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I have taken the gpu cool fan mount Which is a T shape and had the I peice moved to one side and bent back. There is a hole on the bracket at the rear for it to screw into. This allows a fan to blow air down from the rear to the front of the card but it can swing at a slight angle. This also should allow air to flow down between the plate n card. So people have a choice to use gpu cool fan placement or gpu support placement or both if wanted. New product coming very very soon. Will have pics very shortly. Pinching my sis n laws cam
So the time has arrived and my order has arrived to be painted. I will get pics up asap but I can confirm I have plates for ×hd 7950/7970 and hd 280/x ×hd 290/x ×gtx titan/780/780ti and 770. These are based from ek and xspc plates for measurements and will fit most cards if any queries pm me or post a pic of your cards pcb. These also come with a extra part a fan bracket, yep thats right ive modified the gpu cool fan bracket to fit on the backplates and this is attached...
yea i would swap the gide over to the bottom and move the list to the top so it shows what brackets are available and then what youve done people can then note what they have purchased or used and why change the title to modding your gpu... what to choose ps ive got extra items arrive
update have a guess what arrived with the mail man today, he wasnt happy but i was i need three testers to test these items i need someone whom has a 7970/280 ref pcb someone with a gtx titan/780/770 ref pcb and someone with a hd 290/290x ref pcb if your unsure send me a pic of your card from the front and back to check mounting holes these would ideally have the mod installed for ease of yourself and it shows that this product works with these i will say i dont...
The only other way would be through the motherboard but that many fans would overload the ports. The only reason why I suggested the fc is it keeps your wires tidy and easier to control. Im sure more people will have ideas n sorry if mine is not suitable
Put em on a fan controller but put it inside the case so the front is at the back. You will have open the case to turn dials but doesnt affect the front looks
Yep get a graphics card, a clc cooler like a h60 antec 620 ect and a bracket/zippies and your good to go. Can be done on pretty much all cards. Some may need a shim. Check out the red or green clubs the gpu cool or stigma cool thread The gpu cool is universal working with all cards and pumps. The stgma is for specific cards dep on which ones ordered and round pumps
hi guys hows everyone. all orders shipped more packaged up today:)
I would need to get a guard 1st to see the measurements ect. Im guessing its going to be a seperate peice since some people dont delid
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