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i havent however they are similar size to the old antec 620s but with the pump on the radiator. there shouldnt be any issuesps i have fixed the order form and any that are sent are now emailed to myself aswell as saved on a spreadsheet i have yet to add the gtx 1080 and gtx 1070 untill confirmation can be made of fitment.again many oligopolies for the inconvenience i may have caused to some, now that i am better again hopefully it will stay that way for a whileregards
Glad its working great for you. Im working on fixing the order form ect ect and getting some lil bits ordered. Longer screws will be ibound
You could always get it and add the block after. I looked at pics of a 1080 card and my impressions are the 980 backplates and uni mounts will fit
I can do that as soon as i get measurements. So if someone sends them on day 1 release i could have something ready in a couple days
Im hoping so.If not things will be looked at to rectify it. There should be something around that will give me an indication.With me being in hospital no orders have gone out but luckily none came in. My fiancee said she would return any funds if they did or pick up basic orders if she could but this site n google drive confuses her
Hi mate. Before my issues i experimented more with the printing and it didnt turn out great atall. Ill have a look though at what i can do.Sorry for missing your posts and everyone elses.Shoot me a pm of your case with lights ect ect so i can get an idea. Black with blue leds would pop. There should be a couple of pics with black n blue leds on ere somewhere. Ill take gander
Hi j dragon. The leds run off a 3pin fan connector i wouldnt risk the cards header due to possible amperage/voltage isdues. If you wish to try it there is connectors available The backplates are straight swapover with led kits sit 8mm off the pcb in total. As for the thickness due to hoses ect they wouldnt be 2 slot and the cooler you mentioned will work.
Hi andyjk15. Sorry this card isnt supported at this timeRegardsHi sjudge1991. I dont have any pics of 970 backplates (short versions) on cards. I made some backplates for furyxs that with a new hole will fit the 970 but wont cover the blower.A longer one would overshoot it and possibly cause issues
Hi everyone. Ive had some personal issues to deal with recently and ive been offline. My computers gone downhill since ive been off n wont boot so i need fix that when im better. I will try and read through all the posts for the last month and reply to you all as quick as possible bear with as using mobile. Also if you have sent me a pm ill get that replied asap aswell
Are you going to be doing any amd cpus ie zen or some 880ks fx cpus
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