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hi buddy. i think im going give it a miss, its to much work for me atm since i have no room to do anything. The ssd will be mounted up To the side. the hdd will be hidden behind the tray. Need get the molex wire fitted properly then sleeved Im nervous though ive copied the connection layout on the stock cables but yet to test it
yes that will work for the leds strips i make i use 3 pin fan connectors (obviously only using 2 pins) and they power off the motherboard, fan controller or anything that gives a 12v line the board you posted above will save you the hassle of making one but that is literally the same thing the chap above made.
im starting some small mods on my case and components over the next few weeks, i will create a small thread ive ordered some sleeve wire and shrink from e22 and sleeved my 2 sata cables one turned out better than the other and since it was my 1st attempt at them/ just have one more to do i also wanted to make a custom molex wire for the fan controller so it can be routed out the way better so that is my next lil thing. ive also painted my ssd white and added a temp probe...
I certainly am
looking sweet. are you using a laing d5 for your loop. surely one of them should do your build
e22 sells them here in the uk and has a discount code for free shipping. it says buy the keyring to get it but i just added the code and it works.ordered me some red and white sleeve to do my fan cables again and my sata leads a little birthday threat to me, missed these though but going get my other cables done 1st before doing that.
im glad you like it buddy the bright light back plate comes with the plate acrylic leds and all the hardware.i run white n red leds in my rig on my 7950my sig is below and i have some more pics inside. getting rain some better ones soon
thanks for the pic looking at the hose for the top card i would say that the brightlight version may interfere with that and cause the hose to push down on the second pcb the basic version should fit no trouble on the bottom and the brightlight version on top. i can include a second led strip to experiment with for free. hope everyone has a great day, im off shortly celebrating, its my birthday.
are they in slots right next to eachother, the mod would take it to being thicker than 2 pcie slots anyway. if there is concerns you could always use a plain version for the bottom and the led version for the top. can you shoot some pics of your rig
I can im on my phone atm but there is loads of pics on the top. will get some more sent to you
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