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AsRock's "IMB-XXX" mobos are from their industrial IPC series, which is why it looks like a custom/dev style board, also which is why it uses SO-DIMM ram and has additional header pins/plugs
Add the list into an exisiting dictionary attack before starting a brute force attack and it could prove useful.
If they put the full $100Mil into the actual game, instead of wasting 70% of it on marketting, maybe then the AAA games would work on release :\
In the UK, where this "kid" was arrested, 18 is adult age, and as such if the case goes to trial in the UK, he would be tried as an adult.
Even though I've got my refund, it still pisses me off that they did this. I was really looking forward to this game, and now it's no different to any other pay-2-win game... Going to guess this was forced on the devs by higher-ups at Sony as a money making idea...
"no iron sights" but scopes reticle is ok...
Well they should, and they would have had an FPS overlay and many more overlay features for years
Tin foil hat on What if it's all a plan to catch those responsible for the DDOS attack? Just give 3000 vouchers away to those doing the DDOS attack and then record every bit of information you can on anyone who actually uses the voucher - then hand all data over to the FBI as part of a deal to get the DoJ off his back.
If you are going to get a "pi" as suggested, then get a Banana Pi, instead of a Raspberry Pi, it has much better performance compared to a Raspberry Pi
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