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The 8GB RX480 comes up for ~$180-$190 after rebate pretty often now; it's probably the best deal you're going to find on a new card. You are not going to need 8GB for 1080P for a while, 4GB should be more than enough if you aren't going to 1440, or 4k. If you don't mind buying used, you can snatch up a 390x for roughly the same price, or $10/20 cheaper and it should outperform the 480 by 8% or so.
Yeah I'd definitely try only the top card by itself with the bottom card's power cables. Use the process of elimination; if that doesn't work, see if you have enough wiggle room to move it to an adjacent slot, etc.
If gaming is yout number 1 concern, I'd look for a lightboost supported monitor. Those are supposed to be as good as CRTs. If it's more for productivity/gaming, then I'd go for one of the korean IPS panels. The QNIX Evo II can be found on eBay for $265, and it's a hell of a deal as you can OC them to at least 100Hz, if not they cap at around 130Hz.
Don't forget the back to school $15 off $100 discount. Apply that and the case is $75. Scorching deal considering this case rarely goes on sale.
This could be a potential deal if more people jump in the boat; cheapest I could find however. The mouse has been selling at retail price everywhere else I've checked. The optical sensor is what makes this mouse special. Not to say that there aren't good optical gaming mice out there already, but certainly none with as many buttons or logitech's customization software. Click
Thanks for the great giveaway, would be put to good use in my main rig in my signature. I'm looking to get an Air 540 and move away from a custom loop for now for simplicity's sake. This will also be used for folding during the winter months. EDIT: Rig here:
Looking to buy a Dremel, let me know what you have. Price isn't hard-set, depends on condition/accessories included. Thanks!
I have one, but shipping is probably going to be prohibitively expensive. If you're willing to cover the shipping costs, maybe we can work something out.
I'm going to give my entry to this guy if I happen to be the one selected. He definitely deserves it more than the majority of the people here; certainly more than me anyways. Good luck everyone, and thanks a ton MCCSolutions for this great giveaway!
In for the 30th
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