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With Brexit, does this finding even impact UK in any way?
Not sure many in this thread even understand what is meant by RGB lights... These are not your regular dumb single color LED lights, or those crappy oldschool "rgb" lights that used 3 separate leds to make that vommit worthy "RGB" effect on fans - far from it. These are modern RBG leds, capable of thousands of different colours (based on the RGB colour model). Think more along the lines of modern LED signage and displays
No different than the US Government's stance on copyright infringement tbh. $43K is nothing compared to the $62.5K per song a US federal jury ordered a mum to pay for her child sharing 24 songs...
Pretty sure this is all MS's doing. MS will only support PR3 in Kaby Lake and Zen, which is needed to to stream their 4K DRM content. Additionally, MS has made it quite clear that they will not add support for either in any pre Windows 10 OS. So that leaves support squarely locked to a Windows 10 PC running a Kaby Lake or Zen CPU. No wrong doing by Netflix, just a MS ploy to move ppl to Win10 and Edge to knock out their competitors.
Thanks. I've tried some OC and improved it a bit (vcore doesn't seem to be increasing with AB for me though?):un-nefer --- i7-2600k@4GHz --- Gigabyte GTX 1070 Gaming G1 @
Try going into rivatuner and adding an exclusion for the browser.
A dab of conductive grease works well for most GTX1070/1080 cards
Doesn't bother me tbh. I stopped reading game reviews years ago because all the reviewers were doing was either pushing their own agenda or advertising for the game developer anyway. I prefer to simply wait until the game is released and read actual feedback from actual gamers to form my own opinion before deciding to purchase the game or not.
I thought they did this to help prevent hacks? If so, I'm not worried about it tbh.I was once told that by moving the multiplayer server code out of the client and locking down access to the server code, you make it harder to introduce server exploits and easier to identify hackers.
Haters gonna hate. I don't see a problem with the pricing. 64x64 server for
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