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i made some orders before i was off and today is the 1st day being able to play with them.. above is the result rgb led kits... need to finalise the wiring but will run off a 3pin fan connector still
Im sorry guys for not replying sooner. Been in hospital again and got out a couple of days ago. Came home to a dead pc The gtx 1080 and 1070 look to use the same spacings as the gtx 980 so i can do one for the fe card. Unfortunatly im unable to for the msi gaming at this time. Sorry
hi mate it wont fit but if you would like a plain one to cut up to make it fit feel free to pm me your address. as for your 1st question. im unsure the difference between gpu aios and cpu aios. most likey is going to be the cold plate. i can say though anything other than the stock cooler on most cards is a win in my book
The thickness would be the pump block + at most 8mm for bracket and the knurled nuts/extra threading on the screws. If you dont have enough room one way the screws can be reversed so there tightened from rear of card
The screws thread from the rear to the front and secured by nuts. Put paste on the die the cooler inbetween and the bracket ontop Secures down then with 4 threaded knurled nuts
It should work but you may need cut the baseplate wider to fit the pump block so it sits on the die properly Theoretically it would need to be as the corsair hg10
Here in the uk they sell the front plates (wall mounted plug sockets) with usb ports included. Do they do that in usa
Could someone advise me if the gtx 1080 is sharing the same screw locations as the gtx 980. Regards
i havent however they are similar size to the old antec 620s but with the pump on the radiator. there shouldnt be any issuesps i have fixed the order form and any that are sent are now emailed to myself aswell as saved on a spreadsheet i have yet to add the gtx 1080 and gtx 1070 untill confirmation can be made of fitment.again many oligopolies for the inconvenience i may have caused to some, now that i am better again hopefully it will stay that way for a whileregards
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