some point so i will remember this, in fact ill write it down in word doc im in 2 minds as to have my case painted white or leave it as it is and just add red/white accents
least you have something to put there,
how did you remove the blades off the fans without taking out the motors ps great build man
what sinks do you have lil aluminum ones. use a small saw and cut one in half and use that on mine i use enzotech copper ones. smaller ones for vrms and larger ones for ram.
i dont know how to honestly measure the ram temps other than touching the heat-sinks i have on em or buying a temp gun but under load my vrms are at about 50c max when i add a new fan it should be better.
hi mate the ram doesnt get as hot as the vrms so i would cool them 1st,i bet you could rock a higher over clock with a clc on that card
the only 2 stores near me are currys and maplins that sell comp gear, marlins are idiotic people who no nothing and currys i dont think anyone works there. i went in last week for a multi card reader stood by tills for 15 mins no one turned up, looked around for staff no-one walked to door set alarm off, someone came running over, i was like oh someone does work here then the closest decent store is scan in Bolton
The white peice at first I thought was some plumbing thing for joining pipes
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