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love the pic what are your temps like
afternoon peps. please can i get everyone opinions on the new order form below. its not 100% finished as i need to sort out the pricing still, im trying to avoid having to up it slightly, and i should have a definitive answer when the store is back open. The reason for the closure is because my membership ran out and i cant attempt to renew till i get paid next month. note that the gtx 980 and 970 cards based off the 980 pcbs are going to be available, i think it was fate...
hey guys thought i would come and give the thread a bump. i havent seen many pics of the hg10 installed recently. I wonder how many people have brought one.
testing a new order form and also adding new products ready for the re-opening. i will be getting my artisan status back gtx 980 cards back plates are going to be avail you wouldn't believe but remember the faulty titan plates (ones with the hole in the wrong place, they align perfectly it must have been fate
Hi guys, I have some sad news regarding the store. My artisan subscription has come to an end, infact im overdue and im unable to renew it till about the 8th when I can get the funds. All orders received/inplace will still be shipped. If you have any concerns please shoot me a pm I will be back up. Keep your eyes peeled
[[SPOILER]] hi mate i can sort this out for you i will shoot you a pm
Congrats on the artisan status
Loving the designs keep up the work. As said I would use the spacers incase of any issues, 3mm will work fine.
that would depend on if your wanting to fit a aio cooler or just have a back plate installed. due to work i havent made quick progress on the 970/980 side of things however i will get that changed soon enough. if you would like a full kit i would just need a few measurements from you though for the pcb hole locationshi buddy i am still making the backplates for them. and they are still avail with the led kitsinfact while im shooting this out i can say that the new acrylic...
im aiming to do no-2 with mine however i would do the back feet white aswell
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