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Here in the uk they sell the front plates (wall mounted plug sockets) with usb ports included. Do they do that in usa
Could someone advise me if the gtx 1080 is sharing the same screw locations as the gtx 980. Regards
Are you going to be doing any amd cpus ie zen or some 880ks fx cpus
Put the block at a diaganol and zippies going from one corner to opposite like an x pattern
Ive never seen the 7 8 7 versions. I only have the 8 8 8 2000 sticks. 4 in my rig 3 others that are in memory heaven
Are you planning on making a few to sell. Im looking for a case with a mix of parvum and hexgear
If you make it so it screws together so it can ship flatpacked it would be cheaper shipping wise. As for the ssds n hdds could they not be screwed to the underside of the mb tray
Glad you got em all.... still cant beleive the 1st lot took so long.
Does the tubes of the cooler move enough for it to fit on your card and be within 2.5 slots. My basic mounting bracket is 2mm thick. You may need reverse the screws or pick up some shorter ones
I sent a psu n didnt have the box yo send it in. As for the invoice do you remember where you brought it. If it was online there maybe summet on their website
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