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25 days of uptime, wooo! still have yet to really work on samba.. Ordered some new 8-32 mounting hardware for the slim rear fan, but I ordered it screws too short.. Time to order some more screws.LOL..
its been up and running now for about a week and everything has been perfect.took about 7 hours for that first zfs scrub on about 7.5TB, Its pretty impressively fast
Could you possibly send me your config setup?
Ive gotten the NFS shares completed, still having trouble with samba shares.. Did end up picking up a new intake fan for the rear of the chassis, one of those new slim noctua fans. Its pretty cool
oh the share goes all crazy, I can get it to work if I setup a public share, but the second I try to setup password:user it locks the whole system out and makes it unable to connect..
Got it working for a bit, ZFS was very easy to setup, SAMBA on the other hand is being a major pain..
LOL.. quick and dirty ITX motherboard tray, this is my system currently as it runs lol.
I could see the positive to bigger it would have been cool to see people do crazy stuff with, but honestly the nova is big enough for an OP server or a pretty powerfull gaming rig.that being said, all of my systems are ITX now because a single PCIe slot is more than enough for anything I am doing so I am a bit bias
that case was my inspiration when I give ideas to CL when they were designing the X2m and asking for input on what should fit. I was about to get that case because it was exactly perfect for what I wanted apart from not being able to fully fit the hotswap bays.
Little shot of VMware
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