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Magnets is a new one. I wouldnt want to try it though magnets and electronics I always thought is a bad idea. Replacing the vinyl is easy to do and im surei can think of another idea regarding mounting
your welcome buddy and thanks for the pics
i remember reading you was away but i didnt know where or how long congrats man hope your staying with a nice family
im defo goin buy it to test however just looking at it makes me think its possible
i think i get what your meaning because of the pads on the vrm sectionslooking at it though the 4 holes around the core arnt used its actually the 4 nubs further out on the hg10 or the 2 spaces on the ram (look at hg10 290 one) for intel or amd coolers.the mounting points for the part itself use nuts in the baseplate so when the screw threads through it pulls the baseplate to the card once the head hits the rear of the cardgoing off that its a straight swap the screws for...
see i already do backplates that i sell that fit the reference r9 290 and the titan series check out my sig to follow the look people would want the backplate to look the same so the only way i could replicate it is to add vinyl wrap (brushed alu effect) which i can get.
ive got a couple of people helping me out and i was or still am winning a bid on ebay for a dead 7970 that 1 i need a part from and 2 to use as a model if i get it i will for sure get a video or a decent picture guide attempted
thanks looking at both its seems its a black brushed aluminium similar or the same on the corsair 750d front looks like its small screws from the top as well like the stock blower coolers. all i need is a eta on them so i can order the little bits i need have corsair said they are going be doing a backplate, ive read people asking but i never seen any reply
i would definitely love to get my hands on one so i can mod my backplates to fit. i cant tell by the pics if the colour is black or dark grey brushed aluminium, does anyone know for sure.
thanks, any questions as i said send me a pm or post in my thread
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