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I would hope that the 916 has RGB lighting. That would make it my next case, for sure.
This is going to be the first year I can attend. Super excited!!!
Remember when we were top of the line? Who's still rocking this board? I haven't found a reason to upgrade yet - this board along with my 3960x still can pretty much do anything (although I'm getting the upgrade fever just for the sake of putting a new rig together).
For people that enjoy the game, add me on Origin - JMCB1001.
This has me excited. I wasn't sure how doable this was, but the video gave me some hope. Once I have free time, I'm going to split up my rig to see how "easy" it is to set up (plus I also want to try and get my brother into PC gaming, and he's been liking SW Battlefront, so being able to play together without purchasing a rig he might not end up using seems pretty ideal).
Yup. Same problems, except my load times are atrocious and I can play everything maxed settings except Lighting (which I have to run as a Medium because I get black lighting).
Preloaded and waiting...
FYI to those that are trying, it's almost instantaneous if you get in when you apply. I got an order verification email and it shows up in my origin account.
I got this email as well and didnt expect to actually get chosen. Super excited!!! I've played every Star Wars game from Super Star Wars, X-Wing, and Jedi Knight to Battlefront 2 and The Force Unleashed 2; not to mention every Battlefield game starting from 2142.
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