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Best news all week!!!!
Why did I have to view this thread? I was so happy with my Rampage IV Extreme....
X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter, as well as the expansion. Loved fighting that Super Star Destroyer!!
It does? I see the results of an overclocked 5960x "destroying" a 3960x, except the 3960x isn't overclocked. If we were to overclock both the chips, I think the results would be much closer. The only true advantage this new chip has is the extra two cores (which is why in multi-threaded applications its going to do a whole lot better). And that, to me, is one reason not to immediately jump on X99 (new MB, new CPU, new memory) until at least a 6960x is released. I'm not...
Looks like I may skipping a generation - at least until the second generation of X99 processors are out. I don't like the idea of that, but the performance isn't much faster for an upgrade to the 5960X from an overclocked 3960X @4.8ghz. Oh well, I'll still enjoy my system either way. =P
These drivers are working out much better than previous drivers. Kudos!
Very similar specs to my system - almost exact. This things going to last awhile...I've had the same CPU/MB/memory since Feb 2012.
Please let this be on a different game engine!
In!!! Yay!
I say go for it, especially if you really only play your acoustic, but only if it really isn't that sentimental to you. You obviously know what you want, and you really want the trade right now. A couple of years later, you may regret doing it though (as we all know how video cards update fast) as the value of the video cards may plummet, whereas the guitar stay about the same or even increase. When I was younger, I once traded a violin for a box of Dragon Ball Z...
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