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that pcb if its the 770 shares the same as the 780 so that's all good the 980 shouldn't be a issue either as the holes are in the same location except the 2 vrms there parallel to each other if you want to wait to ensure thats cool let me know the led colour and ill get them done with some other orders tomorrow 1st fury x plate sold already need to get some pics up asap.
are you just wanting the backplate for one card the gtx 770 or for both the gtx 770 and gtx 980
Does the gtx 770 share the same pcb as 780s. Shoot me a pic of your card
my small batch of fury x backplates and led kit have arrived need fix a slight boo boo ive made and there available
unfortunately matey i am unable to atm sorryim so overjoyed my order arrived today from the cutters, there packaging is faultless you could put a ming vase in it chuck it down the stairs and it will be fine (i dont have a ming vase so cant test the theory lol)I did disappoint myself though, i measured like 4 times and didnt notice it, one of me holes is 5mm out,i either need a quick fix or order some new tops, the led kits are easily modded since the hole wont be visible...
im unsure myself as regards to ssds as i want to do a fresh install on my kingston perdator m.2 drivei bit the bullet and used the program ms has and clicked upgrade and windows 10 installed without any problems and its activated. im having a play and getting used to it,i will try a install tomorrow on my new ssd
Forgive my ignorance but if i use the ms tool to upgrade from windows 7 will it activate a genuine windows 10. Im getting no luck with the download through windows update 3 hours and 8 percent omg
my download has eventually started 1% completed 99% to go by god aint it slow why didnt they allow us to upgrade using the tool they sent out and then validate the install over a couple of weeks going country by country
ive yet had any notification to download it or the like i had to install the 2 updates manually to get the notification bar and thats all i got i suppose getting everyone updated all at once could never happen so its happening in stages
Fury and fury x backplates are ordered Currently working on an acrylic window for the front
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