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Been playing online multiplayer games for years and wonder why all this time the game publishers never focused their lawyers on all the creators of cheat software.
This is OCN - crossfire/SLI makes sense ALWAYS !!!
Even without the gold coating, the cells using nanowires were lasting ~7000 charge cycles with almost no capacity loss! That's still a big improvement, being approx 12x more charge cycles than current Lithium technologies used in EVs - and without any loss of capacity over those ~5000 cycles means almost no loss of range in the EV as well Mass produce that in large enough capacities for EV's and home energy storage device, and the capacity drop to ~60% after 10...
The music at the end of the video is very similar sounding to star wars...
Would be interesting IMO. And the weapons are not half bad either:
Which is no different to buying any other new car.So if the guy was buying new, then he most definitely wouldrealise a savings on fuel
I might have to grab the U2's off a mate to contribute BTCto M@H and then hook up the old BOINC rig for some actual WU crunching. No worries and thanks for the info.
Not bad for Quote:Realize though that the Bitcoin Utopia projects are fund raisers, and don't directly contribute to research. Still need to use a GPU if you wanted to do something like Milkyway@Home or POEM@Home.What do you mean fund raisers? Are you saying that they don't actually compute WU for the projects in the OP, they just raise BC for them and you get given credit back from the project in return for the BC?
I was not trying to draw a $ for $ comparison between the Model 3 and the Prius at all - my comments are in reply to the specific post I quoted, in that the poster would have to own a prius (or similar) ice vehicle to get the same kind of costs per mile as a Model 3 (and honestly, who'd want a Prius over a Tesla Model 3 )Edit: I also only used the Prius because I know it is the most fuel efficient vehicle I know of, and the Model 3 comes pretty darn close to matching it on...
I was considering digging out my old BOINC rig that was running 4x HD5850's so I could join in a few BOINCers Gone Bonkers again, but wanted to try and keep power costs down and I saw this thread about using ASIC miners. How does ASIC GH/s impact credits per hour? I have access to a couple U2 miners - what kind of credits would they achieve? At ~3W, I'd def prefer using these things compared to GPUs if I can get decent credits per hour
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