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Haters gonna hate. I don't see a problem with the pricing. 64x64 server for
So by your logic, if I released a $10,000 gfx card I would be competing at the high end...They are going to sell an expensive product aimed at a special segment of the market - but that product is not even available yet, so who know how it will perform and if it will compete...
un-nefer --- i7-2600k@4GHz --- Gigabyte GTX 1070 Gaming G1 @ (oem OC profile) --- 4445
Just need a revision of the Kraken G10 to suit these new AIO products and newer gfx cards as well
Exactly. Scientists can do marvelous things, but not all discoveries are practical or cost effective Edit: Still, a method to make ethanol once oil resources start to dry up and cost of production increases exponentially, will be more valuable than anything else on earth I suspect
Not an American, so not too sure how it all works in the US. But what if you don't keep anything on the phone and keep everything encrypted in the cloud, hosted in another country? Surely the US feds do not have any jurisdiction over content stored in another country, making any warrant demanding passwords for such services invalid?
^^ This
Why would you install Steam on a mining PC?
We've had data caps in AU since Internet was made available to consumers - not sure what all the fuss is with it to be honest...
I agree totally.You can get into the game for $45USD and while still early alpha, it includes enough already to make the minimal outlay acceptable.Sure, the people who have pledge hundreds, some thousands, might have expected more by now, but I also expect those same people are more than ok with the slow release of content considering what it is Star Citizen is trying to achieve in a single game.Those who whinge about Star Citizen are the same people who set unrealistic...
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