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Do you have another computer. you can download the iso from ms website and install to usb formatted as uefi bootable
The google form helps me keep track of all the orders i have to do on the weekends, it helps me ensure i get everything right. When the form is sent i get a breakdown on a excel document. If your in the uk and want recorded delivery the price you noted is correct
anyone on sp1 of windows 7 whom hasn't had the notification for windows 10 install the rel update that you may have missed from here its page 2 of 6 post 11 soon as i installed it it popped up
i just had the notification come up on the family rig so ive reserved a copy it hasnt popped up on my rig yet
i would be able to assist in thisare you looking for a white plate with white leds or black with white leds the black pcb plate that cools the vrms ect can stay as i have screws that will fit
i wouldn't recommend glue incase you need to remove them i would use thermal tape, i cant remember the name of the one i have however it works well and they are easily removed what i would do though is install them and then use a hair dryer to warm the sinks and the pads up to help the bonding process
You can keep the stock backplate n use longer screws to hold it Clebb the measurements i need is the full lengh of the card then from the centre to the rear of the card n centre to edge of card for the 2 holes at the rear opposite eachother. Then the 2 at the front centre to rear edge and center to edge of card. use the crossfire/sli finger edge I would send that pic i promised however my pc is down my corsair ssd is dead.
It wont cost extra ill just need a couple of measurements thats all that would be the 2 holes at either end and it would be centre to rear and centre to edge if you click on my artisan store link in my signature there is a order form.
There is no issues for any of that kit. the vrm cooler will need the holes made wider though as i use them holes to support the card. however i could modify one if there is other hole placements free
I dont see any temp increase on mine either. The alu plate laps the little heat the leds would give off and the added bonus of the fan mount helps with the vrms. (I have mine using the aio mod) Good luck with the project
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