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Need to ask what card n cooler/block are you using
would you say the tech that has gone into ddr4 would be scaled down slightly to go into ddr3 for those whom are not wanting to change over yet ie the 3d stacking and also the lower voltages, the controls and provisions put in place on ddr4 to keep this low its said that we can get better performance from ram with a direct link to the cpu. board manufactures made the traces to each slot the same length and moved the ram controller to the cpu from the nb to make this...
Did you install windows on the ssd when the hdd (old one) was connected. If so some the bootloader goes onto that aswell. Put in the windows disk and do a repair. If you ever do a re-install remove all drives exept the ssd install and then connect the other drives to stop this from happening again
pm replied to buddy. 2nd day back at work, feeling alot better still not 100% taking it easy been on hold to people most day so not much done just off for weekend. all orders been shipping as normal, one to do in morning gpu cool universals are now sold out v2.1 is on its way
Thats what im looking for. Use my heatgun to take it off and solder it to 7970. It would be interesting to know what it does though
Is your card overclocked Thats the only reason I could see tbh Or even the cpu/ram Are you able to just tighten the nuts a smidge more.
Your temps seemed to have dropped from 70 to 61 At full load for that card that seems ok.
what card is it your using again and also is the pump running at full speed. connect it directly to a molex on the psu if you can them temps seem way off
hi guys a little update to the 7970 matrix senario the card has just literally arrived and that part thats broken off is tiny, there is no markings and only one solder point onit but 4 on the board where it goes edit my misake there is 5 parts. the chip is a u100 and is on all 7950/7970 boards does anyone have a dead 7970/7950 they want rid off. ive yet to test the card as is as i need to remove my 7950 and aio cooler set-up to try it. in the bag was a voltage point...
so 2 universal mounts with 2 more bars to do an x pattern. send me a quick pm and ill hook you up
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