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Who releases his code as open source for all to scrutinise.Who does not release their source code, does everything they can to hide what they are doing in their code, and provides the NSA pre-encryption access to their most popular services...Used by most, but only watched by the few top security experts in the world (who also don't have source code access and are only able to make educated guesses on M$ software).Just make sure you put those ear plugs in to keep the sand...
Always have maintained that 8GB was the sweet spot for games and 16GB+ if you are using software that uses compression/decompression processes or you are using photo/video/music editing software with very large files and/or lots of layers/effects, etc.
Please be Battlefield: Bad Company 3
lol. in stiches
Around $1k, but they are not that wide, so triple monitors is going stick out like dogs ballz
If you are lucky, you might be able to pick up a used GTX690 for $200 - and if you kept quality settings low enough then 144FPS would be achievable
Will medicinal weed be allowed
I actually like what Thermaltake has done with this. A "modded look" case for the masses. Now every man + dog who does not have the skill or time to create a nice modded case can own something that looks half decent and move away from boring midi/full atx cases if they want to. If the price is right, I'm sure many will buy this. If they keep going with all this "clone what's popular" I wonder if a cheap alternative of a desk case for the masses could be next...
You'd be surprised at just how amazing the human eye is and what it's upper limit is - it's much more capable then a lot of "gamers" actually realise If you had said around 200Hz was the upper limit, then you would be in the ball park
If HBO were really interested in reducing the amount of priate downloads in Australia, they wouldn't lock their content under contract to Foxtel only - forcing Australians to pay over $100 a month just to watch GoT. Instead, they would allow online streaming providers, such as Netflix, QuickFlix, Stan, etc, to show GoT to Aussie customers. Until the content is available by other means in AU, they will always be the most pirated TV show in AU.
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