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Yup. Same problems, except my load times are atrocious and I can play everything maxed settings except Lighting (which I have to run as a Medium because I get black lighting).
Preloaded and waiting...
FYI to those that are trying, it's almost instantaneous if you get in when you apply. I got an order verification email and it shows up in my origin account.
I got this email as well and didnt expect to actually get chosen. Super excited!!! I've played every Star Wars game from Super Star Wars, X-Wing, and Jedi Knight to Battlefront 2 and The Force Unleashed 2; not to mention every Battlefield game starting from 2142.
15 hours in. Beat the campaign and a lot of the side quests. Game's pretty sweet. Big DBZ fan, this guy!!!
Googled overclock sertings for i7 920 (...or maybe i7 2600k its, been awhile), then fell in love with the community! I was on other sites like Guru3d, and hardforum, but this was the most welcoming! While i dont post as often as i used to, I do keep coming back for all the latest news in tech.
Find the World Tournament area on the Xenoverse Map, and it's the one on the left for local play.The one thing I hate about this DBZ game is the map. It'd just be so much faster to do everything from a menu...
Is this coming to North America?
Both sold. One on hardforum, and the other locally.
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