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i havent read the whole log but wow the build looks great esp that acrylic now the rigid wiring is a new one ive never heard of. when i first red that bit i thought it was a hollow rigid tube with the wire running through not actually the rigid tube being the wire i noticed you said about issues with shorts and making uniform bends. what is the diameter of the brass rods i only ask because couldnt you have the plastic shop make you loads of little acrylic spacers so it...
ah its cool man, im always willing to help anyone i can. got 2 more orders to sort out today, im goin do them later cos im knackered atm, need get some rest, ive got that many ideas for my case mod rolling round in my head its like a jigsaw, i am working on the hdd and fan controller enclosures first and i dont know if to inmcorporate this into the front...
well if the vinyl on top gets ruined i have sent you more than you needed so it should be ok. use a credit card to spread it out. its the air/bubble free vinyl so its well easy to install.
be careful of the vinyl wrap. you have loads extra in the package ive sent you anyway so should be good. you know where i am if you need me, might be a bit delayed with replies but im here
Thankyou. The light looks great and that was with 6 leds on the strip which is plenty. The alu helps reflect it back aswell since underneath is bare as it cant be seen. Pm me when you place your order and ill have em ready for you. Will look sweet in your rig
good luck with it man want to see pics when your done.
Hi guys. This threads been derailled by myself 2 many times to count lol. Whileit is for the uni brackets I anyone doing the mod as while they might not want a uni mount they may require a backplate which will work with any method. I would rather people eye up there options and make theire own mind with our support, ive openly admitted myself that while mine isnt elegant its the most practical the g10 is better looking but only works with certain coolers and...
Have a look on ebay and most leds can be undervolted to 6v. I have some leds that I can test on 6v tomorrow. However if you check my sig I sell backplates with brightlights.
hi guys i would like to make you all aware that the bright lights are available for all the cards. all orders have now been shipped. due to work orders will be shipped in 3 days of payment being received. i hope that those whom have purchased enjoy your orders
Hi guys for crossfire setups I reccomend a slot between them as the hoses will be your biggest issue. The mount will work no issues
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