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Sorry if i didnt word my post right I would use the stock aluminum panels for both sides and add the window as normal. On the back where your having to make it stick out due to the psu. I would use the wood as normal but cover it with a skin of aluminum so it doesnt stick out as much
i would leave the front panel all aluminum with a larger window. the aluminum finish does look better with subtle wood touches ie the feet and a wooden handle on top to carry it possibly. as for the rear panel for the psu you could cover the wood with either the aluminum cuf from the other side panel or ask raijintek for another panel to cut from. im sure seeing this mod they would love to help. the raised section would then look less noticeable if looking directly at it
What about a pedistal. Could cut it out for rads//larger psu. Sell it as an accessory but in the main case put a blanking plate in the bottom with some holes for tube passthrough.
For the wider gpu issue and spacers. Why not make a frame that sits on the door panel out of acrylic you can then use the case and also no gaps for airflow disruption
temps are staying low running furmark, lower than my hd 7950 for sure. the other thing im noticing is that the boost speed is increasing with my core speed. ive gone from 863 and 902 boost and 953 weird boost to 883 922 and 980 im unsure why the additional boost is increasing, i understand that the bios allows for increases where temps are not a issue but for it to continually go up as i said before i havent had a nvida card for a while so its an all new learing...
Just had a look at the asic and its 66%Im going to run 3d mark vantage and see what temps i get to.The slight annoying thing is lack of vrm temp monitoring
hi everyone this is my 1st nvidia card in a while and its the evga 780 Part Number: 03G-P4-2781-KR i downloaded the evga oc software and set a fan curve of 1-1 and my h105 is keeping the gpu cool as a cucumber the question i have is about the boost on evga website it says a boost upto 902 however mine boosts to 966 is this because of the core being at cooler temps allowing this or do you think the bios has been flashed because the base clock is the same
My heatsink mod on my ssd. Just ran atto and touched the enzotech sinks and they get toasty
GIVEAWAY i have a corsair hg10 for a 290/290x reference pcb to give away to anyone whom purchases a backplate assembly kit. it has never been used and still in the box. i purchased it to test screw fitments for the back-plates. i even have a old 7970 reference cooler that ill take the fan out off for this . to work out the winner i will use a randomizer and the closing date is 5/11/15. grab a free hg10
Will get email sent to you asap. Just sorting out my tea, been at work all day n got the munch
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