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Electricity this time of year in Las Vegas, NV isn't cheap. All the extra heat I would be generating would pretty much kill me lol (it hit 117 F today).
I live in vegas too!! But with the watercooling I dont notice it at all. =D
Considering to upgrade, but not sure if it is actually a downgrade. I know there are times where games dont take advantage of the extra cards, but most AAA titles do (which is usually what I play). Gaming at 1600p. Ideas?
Looks like its time to finally upgrade the beast.
  Got this bad boy in today. Absolutely loving it. Much more responsive than my previous Note 5. Thought I would hate the curved screen but barely notice it.
Just got done playing TF2 singleplayer. Man, that ending...the feels......
Still rocking a 3960X with a 79X. Have had zero reason to upgrade. Maybe once the 299X comes out? Possibly...
Anyone else not able to log into Origin? I keep getting "Online Login is currently Unavailable". I can't play BF1 or Titanfall 2. Kinda making me upset...
Having the same issue. Redirects to here: Only way I can get this to load is using Microsoft Edge. =/ Edit: Switch from Adblock to uBlock Origin, and no longer have the issue.
I was really hoping for a worthwhile upgrade. Looks like I'm sticking to the 3960X for another generation. Best $1k I ever spent... In all seriousness though, I did buy this computer at the right time. Been sitting on nothing upgraded for more than a few years now, when in the past I would have upgraded every year to something different.
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