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colorblind or what?
28nm quad core, 128 more Radeon cores then the A10-6800K, and still capable of
Kudos on them for releasing them for Linux, but I really think they've done this to say they tried and they'll not bother in future. All I can think of when I see the games list they released for Linux is that when they don't achieve the sales they expect they'll blame it on Linux and then not bother with Linux in future. But the real reason these games prolly won't be a hit in Linux is because they're fairly obscure games that hardly anyone really played on PC anyway...
I was very eager to get one of these when they first launched, to replace my HTC EVO 3D. However they didn't have an option for delivery to Australia I now have an SGS Note 3 instead - missed sale opportunity, which is a shame really.
I'm sure it is harder than it looks, but that is not to say it wouldn't have been done by someone else if uniwinder had not stepped forward.FYI: there have been opensource/gpl overclocking tools available for GPU and CPU overclocking in Linux for almost a decade.
I've never really been a fan of EVGA, but I have to say that it's a bit unfair to scream theft if EVGA actually paid uni-winder for the code to be developed for their own Px product. But it is also unfair if EVGA is using other code they did not pay for in their new product without compensating uni-winder.
I'm not sure I understand. It is supposed to be an electromagnetic railgun shooting a projectile, yet the video clearly shows some form of combustion occurs as it is fired?
I think I may have misunderstood - can someone correct me if I am wrong :\ Are they running separate game comps for male and females, or are they legit banning females outright?
My money would be on an FX-9590 rehash at 28nm - and they'll either keep the same clocks, which should drop TDP back down to closer their usual 125w, or they'll bump the base clock to 5Ghz and keep the same TDP window they have now at 220w.
Pretty sure Russia has been making their own SPARC-based processors now for over 2 decades...And while they've only really been used for military purposes thus far, it wouldn't take much to switch what they've got from military spec to something more suitable for the government or consumer to use in a server or PC.
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