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I sent a psu n didnt have the box yo send it in. As for the invoice do you remember where you brought it. If it was online there maybe summet on their website
Are these v2.1 8 8 8 24 timings or 8 9 8 timings as in the link.
Im unsure as to which ram to use out of the following to get the best performance with the z board and 8320e I have 2x4gb corsair dominator platinums 1866 9 10 9 27 at 1.5 that can do 8 9 8 27 at 1.5 or 2100 at stock timings. Or 4x2gb corsair dominator gt 2000 8 8 8 24 at 1.65 that i know can do 1866 at about 6 6 6 18 or there abouts.
hi tim any issues with the new shipment, i can see it was signed for a while ago i hope everyone had a great xmas and new year... sorry for the lack of posts in the thread, i thought it would look silly with a trail of posts from me received some new orders and getting things sorted ready to ship.
Hi mate the mounts should work with no issues but will make sure. Ps as for the extra nuts and the bracket my works chasing po/ work said theres a couple packages gone missing. Should have answer tomorrow
this is looking great, making me tempted to try and make my own with acrylic, could do with moving 1st though. i have a couple of questions?? how much room to you have behind the mb and the back panel is there anything you would do differently if/when you do a v2 if there was no sfx psus and only the atx ones, where would you fit it. would you sacrrifice 480mm rad space for one big 360mm rad and a atx psu at about 21-22 liters sorry if they seem intrusive but since you...
I have some of these. Not sure if i have the screws but will look. Pm me your address and ill send them
hi mattymatt the listing shown on ebay isnt for me, i do however have aluminum plates that i wrap in vinyl check out the 1st link in my sig, i think youve seen it before
i may have one of them hidden somewhere though so let me find it i have updated the order form again with all items i have available. i have temporarily removed the psu covers and rad covers untill after the new year for when i am even better and also have the funds to do the cutting. It looked like there was some technical issues with the form and no orders have been saving on the order form so i have had to reset this. If anyone has an order placed already, please...
Hi guys. Sorry for the lack of activity, i havent been well again for a while and only just starting to get up and about Streppy the bracket will work with the 7950 n h60 Tim unfortunatly i dont have the plans for that mount and cant get any cut atm especially since i have this stock. Travelon i only have metal mate but have the led versions that have the acrylic insert. Replying to all pms in the next hour
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