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Without the Marksman DLC you won't be able to use some of the weapons on certain multiplayer missions (like King of The Hill). Some of them are better than the default weapons (Navid > zafir, etc.), so it really should have been included with the game by default. You can get by without it though.The heli and kart DLCs let you drive a few extra transport helis and the go karts respectively. They are not critical, just fun little extras.
Minimum size for 4k should be 30" IMO.
No difference in the drivers/sound. The M50x just includes three different detachable cables and a more flexible headband.
PC350, PC350SE = closed with 555/595 driversPC360 (stereo only), PC363D (includes USB DAC with Dolby Headphone) = open with 555/595 driversG4ME Zero (closed), G4ME One (open) = 558/598 driversThe 558/598 are the newer updated version of the 555/595. You can apparently mod the 558 to sound like the 598 just like you could mod the 555 to sound like the 595.If you don't need the mic or fold up design you can save money by getting the 558 or 598. Just keep in mind the 558 and...
Wasteland is fun too. There are some very good high pop A2 Wasteland servers that can support 100+ players, unlike DayZ mods which tend to lag out at 50.
1. Go to: Create a Bohemia Interactive profile account3. Return to entries and click on one of the mods you like. Click the + promote button. If you aren't sure which mod to pick I suggest Epoch (awesome zombie survival base building mod). You will then get this message:4. You can then use your code here: is by no means a fantastic deal. Arma 3 was available for $30 during the alpha and it may go on...
Considering you can pick up ad700x for about $125 regular price, $250 or $300 for this headset is grossly overpriced. They decided to use a 3.5mm combo jack for compatibility with ipads and smart phones. That means you need to use a splitter for separate mic and headphone jacks. They include a usb dac which can't be very good considering the price. Combo jacks on things like smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc. are usually quite bad sound quality wise. Buying expensive...
I don't know but I like it.
They are okay. They are kind of on the budget end for this size active speaker. If you want to spend a little bit more you might want to look at the audioengine a5+, Swan M200MKIII or KRK Rokit RP5.
I don't recommend them unless you like really bass heavy sound and need a closed back headphone. I have these, the ath-ad700s, hd 650s, k701s, mdr v6s and xb500s. They are probably my least favorite sounding for general purpose. When using them with games the bass is overwhelming. With music it muddles out much of the other sound. They are able to fold so they are an okay choice for traveling.
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