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Two cores per module: Four modules per processor: Regardless of how you look at it, that is an 8 core processor. Edit:
The MW game engine has been broken since Treyarch got their hands on it and the original IW devs were moved along by Activision. Saying that, like all MW engine games, some major tweaking of the config is usually all that is needed to make the game run smooth at decent FPS.
Do you have curtains on your windows at home? What nefarious activities are you up too at home...
I've run either xfire or SLi since it was introduced - so my household carbon footprint has always been poor - but I own an all electric Nissan Leaf, so I balance things out over all
At the end of the day, regardless of whether you lean to the green or the red, if you are buying a pair of AMD Fury X or Nvidia GTX980 Ti cards, you are going to consume a lot of power. And if you can afford to run two of either card, in a system that can take advantage of them, you really are not going to worry about which combination is going to save you 25w or put out less heat When your whole system is pushing 700w under full load, the last thought in your mind is...
I'm in no way a patent lawyer (or have any legal background), but their are patents that were filed earlier that relate to the serial interfacing as well.A couple I have found:
Typical Apple tbh. A 2.5mm jack standard is already available and more than adequate for Apple's thinnest devices. To shave 1.5mm off the side of a 3.5mm jack and call it there own is just stupid and screams patent money maker.
OP. Safer Networking updated Spybot Anti-Beacon to block the same types of telemetry in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 as well.
Sounds like "Ghost Recon: Phantoms" crappy skills based server selection all over... So what happens when you are in a region where there are no players of similar rank and skill? I bet it'll just throw you in a match with players who are much higher in rank and you'll be fodder. Just like in Phantoms.
Who releases his code as open source for all to scrutinise.Who does not release their source code, does everything they can to hide what they are doing in their code, and provides the NSA pre-encryption access to their most popular services...Used by most, but only watched by the few top security experts in the world (who also don't have source code access and are only able to make educated guesses on M$ software).Just make sure you put those ear plugs in to keep the sand...
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