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you mean like this: the rad on the bottom i cant move due to the lengh of the tubes on the h105 having the top intake back exhaust and the front intake bottom exhaust would that work better than the way i was thinking the arrows are representing air flow and the amount of fans exept the h100 on my cpu has push pull
good afternoon guys, i wanted to ask you all about the best solution for airflow in my particular case. i am running a h100i for the cpu and a h105 for my gpu with all the fans being scythe gt 1850s the pic below shows my current airflow and then what i think i shoud do next to it the arrows represent airflow the red boxes rads yellow fans green psu and the black box my mb vrms
well its the case of speaking to them and playing one off against the other regarding price, i may have a potential arrangement for the metal. That is whats hard aswell, places that cut metal dont cut acrylic and visa versa. I have found someone on ebay that makes custom jewellery in plastic so ive had to resort to sending them a email aswell. big companies want a lot for a small order because the time small people want alot because they just started ps: i dont think...
you meaning the pm you sent earlier mate or one incoming,the last cutters wont do any small orders unless i pay a small fortune. im talking to about 5 different machinists now and im waiting for corsair to come back with some details so i can send them there stuff and ive got one i need to send to someone else aswell, im hoping i can get it doneas for the small 970s, ive come up with a cunning plan. buy some blank alu cut to size sheets and drill the holes with the only...
progress has been slow trying to locate a new cutting company that isnt wanting a small fourtune. however i have thought of another method i can use
bumty bump, been a bit quite here lately, get your orders in quick to be sent out for xmas
The io ports would be be the part I would choose. Was thinking near the pcie lanes. To ask all the leather have you backed it with card and glued to the metal. Have you thought of having white stiching around the edges
I bet the leather would look sweet on the armor. I know its effectivly a heatsink but a bit in certain areas or one area with a small name plaque would look awsome
guys ive just found out i typed my email address wrong on the main page. i have now fixed this and no orders have been affected
24v strips would need a seperate supply You wouldnt be able do them off the psu I dont think. Can you not get any 12v leds
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