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This was my first joystick, and Tie-Fighter was the first game I ever used with it. =) Ahhhhhh, memories.... Now if I want to play these great games, I have to either buy a joystick, or use a *gasp* 360 controller.
I want the code because I hate my Galaxy S5. Damn thing just freezes all the time (I thought it was the phone, but had it exchanged and it does the same thing). My old Nexus 4 seemed smoother...
In! You're A.O.K in my book.
Best news all week!!!!
Why did I have to view this thread? I was so happy with my Rampage IV Extreme....
X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter, as well as the expansion. Loved fighting that Super Star Destroyer!!
It does? I see the results of an overclocked 5960x "destroying" a 3960x, except the 3960x isn't overclocked. If we were to overclock both the chips, I think the results would be much closer. The only true advantage this new chip has is the extra two cores (which is why in multi-threaded applications its going to do a whole lot better). And that, to me, is one reason not to immediately jump on X99 (new MB, new CPU, new memory) until at least a 6960x is released. I'm not...
Looks like I may skipping a generation - at least until the second generation of X99 processors are out. I don't like the idea of that, but the performance isn't much faster for an upgrade to the 5960X from an overclocked 3960X @4.8ghz. Oh well, I'll still enjoy my system either way. =P
These drivers are working out much better than previous drivers. Kudos!
Very similar specs to my system - almost exact. This things going to last awhile...I've had the same CPU/MB/memory since Feb 2012.
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