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This has been a part of Google's Android for a long while, it's just now that google is providing a visual of their location reporting service. Nothing new. And it's not even like this is being hidden from the end user, as it can easily be turned off. If you don't want your location recorded, just turn the feature off in your Android phone's "Location" setting - it's called... "Location Reporting" - pretty simple really. At least Google is showing the end user what the...
Obviously ppl would do a little research before just doing what someone suggested on the web. And in doing that research they would find the proper safety information to follow if they chose a lead/acid battery and not a dry cell battery It's not impossible and has been done by many. Google it or youtube it - it is more common than you think.But is still much more capable then the pathetic batteries that are included in a cheap UPS What I am doing is suggesting to someone...
Lenovo XBOX 1
You could have also just hacked your smaller UPS and used a bigger AH battery, like a car battery
Are you wanting a UPS you can game on when power goes out or a UPS that allows you to safely shutdown when power goes out?
Intel releases an SSD and everyone cannot praise them enough, but when AMD releases one everyone goes crazy. Believe it or not, but AMD has more history with NAND then Intel does. You only have to check out all the NAND-related patents that AMD have been granted over the past decade to see this,
QFT.Maybe Seagate should focus someof their R&D on improving premature HDD failures, instead of going for more and more capacity.No point buying a 8TB HDD if the current realworld stats (like here) show that Seagate HDDs have an annual failure rate of upto 24% depending on model.
The problem is that "car games" in general have to pay licence fees to include the cars they do. The more cars the higher the cost to the game developers.Edit: And I am sure most ppl, when given the chose of higher game cost for "average cars" vs better image quality of current cars included, would choose the later And if the game developers were to provide those "average cars" as DLC for those who wanted them (as in the DLC price would then cover the extra licence costs...
colorblind or what?
28nm quad core, 128 more Radeon cores then the A10-6800K, and still capable of
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