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Find the World Tournament area on the Xenoverse Map, and it's the one on the left for local play.The one thing I hate about this DBZ game is the map. It'd just be so much faster to do everything from a menu...
Is this coming to North America?
Both sold. One on hardforum, and the other locally.
Nobody interested in these sweet power supplies?
Anyone else getting poor performance with multiple GPUs? I have 4x 290x, and it's flicker city. One 290x seems ok, but any more and its just bad.
I accept Google Wallet (preferred), Amazing Payments, and Paypal. I have the following for sale. I keep trying the breaker in my new apartment with my current setup, so I had to go down to a single Power Supply instead of two. It probably won't but regardless I still extra power supplies! Both are in 100% working condition and both do not include the original packaging. Also, for the AX1200i, I will be including both the original black braided cables as well as red...
This was my first joystick, and Tie-Fighter was the first game I ever used with it. =) Ahhhhhh, memories.... Now if I want to play these great games, I have to either buy a joystick, or use a *gasp* 360 controller.
I want the code because I hate my Galaxy S5. Damn thing just freezes all the time (I thought it was the phone, but had it exchanged and it does the same thing). My old Nexus 4 seemed smoother...
In! You're A.O.K in my book.
Best news all week!!!!
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