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$40 for the motherboard, $50 for the GPU, and $100 for the CPU.
How about some Bad Company 2? TF2 would be fun as well. Or Descent if any of you still play that.
Wishing the best for his family and those close to him.
I'm having a bit of an issue overclocking a 1055T. I have all the dividers set to their lowest (RAM/CPU-NB etc). However, it does not seem to want to go past 4.15GHz no matter what I do. It's stable with 1.475V. I've tried with 1.65V with no avail. The CPU is loading at 48C, so heat shouldn't be an issue. I also know the board tops out at around 330 reference, but I'm using 14x295 currently. Any ideas?
...and disappointed. I was expecting something along the lines of the old Stacker 832 with BTX support, thick steel/aluminum construction, etc.
This is the last stacker released, and it has been one of my favorite cases to date. Lots of airflow, removable motherboard tray that allowed for BTX configuration, bottom radiator mount capability, etc. Hopefully the new one lives up to its name.
This isn't really the point, its about being able to seamlessly transfer between gaming and non-gaming modes on one portable machine. Having two computers is a major pain in the ass. Say you installed a program you like on your laptop, and also want it on your desktop. You're going to have to go through the trouble of reinstalling that program on the desktop. Same goes for managing music and video libraries on both machines, its just a pain. Being able to have a...
If I do end up winning this, it'll be used for gaming and on and off BOINC/mining (college ain't cheap and getting every cent back I can helps). As for my current GPUs, I'll give one away to a folder and continue folding on the other. Thanks for the great giveaway!
Pretty much what the title says. Card works great, it's been folding 24/7 for 6 months or so without a hiccup. Fan is a little dusty, and HSF cover is starting to come loose (clips are semi-broken). However, it still is very tight on the card, just looks loose. Performs just as well as a 660Ti. Will also trade for a 2500k or a 2600k + cash on my end.
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