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hi guys, i know i dont have a this specific aio but i have been designing some radiator covers with a friend it covers up the edge of the rad and fans incorporating a design. mine is on a h100i TOP and h105 BOTTOM let me know what you think
The acrylic at the back is solid white so i dont think the glow will work through that as well. However the white opaque acrylic should look sweet. Ill try for night shots tonight. My camera isnt the best though
Yet to check the transparency. When i finish work later i will try with a red led strip. I should be able to get the opaque white which will definatly give a glow throughIf you shoot me a pm of your rad size and thickness inc fansSo it would be rad 30mm fans 25mmx2 for push pull.And the design your looking for on both.Prices are being worked on n will have it all up today
Shoot me a pic of your case n setup so i can see. Ive been working on psu covers, just ironing out some wrinkles in them
No way. It wasna great build. Ive been looking out as im looking at either a hex or parvum atx case. Hope asus just outright compensates you rather than filing a claim talking to them and talking to you. If you cant see the cost thats gone into that then there blind
Cheers mate I have 3/4 stored away incase any of these go funny. One was playing up not to long back but its fine now.
Somewhere lol. Fancy one on your aio cooler
ThanksAdding them to the store asap. If your interested in any let me know. Im getting pre orders sorted
what do you guys think of the 2 prototypes. im adding them to the store so feel free to pm me or post if you like have a custom design??let me know im taking pre orders
Want something to cover the rads n fans and make your case look even better. If your interested pm me
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