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The uni mount will fit with the g1 backplate Stc im glad you received it everyone else should be getting theres soon. Many thanks for your understanding
Everything is goin be shipped by the end of the week. Had some personal issues to deal with and its put me in a backlog. I do opologise for this and im happy to issue refunds if you wish. Again sorry for the delay
Either side of the logo is screws whats the measurements between them both centre of one to centre of other
You can keep your own backplate the screws for the uni mount will replace the 4 holding the cooler on. As for the windforce logo it would be difficult as it connected to the fans on your cooler
There is a backplate kit that hides the rear of the pcb but also has a optional led kit. I dont have anything for the front im afraid
1: everything but tim is provided (no heat-sinks) 2: you can cable tie a fan to the card if you wish thats your preference just ensure its secure and no shorts 3:i dont have a video tutorial but i did write a quick guide with some pics the basics of it is get your card to bare board add the 4 screws with washers to the rear of the card round the core secure with washer and a nut, add your paste add your pump and secure with the plate and the 4 thumb screws
A basic uni mount will suffice which is £11 shipped
the aio are compatible but either with a mod bracket or using zipties there not compatible out of the box unless you purchased the x41 and g10 kit
The deadline will be monday. Ill get it done over the weekend and shipped out on my way to work. Blank: with the correct spacers and thermal pads there shouldnt be a issue. The fan attachment also helps with vrm cooling as it blows both the top and front of the pcb. If you order pm me so i only wrap one side of the plate
im currently out atm but as soon as im home ill get a picture over to you a basic desc is that its a t bar but bent at the joint with screw points for the fan and also adding to the card/backplate
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