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i was aiming to set up a watercooling loop at some point but things have changed and its never going to happen soon the vrm block is nickel plated and comes in the box the pads would need replacing the laing d5 is powered of a molex with the dial for speed there is 10 black nickel compression fittings and 7 45/ angled fittings as well with the knurled diamond texture part from 2 of the angled fittings prices in £ sterling would be great, being wasted sat here so need new...
sorry for the slow reply seems one of them is dead doesn't want play ball atall.
hi mate ive just read rains post aswell and i can say i dont experience any temp issues with a shim on my card, tbh though stock cooling vs the mod or full blown wc loops is night and day you will see a big decrease in temps. The possibility of saving 2/3 degrees for a soldered shim inst worth the hassle in my eyesfor mine i put a blob on the core and put the shim on top, pushed down on the corners so spread a little. put dab on top shim and put the cooler on.when i took...
i use a lamptron fc5 v2 and it powers my typhoons with ease it will come with splitters aswell
its ok im waiting to get my hands on one aswell
That link says solid panel mate not vented
On a set of dominators i have i keep getting error code 50 on my crosshair v Put one in it works put 2 in poof dont like it. seems these are dead aswell
what bout acrylic with a metal frame. would it be easier n quicker
subbed ive been wanting to design and make a case for years but l lack some of the design skills lol pen to paper im not to bad but cad software whole diff ball game
i will try this i used mem ok to get the one stick up. plugged in the other and got the error 50. The timings were loose at 1333 at 9 9 9
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