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im glad it arrived safe and sound i get worried evry time i ship a order dont know why bernie i think it should just work there is only a extra 2/3mm ontop of the pump for the aluminum and i defo know the pumps are less than 2 pcie slots thick. the hoses will be the worry as for the mounting you will have to do it in reverse as the screws are sligtly longer to allow a bite. black is no worry either waiting for my day off and some nicer weather did some spraying...
hi mate picked up your order im having issue with weather messing my painting but will have it ready asap. a invoice will be forwarded aswell. As for vrm cooling i dont have anything avail unless you want to try one of the fan mounts. any alu/copper small heatsinks will work.
i have white paper ones which are coming out nice i will have get the transparent ones n try it. a member is assisting with another small project for 750d cases
i wonder if we are going to get boot support for intels 750 nvme ssds. i note a new bios is out but nothing mentioned. Im thinking of upgrading in the next few years but may do sooner dependant on amds new offerings
just getting some orders done as we speak wondering if people have any ideas regarding back-plates with custom pictures/themes on them
for sale is a laing d5 pump brought a while ago from here i purchased it to start a loop which isnt going to happen anytime soon it comes with a Molex connector and a speed dial so no rpm ore pwm wires there is a oring within the box i will supply some black mdpc sleeve so the cables can be done pics are incoming
The leds give off a tiny amount but the plate should absorb it since there glued to it
Your welcome Buy 1/2 you wont regret it.
thankyoui cant say ive noticed a temp increase on mine albeit im using the fan adapter which would aid both cards. it blows cool air across the top and bottom of the pcb most the heat is going to be on the front where the vrms ect are and aslong as these are getting cooling it should be fine.
sorry for the delay in replying just finished work duude is right its for how many you would like ie 1 gpu cool 3 gpu cool 4 brightlights ect ectthe page was being abit finiky but will try fix it nowps all emails pms invoices and tracking info updated
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