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Bit late to the party, but thought I'd chip in for the next few days
Many motherboards added an additional molex input for PCI-E power when multiple gfx cards became popular to provide extra power delivery to the PCI-E slots, with most enthusiast mobos still including it.I suspect with the introduction of PCI-E 4.0, they'll simply swap that out for an 8pin PCI-E plug (or two) instead, which would also mean PSU manufacturers wouldn't need to change their designs too much, if at all.
Unreal result regardless, and to be in top position at any time on HWBot is an achievment on its own - well done Artmoney, as in the game cheat? I take it that it allowed you to "unlock" AB so you could run the higher mv? I'll have to check it out. Thx for the tip.Nice OC - you were running watercooling yeah? Fullblock?Do it
15K with 680's is awesome Kimir. How much volts do you need for your 680's to run @ 1329Mhz? Also, what kind of temps are you hitting?
That's awesomeman hahaha. Thanks for adding it I'd love to know the secret for getting 15K with 2x GTX680's. They must be running at 1300Mhz or something
Not even close to the top 30, but wanted to give Firestrike a go before I upgrade my cards and rig un-nefer --- 2600K @ 4GHz --- Z68 Mobo --- 2 x Palit GTX 680 Ti SLI --- Firestrike --- 10632
Why not test this card against other cards in it's price range and of similar performance? Tacking it's results to the bottom of the middle/high gfx card list is just stupid. Seriously, it's a budget card, and it's measured against a list of gfx cards that are up to 10x more expensive...
Been playing online multiplayer games for years and wonder why all this time the game publishers never focused their lawyers on all the creators of cheat software.
This is OCN - crossfire/SLI makes sense ALWAYS !!!
Even without the gold coating, the cells using nanowires were lasting ~7000 charge cycles with almost no capacity loss! That's still a big improvement, being approx 12x more charge cycles than current Lithium technologies used in EVs - and without any loss of capacity over those ~5000 cycles means almost no loss of range in the EV as well Mass produce that in large enough capacities for EV's and home energy storage device, and the capacity drop to ~60% after 10...
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