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The board cpu n ram you have now sell it onto .recoup some your costs
I have a 7950 but im looking at upgrading again Are the 980/780 ones close to release
Looking good. Cant wait for release as I want to test one out unless james wants be so kind and send a sample to me
just having a look on ebay i found a Gigabyte 970A-DS3P Motherboard bare board £38 athlon x4 640 cpu for £38 no cooler phenom x4 955 be for £45 no cooler AMD Phenom II X4 840 with cooler £34 or make offer cheapest there is £72 shipped ram i have 4gb ddr3 somewhere i can do a sweet deal on
send me a pm and i can hook you up, what card is it for
Wow looks sweet
I can only find them here in the uk at one shop and there just over £20 each. If you are really desperate and cant get them over there I will assist you if you want. Just send me a pm.
i remember reading ages ago about the best 92 mm fan available to help cool the vrms when using the aio mod and i read about the zalman sf2. i decided to take the plunge and swap out my 80mm fractal fan and purchased the sf2 from a store on ebay for £10 using by backplate and fan attachment i ran a render test from gpuz, i know its not a stress tool or even a decent way of measuring anything however letting it run for 5 mins using each fan gave me a difference of at least...
morning guys just wanted to ask if people had any pics of their installs to share with everyone. Just getting myself sorted and ill be doing a few more orders in the next hour or so.
the concaveness of the pump shouldnt be an issue if anything the alu will bend to it slightly in regards to the screws if the inc ones dont fir which are 45 and 55mm then some longer ones can be had and used ill send ou a pm mate when im at home, just out in town atm with the gf
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