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15 hours in. Beat the campaign and a lot of the side quests. Game's pretty sweet. Big DBZ fan, this guy!!!
Googled overclock sertings for i7 920 (...or maybe i7 2600k its, been awhile), then fell in love with the community! I was on other sites like Guru3d, and hardforum, but this was the most welcoming! While i dont post as often as i used to, I do keep coming back for all the latest news in tech.
Find the World Tournament area on the Xenoverse Map, and it's the one on the left for local play.The one thing I hate about this DBZ game is the map. It'd just be so much faster to do everything from a menu...
Is this coming to North America?
Both sold. One on hardforum, and the other locally.
Nobody interested in these sweet power supplies?
Anyone else getting poor performance with multiple GPUs? I have 4x 290x, and it's flicker city. One 290x seems ok, but any more and its just bad.
I accept Google Wallet (preferred), Amazing Payments, and Paypal. I have the following for sale. I keep trying the breaker in my new apartment with my current setup, so I had to go down to a single Power Supply instead of two. It probably won't but regardless I still extra power supplies! Both are in 100% working condition and both do not include the original packaging. Also, for the AX1200i, I will be including both the original black braided cables as well as red...
This was my first joystick, and Tie-Fighter was the first game I ever used with it. =) Ahhhhhh, memories.... Now if I want to play these great games, I have to either buy a joystick, or use a *gasp* 360 controller.
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