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Ps1 2 or 3. Get a broken one off the fleabay or check local e waste
that's cool. least you can control the fans on the cooler against the core temp as well then i wrapped a aluminium backplate in some brushed effect vinyl matching the colour of the hg10 and it looks great it does have a texture to it but that adds to it
well here is the pic that was promised, showing the basic backplate with the brushed effect vinyl installed i know the corsair brushed aluminium is smooth, but this has a texture to it and it looks great anyone want one for their hg10 please pm me
im not sure if this has been asked but what about corsair link. if someone has a h100i on the cpu and then a h80i on the gpu would the corsair link work for both coolers and run them like separate units
hi guys just a lil bump on the thread. all orders are shipped. going to me making some of the 290 plates up with the brushed alu effect vinyl for some people with the corsair hg10 will get a pic of one up soon
i want get my hands on one for testing if my backplates will fit. me and a great friend have been working on a led backplate design using the corsair sails, its still in cutting stages atm and needs be tested afterwards. a member of ocn will be reviewing it hopefully if he receives his review pack
cheers buddy, as korrupted said just shoot me a pm, if you have any questions ect send me a pm or post here im always happy to help
I dont know the total thickness of card n plate but the backplate is 2mm thick and I use 3 or 5mm spacers So 5 or 7mm total height in that regard
there is always going to be things i cant do but i will try my best with the help of my friend x you are right emailing and asking the company is a good way but i get someone in a call centre go yea its ok, someone higher up sees it summons on the door lol. i will look into it as comes along adding the name of the card ie (7970 gtx 780) is a good simplistic look or small holes looking like bubbles or ..... im stopping here i think the imagination part of my brain is...
im interested, ive seen a few things dotted around about this cooler cant wait to see your review of it when it eventually turns up people will find ways to mod this to non ref cards, ive already thought of a version corsair could have done but they probably did think of it and thought the same i did, it wont work
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